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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays



Clear aligners

Sedation dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (by appointment only)

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Mayra L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Perkins is truly an incredible dental artist. He was able to give me a beautiful, fuller smile in less than a month! He sculpted longer upper front teeth for me and lasered some excess gum tissue. He also changed the placement of my jaw and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my sleep as a result of that procedure. Getting dental work done has never been exciting for me, but Dr. Perkins made me feel comfortable and safe. I feel that he wanted to reach my dental goals just as much as I did! Thank you Dr. Perkins, I absolutely LOVE my new smile!

Raul Martinez (Source: Google)


Had an excellent experience with the treatment that I received from Dr. Bob Perkins. Went in for an evaluation for excruciating jaw pain that had resulted from a car accident. I was in terrible pain for eight months prior to see Dr Perkins, after my 1st treatment which was temporary my pain was reduced by about 85% which I noticed when we stopped to get a bite to eat after the visit. I highly recommend Dr. Perkins and all his Staff as they treat you like Family. It’s been approximately 6 months and no pain whatsoever

Rebecca W. from Miami Beach, FL (Source: Yelp)


I met Dr. Perkins when my dentist in NYC recommended him to assess my teeth and bite, guessing that might be causing my migraine headaches. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Perkins’ explanations of how and why a bite that was out of alignment could cause migraines. I wished I had found him years earlier! I was amazed to find I was migraine-free in the first week we tested the theory with temporary acrylic on my teeth to correct my bite. I then underwent treatment with crowns and braces to get everything into a better position permanently. Dr. Perkins was always easy-going and laidback, which put me at ease in the dentist’s chair (quite a feat). He was also incredibly sensitive to any hint of migraines that popped up here and there and rushed to correct my bite to take care of them. I was thrilled to finally have a more long-term solution to my migraine pain (I get almost zero now, and the ones I do are from other causes) — and loved my new smile from the orthodontic work as well. It was a win-win, all thanks to Dr. Perkins and his vision. I recommend anyone who suffers from migraines or TMJ to see Dr. Perkins for an assessment

J. S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I utilize Dr. Perkins and enjoy both him and his staff. They are very helpful and courteous. Furthermore, Dr. Perkins ins very knowledgeable and customer service oriented while considering your care and treatment. I have personally used and highly recommend him for  primary and orthodontic dental care

Marissa Bergado (Source: Google)


Amazing attention to detail by Dr. Perkins coupled with superior & friendly staff at the most gorgeous location oceanfront Malibu. Anyone who cares about their smile & holistic health should switch to Dr. Perkins. He is humble, the best at his craft, a cool guy, and he does everything with zest, passion, and it shows by who he attracts. I recommend him all the time to people I love, goes without saying my friends and family, and I wish everyone just takes care of their oral health and outer being/inner being the way I do. I cannot say enough cool things about Dr. Perkins—-Just call for a consultation and you will wish you had called him when you were younger! 🙂

Tera K. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Bob Perkins is awesome!  After breaking my front veneer on Labor Day weekend he offered to open his office up to fix my tooth. I was in and out very quickly, everything was state of the art and he was very gentle (I am a bit of a coward).  I strongly recommend Dr Perkins.  It is great to have such a highly experienced and personable dentist in the heart of Malibu!

Dimitry B. from North Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve seen over 10 specialists for my TMJ that I’ve had for many years. Dr. Perkins is the first and only specialist who is able to not only get rid of my chronic headaches for over 20 years but I also did a magnificent job with veneers to give me that smile I’ve always been wanting. He’s very personable and super easy to get along with. Staff is very friendly and the location is perfect. I highly recommend him for all of your Dental needs!

