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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Anna C. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I cannot say enough good things about the Dr. Byers dental “family.”  This is truly the best dental office I have ever been to.  I always feel completely at ease while in their excellent care. After almost a year away from regular dental visits, due to COVID-19 quarantining, I went in to the office today for long overdue X-rays, a cleaning, a general checkup, one old filling replacement and one new filling.  Dr. Byers and his wonderful team of people followed every safety protocol and took great care me, using current, state of the art techniques, while meeting all of my dental needs within my pre-scheduled 2-1/2 hr. visit!  My smile looks great, my teeth and gums are healthy and my spirit is lifted for having spent a little time with these funny, happy, caring and wonderful people, today.  A great big ‘Thank you!’ to Dr. Byers and Team!

Jamie Piper (Source: Google)


If I could give ten stars I would! Recently I had a fractured back molar that became infected, and had hoped I’d have time to research dentists before it got too bad. Well that didn’t happen, and I woke up one morning with a fever and in total agony and knew it was an emergency. Amazingly they were able to get me in immediately to have the molar extracted. Everyone at the office was incredibly nice, and despite my pain they had me cracking up before and after the procedure. I was in and out in less than an hour, and even though one of the molar’s roots was pretty curved, they had no problem getting the tooth out in one piece without breaking it. I was very impressed. And I felt immediate relief! And the rates were less than I was expecting too, especially given the emergency nature of the appointment! I’ve been to many, many dentists in my life, and I have never been able to say that I’ve had a ‘great’ experience at any of them before. (‘Good’, yes, but not ‘great’ or ‘awesome’.) This was an *awesome* experience. I had no problems healing, and was able to easily follow their after-care directions. Seriously BEST DENTIST EVER. I live close to the office but no matter where I live in Southern California, I will always be back. Thank you so much everyone at Dr. Byers!!!

Joe A. from Solana Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was relieved to find that Dr. Byers had an entry on Yelp!, but alarmed that no one had reviewed this guy! Simply put– best dentist, ever. I’m in education, and I’ve got pretty good insurance, but when I first started as a teacher, I signed up for the cheapest (I’ve since aged, and learned to appreciate things a little more) coverage that San Diego Unified offered. I wound up in Western Dental offices, getting crappy care, and waiting (on average) an hour and a half in a crowded, embittered waiting room to get it. Typically, having some dental “tech” tell me, half way through the scheduled work, that we’d have to reschedule. Nice. When the window of opportunity arose to re-enroll in a different dental plan, I piggy-backed on a weekly e-blast (pre-Yelp) e-mailing (over 1500 subscribers) to plead my case. “I’m a free agent, and I’m looking for ‘the’ dentist. ” I received about 100 replies, and the only dentist who was repeated was Dr. Byers (he got the nod as “the” dentist from 11 responses). 10 years later, I have a beautiful smile, and nothing but great things to say about this guy and his Utopian practice. Book a cleaning. Give him a test drive. You’ll find the Craftsman-style south-Kensington office to be both charming and comfortable. His staff is happy, friendly, and genuinely concerned with their patients. What’s more is that you’ll find a plate of homemade cookies on the counter, which they will welcome you to sample on your way in. Book a late afternoon appointment (Dr. Byers knocks off at about 5), and he might even offer you a beer (no, you are not dreaming). Dr. Byers is also an avid pilot, and will likely invite you to join him during a lunch-break flight at Montgomery field (I’ve never flown with him, but he’s extended the invite a handful of times). Creature comforts aside, he’s an amazing dentist. I have had a history of dental mishaps, and prior to meeting Steven Byers, I had long-since surrendered any hopes of having a smile worth sharing. Shortly after I was up-to-speed on cleanings, etc., he proceeded to walk me through some cosmetic dentistry that has left me with a smile to be proud of. He’s not cheap (though he does take a variety of insurance plans), but whenever I look at family pictures of myself, my wife and our young daughter, I can’t imagine a more worthwhile investment.

Lindsay B. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


By Far the best Dentist I have been to in San Diego. I had gone to Renaissance Dental because they were on my insurance. I walked out the door with a frantic Dentist who tried to scare me into 4 Root Canals, 2 Crowns and filling on the remaining 4 fillings. I have had cavities in the past, but all but 1 were prior to the age of 10. The worst part was that the dentist gave no explanation of what was wrong, did not show me on my xrays just told me I had to come in. I am surprised she did not say I would die. She was just an extreme fraud and a bad actor. So I decide to get a second opinion from Dr. Byers. He was everything that Joe A said. He took more xrays, offered services free, walked through explanations and told me exactly what he would do. He even categorized the issues- 1. should be solved immediately, 2. good to do in the next fe months, and 3. which would be good to have. I did need work done, but no root canals, no crowns, just some filings redone of past cavities. He let me know it was my soda drinking that was the problem and showed me with a mirror as well as on the xrays. Unfortunately I could not afford to go to Dr. Byers since he was not on my insurance. I called to tell the receptionist who kindly let me know she understood and that they were there anytime I needed a second opinion. I would recommend this doctor to everyone. I even contemplated paying out of pocket just to go to Dr. Byers.

