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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Friday: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Stewart Gordon, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Destiny T. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gordon is the best in what he does. On my first visit I told him my problem and he ask me If I wanted to hear his thoughts and I said sure. Lets put it this way his listen to me and got the job done. I can’t stop smiling my teeth look amazing now I cried in happiness. Let me not forget his staff they were all amazing. Dr. Gordon again thank you thank you thank you.

Maren Rothfritz (Source: Google)


I cannot recommend Dr. Gordon highly enough! I trust him 100%! I am a very, very nervous patient and had to get several crowns and a couple fillings done. I feel so lucky that I met Dr. Gordon. He is SO GOOD at what he does! He managed to put several visits into fewer but longer visits, and even figured out a genius move to save more of my teeth than we initially thought, which not only kept my teeth stronger, but also brought the price down. He is very good at dealing with nervous patients, takes his time and checks in constantly if everything is ok. He and his staff have a very calming manner. Dr. Gordon is the first dentist who managed to really numb me and drill on me without pain. By the end of the second tooth I started to actually feel safe in his hands! I love that he seems to truly enjoy his work and that he really cares about his patients! During the visit he went the extra mile to really make sure all is “perfect“ (as he says) even if it took a minute longer. Between visits he called to check if everything is ok. I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever look forward to my next dental visit, but now I do!

Sabrina O. (Source: Zocdoc)


Dr. Gordon is attentive, kind, and genuinely interested in your needs. He took the time to get to know my dental history, medical history, etc. and made fair recommendations. It’s immediately apparent he has extensive experience and wants the best for you. He also is not pushy, lays out what he thinks and let’s you decide. Important to also note his office is Covid-safe. He only takes one patient in his office at a time, so rest assured they are taking necessary steps to ensure patients and staff are safe. Looking forward to my next appt with his office!

Debra Tulcidas (Source: Google)


Dr. Gordon has been my Dentist for more than 10 years. He provides excellent, professional and thorough services in a very cordial, friendly and clean environment. He shows genuine interest in his clients and has also adopted very good measures to maintain a Covid-19-free clinic. I highly recommend his services.

Luke Bongiorno (Source: Google)


Dr Gordon, is highly skilled, listens and takes the time to explain everything. His office is pleasant and he has created a very calm and comfortable environment in his office. He makes himself available in emergency’s and delivers consistently high quality care. I would highly recommend him for all dental needs. Thanks!

Gabriela Pinto (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Dr. Gordon for a few years now and couldn’t be happier with the results. He’s understanding and patient without being pushy! I’ve had bad experiences with dentists before but I will always recommend Dr. Gordon! I’ve had plenty of issues with my teeth including baby teeth, implants and other things but he’s always meticulous and has transformed my smile! I can confidently say that my teeth has never looked this good! HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR GORDON AND HIS TEAM!!! Everyone in his office has been amazing! And as a bonus, he has a great sense of humor!!

Katie Thomas (Source: Google)


My husband and I can not begin to praise Dr. Gordon and his incredible staff enough! They always warmly welcome us and during these unprecedented times with Covid we always feel safe during our visits. We are so grateful to have found such a caring and reliable dentist! Highly recommend him!!!!

Bj (Source: Google)


Everyone should be lucky enough to have a dentist like Dr. Gordon. I went to him with some very severe problems, fearful and overwhelmed. On the very first appointment he set out a treatment plan, but unlike others I have been to, there was nothing pushy about his recommendation and there was no upselling. The latter is a pet peeve of mind. Dr. Gordon was very honest, very patient and very invested. In a process taking about six months, everything he told me would happen did happen, no surprises. He also is a wonderful cheerleader. He never said it was going to be easy, but he did say that I would love the results. Considering how upset I was with myself going in, I needed to hear that. Dr. Gordon is friendly without being phony and talented without pomposity. His staff is terrific as well. His practice is not a factory, so the staff members know the patients’ names and conditions, bringing even more of a warm inviting feel to the practice.

Yvette Griffin (Source: Google)


Dr. Gordon and his staff are courteous as well as efficient, and provide a great atmosphere. Dr. Gordon has a great persona and is awesome at what he does. What I thought was impossible, he made possible and changed my appearance. I would recommend him to everyone that want the job done superbly. -Yvette Griffin

Giselle Rosario (Source: Google)


Dr. Stewart is the most pleasant, professional and patient dentist I have ever been treated by. He will forever be the #1 dentist to me. I hope many others are motivated by this review to see him for their oral care. His staff is extremely pleasant and gentle. And the office is very modern in technology and very clean. I’m thankful to have been in his care.

