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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

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Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Charlotte Brown (Source: Google)


I visited Dr. Niamtu hoping he would be able to help me with my 2nd chin implant. My first chin implant made my chin too long and during the placement of my second implant, I had severe bone resorption from the first implant that prevented my plastic surgeon’s ability to properly place the new implant at the bottom of the chin bone. I came to Dr. Joe with the hopes of him being able to properly place my second implant while dealing with my bone resorption. I arrived with a CT of my skull and he took one look at it and told me what no MD has ever told me before; my facial structure was never appropriate for a chin implant (I have a long, recessed chin and steep mandibular angle). Dr. Niamtu has extensive knowledge about appropriate and inappropriate candidates for chin implants. He turned me away from his work and I could not be more grateful. I have since had the second chin implant removed by my PS. Though I have had no work done by Dr. Niamtu, during my visit with him, I was blown away by his professionalism and his ability to state the facts with my case. He is experienced and knowledgeable and you can tell he wants what is best for every single one of his patients, even those who are just there for a consult. Thanks Dr. Niamtu!

Kristianne Vanagas (Source: Google)


What a talented surgeon, a kind man, and a great humanitarian! Dr. Niamtu, stepped in, at no charge, to help me in an emergency situation. I was not even HIS patient. But he knew I needed help, so he saw me ASAP. He is amazing with replying to emails. There are times, I’m pretty sure I haven’t even hit “send” and he has replied:) He is compassionate, super knowledgeable, and has put me first—staying after office hours to do an urgent procedure. I am so thankful that I didn‘t need to go to the emergency room, and wait hours, or make the long drive to see my surgeon in Maryland. I am eternally grateful.

Zibby McKerrow (Source: Google)


WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! I live overseas and was very pleased that I was able to schedule a consultation and procedure with Dr. Niamtu’s office via email. His staff are professional, helpful and pleasant. Dr. Niamtu is an extremely skilled surgeon and he makes you feel at ease immediately when you meet him. I didn’t know the best technique to use for my procedure and I only had a vague idea of what sort of results I wanted, but I was confident that Dr. Niamtu would make the best decision for me based on my desired outcome. My faith was well placed and I am incredibly pleased with my results. There is a reason that people come from all over the world to see Dr. Niamtu. He is internationally famous because he is one of the best cosmetic facial surgeons around. And I’ve got to give a shout-out to Laurie and Tiffany, as they were an integral part of my wonderful experience. You guys are FREAKING AWESOME!

Janice Ragain (Source: Google)


I absolutely love Dr. Niantu. He repaired and replaced my malpositioned chin implant and gave me a beautiful facelift. This was not my first facelift, but it was the best. Dr. Niamtu removed some old scars from a previois facelift and made my incision virtually invisibly. Healing was a piece of cake. His staff called regularly to check on me. They were just wonderful. It was worth the trip to Virginia. I want say enough to thank everyone. Thank you, Dr Niamtu. Janice

Shawn Kottwitz (Source: Google)


My experience with Dr. Niamtu and his team was beyond fantastic. I had otoplasty surgery and my results are wonderful. Everything about my visit was very relaxing and positive, from the office setting, staff, surgery and recovery. I only had minor pain after my surgery and very little discomfort the day after. The hardest part, for me, was the anxiety prior to my surgery and the entire team made that go away the minute I walked through the door. I recommend Dr. Niamtu without hesitation. Rest assured, you are in very capable hands. Thank you Dr. Niamtu and thank you to the entire team for fulfilling my greatest wish.

Geneda Taylor (Source: Google)


Dr. Niamtu changed my life over 12 years ago. I was a server at the time, and took care of Joe. He told my manager after the meal that he wanted to help me out. He didn’t know me, or how I had come to be in my situation, but wanted to help. I have not met anyone who loves to help people in a tough situation the way Dr. Niamtu does. I did not have insurance, nor could I afford any kind of surgery. My first surgery was for no charge, and the second surgery I paid for anesthesia only. I’m sure that the procedures he performed would have cost at least $5,000, but he is so generous to those less fortunate. He performed a couple procedures, including taking off a mole I had on my nose. I had no complications, the healing times were fast, and the results were amazing. I could never thank Joe enough for changing my life (yes, it was that big a deal for me). His is very caring, professional, and definitely goes above and beyond expectations. I would recommend him to everyone!