Kathy J. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


My prior dentist passed away and I broke a tooth. I asked folks I respected about their dentists, and Dr. Byers office came highly recommended. I am somewhat averse to the dentist in general, but I am happy to say that Dr. Byers is my new dental group and I have no fear with them. I had my appointment today, and I was surprised and pleased they could repair my tooth in just one appointment. I was fearful I would need a crown, but not at this time. They were VERY patient, and explained each step thoroughly to make sure I was comfortable. Even though I broke very close to the nerve, there was no pain. If I had a dentist like this growing up, I would not have my fear of the dentist! I did not meet everyone in the office, but all the folks I did meet were patient, professional, and very kind. It is a friendly office and easy to get to. I went ahead and scheduled a cleaning since I have now made Dr. Byers office my new dentists. They not only fixed my smile, they alleviated my nerves about having dental work done. I would recommended this group to anyone looking for a great dentist.

Diane C. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have never been a fan of going to the dentist but every since I started going to this office it’s like being a part of a family! We laugh and talk about everything! Everyone in the office is a part of the family and it starts when you walk in the front door. There has never been a time that I had to sit and wait for my appointment. The service is very professional, you’re treated with loving care! When you’re finished you can sit in the comfortable living room and have some freshly made cookies, coffee or tea or a refreshing cold drink. I sometimes just drop in and chit chat and have a cup of coffee! 🙂

G. G. from Chollas View, San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am a new patient at Dr. Beyers’ practice. I found this place through yelp, and based on the reviews I was convinced to check it out. I gotta say my expectations were beyond exceeded. As soon as I walked through the door; I was made feel right at home, and not at some dreadful dentist office. I was offered fresh brewed coffee and tea while I filled out my paperwork. I was then promptly attended to and began the process of my first visit. Everyone who helped me was very happy with their work and it was all good vibes. It’s very professional, yet relaxing. I felt as if I had already been a patient here for some time. The doctors explained everything as we went along and constantly made sure that I was comfortable. I must admit that I still am not a huge fan of going to the dentist, but at least I know that I am in good hands here. To my surprise, I’m actually kind of looking forward to my next appointment. I hardly ever write reviews; but I had such a pleasant experience here that I thought I’d share with you. Cheers.

Erin H. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so pleased with this office. I came here due to a crown that had fallen out. I called several dental offices to try and get in right away and most could not see me. Due to the fact that they had no openings or they could only give me a consult and would have to schedule me for a second appointment to do the procedure. I called here at about 11am and was scheduled for an appointment at 3pm. I arrived, filled out the paperwork and was brought back right away. Everything was explained to me so that I could understand what was needed. Not only did my treatment begin right away. But, my anxieties were calmed by the amazing staff. EVERYONE in this office was very pleasant and made me feel at home. I will most definitely be going back here for all my dental needs. I am so thankful that this is where I ended up this afternoon! And so grateful for the care I received!

Beverly F. from Mattoon, IL (Source: Yelp)


This is wonderful Dentist Office. I live in Illinois and I come here to have cleaning and dental work done. Your alway greeted with smiles. They treat you like family. There dental work is alway quaIity work. I had chipped a tooth years ago and had it fixed in Illinois. You could see where I chipped it, poor quality work. I chipped it again but came here and they repaired it and you can’t see where it was chipped. I really can’t say enough about this dentist office and all their employees. I will return each time I’m in San Diego to visit my daughter, her husband and kids which all go here and had recommended I go here. Best recommendation I have received. Thank you for caring. Beverly.

Peter S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Steve Byers and entire staff beyond words to complement them. The dental assistance make you feel comfortable and make the entire visit a pleasure. Dentist doctors are compassionate and strive above and beyond to have you leave knowing the procedures are done in highest professional manner. I have never experience the ability to almost fall asleep because the warmth and deepest appreciation for the patient. I needed a lot work done yet the staff and doc’s. Make the experience enjoyable and fun. San Diego should have more personnel like Dr. Byers office. The front office staff highly professional with the best degree of courteous manner to which your visit starts off with staff greeting patient by first names. This office and staff do exceptional work with the highestdegrer of fun laughter and a sense your family. This the BEST DENTIST IN SOAN DIEGO. I NE9VER HAVE W8ANTEDTO RECOMMEND A DETIST YET THIS OFFICE AND STAFF I GIVE REFERRALS TO FAMILY FRIENDS VETERANS AND ANYONE E9LSE WHO HAS EXPERIENCE TERRIBLE DENTIST VISIT TO COME HERE ONCE YOU’LL. NEVER GO BACK TO OTHERS. I CANT SAY THIS LOUD ENOUGH. COME TO DR. BYERS OFFICE YOU’LL ENJOY THE VISIT FROM FRONT DESK TO ASSISTANCE TO DOCS GIVE IT AT TRY I WISHED I KNEW THEM YEARS AGO MY MANY THANKS TO ALL AND I DEEPLY APPRECIATE YOUR WARMTH KINDNESS AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE PETER SPEARS

