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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tom B. from Costa Mesa, CA (Source: Yelp)


Before SunBrite, I hadn’t seen a dentist in years. I knew there would be work and my front teeth were chipped. After x-rays, Dr. Abalos showed me everything that needed work. I really liked how she explained it in a way that made sense. I ended up needing to get five crowns. And, because of teeth grinding I had already chipped my front teeth. Dr. Abalos explained that Invisalign will straighten my teeth and fix it so that they don’t continue to chip or break. Dr. Calvo did all of my crowns and they look and feel great. On a side note, while my insurance doesn’t cover Invisalign because of my age, I decided to get them because I knew if I wanted it done right, I should get the work done with SunBrite. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. They have really cool tech and I got to watch Netflix while my teeth were being fixed. 🙂

Patrick Milner (Source: Google)


I LOVE THIS PLACE!! The staff is excellent. The service is excellent. They educate you in the whys. This is coming from a person that hates the dentist. The idea of someone being all in your mouth made me feel violated. At this place I feel at home. I’ve been going here for over a year and the staff feel more like family. I don’t recommend very many places, but I’d you are looking for a dental office, try this one first.

Erik C. from Antioch, CA (Source: Yelp)


Great Service, Dr. Calvo and Dr. Abalos, assisted me in an emergency extraction in November 2019.  My left bottom molar was seriously infected and root canal was not possible to safe the tooth.  The front office was professional and courteous, worked with my out of state insurance and was charged for the service at a very reasonable price.  Dr. Calvo performed the procedure and Dr. Abalos assisted and I am very terrified of the Dentist with a low pain tolerance. I reassured by Dr. Calvo and treated with dignity and respect, I was was in very good hands and highly recommend SunbriteDental and their staff.  Thank you Sir and Ma’am your skills and professionalism is beyond approach.  Sincerely Erik C.

Jessica V. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I first came to Sunbrite Dental over three years ago to shadow a hygienist for hygiene school. I loved the patient centered care that I witnessed so much I immediately changed dental offices and became a patient. Dr. Calvo and Dr. Abalos spend as much time with you as you need to feel comfortable and confident with your treatment. I couldn’t imagine a better dental home!

Priyanka S. (Source: Google)


I came in for a check up to Sunbrite Dental. Everyone in the front office is so great. Mildred and Jureka were so helpful with sorting out my insurance and copays. Dr. Abalos did my examination. She was super informative and discussed all of my treatment with me in detail. It was really good to understand what I needed. Dr. Calvo is the best! I didn’t feel the shots he gave me at all! I was anxious about my fillings because I hate needles, but it was all completely painless. He explained the whole procedure to me before and while he was working on me and I really appreciated it. The assistants are awesome too. Carolyn and Alan are super friendly and professional. Together, they made the appointment go very smoothly. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a great dentist’s office! You’re never going to want to go anyplace else!

Oscar G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


The entire staff is awesome 5 star service when we visit. From the first moment my wife and I walked in we were treated really nice and there’s always a friendly atmosphere. My wife has had difficult time with dentists for years. With Sunbrite Dental those days are in the past. Thank you Dr Calvo and Dr Ávalos, you have provided us with great dental care and have been really accommodating to my wife it means a lot to us after everything she’s been through with other dentists.

Shelby Y. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Best Dentist in Las Vegas!! Always excellent service. They’re very personal and alway remember your name and what’s going on and send birthday cards. Husband and wife owned. I drive 45 minutes for their great service! They also have there own affordable year insurance. Excellent when you do not have insurance still can afford their services. Must go!!!

Tom Brown (Source: Google)


Before SunBrite, I hadn’t seen a dentist in years. I knew there would be work and my front teeth were chipped. After x-rays, Dr. Abalos showed me everything that needed work. I really liked how she explained it in a way that made sense. I ended up needing to get five crowns. And, because of teeth grinding I had already chipped my front teeth. Dr. Abalos explained that Invisalign will straighten my teeth and fix it so that they don’t continue to chip or break. Dr. Calvo did all of my crowns and they look and feel great. On a side note, while my insurance doesn’t cover Invisalign because of my age, I decided to get them because I knew if I wanted it done right, I should get the work done with SunBrite. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. They have really cool tech and I got to watch Netflix while my teeth were being fixed. 🙂