Organic Farmer (Source: Google)


I have been a regular patient of Dr. Niamtu’s for the past 3 years (full face lift, cheek implants, brow lift, upper eyelid surgery, & chemical peel.) I am an organic farmer but the manual nature of the work left me feeling…less than a lady. My wonderful husband supported me to have procedures done that would help me outwardly reflect the lady I am inside. So, I set out to find a Dr. who was the Best in his field AND truly loved and believed in the work he performs. I found these qualities in Dr. Niamtu – he trains other surgeons on best practices in facial surgery; only works on faces (no other area); and, the clincher for me, does pro bono surgeries for Operation Smile & for women/children from homeless shelters who have been traumatically disfigured. I live over 3 hours away from the office but determined that the drive was worth it. It is not about money with Dr. Niamtu. I initially asked him to do a laser procedure but he reviewed my skin tone (ethnically darker) & advised to have a lower priced treatment done b/c it would yield greater likelihood of evening out my complexion. He was kind and humble in explaining to me how darker and lighter skin do not react the same to laser. I was grateful for his expert knowledge of diverse skin tones and saving us $$. His website is extensive and awesome! I HIGHLY recommend the videos & Mona Lisa gallery. In particular, I was impressed that he was so humble as to include pics of himself after a chemical peel. Having had this done, I can say the 1st week you are “flaky” & not yet “lovely”. I have high respect for Dr. Niamtu that he cares more for his patients to “see” what you will experience after the peel vs. being concerned that patients won’t see him at his “best” – definitely not a “pompous” man whatsoever. The office staff are SUPER kind and helpful. They are professional while making you feel comfortable and welcome. The “post-surgery” material is great. I relied on the “Zombie/Smiley” face chart for MAJOR encouragement from Day 1 to 1 Month post-surgery. I had a bit more pain after the full face lift than the browlift but it was manageable b/c I followed the Dr.s advice to a “T” – i.e. elevate your head, don’t do strenuous work EVEN if you get tired of just lying in bed, etc. Dr. Niamtu is like a Master Artist as he studies your face from each angle and then sculpts the finished work into a masterpiece that we both take joy in. He services well known celebrities (maybe why a reviewer says he has a “God Complex”?) I can only say from 3 years of regular patient interaction with him that he has never put on “airs” with this country farmer. He is lively and full of energy yet patient and caring. Don’t mistake his creative energy for impatience or abruptness – he loves what he does and you can sense that excitement as he begins to study your unique face and the possibilities therein for improvement. If anything, Dr. Niamtu is “godly” without a “Complex” (see Ahmed Sesay’s review below – Wow!) I have now completed all my planned treatments & wanted to write this holistic review of my patient experience with Dr. Niamtu and his center. I will always come to him in the future for any facial work I need done for as long as the good doctor chooses to serve clients. I would not trust my face with any other doctor. Period. Dr. Niamtu and Team – Thank you for a job well done! I absolutely love the Lady I see in the mirror each day!

Kimberly Cooper (Source: Google)


When you think of plastic surgeons, one might look to NYC or California for the best. In this case, he is found right in Virginia! Living in NY I contacted over half a dozen surgeons and all of them had the same invasive approach. After much thought and research I discovered that Dr. Niamtu was exactly who I was looking for. I had a forehead osteoma (bump) for years and although on the smaller side, it was something I saw everyday and was very self conscious about. After watching the informational videos on Dr. Niamtu’s YouTube channel, I was convinced he was able to perform the surgery without leaving a scar across my forehead. His approach is very minimal and one that no other surgeon I could find performs! I set up a zoom appointment during which time he answered all of my questions and never made me feel rushed. From start to finish, phone calls and emails, the staff was so friendly and professional. After a 7 hour drive I was ready for my pre op appointment the following day and I’ve never felt so welcomed or at ease. I was even able to meet the anesthesiologist before the surgery. My nervousness and concerns were taken seriously and without dismissal. The surgery went better than I expected (no lingering grogginess and zero nausea) and I was able to go home the next day after my pre op appointment. The pain was so minimal that I only needed one extra strength tylenol the morning after. There was some bruising and swelling as expected, but worth it! The results are far better than I imagined! There is no sign of an osteoma! I am so grateful to Dr. Niamtu, Dr. B, and all of the amazing ladies in the office. Thank you for the best experience and results I could have hoped for.