Ciara M. from Spring Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


This has been the best experience I have ever had at a dentist office. This office has such a great atmosphere with staff who can always make you smile. The office manager, Aaron, is friendly and makes me feel right at home. I have been seen by both Dr. Byers and Dr. Westwood and they did such an incredible job on my teeth that I can’t stop smiling. P.S. The toys that you can see at the front desk aren’t just for kids, I got some really cool walkie talkies. Thank you Dr. Byers, Dr. Westwood and staff you have made my dental experience amazing

Connie T. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so lucky to be able to walk around the corner to this neighborhood dentist. Dr. Byers and his staff are not only extremely professional, they are warm and welcoming and funny! The environment couldn’t be better with comfortable mission-style furniture in the waiting room of this historic house in (baja) Kensington. Despite the age of the house, they have every modern dental convenience. And they make sure you won’t forget an appointment with text reminders. Hummingbird and other feeders outside every window so that you can watch nature while your mouth gets the royal treatment. Always feels like family. Cookies await you after each visit. And if you have an afternoon appointment, you might even get to share in an adult beverage. They are unique in that they rotate inflatables on their lawn throughout the year with a new addition for summer 2019 – enormous beach balls rolling around inside the fence.

Kathleen O. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came in with a front tooth broken down to near the gum line–the tooth had had a root canal long ago and had finally worn out. I live in the neighborhood and saw good Yelp reviews, but the kicker was, I remembered the house. I’d been driving by it for years, my husband and I enjoying the preposterous, fun lawn ornaments (one celebrated Lawrence Welk’s birthday!!) and I often said, that’s a great house, too bad it’s a dentist’s office! Too bad, indeed. Except when you need a really good one, that is. My regular dentist was unresponsive for 3 days (holiday week), and I thought it’d be great to finally see the inside of that house! I knew I was in for a treat, I just knew it. And I was right. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was warm and kind. Helps in a dentist office, yeh? Beautifully appointed place–lots of airplane/bi-plane models decorate antiques that perhaps still store equipment–but the professionalism practiced inside is what makes it a place to which you want to return. My point is, where there is whimsy, there is often warmth and life-priorities in place (taking ourselves too seriously can interfere with doing good things), which doesn’t take away from the fact that there’s a work ethic at work here. Dr. Byers is a perfectionist. A great trait in a dentist. He’s also personable, has deft hands, wore a Hawaiian shirt with shorts (I love living here) and says please and thank you to his chairside assistants, which matters to me. When a person in a power position treats the women in his/her midst with the respect they deserve, I take notice. I know I’ll be treated that way, too. I’ve had dentists dismiss my pain or concerns as inconsequential and I cannot imagine Dr. Byers doing that. I thought he was just gluing that thing in place, but he was intent on making my front tooth look better than it ever had, and he succeeded. He joked as he worked, fixed a dark mark on the tooth (without my asking), glued and smoothed my teeth perfectly with the tiniest little sanders (maybe he’d constructed the plane models), and when done, offered me a margarita. I thought perhaps he was kidding–it was 5:00; I considered it–but as I left, there he was, smiling warmly and thanking me while gathering with friends, offering it again. Next time, I may say yes. I made an appointment to return, and have told my former dentist I wish her well.

Anita K. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been seeing Dr. Byers & his crew for probably 10 years, & they are wonderful. I’ve had cleanings, exams & one semi-large issue with a root canal (done at another dentist) gone bad. When I developed a complication after they fixed the root canal, I literally paged them at 2am when the pain & swelling became too much, & the dentist on call met me at the office to help. Cleanings are thorough, and the women who do the cleanings are careful to avoid sensitive areas when I mention it. They don’t chastise me for not flossing every day but always give me gentle reminders of why it’s important. The exams are also thorough, & both doctors I’ve seen often explain what they see, how it develops & what they’re doing as they go. I leave every time with a list of the problems, prioritized according to urgency. They always recommend elective procedures, but never pressure me to say Yes. And I never feel judged because I went almost 15 years without insurance or the funds to care for my teeth appropriately. Aaron, the awesome guy at the front desk, is such a pleasure to see on my visits, & he goes above & beyond to help. He will give me costs of the recommendations & even codes so I can call my insurance company to figure out my co-pays. They all understand that I may need to plan out fixes & budget for them in the future. Oh, & if it matters to you, the office is unique with a personal touch, & has a great home feel to it. There’s often a pup in the front office to ooh & ahh over, fun airplane models everywhere & if you have to look out a window during a procedure, there are usually bird feeders to keep you entertained. I love the small touches. Would absolutely recommend this office without hesitation!