Lee Boyd (Source: Google)


I have always been scared of the dentist and I have never had a good experience. I came here last week for some emergency work that needed to be done and I have nothing but good things to say! The entire staff is friendly and kind and go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. Dr. Calvo is wonderful and takes extra care to make sure he doesn’t cause you any pain and if he does he stops immediately no matter what. He even called me personally the day after my extraction to make sure I was doing ok. I have never had a dentist do that! I cannot say enough how comfortable and happy I am with choosing this office on a whim, because I was in pain. I will definitely be a long time return patient. They are absolutely amazing! If you are scared to go to the dentist. This is the place for you!

Carol R. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


09/22/17 BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED An absolutely wonderful experience! Dr. Abalos and Dr. Calvo and their staff are so patient, gentle, and professional, and you never feel you are being talked into anything you don’t need. I can’t say enough about how surprised and pleased I am about my recent visit. Had a cleaning, checkup, and even a filling, and was never a bit uncomfortable. For the first time in my life I actually enjoyed a dental visit. The facility is beautiful and very high tech, and everyone really cares that you understand what is going on. I am so thankful to have found Sunbrite Dental and am going to tell everyone I know about it. What a blessing. 10/03/17 Dental Implant For years I have wanted to get a dental implant to replace a lost back tooth, but could never find a dentist I felt I could trust with the procedure. Then thankfully I saw the reviews for Sunbrite Dental. My first visit was with Dr. Abalos (who is wonderful) for cleaning and checkup. At that time she thoroughly and unhurriedly explained to me the process for the implant, and introduced me to Dr. Calvo, who would do the work. Yesterday was the big day, and it was amazing. Dr. Calvo was so very patient and kind, making absolutely sure I did not feel any pain whatsoever. The procedure went swimmingly, and although I cannot guarantee this for everyone, even as of today I have had no post-surgery discomfort of any kind. It may sound odd, but this has been an almost pleasant experience. Who knew. The doctors, the staff, even the office environment is utterly fantastic. If someone had told me a dentist office could be this caring and comfortable I would never have believed it. Hate to say it, but it puts everybody else out there to shame. An incredible place

Annette L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I recently had a problem and looked around for a dentist that would be right for me. I found Sunbrite Dental with Dr. Calvo. I called and they scheduled an appointment for me right away. I was delighted by the friendly staff and Dr. Calvo made me feel at ease right away. My issue required some extra effort and Dr. Calvo was up for the challenge. Not only did he work hard to find a solution but had me come back to his office that same day to ensure we had a plan of action and ordered the things I needed so they could be shipped overnight. I am going back to have my dental issues fixed today and am looking forward to a positive experience. Thank you to all the staff at Sunbrite Dental and Dr. Calvo for caring so much for your patients!

Paul Gonzalez (Source: Google)


The moment I walked into Sunbrite dental, I felt all the good vibes radiating off everyone in the building. I’ve been coming here for the past couple months and every single visit, everyone makes you feel right at home, their hospitality is unrivaled. Jureka is great, she always greets me and gets me settled in for any appointments I may have. I met a lot of people here and Daisy is the absolute best, she makes you feel so comfortable cracking jokes as she adjusts the chair to perfect comfort then puts a movie on for you to enjoy while she preps for your procedure. The doctors here are phenomenal, their work is amazing and they explain everything that’s going on In such a way that you’re able to understand. I would definitely recommend Sunbrite dental

Emma S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


This is absolutely the best dentist I have ever been to! Dr. Calvo is cheerful and extremely clear when explaining what he’s doing during the appointment and why. They have taught me so much about my teeth and I always feel confident in understanding my care plan after leaving. My time is well respected, I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes in the lobby. Kathy, my hygienist, did have to leave during my cleaning and return, but explained exactly what was happening, offered to turn on Netflix, and returned just as promised. They have fair prices – I paid $60 for a new patient exam, and they offer $150 for two cleanings to help with cost for any additional cleanings required during the year. The X-ray process and numbing process at this office are the best experiences I’ve had with the two. I feel safe during the COVID cris – it’s clear that they keep their offices and equipment very clean. All employees here are super nice and friendly. They always offer water before leaving me after set up or a procedure. I HIGHLY recommend this dental office. They are family owned practice and truly care about their employees and patients like family.