Julianne Phillips (Source: Google)


I was seeking a new Dentist near where I live and was referred to Dr.Perkins. From the moment I walked in, I new I made the right decision; Warm ,friendly and lovey. I had a cleaning by their Hygienist, Jane, and it was honestly the most thorough cleaning I can remember ever having. Can’t say enough about Dr. Perkins and the whole staff

Charles G. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


These folks are simply amazing. As an Englishman with a natural terror of dentists, the good Doctor and his staff are some of the friendliest, most understanding, gentlest and most effective group of people you are ever likely to meet in one place

Whitney W. from Laguna Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Loved this place. Tracy at the front desk is so friendly and he even helped me pick out a flavor for the keurig. He also explained all of the paperwork with me and even wrote out some notes for me to take home. Christina did my cleaning and she was so gentle & nice. I would definitely recommend this dentist to anyone

Tara O. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


All I can say is that we are so lucky to have such an incredible dentist in our community, Dr.Perkins is brilliant! I saw him for general dentistry and orthodontics, I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist they can totally trust. Dr Perkins and his staff totally helped me get over my fear of the dentist, he straightened my teeth in a matter of weeks. My smile has never looked better

Sina Bani (Source: Google)


I’m glad I came across Dr. Perkins. He is extremely professional and provides extra care. He takes his time explaining everything to me. His staff at the office are very caring. It is hard to find a dentist that has all these qualities. I highly recommend Dr. Perkins

David L. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Perkins is a real professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist in Malibu area. I had some veneers on my upper front teeth by another doctor along time ago. I still was self conscious when smiling, because there was still some space between my two front teeth. I went to see Doctor Perkins and he did such a fantastic job with correcting the issue with new veneers on my two central incisors that I decided to get veneers on the lateral incisors as well. Since then I have gone to Dr. Perkins to remove my amalgam (silver) fillings with composite (white) ones. Dr. Perkins has totally transformed my smile and I now am more confident as a result

Karen M. from Granada Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


I started going to Dr Perkins when he took over an office I was going to in Simi Valley about 3 years ago. That office is now closed and I love him so much as a dentist that I am now going to his Malibu office. Dr Perkins and his staff have always taken care of my VERY SENSITIVE teeth and ensure the work I have done is pain free. Also, I now have an excuse to go to the beach a few times a year. I highly recommend him for all your dental needs, he is the best dentist I have ever been to. My last review was 10/2014 and I’m still seeing Dr Perkins and I even got my husband to switch to him 1/2016 and he is happy as well. Keep up the good work!

Karla G. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


We had a bit of a situation, and Smiles in Malibu was able to help us. Our daughter recently got her braces off and must wear a retainer as much as possible in the next couple of months to prevent her teeth from shifting back. On the Friday after our orthodontist’s offices closed, we found out she’d lost her retainer. On Sunday, we flew to California from Ohio on spring break vacation for a week. On Monday, we found out our orthodontist couldn’t see her until almost two weeks after she lost her retainer! We called Smiles in Malibu (first on a list our orthodontist gave us from his directory for their association), and I’m so glad we did. Fritzi at the front desk got us in Monday afternoon, and by the *end of the day*, they had a retainer ready for her. I seriously doubt we’ll ever be see the good people at this practice again, but anyone who is looking for a practice should know how wonderful their staff is

Laura F. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


“If you are looking for an amazing person and dentist, look no further.  You will not be disappointed! Dr. Perkins has saved me from many years of pain-TMJ, I owe him so much”

Tagreed A. from Yonkers, NY (Source: Yelp)


Doctor Perkins has helped me a great deal with my extreme TMJ pain. I am one of his New York patients and although he spent most of his time in sunny California, he never failed to make sure everything was going well with my case back in NY. I have always felt comfortable with doctor perkins and trusted the decisions he made. Although I had a rather difficult TMJ case, I never lost hope in getting better with the expertise that doctor perkins brought forward with each visit. Sure enough, the daily headaches and painful lock jaw episodes are no longer a part of my struggles. I would highly recommend a consultation with doctor perkins if you’re experiencing any symptoms of TMJ, maybe he can help change your life for the better too!