Nicholas G. from National City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I called them because I had a wisdom tooth which had gone very bad and was painful. I determined that the best course of action would be to have the tooth removed. After consideration, I determined that the cost of going to training and obtaining the tools to do the work myself outweighed the cost of hiring a contractor to perform the work for me. #1) I called and requested to have my tooth removed and they quoted me an amount of money #2) I arrived at the office and they removed the tooth satisfactorily. #3) I gave them money, as per the conversation mentioned in step #1. #4) The problem with my tooth was resolved. I traded currency for a service, which is in keeping with standard business practices. Specific grading criteria: – They gave me an estimated time frame and amount of currency for the service requested. The time frame and amount of currency paid were close to the estimated amounts agreed upon. They completed the scope of work as per the verbal contract……MEETS EXPECTATIONS. – According to signage posted inside the office, the persons working at this business were found competent to offer dentistry services to the general public by the republic of California…..MEETS EXPECTATIONS. – They used tools and equipment which were specifically set aside for dental use and were in good mechanical condition. The tools were made of stainless steel to prevent rust accumulation. They appeared to follow standard practices for dental work as specified by law and/or standard operating procedures….MEETS EXPECTATIONS. – They wore uniforms to easily identify staff members and to denote them as professionals in the dentistry sector…MEETS EXPECTATIONS. – They recommended that it would be a financially wise decision to enter a preventive maintenance schedule in which I would give them more money and they would perform scheduled maintenance on my teeth. I agreed to the terms of the contact, as they mentioned I would save money by preventing expensive problems and they would receive money. I determined that these terms and conditions had mutual benefits for both parties (Myself and the business providing services)…..MEETS EXPECTATIONS. – I was able to return to work, go to the bank and sleep at night without experiencing dental pain after the services were performed….MEETS EXPECTATIONS. ADDITIONAL FACTORS WHICH DID NOT AFFECT MY DECISION: – I was aware the dentist and I shared a common interest in Aviation as we are both pilots and love flight. – There were cookies – The office location was very comfortable and homey. It was designed and constructed in such a manner as to not promote anxiety for persons such as myself with reservations about medical procedures.

E. from La Jolla, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am grateful to have found Dr. Byers. I have some health issues that contraindicate the dental standard of care, and it has been difficult to find a dentist willing to work with me. After my first appointment, I was so relieved to have dental care again that I was near tears. The entire experience my husband and I had can only be described in superlatives. Dr. Byers is a highly accomplished and skilled dentist/oral surgeon, and I felt I received wonderful care. I was surprised to learn Dr. Byers has his own onsite lab, that he created to control the quality of the dental appliances his patients need. I have not seen that for many years. His staff is professional, efficient, and pleasant beyond expectation. We received a chorus of greetings from Aaron, the office manager, and the other administrative staff when we arrived, and their communications prior to our first appointment were terrific. Alli, the hygienist who cleaned our teeth, was gentle and thorough. A bonus is the ambiance – the building is an immaculate, near century year old house, with bird feeders outside the windows in the treatment rooms. The waiting room feels like the living room of friends, with comfortable furniture, a fireplace, art, coffee, cookies, and a large selection of magazines. Although I would not choose a dental practice based on the ambiance, this place feels so warm and welcoming we feel we should stop by for coffee when passing by!

Editha Q. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been coming here since 2010. I had gone to some dental office off the 163 where they numbed you and left you for 15 minutes (with your mouth propped open – very uncomfortable) while the dentist went to work on another patient. He couldn’t finish the root canal the first time and I had to come back and go through all that torture again. He still couldn’t access one root so thankfully a coworker suggested I go to Dr. Byers. All it took was one visit and I haven’t gone to anyone since. It’s been so long now that I feel like part of the family instead of just another customer. They work with my schedule; something I truly appreciate especially with my job. The only thing I need now is a plane ride

Jamie P. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


If I could give ten stars I would! Recently I had a fractured back molar that became infected, and had hoped I’d have time to research dentists before it got too bad. Well that didn’t happen, and I woke up one morning with a fever and in total agony and knew it was an emergency. Amazingly they were able to get me in immediately to have the molar extracted. Everyone at the office was incredibly nice, and despite my pain they had me cracking up before and after the procedure. I was in and out in less than an hour, and even though one of the molar’s roots was pretty curved, they had no problem getting the tooth out in one piece without breaking it. I was very impressed. And I felt immediate relief! And the rates were less than I was expecting too, especially given the emergency nature of the appointment! I’ve been to many, many dentists in my life, and I have never been able to say that I’ve had a ‘great’ experience at any of them before. (‘Good’, yes, but not ‘great’ or ‘awesome’.) This was an *awesome* experience. I had no problems healing, and was able to easily follow their after-care directions. Seriously BEST DENTIST EVER. I live very close to the office but no matter where I live in Southern California, I will always be back. Thank you so much everyone at Dr. Byers!!!

Bruce Granick (Source: Google)


Allie cleaned my teeth. I was very happy with the cleaning. The cleaning was extremely thorough. Moreover, discomfort during the cleaning was minimal to non-existent. The cleaning was very gentle. Thank-you Allie! I also really like the dental facility. For example, there are pictures on the ceiling for you to look at while you’re on your back getting your teeth cleaned. Also, the facility has humming-birds!! 🙂 It’s a really nice facility. Also, Dr. Byers and the front-desk staff are friendly and professional.