Danielle Ruth (Source: Google)


I’ll readily admit that I never considered myself someone who would have cosmetic surgery. But after 15+ years of being unhappy with my chin, I finally decided that actually I AM that person! And thus I decided to meet with a doctor about fixing it. Dr. Niamtu was wonderful! Not only did he take the time to answer all my questions during my consult, he didn’t unnecessarily push other procedures. He was reasonable, friendly, and straight-forward about what I should anticipate with regards to recovery, and also honest about managing my expectations for the final outcome of the surgery. That was refreshing to hear! In the age of computerized models, it’s nice to hear someone admit that healing is unique from person to person and results of the same surgery will vary in outcome based on the individual person and their anatomy and healing process. There certainly is an art to this field of work and Dr. Niamtu seems to have honed his. His website literally has hundreds of before-and-after photos which I found tremendously helpful in understanding his aesthetic. The office staff is also exceptional and they clearly work hard to ensure you are comfortable with the entire process. And while I have not had my procedure yet, I decided to write this temporary review in the meantime based on the doctor’s besides manner, which is excellent. His down-to-earth disposition made me feel comfortable that I had found the right surgeon! Trusting your face to someone is hard but I believe you’d be in great hands with this practice and under Dr. Niamtu’s care.

Lynn Booth (Source: Google)


I went to see Dr. Niamtu concerning two moles that were on my face. I have been self conscious of them since I was in high school and I have always wanted them removed. I was worried about scarring since they are both on my face. Dr. Niamtu removed them very conservatively with a laser and I am so impressed with the results! He was very gentle and did a great job! This is the best way to have moles removed on your face or neck! I also want to take this time to tell you about his office team. They are extremely warm and make you feel at ease from the time you set up your appointment and throughout your entire visit. They are willing to answer any questions or concerns you might have and put you at ease. You all truly have a wonderful office! Thank you so much for the care you gave me!

Ann Brunner (Source: Google)


I just got a great face lift and look several years younger. I was a bit worried about getting a pulled and “artificial” look but it didn’t happen. I just look younger, brighter and refreshed! A neighbor asked me the other day what youth pills I was taking. Dr. Niamtu brags about the care he and his staff take of the patient from start to finish. But let me assure you, they all deserve the credit. He and his staff are the very best. He does run one classy establishment! Thank you, Dr. Niamtu and to all you lovely people who take care of his patients! Sincerely, Ann (3-13-45)

Harry Fowler (Source: Google)


I am posting this review for my wife: I am 69 years old and felt old before my time because of sagging facial and neck skin. When I decided that I would consult with a cosmetic facial surgeon, I did my homework. As with any surgical procedure, you want the doctor who has done the most work in that area. On paper Dr. Joe Niamtu stood head and shoulders above any other other surgeon and that proved to be so true when I saw him for a consultation, for my actual surgery and the follow-up. I would consider Dr. Joe an artist. Even though I had a tough time knowing what should be done, he had no problem sorting through all the options. I had concerns about going too far with the surgery — how far is too far? However, Dr. Joe knew what to do for a very natural look. I love the result of what he did for me. I look and feel many, many years younger. Dr. Joe is a very caring and compassionate doctor as is his staff. They couldn’t have taken better care of me during the surgery and the follow-ups. If you are considering cosmetic facial surgery, please talk with Dr. Joe. I think you will be very happy with the result.

Debbie Farleigh (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. Nor can I say enough about how fantastic I look! I am absolutely shocked! I did not think that it was possible to do such absolutely beautiful natural looking work! Dr. Joe is an artist! I had a facelift with upper and lower eyelid surgery and resurfacing under my eyes April 13, 2015 The difference in before and after is amazing! I love my look and you will too! If you are considering plastic surgery WAIT NO MORE!!! You can have confidence knowing that Dr. Niamtu is the very best at his craft and we lucky folks get the benifit of his expertise.