Ken K. (Source: Google)


If you suffer from TMJ more accurately, TMJD, Dr. Perkins is the best. It took me two years to finally find an affordable solution that works. I couldn’t sleep, eat and speak without pain or difficulty. I must have spent close to 2000 dollars on treatments and “consultations” from every TMJD pain specialist in LA. I even tried botox into the muscles. I had one friend in Florida who was suffering just like me who ended up getting surgery for full jaw reconstruction… I didn’t want to do that!!  After my first visit to Smiles in Malibu, my TMJD felt 75 percent better within 30 minutes. It was so obvious that this dentist understands the neuromuscular and occlusion issues. Other dentists and “specialists” don’t know the things he knows about the TMJ. My jaw was a disaster and I was on the verge of giving up all hope. After just a few visits with Dr. Perkin’s focus on my jaw issue, he was able to alleviate all my pain. I am in the final stages of treatment and recommend him to all my friends with TMJD/TMJ. It’s also a beautiful drive up the coast to his office and an even better drive home without the JAW PAIN!

Dimitry Boym (Source: Google)


I’ve seen over 10 specialists for my TMJ that I’ve had for many years. Dr. Perkins is the first and only specialist who is able to not only get rid of my chronic headaches for over 20 years but I also did a magnificent job with veneers to give me that smile I’ve always been wanting. He’s very personable and super easy to get along with. Staff is very friendly and the location is perfect. I highly recommend him for all of your Dental needs!

D. T. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


The most professional and pristine place I have ever been to! Dr perkins transformed my smile in such a way that even my close friends can’t see what I had done but they are all guessing I had some cosmetic surgery !! I look amazingly different and I had no idea that your whole face structure could be changed by changing your bite and realigning your jaw! I couldn’t be happier and I might add that Dr Perkins is probably the nicest and most caring and meticulous dentist on this planet!

Marissa B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been coming here for a very long time and been loyal to Dr.Perkins and his staff. I’m really happy here! It has been awhile since I came here due to Covid-19, but they were very conscientious about it and checked my temperature, had me wait outside until the other patient in the waiting room left, and did the 6′ distancing. I am impressed they are doing a great job and have worked with me to get my teeth healthy. They checked my teeth with an X-ray fast and I was out within an hour and a half. I am very happy I came back and he is professional, really nice, and super cool. His staff also has worked hard to make me feel happy and I cannot thank them enough and will continue to come here because I am in excellent hands. I highly recommend coming to see Dr.Perkins and his staff! They are wonderful and I am beyond grateful to them for taking care of my healthy teeth and making them look fabulous!!!! It was very fast, very convenient, and you really cannot beat coming here by the ocean to visit a perfectionist dentist who is meticulous and caring. Dr.Perkins is very patient, compassionate, down to earth, and just a cool person. It is always a beautiful day here in Malibu and I always look forward to seeing my dentist. I cannot recommend him enough. He is excellent with the care and maintenance of my teeth and making it look fabulous

Tina K. from Altadena, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bob helped me with my headaches and tmj as if by magic. Not only did the pain and headaches go away, but my jaw and profile look so much better. It’s like you get so used to something a certain way that you can’t even fathom that it will be better let alone fixed! That’s how I feel about my teeth and bite. The office is quite far for me to travel, but it’s been so worth it.

Marshall Ross Thompson (Source: Google)


In my experience of more than 15 years, Dr. Bob Perkins maintains extraordinarily high professional standards of dentistry but he also listens to me! We are partners in my dental care, discussing options and various approaches to my oral health goals. I recommend him without reservation

Nancy Roberts (Source: Google)


I know this will probably sound crazy, however, I rate a visit to “Smiles in Malibu” right up there with a “Spa Day”. Yes it was really that good. Let’s start with the beautiful location in Malibu. Definitely worth the drive from Burbank. The pampering begins the moment you walk in the door and receive a worm greeting from Wendy. She really knows how to make you feel special.  Jenny (the hygienist) is amazing, so gentle, yet so thorough. I tend to get a lot of tartar between cleanings, which can result in a bit of a struggle for most hygienists, (not to mention the patient). However, not an issue, for the amazing Jenny. She was so attentive to my needs and even took the time to pre-manage any pain, I might experience during my cleaning. I am happy to say My visit was 100% pain free.