Henry C. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I will be 84 in about 40 days and dentists, despite being essential, are also, like medical doctors nice to have as friends but can be a source of financial and physical pain while fixing your problem so… After going to Dr.Byers for the first time about a year ago, on recommendation of my daughter after I told her of my loss of what I thot was a good dentist at a shopping center near me after about a year with almost complete turnover at the front desk too. She Checked with friends as hers is a bit far and they came up with Dr. Byers. It is about five miles further than the place I had given up on but it is all freeway. There, I had a cleaning, x-rays and talked with Steve about his Piper Cub, he flies! I remember them from the little airport nearby when I was 8 or so and full of wonder at the power they had to stir up wind and then to ride the air itself! One thing that was painful, was his tugging at my front top bridge of about six teeth which had been put in about 1974 by a dentist in No. Park, long since retired. I told him it hurt a bit. He apologized for pain but said he was afraid it would break off soon at the gum-line and recommended a new bridge. Umm sure, and I knew bridges costs more than a new car in the sixties and for some strange reason, maybe retirement?, I no longer went around getting new cars,, or bridges if they worked. About two weeks ago, after adjusting my lifestyle around a bridge that would move a bit and could not be used to bite chunks of meat or much else, good cosmetically at the cost of extra trouble getting stuff that got stuck in that gap out, I went to my daughter for fun with family, esp. grand-kids. When she offered me the choice of a turkey sandwich or salad for lunch, I explained that I would have to cut it into bite size portions that I could put past the incisors as my bridge was worthless in biting and so would go for the salad. She told me I had to go to a dentist as I could get infected. When I said I figured it was OK, and asked her to take a look for any sign of infection as I could not see into that area, even with a mirror, she came close, looked and sorta exploded away from me. I don’t see anything but your breath is the very worst ever she told me and brought me mouthwash to rinse. That helped the breath but she was almost in tears in asking me to go to the dentist. So…that being Sunday, I managed to fritter Monday away trying to find the dentist who had for-seen problems with that bridge. Finally, using Google, espec. maps, I found him & gave a call on Tuesday about 10. I said I would appreciate a call telling me whether any solution I proposed would work as I could not afford a bridge. My solutions included: braces; tightening the wire, if any, on the old bridge, adhesive between the loose bridge, like for those you take out each day, and the front gums or a prosthetic bridge. The answer I got from their office: Doctor Byers says get in here so he could see the bridge and what was involved. So…got an appt. for 2:30 that same day! Down 15 to El Cajon Blvd. A jag east for about a block to Marlborough and a jig south to his office got me there about an hr. early. They took me back for x-rays in about fifteen min. treating me as an emergency. So, I reminded Dr. Byers that he had said it might break loose and loose it was. I told him I was worried about a full bridge vs my ability to pay. He looked at my bridge &other teeth & said he Might be able to come up with a solution that would last, maybe, a year or more. He has a lab there in his building and after having molds made of upper and lower teeth, he came back and said he thought he could do it but it would take time and might be painful but preferred to work without anesthetic if I could take it. I had him go ahead and was laying there looking at the translucent panels with light highlighting blue background of the panels. There were pictures of tropical fish or butterflies. Concentrating on them, my mind was diverted from what was going on in my mouth. It took a long time to get the bridge reconnected, with no gap between the gum and it. Then it was grind, check bite, use diamond grinder, check etc & there was pain with that work as pressure pushed that tooth against bleeding gums. Luckily, I was able to control my reaction to all the relatively low pain in my mouth until my bite was at perfect, even though each bite had a little pain. But, at that point my right calf bunched up in a charley horse….You get them lying in bed after, maybe before, you are 80. The pan holding all the tools went flying as I rose up &bent toward the pain in my calf &got my foot to the floor. Pressure on the calf by arching the foot and pressing the pads below the toes HARD against floor seems to work to end charley horses at night. You might think Dr. Byers & his aide would be angry with their tools all on the floor, Nope. Worried for me. Now, 10 days later, I can bite NO Pain OR GAP! Call a great Dentist

Erin G. from Los Osos, CA (Source: Yelp)


Nothing like having horrible tooth pain during Covid and not having an established dentist in the area. After waiting several weeks to do anything about it, due to the fear of being a burden on any aspect of the medical care system, I finally called Dr. Byers office, in tremendous pain, and asked if they were taking new “emergency” patients. From the moment I spoke with Aaron on the phone at 8:15am, and heard his kind, calm and caring voice reassure me that yes, they would see me, and they could see me at 11 that morning, that was the beginning of my journey on the best dental experience I have ever had. And “best” and “dental” experience usually aren’t words that occupy the same sentence. Six weeks, and two root canals later, I not only have pain free teeth, I have such warm kind thoughts towards the entire staff, and mostly towards Dr. Byers. I appreciate his dedication and skill at his craft. I appreciate his levity despite heavy circumstances. I appreciate his ability to be both professional and personal. I appreciate that while I was in the middle of some pretty horrible physical pain because of the teeth, and additional emotional discomfort due to Covid, I always felt looked after and taken care of. I have never had a dentist call me in the afternoon to see how I was doing and if I was in pain. He didn’t do this once. He did this 4x, as my procedures spread out over 4 days. So a huge thank you to Dr. Byers, to Linda, to Aaron, and to everyone else who made me feel “at home” at the dentist. That is not an easy task! As I get ready to move out of the area, I am seriously considering traveling half way across the state for future dental care. It’s that good. It’s that professional. It’s that personal. And it’s that dialed in and organized. Not a single issue with billing or appt making either. The icing on the cake. Appreciate all of you so much!