Chris F (Source: Google)


Dr. Niamtu changed my life! I am in my early 20s and have suffered from horrible under eye bags for as long as I can remember. I finally decided to get a transconjunctival lower bleph and Dr. Niamtu was the perfect Dr. for this procedure. From beginning to end he was very informative, patient with my questions, and made me feel comfortable and safe. I wasn’t even too nervous on the day of surgery because he and his team checked in at every step from pre-op to post-op. I healed wonderfully and quickly due to his skills and I couldn’t be happier with my reflection these days! I feel like I have my life back! I’m embarking on a new chapter in life and I’m starting it looking refreshed and feeling confident, Thank you Dr. Niamtu!

Naomi Horton (Source: Google)


Dr. Niamtu is great! He preformed my lip argumentation and corrected a small indentation on the side of my nose. The results look very natural. Most importantly, he genuinely cares about his patients and works to ensure they are satisfied with the results. I honestly wouldn’t let anyone else touch my face. I highly recommend him.

Jessie L (Source: Google)


My google account isn’t showing reviews and borrowing an account because I have to write this review. I have so many moles, which I know is far from the biggest deal in the world, but no one can imagine how much they make me feel inferior. Over 10 years, I have researched every possible procedure there is to remove moles but because of my skin type, it leads to one conclusion: live with them or you will get horrible scars, none of which I can accept. In fact, I had one mole I experimented with another famous surgeon that left a hypertrophic scar and a tear on my skin. I’ll save the long story and jump to the result. Dr. Joe removed over 30 moles from my face and neck alone, and besides a few grow-backs that I am going back to re-do, I can’t even tell where I had the moles before. He even helped me remove the hypertrophic scar, and now it’s much smoother than before. I have no words to describe how thankful I am because it is truly a life-changing and miraculous event for me. For the first time, my friends would tell me my face is so clear, and it’s an indescribable feeling. I wish more people who have the same concern as me sees this and know that there is a solution to this problem. I cannot be thankful enough to Dr. Joe and his team.

Cristina Dumitrescu (Source: Google)


I went to this office for Radiowave mole removals and VariLite treatment for facial spider veins and vein reduction under my eyes. Dr Niamtu is definitely a perfectionist. Accurate, precise in his assessment, work and execution of procedures. The staff working directly with Dr Niamtu was brilliant. Informed, helpful in every way, efficient during the procedures as well. I travelled from Canada for this and I do not regret it. The mole removal sites are progressing and healing beautifully already (6 days afterwards). My friends and coworkers like the results and are talking about doing this themselves. The radio frequency method of removal, with edge blending is definitely worth it. Having a precise, skilled hand to do it, is even better. The skin transition on the larger mole areas is beautifully done. All areas were covered perfectly. The veins under my eyes were significantly reduced. Everything went perfectly. No recovery time. I am extremely happy with his work and I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago?

Erin Hyman (Source: Google)


Dr. Niamtu and his team are simply the best. I would never consider any other doctor. Niamtu is an artist. Having confidence and respect with a doctor who is caring for your face is so important. I am highly satisfied with the improvement in my appearance and the resulting self-esteem benefit which followed. Every dollar spent was an investment in my happiness. Never discount your face!!

Theresa Palomeque (Source: Google)


After doing an intense search and reviewing on all the Facial Plastic Surgeons by far Dr Niamtu was the perfect surgeon for me, excellent bedside manners, very knowledgeable and honest. I flew from Florida to Richmond and could not be any more pleased with his work, nurse Jenny and his entire staff were very comforting and made my entire experience worth my trip. I highly recommend Dr Joe for any facial procedures.

Dom Burns (Source: Google)


Dr Niamtu is a step above any surgeon I have worked with. The quality of his work is world renown and obviously speaks for itself – the quality of his personality and character are only known by those who experience working directly with with him. I’ve had multiple surgeries and also know plenty of friends who have as well – the upfront communication and guidance from the surgeon is equally as important as surgical skill and with this doctor you get the best in both areas. I would encourage anyone considering surgery to consult with Dr. Niamtu – you will see exactly what I mean.