Len C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I originally saw Dr. Calvo after my upper middle incisor broke off leaving a jagged point (which would have been great around Halloween). After skipping my cleanings and exams for almost 2 years right when a lot of old work was starting to break down, I wasn’t surprised to find that my mouth was a mess. That’s all the more reason why I really appreciated Dr. Calvo’s pain shot technique – I barely felt a single one! I’ve also had really crooked lower front teeth most of my life so since a lot of work was in that area we went ahead and capped all the lower incisors. Now, for the first time in over half a century, I don’t have to be self-conscious when I smile. They look great! Dr. Abalos was also very helpful in setting up financing, and the staff was always very friendly.

Jenny S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


The doctors and staff in this office are amazing! They make me feel well taken care of each time I come in.  They listen to how I feel during treatment so I don’t have any pain during dental work.  The teaching is very thorough, and I leave with more knowledge on how to take care of my teeth.  Also, I feel like they approach my care conservatively and are really giving me treatment options that are best for me. I was nervous going to the dentist, but this office changed that because of the great experiences I have every time I go in.

Dana C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Highly recommend this dental office! The dentists are incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and do what’s best for you (and your teeth). Drs. Abalos and Calvo explained what was going on, and my options. Their approach is common sense, and I came away understanding the problem and the path forward to fixing it. They listened to my concerns, and answered all of my questions –all of them– with patience and understanding. I’d been going to the same dentist for the last three years, and she either didn’t see or think anything of a bad cavity in my last molar. It ended up being so deep that Dr. Calvo recommended a crown. But, he didn’t just jump to that conclusion. It was incredibly reassuring that only after evaluating x-rays from different angles that Dr. Calvo recommended the crown. He saw the extent of the damage, and he showed it to me. That’s the other great thing. This office has great tech so they can operate quickly and efficiently, and they show you what needs to be done. Finally, their front office team is very friendly, helpful and easy to get in touch with. They helped me work through my insurance, without any problems.

Sabino Hernandez (Source: Google)


Came here because I was having tooth pain in which the ladies there at sunbrote dental were very knowledgeable on educating me and understanding where the pain was coming from. Definitely recommend for all of your dental needs. Thanks to daisy especially for making me feel comfortable and for the awesome conversation.

Gretta Timms (Source: Google)


I Highly recommend this dental office. Customer Care is their #1 priority. It’s been a very long time since i received such understanding and respect from Every Single Person in this Office. They truly do care and take all the time you need and deserve as a patient to answer any and All questions. Wonderful place, its like walking back in time the way people used to treat you. Very nice and caring Staff. Dentist is Wonderful!!!! You would be stupid to go anywhere else!!!

Ariel S. from Nevada (Source: Yelp)


Everyone in this joint is super. Sunbrite’s staff provide a very professional environment that is just relaxed and fun enough to let one feel at home or part of a family when they arrive. This friendly comfortable environment is perfect for people who might be nervous or reluctant to get work done. You will be treated with top of the line dentistry, technology, and hygiene practices and feel very well taken care of here. I come from a dental family and have worked in the dental equipment profession, thus I have seen a lot of offices and staff in my life. Having witnessed first hand my appointment today, I would happily recommend Sunbrite to anyone looking for a dental office to call home.

Linda F. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have always been scared of the dentist and needles. My daughter had gone to them and told me they were very caring and patient with people like I made an appointment a d was scared to death going in. They took xrays a d cleaned my teeth. Took slot of time talking to me and answering my questions. Assuring me that they would take good care of me. So I made the appointment for one crown and to have a tooth pulled. I was scared to death. He took time and gave me the needles with his special technique I kept waiting for the excruciating pain but I hardly felt a thing. I was amazed and kept waiting for the pain…never happened. I have to say I have my next appointment to have implants they say if I handled this that the implants would be a breeze. So if you have any phobia please talk with them. I would say you will have a wonderful experience too…

Sou T from. Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I drive 30-45 mins to see Dr. Calvo and staff. I have been coming here for 6 years. They are professional and efficient every time I visit. I’m always greeted with a smile with positive energy. The staff is always helping one another and sharing stories. Dr. Calvo is always making sure I’m doing my best to have the best oral Hygiene. Shout out to Kathy she is an amazing hygienist. She is patience, kind, considerate, and gentle.