Louie T. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was suffering from a wisdom tooth gone bad and it had finally come to a point I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 5 years and walked past Dr. Byers office numerous times. I figured I’d give him a try since his office was so close. I’m not really that fond of doctors and usually think that they’re trying to find some way to take advantage of me (kind of like car mechanics, ya know). I called Dr. Byers office and a lovely woman named Rose answered. She said that they’d see about fitting me into their morning schedule (this conversation happened just after 9am). So I walked from my place to their office (a total of 6 blocks), checked in and waited for a space to open up. Well, let’s just say I was at home by 11am – and one very annoying wisdom tooth lighter! Dr. Byers very relaxing demeanor put me at ease. He was very casual, upfront and straightforward with everything he planned on doing that morning. He asked me questions about my pain tolerance and actually cared about my answers! This extraction not only went a lot better than I thought it would, it cost me a lot less than I thought it would. The only drawback to my entire experience was that the dental technician working with him that day didn’t seem to care that every time she shoved that little x-ray block-thing into my mouth she was both almost choking me and actually bruising the underside of my tongue. It made swallowing for the next few hours a real non-pleasure. Maybe the next time a client tells you that you’re hurting them and that it feels like you’re cutting them, you might want to be a little gentler. She was nice enough, but let’s remember who’s suffering in the chair, shall we? Dr. Byers was excellent, funny, and thoughtful. He assured me that they are they to help us feel better, not to bankrupt us by charging exorbitant fees or interest rates. I truly enjoyed him as a dentist and do happily recommend him to anyone looking for a great local caring professional to take care of their dental needs. Rose even called back later that day to make sure that I was doing okay after my procedure. Now THAT’S customer service! Thanks everyone – you were great!! And don’t ever lose that great smell of fresh homemade cookies in the office – it was immediately welcoming and very refreshing.

Austin Zoree (Source: Google)


The absolute best experience I’ve ever had at a dental office. Dr. Buyers and his staff went above and beyond to make this an absolute amazing experience. They treat their clients like family and they got me in and out in no time! Without a doubt Dr. Buyers will be my new go to.

Jory S. from Escondido, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have this really annoying crooked bottom tooth. Bugs the living crap out me. I went to another dentist to get a quote on moving this toothy annoyance. The dude said I needed “full-on Invisalign”. FYI: Over $5,000! Yeah right! I have ONE slightly crooked tooth. The guy was a scammer! ANYWHO! Thank god for Dr. Byers… Long story short- Dr. Byers was able to fix my annoying crooked tooth with a retainer for less than $1,000. His office is super cute, too. They are always baking fresh Otis Spunkmeyer cookies in the kitchen. Lots of airplane paraphernalia. It’s in a converted house in Kensington. Real “homey” feel to the joint. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Byers. He is great dentist and won’t bullshit you. Thanks Dr. B!

Cindy E. from Carlsbad, CA (Source: Yelp)


After having drinks and whatnot the night before, it was sort of a bad idea to have scheduled an appointment for 8am, but we did. Hubby and I came in for a cleaning, hubby hasn’t had a cleaning in awhile so his gums are a little tender. After spending about an hour on each of us, we were out of there, scheduling another cleaning in 6 months. While I was waiting in the waiting room, I was asked if I wanted something to drink, I asked for orange juice and got just that. Within a few minutes, I was smelling freshly baked cookies and was even offered chocolates (which I had to turn down since I’m cutting out candies for Lent). Of course, hubby came out of his cleaning and grabbed a few cookies, haha. When it was my turn, they made sure I was comfortable. I got to look around the room with airplanes models since Dr. Byers is a pilot. The hygenist was very sweet, personable and she got to talking and was rather gentle. She complimented me and my husband on the whiteness of our teeth and was shocked to hear that we never bleached our teeth. I was flattered. They handle the insurance so well and they give a list of things that are optional but if you care, rating it 4, being optional and 1 is mandatory. I think it’s really cool they list that. They even tell us how they rate your gums, which is great, thank goodness I don’t have to do a deep cleaning, because I floss! 🙂 These guys know what they’re doing and while scheduling for a follow-up, they completely understand if you need to come in on a Saturday. It works out for us and I don’t know any other dentist that is willing to do that for us.

Jim L. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found this office on a Friday before Christmas Day at 4:40PM. I had just broken a tooth to the nerve on a piece of popcorn….I was leaving for holiday in Italy on Christmas Day….true story!!…I looked up dentists on line in my neighborhood, found a local prefix….282-…..I was feeling desperate, in pain and hopeless….who would be working the Friday night before Christmas? Guess who? Dr. Byers answered the phone, no lie. I said “you are there” wow! I told him what happened…he asked me how long it would take me to get to his office. I said 5 minutes….he did a partial root canal on the spot…so I could go on vacation…..I had an incredible feeling of being rescued…great staff….all good and have recommended the office to all of my friends.