Itzzia P. from Simi Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


When i first met Dr Perkins i was blown away of  how professional and caring he is. i have never met a dentist who cares so much about his patients the way he does. he is amazing at what he does.  He preformed  “gum shaping” and fixed my crooked teeth. i had a straight teeth less than 6 months. he is currently working on minor issues to make my smile perfect. I’m just so blessed to have found him

Peter H. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


like most, I am not a kinda guy who wants to be at the dentists etc etc… & also scared of needle & all that machine-noises in my mouth. thus, I’ve avoided them most my life. then I meet bob (aka dr. perkins), whom for now, I fly to here (Malibu), to get treated by. if you see the pic I’ve posted, you can see the transformation. the smile, the teeth, the hygiene, the earlier crossbite I had …. I can swear by him & his team. While making you feel comfortable and relaxed he maintains professionalism, while maintaining his ever so light hands. I though I had met good dentist-injectionists…. but wait till u have to experience dr. perkins! his Malibu set up is simply immaculate, clean & minimalistic – something u want; u wouldn’t want those nasty instruments spread out on a platter for you see before they r used on u. all in all – go there if you r looking for a dentist & healthy teeth.

Kaitlyn Y. from Hong Kong (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Perkins and his team is amazing – from the greatest dentist, the caring staff to the whole good office environment. The moment that i walked in i knew i was in good hands. I can see how passionate and dedicate Dr. Perkins is on dentistry and the artistry with teeth. I really appreciate the way he cares about my whole brace process by asking me and keep him updated regularly since i came all the way from Hong Kong to do the brace. He is absolutely professional about what he is doing. Making sure everything is perfectly done and he has exceptionally good plan on brace that i had never seen or listened. I have no worries even though i do my brace oversea. I do trust on Dr. Perkins and he definitely changed my impression and feeling about teeth brace. It is a wonderful experience of putting the brace on. I am so glad that i have found Dr. Perkins and Smiles in Malibu. This place is amazing and i believe everybody walk out from Smiles in Malibu will spread the SMILES to THE WORLD! ;D Thank you for taking care of my teeth!

Mike D. from Palm Desert, CA (Source: Yelp)


Last week I went to Dr. Perkins’ office for a routine teeth cleaning. During the exam that followed the cleaning, Dr. Perkins asked why I hadn’t replaced my many missing teeth. I explained that when I was in Vietnam back in 1966 they didn’t have dentists, so if you had a problem, out came the tooth. I ignored the problem for 50 years, which, of course led to even more dental problems. Anyway, long story short, today (7/31/15) I went back to Dr. Perkins for treatment. It was was pain-free and affordable, and soon I will have a mouthful of beautiful teeth. I’ve been to a lot of dentists in my 68 years, but Dr. Perkins is the best of the best. He’s an artist as much as he is a dentist.

Tina Levesque (Source: Google)


I am just beginning my journey with Dr. Perkins. He has temporarily fixed my TMJD and will start on a permanent solution next week. I can’t wait to get my bite and mouth back to normal. I did my homework researching treatments for TMJD and Dr. Perkins really knows his stuff. Very friendly and professional staff. I will provide updated reviews as things progress

Rebecca Wallwork (Source: Google)


I’ve suffered from migraines for 20+ years and tried so many different remedies, from meds to Botox. Nothing has worked to reduce my migraines to almost zero like the work Dr. Perkins has done to correct my bite. I was amazed when the first test — two weeks with acrylic on my bottom teeth to re-align my bite — worked. No migraines at all! I’m so happy I continued treatment. We did braces as well, because I had overcrowding and needed to move teeth to accommodate crowns for my new bite. Dr. Perkins was always accommodating, informative and kind. I’m thrilled — my new bite has not only reduced my migraines, but it looks great, and the ortho was the cherry on top. I highly recommend Dr. Perkins for anyone who suffers from migraines and could benefit from a bite re-alignment

Timothy H. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’d rather go to the mall than the dentist. My experience with Doctor Perkins was so great, I wanted to take the time to light this place up.  Truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever come across and incredibly, his staff didn’t fall far from the tree. Going to the dentist has never been fun but I’m actually already looking forward to my next cleaning. Thank you Dr. Perkins and staff. Fantastic experience (tooth pulling and all!)