Bill Shepherd (Source: Google)


We contacted Dr. Joe Niamtu’s office on Monday morning for a bike accident facial scar that would not heal properly after 6 weeks. They scheduled us for 4:00 to work us in. We were seen after Dr Joe finished with the scheduled patients and he revised the scar and suctioned out some debris from the accident. He is very professional and friendly and the office staff is equally professional and extremely friendly. We were very satisfied,relieved and happy with our visit to Dr. Niamtu. We will definitely recommend him in the future to our friends.

Raven Newcomb (Source: Facebook)


I had 2 small moles on my face that a dermatologist told me not to get removed because it would look worse. I wanted them removed because they were on my face and they already looked “worse” in my opinion, with some research I went to Dr. Niamtu and had them removed. It has been 6 months and I “love that face”, thanks Doc!

Alex Carroll (Source: Google)


I absolutely LOVE the team at Dr. Niamtu’s Midlothian office. They are all incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I have now had lip fillers put in by Jenny (their nurse), and continue to be in awe of the results. Both times, my lips have looked perfect and even with minimal bruising or swelling. She helped me make a decision about the amount of filler to inject and recommended I start with less (which I appreciated). Such an amazing experience.

Staci Chatham (Source: Google)


After 4 years of researching, I decided on Dr. Niamtu for my cosmetic procedure. The time he and his staff took to answer all my questions made me feel confident in my decision. Everyone, EVERYONE, at his office was very kind, friendly, and professional. Dr. Niamtu cares about his patients and the job he does. It shows in his work. Thank you, Dr. Joe and staff. I’d give a million stars if I could.

Devi- Sha (Source: Google)


DR NIAMTU GAVE ME A CHANCE IN LIFE AGAIN. HE RESTORED MY FACE AND FAITH IN PLASTIC SURGEONS. Dr. Niamtu is one of the true hidden gem plastic surgeons in the world. I will be a patient for any potential facial procedures as I age and will travel across the world If I have to. Long story short I suffered through botched chin surgeries and ended up with a much too large implant. And to make matters worse fat transfer and later juvaderm was done to hide the dents and scars….my bottom lip felt tucked in from the large implant and several screws being placed below my lip into mentalis muscle.… I couldn’t even smile anymore without my lips pulling weird. After numerous consultations across Canada and the United States and almost giving up on any hope of having my chin restored to my former self. I hopelessly went to a maxillofacial specialist in Vancouver and asked, if I was your family, wife or daughter where would you send me? And he said “Dr. Niamtu in Richmond Virginia”. I reached out to Dr. Niamtu. He explained the risks and complexity after so much trauma and past surgery and that the chance for successful outcome at this point is significantly reduced. However, I was determined to see him and his big beautiful compassionate heart took over and he agreed to see me in person. An entire 12 hours, 3 flights later and I arrived in Richmond Virginia. I was given a list of nearby accommodations and caregivers available for out of country patients or patients traveling alone. I made arrangement to stay with a caregiver. I was greeted by a beautiful woman who is a real-life earth angel named BONNILYN. I felt like I just arrived at my favorite aunt’s home for a visit. So warm, loving and caring. She drove me to my appointment. I met with Dr. Niamtu, he was also very friendly and he was genuinely empathetic to the difficult mess I ended up in. I knew the complexity of my case, but because of how professional, experienced, knowledgeable and ethical he came across during my appointment, I just knew, finally I was in good hands. The staff/team care was superb things ran smooth start to finish. Shelly and Lauren were so sincere and personable. They made me feel so comfortable and were very friendly and helpful. The Anesthesiologist even went over and above to look into my concerns before my arrival and took the time to discuss my options with me. BONNILYN took care of me after surgery. She is a very healing soul. Her environment is designed to ensure you receive proper after care and that you feel no stress for a successful recovery. I truly felt something magical about my experience and everyone associated with Niamtu Cosmetic Facial Surgery Centre. I left there still swollen and so the results were unknown. After having experienced disappointing results, I was afraid to get too excited, especially when I was dealing with potentially lose skin, dimples, and some excess fat from the previous injections that were done… I didn’t go into this expecting perfection or some miracle. About 2 months after being home, I woke up one night and passed by a mirror and saw my face and broke into tears. I had never experienced crying out of pure happiness and gratefulness until that moment. For what I saw I never thought I would again. The shape of my chin, jaw looked the way it did before all this chin implant even started. Dr. Niamtu removed the implant and the screws and repaired the tissues and muscle and did some lipo of the fat transfer and laser to the old scar. I saw a miracle that I prayed for. Dr. Niamtu I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude and for showing me there truly are skilled plastic surgeons that make a difference in peoples lives. You have given me the gift to leave my house each day feeling like me again. I can’t even see the evidence of your incision sites and that is how it should have been. That is the standard of care I wish all plastic surgeons would take. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Niamtu and the all team members of your surgical centre.