Katie G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I hate the dentist. Despise the dentist. I get awful anxiety even thinking about it. I called Dr. Beyers’ office yesterday to see if they could get me in as a new patient for an emergency extraction. They got me in today. When I went in the wait was not long, but the waiting room is cozy with lots of magazines, puzzles, ect. Dr. Beyers took one look at my x-ray and said he would not remove my tooth. He said it could be saved! I was shocked, as it was broken in half, and seemed un-fixable. He worked on me for an hour and a half straight. He figured out why the tooth was painful, removed the nerve causing pain, put on a temporary crown, and I was out the door. I was so surprised at how pain free and gentle this was. I have a huge phobia of mouth pain, and when he told me after he was done that was the most painful procedure I would ever have done in his office- I was floored!! He’s also very honest, straightforward, and doesn’t beat around the bush. He’s got a great sense of humor, and all of his staff seems happy and like they enjoy their jobs. As someone who hates dentists, I have to admit, I actually REALLY like Dr. Beyers. I have already recommended him to some friends, and I will continue highly recommending him to anyone who has dental phobia and needs work done!!

David N. from Aldie, VA (Source: Yelp)


Who knew going to the dentist would be this much fun? I had needed to visit the dentist for a couple of reasons: to get a teeth cleaning, to have a crown inspected, to get rid of some guilt I’d been carrying from not visiting the dentist in a few years. In the past, I’d wasted a lot of my time on crappy dentists, and I was pretty hesitant to relive these experiences again. So this time I did it right and went straight to Yelp to find the best practice in SD. I found them. Dr. Byer’s office was able to book me for a Saturday appointment, the week of my initial request, which was amazingly convenient for my work schedule. After reading all the great reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and head on in. The office was very warm and cozy. I was greeted with fresh baked cookies and hot coffee within seconds of walking in. My wait was only a few minutes, and then I was back in the chair getting top of the line X-rays and cracking up at the assistant and her hilarious stories of a past life in Mexico. After this, Dr. Yang worked on my teeth for a solid 45 minutes, and in that time he left no tooth unturned. Not only was he extremely friendly and personable, but he also did a very thorough cleaning and analysis on each and every tooth. He also inspected my gums and tongue, and gave me a bag full of different brushes, flosses, and tools to take home. All in all, this was a great experience. The customer service was excellent, and the quality of care I received was outstanding.

Brian G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can honestly say that Dr. Byers’s dental practice is the best dentist’s office I’ve ever been to in my life. My experience there was SHOCKINGLY good. They were… honest! They didn’t push unnecessary services! They didn’t do a full analysis on my insurance coverage and then coincidentally suggest exactly the 3 procedures that would perfectly maximize the revenue they could generate from my insurance! It’s a very, very, very low bar admittedly, but 99% of dentists aren’t able to hit that absurdly low bar. Typically, I hate dentists and doctors in the same way that I hate sleazy used car salesmen, lying auto mechanics, and dirty contractors. Notice something that all these professions have in common? They all make money doing “piece rate” work. They get paid for “each unit produced or action performed regardless of time or quality.” The reason corrupt mechanics push you to get your engine replaced when it’ll last another 100,000 miles? Because he gets paid for doing the procedure regardless of time or quality. The reason the contractor tells you that the fireplace needs to be redone when it’ll last another 30 years? Because he gets paid for doing the procedure regardless of time or quality. The reason the used car salesman… Well, you get the point. Dentists and doctors will lie to you and push all sorts of unnecessary procedures on you, threatening your health and well being, in order to generate all sorts of revenue off of you. In fact, it’s even worse than that. They know that since your insurance company will be paying, you won’t say no because “somebody else is paying.” But, of course, the reason the insurance premiums that you pay out of your paycheck are so high is precisely because we never say no to procedures pushed on us by doctors and dentists in the first place! Anyway… long story short… Dr. Byers’s practice is not an actual dental practice! They’re a weird mutant dentistry. They’re like no dental practice you’ve ever seen before. They actually seem to care about your health! They actually won’t recommend any procedure unless they believe it’s really necessary! They will actually take time to talk to you and ask questions and listen and try to figure out what you want and don’t want! It’s unheard of! A very, very, very low bar! But in my over four decades on the face of this earth, I have never once met a dentist that could meet this low bar, until Dr. Byers’s practice. I can’t recommend Dr. Byers highly enough

Trina G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr & Mrs Byers ( Steve & Stephanie ) are the best husband and wife team of dentist / dental hygienist you’ll ever come across in a dentistry office. They are both soooo excellent, outstanding, and professional in what they do. AMAZING results in all counts. ! SOOOO happy with everything !! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! You both are the best of the best ! The staff and front office ( Linda, Norma, Aaron and Cheyenne ) are all so wonderful. You all do an excellent job of running, maintaining and keeping the office a happy and comfortable place while waiting. You guys are so welcoming and it is so very much appreciated. Linda, keep that margarita coming !