Julianne P. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


I started seeing Dr. Perkins a few months ago after my longtime dentist retired. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Dr.Perkins and his entire team made feel like I was home; in what can be an intimidating and nerve wracking experience, they were gentle and kind,..totally put me at ease. Jayne, the hygienist, was incredible, and  I can honestly say it  was the best and most thorough cleaning I have ever had… by anyone.

Nancy B. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


If you want to get your smile right…. this is YOUR GUY  Dr. Perkins is not only very professional but very friendly and puts you at ease at every visit. This is coming from someone who detests visits to the dentist/ortho but instead enjoy every visit because each time my smile gets better and better! I can not thank Dr. Perkins enough for what he has done for me and in such little time. He really takes the time to listen to your needs and works towards achieving that goal. You wont regret coming to Smiles in Malibu!!!

Jenny Lang (Source: Google)


I drove out to Malibu to meet Dr. Perkins and was truly amazed at how quickly he was able to align my bite,. He worked with composite material to buildup my molars resulting in a BRAND NEW BITE & he relieved the constant ache/pain that I have had in my TMJ for almost 10 years. His talent far surpasses any Dentist I have ever experienced~He was able to do 4 fillings in 15 minutes that removed ALLof my pain and sensitivity (all without anesthesia). After seeing many other Dentists & spending a lot of un necessary money, I finally found the place I now hope to call my “Dental Nest” in all my years to come. I want to share him internationally and would say it’s worth the travels to get to him…He is a miracle working Dentist & an absolute Genius

Larissa M. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Excellent Dentist! I am currently in a TMJ treatment procedure and I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t found Dr.Perkins! I have been suffering from jaw pain for the past 7 years and had undergone a bad orthodontic treatment in the past. So I needed someone who knows what to do and get things right. He is now helping me find that healthy bite again that does not only feel but also look good. I am already seeing and feeling tremendous change, it is incredible! I can only highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering and wants to feel normal, healthy and comfortable again!


At Dr. Perkins' dental office, it's all about you. Whether you are tired of living with crooked teeth or simply want to whiten your smile, Dr. Perkins and our experienced team are ready to help you improve your dental health. That's because when you're our patient, your needs come first. We love making patients smile! As a graduate of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Dr. Perkins offers the latest in cosmetic dentistry as well as preventive dentistry and neuromuscular dental services at his Malibu dental practice. He uses state-of-the-art tools and the finest materials, such as Empress® crowns, to treat your smile and yield optimal esthetic results. Educating patients is an integral part of his treatment philosophy, so Dr. Perkins and our staff members are eager to impart advice, tips, and detailed information about procedures so you can be well-prepared, well-informed, and maintain a beautifully strong smile for a lifetime. Dr. Bob Perkins, was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Glendale, California. He completed his undergraduate and dental training at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Dr. Perkins is also an alumnus of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). LVI is, perhaps, the pre-eminent post graduate dental institution in the country today. It offers advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, TMD disorders, as well as many other disciplines of dentistry. It is the “Julliard” or “The Sorbonne” of dental institutions. Bob started a dental practice in Malibu in 2008 after owning and operating a successful dental practice in Glendale for 17 years. Bob has completed over 1000 hours of dental continuing education, many of those hours have been devoted to orthodontics, orthopedics, orthotropics, and TMD (refer to our headings on the home page for more detailed information). Bob has shifted his practice in recent years to have a greater emphasis on a broader approach to facial esthetics, one that strives to create a balanced face, gorgeous teeth, proper airway, and a life free of facial and neck pain. He has devoted more than 20 years to the passionate pursuit of combining art, science, and technology with personalized care. Dr. Perkins lives with his two young children and his wife, Michelle.