Bob Rough (Source: Google)


My wife recently had upper and lower eyelid, lip, and earlobe cosmetic surgery with Dr Niamtu. I won’t share my wife’s age, but I can tell you that she looks at least 20 years younger. She is planning to complete her experience with Dr Niamtu this spring with a face lift. I know that my wife is more than pleased with the results, and as the husband, I was in awe of the results. The man is not only an exceptional cosmetic surgeon, he is a absolute artist. Dr Niamtu’s staff needs also to be mentioned – they are the perfect compliment to his incredible work – accommodating, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and always prepared to answer virtually any question. I can’t wait for the next phase of my wife’s facial enhancement process under the skillful artistry of Dr Niamtu

Laurene Rough (Source: Google)


It’s been nearly three months since Dr. Niamtu performed a full face lift for me, the results of which can only be described as amazing. Since my association with Dr. Niamtu, I have continually found him to be a confident perfectionist, and most importantly an excellent facial plastic surgeon who delivers. He has changed my outlook on life and helped an aging 69 year old woman feel good about herself again. Hearing my husband tell me on a daily basis how beautiful I look is something I’ll never tire of. His entire staff, or as I like to refer to them, “his bevy of beauties” are without question, the kindest, most compassionate, and highly competent group of women I have encountered in a very long time. Dr. Niamtu possesses a unique talent for transforming lives and to him I owe my heartfelt thanks.

Carl Marcucci (Source: Google)


Dr. Niamtu recently performed otoplasty on my 14-year-old daughter’s ears. Her ears were not all that bad, but enough so that we agreed they could look better. He explained everything before, during and after….Low anxiety for my child. He and his staff were very friendly, professional and thorough. They did a great job and the healing was quick — which means the procedure was done in a sterile and skillful manner. It was not a simple procedure….two different types of surgeries were applied. She’s happy with the work and so are we!

Gabriella Valentino (Source: Google)


This doctor is not only a gifted surgeon but an amazing person. When I was 4 I was in a terrible car accident that, left scars on my face. After multiple surgeries recontructing my face, it was left unsmooth with noticable scars. Dr. Niamtu took his time and treated me with care while smoothing my face with laser surgery. After a few treatments the difference was phenomenal. I could tell when small children no longer asked what happened to my face. I truly believe if you have any insecurities or any issues with the way you look, you should go to his office. He honestly changed my life

Tom Moore (Source: Google)


As a physician I am very cautious in selecting a healthcare professional for my personal interest. only after extensive investigation and review did I decide to consult with Dr. Niamtu and he exceeded all my expectations professionally and personally. His staff exhibits the same level of knowledge, compassion and understanding as he does. The entire operative experience and recovery was a well planned and executed concept of integrated surgical care, This has been a wonderful experience, I am very grateful.

Joy Jones (Source: Google)