Mark Norwood (Source: Google)


Dr. Gordon and his staff are exceptional. Doc was very informative, compassionate and actually made me look forward to visiting. I know that sounds whacko, but true. He explained everything in great detail and made sure I understood my procedures. His staff did a wonderful job of making me feel welcome and comfortable. Frankly, 5 stars isn’t enough.

Andrew H (Source: Google)


Dr. Gordon might be one of the highest credential dentists not only in NYC, but in the nation. He offers both a high pedigree and post certifications, which put him at an almost esoteric level in the practice of dentistry. He’s efficient and an expert when it comes to knowledge about your dental hygiene and care. He didn’t pressure me into doing retakes on my x-rays when I was a new patient as I thought I had them done recently with my old dentist. Glad I didn’t, because I would have owed since Aetna wouldn’t have covered the duplicates. He does the cleaning himself too. He’s very thorough and gets in all the nooks and crannies, so your gums might be sensitive for a day.

Cheryl Taylor (Source: Google)


Dr Gordon and his staff are excellent professionals I was so scared of dentists but Dr Gordon always put me at ease, he is gentle and he walked me through the process with accuracy and great care if you are terrified of dentistry as I was I highly recommend you give Dr Gordon a call I promise you you will not regret it.

Melissa Goodman (Source: Google)


I can honestly say that Dr. Gordon is one of the best dentists in Manhattan. He cares a great deal for his patients, wants only the best treatment for them, & he is thorough in his consultations. He saw my (now) husband the week of our wedding as an emergency because he broke a tooth. Not only did Dr. Gordon create a beautiful, natural looking crown, but he rushed his Lab to have it ready for the wedding. I can see why he has so many happy testimonials online!

Juancito Gomez (Source: Google)


My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Gordon for many years and he is professional, caring and compassionate. Dr. Gordon and his staff often call to check on your well-being after he has completed your dental procedure. I just completed major dental work, i.e. bone grafting, implants etc. I had a “yuck mouth” as my wife said and now I have a fabulous one. Dr. Gordon has given me my smile back and I am so grateful. Thanks again Dr. Gordon, you and your staff are the best!

Kassia D. from East Harlem, Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I had a procedure done two years ago at a different dentistry office and was not pleased with the results. I had a consultation with Dr. Gordon where he informed me of what could and could not be done to achieve the look I desired. Days later I called to make the appointment for my surgery. It has now been three days and I feel great. Very minor swelling, no pain and no discomfort. Dr. Gordon was so relaxed and gentle during the procedure that I almost fell asleep. I have a few minor things I want to get done such as teeth whitening and possibility some bonding and can’t imagine going anywhere else. For anyone looking for a relaxing, professional and great staff. This is definitely the place for you!

Annie L. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I went to see Dr. Gordon today for a consultation based on a grant program that I found online.  I have not doubt Dr. Gordon is capable doing the implants and cosmetic surgeries for the teeth but he is pricey as far as the pricing goes.  On the other hand, he is very professional and very thorough!!!

Tina Gandhi (Source: Google)


Dr Gordon is the best dentist ever! He has been my dentist for over 20 years. He is thorough and gentle. His office will put the most ‘dentist fearing’ person at ease – so calm and friendly. And as for cosmetic dentistry – he is at the top of his field, one of the best bar none. If you are in search of a great dentist check out Dr Gordon, your smile will be brighter than ever!

Nina Bennett (Source: Google)


Dr. Gordon is an amazing dentist. He has been helping my family and myself for the last 10+ years and he has positively changed my life with his work. I came to him with multiple missing second teeth and I needed a lot of cosmetic work done, including implants to replace the missing teeth. As a child and teenager, I rarely smiled with an open mouth because I felt uncomfortable with my teeth. Now, when I tell someone the history of my teeth, no one would believe it because of how it all looks. I have perfect teeth (for my situation) and I feel very grateful and lucky to have had Dr. Gordon work on me. He has been such a blessing to my family and I could not recommend him more. He is compassionate, understanding, courteous and friendly, he is an absolut perfectionist with his work and he cares 100% about his patients. He will not let you leave his chair until he is absolutely satisfied that the work is perfect. His staff is lovely and I never once dreaded going to him because I knew he would take care of me and I would walk out better than I walked in. Thank you, Dr. Gordon and staff, for all that you do!

Austin Keenan (Source: Google)


Dr. Gordon provided the highest level of care I have ever experienced with a dentist, and over the past 20 years I have had many. Dr. Gordon assisted me with dental implants in the front of my mouth which I wanted to get for 10 years but wasn’t able to find a dentist that explained the process enough to make me trust them. He made me feel well taken care both in and out of the office and the results of my implant procedure are remarkably similar to what my lost teeth looked like 10 years ago. Can’t recommend him enough.

Cat (Source: Google)


I was searching online for a dentist to have veneers put on my teeth. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Gordon. He assured me he would provide the nhighest quality work possible and would work with me until I was absolutely happy. I believed in him and he delivered. I love my teeth, my beautiful smile is back and very natural looking. He and his staff are genuinely friendly, there was no waiting and I highly recommend him. I thank the universe for bringing us together. I got the best Thank you Dr. Gordon!

Amber Satterfield (Source: Google)


I would highly recommend Dr Gordon! I had to have extensive work done which included a bridge, veneer and periodontic plastic surgery. The process took way longer than expected because of how my body decided to heal but he was extremely patient and knowledgeable every step of the way. I have hated dentists for years but I’m so glad to have found Dr Gordon! He gave me trust in a dentist again and just a beautiful smile! I can’t stop looking at my new teeth and how natural and amazing they look. Him and his staff are just wonderful and I’m glad to have found a permanent dentist I like for as long as I live in NY.

M L (Source: Google)


I met Doctor Gordon while hiking upstate, and just so happened to be looking for a new dentist in NYC. It was a strange coincidence so I decided to try an appointment for a cleaning. Since then he has recognized my problems with bruxism, while also doing a good job in my cleanings. He set me up with a night guard and encouraged me to keep on a flossing schedule, and he’s done it all with a smile and a good attitude. His staff and assistants keep a pleasant atmosphere. I wholly recommend him to anyone else tired of bouncing from dentist to dentist looking for quality and personality.

G D (Source: Google)


I had several veneers done at a dental school clinic and was very disappointed in the results and all the dental pain I was put through. I then contacted Dr. Gordon and he explained to me in detail how he was able to correct my concerns. Dr. Gordon replaced my old veneers with new veneers and did an amazing job! He explains all the steps and very detailed so I knew what to expect and I had zero pain during the procedures. Plus, I like his sense of humor too! The women working there are nice and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Gordon, DDS.

Denise Leonard (Source: Google)


I recently completed my Invisalign treatments with Dr. Gordon, and could not have had a better experience! He was honest and upfront about the entire process, and made a sincere effort to make sure that I was happy with my treatments and final results. He was considerate of the distance I had to travel to get there, and would conduct business by phone whenever possible. His staff was lovely, and accommodating, the office was clean, and Dr. Gordon himself was so easy to work with! Most importantly, he did everything possible to be sure I have my best possible smile….I do now because of Dr. Gordon! So very grateful to have had this experience and had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Gordon. Thank you so much Dr. Gordon for my new smile.!

Fritzie Owens (Source: Google)


One of the best experience I’ ve occurred today was seeing myself smile without any hesitation or doubts. Dr. Gordon in my opinion is one of the most billiant, phenomenal and incredibly gifted Dentist in the Dentistry field. He has a very inviting spirt and it’s always a pleasure going to my Dentist appointments. God bless Dr. Gordon!!!

Nicole Gonzalez (Source: Google)


I have never left a dentist office so happy. I have to start by saying he is the best!!! Hes so friendly and explains everything very clearly. The office is very clean and every staff member was friendly and helpful. If I could give him 10 stars i would!! Hes stuck with me forever!! I will recommend him to all friends and family.

Aubri’s World (Source: Google)


Walking Into Mr. Gordon’s office changed my life. Its been a long process but honestly it was one of the best things I’ve done . Dr. Gordon is a well spoken Docter and he makes you feel comfortable every step of the way . The results are unbelievable and i have no complaints. I recommend anyone who needs work on their teeth to give the offices a call . My life is better and I couldn’t be more happy about it.