Ashley Woodward (Source: Google)


Dr. Calvo and his staff are some of the most kind lovely people you’ll ever meet! They make you feel so comfortable and are extremely helpful. They were so nice and did amazing work. Dr. Calvo did my fillings and it was so gentle, easy and fast. You won’t regret going here for all your dental needs. The experience from walking through the door was amazing!

Laneisha Keeling (Source: Google)


I was a bit skeptic about going to this office because of the location and of how small it appeared from the outside. Once I stepped in the door (a whole hour before my appointment) I got a chance to observe the ladies behind the front counter and how concerned and attentive they were with the patients. Once I made it to the back, I was even more impressed with how well and attentive the hygienist Jessica and the Dentist Mrs. Calvo were with me. They made me feel very comfortable sitting/laying in the chair. They were knowledgeable and assistive. I also truly appreciate how well my daughter was taken care of. The assistant working with her made sure to inform me of what was going on with her. Happy to say this will be our new home…for our dentistry needs!

Mariah H. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had a difficult time with dentists for years, but Dr. Calvo was caring and nice towards my overall dental health and what needed to be fixed. He explains everything clearly and shows me my results. His staff is sweet and patient as well and are always on top of anything I need answered! This is the first dentist that actually tried many times to fix my front tooth that had turned blue and he made sure that it was an absolute perfect match with the rest of my teeth. Thank you Sunbrite Dental for truly caring about your patients and making them comfortable! Attached are a photo of before visiting Sunbrite and after! I can honestly smile and feel good about it now!

Jessica S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


This office is amazing I have never come across a business where all staff members are extremely professional, genuinely nice and just love to help their patients. I have always had a bad experience at the dentist but not Sunbrite wish I could have found them sooner. Thank you all for your help and just truly caring about your patient. I will never go to another dentist unless the close the practice they now have a patient for life. They’re Amazing!

Stephanie A. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


This dentist office has never felt like the typical dentist office that people hate to go to. I actually enjoy coming to this office the staff always makes me feel welcomed. They go above and beyond in every aspect. They always take the time to explain to me every procedure. They also are very prompt when it comes to their appointments I never waist any time here.

Yoshanda M. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I had been looking for a dentist for a long time, Had quit a lot of work to get done walked in the dentist just to get my daughter a check up. I decided to see the dentist myself was so nervous but right away  Both Dr Ervin as well as his wife put me at ease. They made me feel so comfortable the Dr explained everything to me in great details that I could understand and came up with a plan for the work that needed to be done. I can not say enough about Dr Ervin I have not been able to smile and eat certain foods for a long time now and Dr Ervin not only gave me my smile back but my life back everyone in Las Vegas should go to Sun Brite.. I love the entire staff, have had major work done several times by Dr Ervin and was pain free the entire process. I would like to thank Sun Brite entire staff for a job well done….

Carmetta Seaberry (Source: Google)


Dr. Calvo is absolutely great from start to finish!!. He put in my implants with ease. No pain ,made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. Very kind and caring dentist. Dr. A is an asset she was my first point of contact. She took the time to explain things in a manner that was totally understandable. The staff is great!, very kind, courteous ,knowledgable and extremely polite and caring as well!. I would recommend this dental office, Very professional .

Imani Jordan-wheeler (Source: Google)


This is by far the heat dentist visit have ever had. Dr.Kori and Carolyn were amazing. And Dr. Calvo was so reassuring. The entire staff was a pleasure. I have major anxiety and they helped me and was very understanding. They have made one step in a future where I may not longer be afraid of dentist

Cate E. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I am a challenging patient to say the least! But Dr. Calvo and his staff were patient, understanding, and kind. Dr. Calvo explained everything to me before the procedures and made sure I understood and was comfortable before moving on. I also greatly appreciate his proactive approach to dental care (example: taking care of small cavities before they get worse). He gained my complete trust! Back to his staff – they are AMAZING! Very attentive and knowledgeable. Payment options were explained and every avenue was explored to ensure I got the best payment plan suited for me. Everyone was friendly and very helpful! I highly recommend them!