Hillary O. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Two words: Margaritas and cookies. The first time I ever had an appointment at Dr. Byers was because of a same-day emergency root canal. And, how did the team help calm my anxiety? Serve me a margarita, turn up the salsa music and calmly explain all the painful things they were about to do to me. LOL I grew up hating dentist appointments but this experience changed everything – and that’s not the maragrita talking. Aaron is amazing and so caring, he helped ensure the appointment setting process went smoothly. Dr. Byers himself has a calm, professional demeanor that makes you feel safe. Honestly, the entire staff makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. And how many dentist offices really ever make you feel that way? *Disclaimer for the worry warts out there: They do not sell alcohol nor do they give it to minors. They did not allow me to drive home based on my woozy state. Furthermore, they were going to drive me home if my boyfriend hadn’t been able to pick me up.*

Astrid G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had horrible wisdom tooth pain to the point that my face got swollen. I had one of my wisdom tooth removed by another emergency dentist  back in sept and it was so traumatic and painful. It took almost two hours and they couldn’t get to the other wisdom tooth and told me to come back some other time. I guess I waited too long and that place ended up closing. I had to look for another place. I found Dr. Byers through the web and I called them in the morning and made an appointment that same afternoon. I was nervous because I knew what was ahead of me. I got there and the staff was very nice and made me feel comfortable. There was no pain and pulling my teeth took less than 5 min. I was stoked! I couldn’t ask for a better dentist.

F. B. from La Mesa, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Byers is the best dentist and Stephanie is the best dental hygenist in San Diego! The office is great too! I went to Dr. Byers for a second opinion because I had lost my trust for another dentist. Dr. Byers is a no BS kinda guy who will look you in the eyes and tell you what he thinks and show you your teeth and seek your input. I value his opinion and trust him. He lets you know what is most important to take care of right away and what you can postpone safely. He won’t try to upsell you for something you don’t need. Stephanie will clean your teeth like no other dental hygenist in the world. She is very thourogh, takes an hour and a half and doesn’t overlook anything. All that while being careful and gentle. You will never have a better cleaning! She is great fun to talk to as well. I hope Dr. Byers and Stephanie stay with us for a long time since it will be hard to find a better dentist and hygenist. I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Byers’ , Stephanie and Rose. Very pleasant and down to earth. I always look forward to my next appointment!

Jeri G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Five stars…absolutely. I first had my teeth cleaned by Stephanie….she’s the best in the industry and the reason why I wanted to try this dentist office. I was in the chair for almost two hours – if you looking for a quickie….she’s not the one for you. She’s thorough and doesn’t stop until she is completely satisified….so bring your pillow and blanket because you’ll be there a while. As for Dr. Byers – I wish he had done all of my crowns and veneers. He’s thorough and does amazing work. His lab is on site so there is no waiting for 2-3 weeks. I had my permanent crown after one week – it’s beautiful! I have left other dentist offices just because of the front staff – Rose is professional and friendly, as is Jesse. This office may cost me a few bucks more – but honestly, it’s my teeth and completely worth it. You won’t be sorry Jeri G

Robert O. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Steven Byers is an excellent dentist for the quality, price, care and guarantee if for any unusual reason the initial service is not impeccable perfect. He put a crown on a tooth. After flossing I notice a small rough spot at base and slightly under gum edge. No problem. Next time in and for free he quickly perfected the work. All the staff and dental hygienist do excellent work and very nice. Stephanie Byers along with Dr. Byers saved me from periodontal disease and expensive surgery that would have cost $5000-$10000 15 years ago. Dr. Byers had recommended me to a top ex-Air Force periodontitis in La Jolla. That guy could not guarantee anything, required major surgery and a long repeating procedure. I went back to Dr. Byers and hygienist Stephanie and for 10-15 years my teeth and gums have gotten better and better with no need for periodontal work. Any dentist or hygienist who has looked at the work that Dr. Byers’ office has done always complement it as being very well done. The Dr. also makes gold jeweler – tiny gold lizards and other items. He is a total artist at his work. Plus his office is a wonderful craftsman cottage and he spends his money on getting the best equipment, instead of the most expensive office in the finest district.


Dr. Byers has been practicing at this location for 33 years and we take pride in taking care of our patients just like family. As a highly respected cosmetic and family dentist, Dr. Byers has been serving those from Kensington, North Park, Normal Heights, and across San Diego, for over 25 years. Dr. Byers graduated from the University of California, San Francisco in 1980. After graduation, Dr. Byers utilized his knowledge and expertise to provide underserved Indian reservation communities with important dental care. In addition to cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry procedures, our Kensington, San Diego practice serving Normal Height, North Park, and other areas, also offers dental implants. This is the leading procedure for the replacement of missing teeth. As an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Byers is ideally suited to provide for all our patients’ dental implant needs. Dr. Byers is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Byers is also an avid pilot. When not serving patients at our busy dental practice, Dr. Byers is frequently enjoying the views of San Diego from thousands of feet up.