I wanted a surgeon who could meet my requirements for my concern. This was the area of my face, specifically my neck. I did research on who I thought would best meet my desires. I wanted a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. This is a person who specializes in faces, or area above the shoulders. I have heard positive verbal comments regarding Dr. Joe Niamtu. I have read very positive comments regarding Dr. Joe Niamtu. I decided to make a consultation appointment with him and make my own decision. I was very impressed with his comments. He sat down and discussed my concerns. He presented several options that would benefit my appearance. Each procedure in itself would be beneficial. There were added procedures which would further improve the total result. I was able to think and decide for myself. I made my mind up before leaving his office the day of consultation. I was totally convinced he would be the perfect surgeon for me. I also liked his presentation, his hands on consultation and sincere concern to meet MY satisfaction. I chose to have a neck lift, upper eye lid and lower lid procedure. I discussed having a Laser Skin Resurfacing at a later date. He left the option of Laser Skin Resurfacing open and wanted me to give it thought. I would be a definite plus and would just require a longer down time but still a great benefit in the overall result. After giving thought, I called back and said yes to all of the above. So very glad I did. Dr. Niamtu does have a professional, courteous and helpful staff. I would expect nothing less from his practice. I am appreciative to each and every one of them. I am mostly thankful I chose Dr. Joe Niamtu to perform this procedure. I had questions, I asked, he answered, each time. Sometimes we need that reassurance. Please do yourself a huge favor if you decide on a procedure of any kind. Arrange for a very knowledgeable caretaker for the first 2 nights of your recovery. It is such a benefit . I might add, I had a mild face lift over 10 years ago.. I was pleased at that time. However, it required maintenance. I did fillers, Clear & Brilliant Skin Treatments and Thermage, each year. All costly, beneficial for a while, but this last year was NOT being beneficial and not making me feel better about my appearance. These are very costly and do NOTHING for your neck.. I am finally happy and feeling great and only 2 week into my recovery ! Thank you Dr. Niamtu !, Your appreciative patient, JJ

Allison Burns (Source: Google)


Dr. Niamtu preformed otoplasty on my daughter who had one ear that was much more prominent than the other. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him as a physician as well as the staff. What could have been a very anxiety provoking experience for my daughter turned out to be so amazing. The front desk staff was so warm and friendly…they made my daughter feel so special and really went out of their way to make her comfortable. Dr. Niamtu and his nurse are just fantastic! I was amazed at their genuine care and concern for my girl. The procedure itself was a success to say the least and “Dr. Joe” is a hero in our home. According to my 5 year old daughter “Dr. Joe rocks and is one of my best buddies!” I think her comment speaks for itself!

Kathy Wyrick (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Niamtu completed a comprehensive face lift and an upper eyelid Blepharoplasty on 7/31/18 on me. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Dr. Niamtu and all of his staff. They are friendly, professional, and caring. His facility is state of the art and he is the best in facial cosmetic surgery! I can tell that I am going to love my results even though I am still in the early healing stage of recovery. If you’re considering him as your doctor, I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Maria V (Source: Google)


Love Dr Niamtu. I know love is a strong word but it exactly how I feel about Dr. Niamtu. I consulted with Dr. Niamtu about six years ago, but life happened i.e college etc. About two years ago I email Dr. Niamtu and he responded with the same caring, compassionate manner. I am two weeks into my surgery and I am so happy about the results. The best part is I can get back to work in a few days. As clients (patients) we must establish trust not by what a physician says but by his work which is ultimately his legacy. Unfortunately like many others I also had unpleasantly bad experiences before with plastic surgeons. I try to believe it was due to this physicians inexperience, and maybe because they do not care. As Dr Niamtu says in one of his videos you pay in time and I would add you pay in mental well being. When you have great results, you feel good about yourself, and that is the reason why you had surgery for a better quality of life, since quality of life is not just physical health but also mental health. Dr Niamtu he will do everything in his power to take you to the state of well being, he did for me. I will stay with doctor Niamtu to correct injuries sustain in motor vehicle accident over 20+ years ago.

Wanda Young (Source: Google)


Dr. Niamtu performed the best Blepharoplasty on my lower eyelids just two and a half months ago. I am so please with the results and I feel lifted both mentally and physically. As an African American woman, we often assume that we don’t need cosmetic surgery but in my case, the natural mile stones faced in later life had taken a toll on my appearance and dampened my feeling of well-being. Dr. Niamtu conquered all this with prompt, friendly and courteous service and his superior facial art works. During my initial consultation, the high level skill of Dr. Naimtu was apparent as he easily diagnosed and recommended treatment which included blepharoplasty, botox and smile line filers. The beauty of my two best female friends and colleagues (one Philippine and the other African American) are enhanced by Dr. Niamtu’s skill as the both were his patience. They shared their immaculate satisfaction with Dr. Niamtu and all the staff. I must say that they all make you feel and look like a celebrity every time.