Anthony K. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I could not possibly recommend a dental clinic that is better than Sunbrite. My wife and I both are patients/clients and we both agree that Dr. Calvo is highly skilled and very responsive to his patients needs. His staff are very all very attentive and courteous, and are also well trained. I rate Dr. Calvo above all six of my previous dentists, spanning over 30 years.

Alfonso T. from Bell Gardens, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just graduated from Yale University and moved to Las Vegas in order to pursue a teaching fellowship. I must admit that one of my biggest worries was leaving my dentist behind and finding a trustworthy dentist. After careful research, I decided to go into Dr. Calvo’s practice and give it a try. I was struck by his professionalism and personable attitude. He explains his processes in detail and answers any questions you may have. He cares about his patients and that’s something that many doctor’s might say they do, but Dr Calvo really does. After taking care of my cavities and root canal, I felt great. Nothing felt off or out of place (which has happened before with other dentists). I feel very lucky to have found somebody like him in Las Vegas. I highly recommend his office.

Leena K. (Source: Zocdoc)


Dr. Calvo clearly attended the Dental School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had one of my wisdom teeth out in 5 minutes. Five! I was in and out of the office in under 20 minutes! I was able to drive home after the procedure (only local anesthesia was used,) and the small wound healed perfectly as per his instructions. I have never been to a dentist so efficient and competent. As an added bonus, the rest of the Sunbrite Dental staff is incredibly warm and helpful as well!

Kay L. from Chino, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Calvo & Dr. Abalos were absolutely amazing. They were able to take me in emergently during this pandemic. They assessed my entire mouth, developed a whole treatment plan to include extraction, implants and a Invisalign to prevent future problems. The professionalism of the entire staff of dental assistants, dental hygienist and front office staff throughout this process must be commended. They treated me like family. Thank you Dr. Calvo & Dr. Abalos for amazing treatment. I look forward to continuing my treatment plan and trust all my future dental wellness in your hands.

Ty C. from Oakland, CA (Source: Yelp)


Another great visit with Dr. Calvo. His offices have been updated and are full of state of the art equipment. All of the staff are really nice and Dr. Calvo is a true professional and very thorough with how he explains everything. The technology in each room is more advanced than anything I’ve ever seen in any dentist office. There are monitors in every room which can be used to watch movies/netflix etc. while they are working on your teeth. The same monitors can also be used to show you x-rays of your teeth or any issues or potential concerns with your teeth. Dr. Calvo is great at explaining what he is seeing and what might be problem areas and then explaining the what that might mean and his suggestion to fix those problems. Dr. Calvo is very personable and accommodating in every way. The office has water, coffee (keurig) etc. that they offer you upon arrival. Parking is free in front of the office in the lot. You are in good hands with both Dr. Calvo or Dr. Abalos. Come in for a visit and see for yourself, you won’t regret it. If you have questions about your insurance, call in first to verify.


At Sunbrite Dental, you will find a team of professionals that are dedicated to providing top-quality Dental care in a friendly, comfortable, and caring environment. We accept CareCredit and Lending Club! Dr. Calvo has been providing dental care and services all around the Las Vegas Valley since 2006. In July 2013, after 7 years of associateships in various offices, Dr. Calvo took over the practice of Dr. Danny Truong DDS and Sunbrite Dental. Dr. Calvo is excited to begin this new endeavor of practice ownership and to continue his passion of providing excellent care and service to the Las Vegas community for years to come. Dr. Calvo has been practicing dentistry in Las Vegas since 2006. He graduated cum laude from UC San Diego before being accepted to the UCLA School of Dentistry. Following UCLA, he came to Las Vegas to continue his post-grad training at the University of Nevada School of Medicine Advance Dental Residency program. There, he received extensive training in advanced dental procedures including implant placement, periodontal and surgical techniques, molar endodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. "I have a passion for all aspects of dentistry and I am dedicated to delivering a high level of care, service and treatment to all my patients. Many people have a negative view about coming to the dentist. What I enjoy most is not only being able to make a difference in one's oral health and smile but also changing their perspective and outlook on dental care to a more positive and enjoyable experience. I look forward to meeting you.” Dr. Calvo grew up in the San Francisco bay area. He enjoys playing basketball, snow boarding, traveling and spending time with his wife and new born son. Dr. Calvo is also a member of the American Dental Association, Las Vegas Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry.