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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Becky G. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


I had my first appointment. Extremely impressed. I have been unable to go to the dentist the year of 2016. I have moved and my last dentist had completed a root canal and crown on a back tooth in 2015 and has been persistent that I needed another one. Today with the trusting professionalism Dr. White told me that I did not need that work done. Kudos to the staff especially, Sam.

Nadine Patto (Source: Google)


I rarely place a review but there are those time when the care is exceptional and you know that the person doing it deserve one because thank you isn’t enough. Dr. White not only squeezed me in for an emergency but I wasn’t even a regular patient I was here out of town! He was not only patient but made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. I have been to many different doctors and dentist and can honestly say he stood out as one of the best. Thank you to you and you wonderful staff, you are appreciated

Ron Bozzay (Source: Google)


Dr. White replaced two 30 year old crowns that had broken in recent weeks. In my first visit Dr. White took x-rays, cleaned and prepped the two teeth and inserted two temporary crowns. On my second visit, I was fitted with two permanent crowns. Both visits took under an hour each. Dr. White and his dental assistants told me exactly what they were doing throughout the procedures and kept me involved in the process. I didn’t experience any pain and am extremely happy with the results. His front office staff was also very helpful in making sure I had all the documentation I needed to get reimbursed through my insurance plan

T B. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. White is a very cordial and professional dentist. I had never been to a dentist before I had my four primary teeth out so I was a little nervous. He made it quick and easy and it was relatively painless. When I needed braces, he put us at ease. He explained the process to us and even formulated a custom payment plan so that we could afford them. Overall throughout every visit, he and his staff were caring and professional and thorough. He focuses on quality, a great experience, and a satisfactory service that solves the dental issue. He recently performed a laser operation on my lip. Throughout the whole process, he and his staff were very caring amd understanding concerning everything from the anesthesia to the after effects. I highly recommend Dr. White’s service to anyone who would like a low cost, quality procedure.

Julia Schlegel (Source: Google)


When I saw that Dr.White was back in his own practice and then discovered that he was doing biological dentistry—I made an appointment. I remembered him as the most caring and capable dentist I’d ever had years ago when I needed a wisdom tooth out. The entire office was professional, compassionate and Dr White squeezed me in and extracted a bad root canal that had plagued me for a while. No pain, no worrying. And very good at making me feel seen and respected. One of the best. I wish all medical professionals would take lessons from them.

T B. from O'Fallon, MO (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient for several years and Dr. White has saved my teeth!! I had a horrid experience as a child and did not go to the dentist because of fear. After the first visit he encouraged me to have sedation dentistry to help me relax enough just for a cleaning. From that point on, I kept going back and little by little became more relaxed because I could feel no pain. My teeth are in much better shape and over the years I was able to overcome the fear and now go without any sedation!! I trust Dr. White. He truly cares about your teeth and health. He takes his time and will not over charge like some do. His prices are below the average for dentistry and we highly recommend him. His staff are so kindhearted and they take their time. You can tell they love what they do! I would travel even if I lived out of state to have dentist work done. I would not go to anyone else!

Deanna S. from O'Fallon, MO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. White helped us out in an emergency situation. Our own dentist had turned us away. Since that first visit we have seen him for fillings, retainers, implants, silver filling removal,…. He is simply the most wonderful medical professional I have ever known. He is always concerned with how his patients are feeling and strives for anxiety free all the time. His staff are always willing to try to work with us when we need to get in. I have know this man to come in, on his days off, to assist people. He will be our dentist for life. I have recommended him to friends and they have also had great experiences. I was even told he was the least expensive option for implants / dentures.

Vicki M (Source: Google)


I was impressed on my first dental visit with Dr White – he’s very thorough and his office is equipped with the best dental technology, so he can give the very best service to his many patients! Dr White’s staff are all very kind, caring and compassionate individuals! Thank you for all you do Dr White & your dental staff, and for helping your many, many patients have a pleasant and thorough dental to experience with each and every visit!

Casey (Source: Google)


This review is for Dr White and Dr. Mayfield: Thank you so much to Dr White, DDS and all staff! Very professional and down to earth and caring. I was in pretty bad pain and was trying to wait for the appointment but pain became to much to handle. I called the office and was told I would get a call back to see if I could be squeezed in. I received a call back very quickly and was told to come in. I had never been to this office before, have no insurance and it was at the end of the day. It didn’t matter. I was in pain and they wanted to help. I was able to be seen and find out what was causing the pain. I was able to ask questions and really was able to understand what caused my pain. Great Dr and group of people! Highly recommend! Thank you all again! Continued for Dr. Mayfield. I just had my first procedure done by Dr. Mayfield and it went great! He is in the same office as Dr. White. I had some fillings done and used the anti anxiety meds. I have horrible dental axiety and havent went to dentist in years. It went great! I have 2 more visits coming up. Fillings and a crown. I am still nervous bc it is the dentist, but no were near like before. I wish would have done sooner. The anti axiety meds work! I was aware when he started and felt nothing!..once I realized I was not in pain I drifted off to sleep. Belive me they do not mind. Dr. Mayfield and the dental assistants really listend to me about my dental axieties. The Dr. still said hi to me before he started, and that is a big deal to me. He could have just started knowing I was medicated. The dental assistants were the same way. They made sure I was comfy before the procedure started. I remeber bits and peices and everyone one was so nice and respectful. The whole staff will answer any question. So knowlagable. Also nothing was done on my very 1st visit with Dr Mayfield as I requested. A plan was created that I understood and was comfortable with. I was not overwhelmed or pushed into a cleaning, nothing. Give Dr. Mayfield a try. He does a amazing job. I am so grateful to both of these Drs. and staff.Thank you again! For Dr. Mayfield continued Just had a crown placed today along with more fillings. Dr Mayfield did a wonderful job! No pain! Was a breeze. The dental assistants were also amazing. Such kind carring people. The whole office is that way. Will be going back in two weeks to have temp crown removed and replaced. Also have last of my fillings done. I will say now that I have had fillings and a crown placed, I did not notice any difference in procedure. I did use the anxiety free meds again. I will update my next visit. I want people to know weather seen by Dr. White or Dr Mayfield, you are in good hands. That the axiety free meds do work, and very well. If you have fear of dental work I would definitely go here. Continued for Dr. Mayfield I just had my temp crown removed and replaced and my last fillings completed. Dr. Mayfield and the assistants were great! I now have all my dental work completed. I would have never thought I would be able to get throught it had someone told me that 2 years ago. I am so greatful! Thank you again Dr Mayfield and all staff! The whole office is amazing!

L McConnell (Source: Google)


In addition to getting the excellent care I always receive, at my last visit I was touched to overhear Dr. White and his amazing team in the next cubicle, caring for a young person with special needs. They were so kind and careful and skilled with this fearful young person. It really warmed my heart to see how well they cared for someone with challenges. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Arkay A (Source: Google)


Dr. White is a compassionate dentist that seeks the cutting edge of dentistry so he can provide the absolute best care to his patients. I have been seeing him for 11 years, and I have a severe dental phobia. He has not only been very caring and accommodating, but has provided me with conscious sedation dentistry so that I can get the needed care! My siblings now go to Dr. White and we all love his office. They will cover you with a big comfy blanket while you get your procedure done, offer eye masks, and other comfort measures. It’s a great office, with wonderful staff.

Mike Learn (Source: Google)


A year ago I was looking for a dentist to look at what I thought was a chipped tooth. Turned out to be a replacement crown. Which, was my first excellent experience. Then a deep cleaning (due to MY neglect of regular visits to any dentist). Went for a checkup and cleaning and found a small cavity a few weeks ago. Nothing major. Today was the day. Other than being numb for a while after the visit I have no issues. Dr White is completely professional and has a fantastic positive attitude. The staff, extremely busy, pleasant in demeanor and generally caring. Go check them out. You won’t be disappointed! Cheers!!!

Monishia Wells (Source: Google)


I was referred to Dr. White by one of my coworkers who has been his patient for years now. My first appointment was Monday the 25th of March 2019 and the experience I had was absolutely amazing. I originally went in there for a routine cleaning and cavity fillings but ended up just getting my cavities filled because it was more important. Now, I have had previous dental work done by another dentist that did not work out for me but Dr. White and his staff, such an amazing staff filled two of my teeth correctly and I have no problems with those fillings. This office is great.

Ex Pat USA (Source: Google)


First visit today as new patient. All the staff seem very nice and helpful. I am hoping Dr White will become our trusted dentist, to replace our former dentist, of many years, who retired. Looking forward to my visit for treatment in early January. My initial impression is very favorable! My wife and I made another visit to Dr White’s office today. I can honestly say that I have complete faith now in Dr White, whom I believe is something of a perfectionist, and a very nice chap. The entire staff, dental and office are, without exception, friendly, helpful and efficient. I can thoroughly recommend Dr White’s practice to anyone seeking a new dentist. First rate ! A further visit today for a deep cleaning. Excellent and friendly periodontist ! Once again, everyone friendly, polite and helpful (and fun!). Admin staff charming and efficient, as always ! So glad we migrated to Dr White earlier this year. Another excellent experience with Dr White and Gina (periodontist). I would recommend them wholeheartedly !

Wendell Wallace (Source: Google)


Dr White put in a temporary crown, no pain! Even the anesthetic injection, no pain! He always strives to cause little to no pain. Very much appreciated. As always, great, caring and informative dental assistants and staff. Could not be happier. Follow up: My permanent crown was put in a week later and it went like clockwork. No follow up appointments afterwards! The fit was flawless and no complications. Love it!

Dale Fitzhenry (Source: Facebook)


Very thorough Dentist, but not shaming. I have always had bad teeth and have been made to feel embarrassed about it by other dentist and their technicians, but have never felt that sense of embarrassment by Doctor White or his technicians. He gives you options as what he can do for you and what is within your budget. I highly recommend this Dental Group!

Krystal Harrison (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Dr. White for many years now. He has provided me with braces, tooth reshaping, whitening, fillings and extractions – all with comfort and ease. He is very knowledgeable of the dental practice and explains procedures to you thoroughly. He is always kind and eager to see you. His staff is the same way as well. They truly make a difference in dentist visits. I would proudly recommend Dr. White to anyone for any procure he can do.

Michele Bowman (Source: Google)


Excellent dentist and staff. I was a bit apprehensive before I got to Dr. White’s office regarding injection prior to the procedure. He did a wonderful job. I had no pain at all from the injection. The two young ladies that were his assistants were outstanding. Dr. White and his staff have my highest recommendation. You could not ask for a better dentist. I have recommended Dr. White to several people.

Helen Abbott (Source: Google)


Dr. Michael White and his entire staff are wonderful. I have had high anxiety due to dental procedures (crowns, root canals, etc) in the past. I am able to take sedative and medication that helps relax me so that I am able to have the procedure without issue – I have done this twice now & it’s been wonderful. Everyone from the front desk staff, to the dental hygienists, etc. are amazing. Everyone at this practice has a beautiful bedside manner, I wish I had found them sooner! They are also wonderful with my 8 year old daughter.

Steven T. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


After my dentist retired I was in search for a new Dentist. After searching for a bit, I heard great things about Dr. White through some friends so thought I’d give him a try. I was very impressed, staff was super nice, office was state of art and very efficient and comfortable. It was clear right from the start Dr. White had the experience and professionalism I was looking for in a new dentist. Definitely am highly recommending him to all of my friends and family:)

Deborah H. from Grubville, MO (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. White for over 30 years. He has always been polite, professional, and caring. He has always worked hard to get whatever issued I’ve had done in a timely matter. I marvel at the great condition my children’s teeth are and I credit Dr. White for the prenatal advise he gave me to insure their healthy teeth. I would follow him anywhere.

Robyn Mac (Source: Google)


First, I have personal issues visiting a DDS So I needed understanding & patience with my anxiety With that said.. I couldn’t be more thrilled in choosing Dr Michael White for my current & future dental needs Not only is Dr White professional, knowledgeable and is efficient.. His hand picked staff rocks! They are also very knowledgeable, but everyone’s patience, kindness and helpfulness, takes away worry and confusion! These guys are the real deal, down to earth and very pleasant.

Sandi Anthony (Source: Google)


I was a former patient of Dr. White’s back in the late 90’s early 2000’s, and as I became more interested in alternative health care, I ventured out several years ago to start my search for a biological dentist. After 15 or 20 years of trying other dentists, I found out from my doctor’s office recently that Dr. White also became interested in biological dentistry and in the past 7 or 8 years, became licensed in it, so I scheduled the first appointment I could get and I’m just as thrilled with his attentiveness and compassion for what he does, as I was all those years ago. I truly have found my home for all my dental/whole body health. Thank you Dr. White.

Kayla Burroughs (Source: Google)


Dr. White is genuinely the most caring dentist I have ever met. I came to his office in severe pain, on a weekend, after my dentist had improperly filled a cavity. He made sure I left his office pain free and even offered to come in on his day off if the pain came back after the numbness wore off. His office staff has accommodated me every time I have come in for follow up and are always welcoming with smiling faces. I would recommend this office!

Dana H. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. White and his staff seriously saved my mouth. I had received terrible dental work from another office and was in terrible pain. His staff was incredibly nice and took great care of me to make sure I wasn’t in any more pain. They corrected all of the bad work from the previous dentist. I can’t thank them all enough. I will go to Dr. White’s office for life! Highly recommend them!

Sherri J. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


Had a great experience at Dr Whites. I have always been uneasy seeing the dentist. But Dr White set my fears at ease. He explained everything he needed to do. Him and his staff took good care of me. Everyone was so nice, and reassuring it made my visit easy. And now I have a great smile. Thanks for a great visit. I’m sending my friends your way.

Kate M. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


I decided to go to a new dentist after decades, and I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Michael White!!! The office is incredibly clean, the staff is helpful and kind, Dr. White has perfect bedside manner and explains things thoroughly, they have the updated technology for X-rays and root canals, and the dentist chair is a massage chair which is bonus! I used to be a dental assistant studying to be a dentist. I know when a dentist is crooked and doing a bad job or making up that your teeth need unnecessary work. Dr. White is the best dentist I’ve had so far! The $125 for the X-rays and exam is taken off of the first procedure! The root canal is $1375 less than my old dentist! They even approved me for Care Credit with 0% interest, and worked with my financial situation allowing me to be on an affordable monthly payment plan. Due to sensitivity; I thought I that some old decay might have not been completely removed from two root canals. It turns out the bite was just off on both teeth causing pain from pressure. Dr. White filed my caps free of charge and is going to do two root canals on my back molars that have needed to be done. This is by far the best dental experience I hav ever had!

Alley R. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. White’s staff are AWESOME! Always quick to respond and very helpful…Dr. White does a super job too 🙂 My son lost his retainer over the weekend (he is away at college) and they returned my call over the weekend and quickly made another one for him. SO APPRECIATE them understanding the urgency and making a replacement so fast! My son (who had traditional braces when he was younger) went to Dr. White when his teeth shifted. Dr. White was able to straighten them out quickly. He and his staff are “top shelf”… Highly recommend!

Maggie Malone (Source: Google)


The staff is friendly and professional. The office is clean and has a pleasant atmosphere (considering it’s a dentists office). Dr. White explained everything he was doing step by step and was patient with me and my concerns. Lastly I want to acknowledge and thank Shannon (Dr. White’s assistant) for her sincere compassion and understanding during my visit. Those are rare qualities in our world today.
See you all next time.

Michael Birtley (Source: Google)


Grateful, thanks to Dr. White and his amazing staff, i had broken my veneers on front teeth and called my providers list to try and get a emergency appt. And a national chain(which i won’t name)said they could get me in . Upon arriving and about 30 minutes in i realized they weren’t seeing or hearing my issue they were doing a first visit and then they told me they would have to schedule me for a later appointment. So i asked for bill (which they said first visit free)and called Dr. White @ 5pm who got me in next morning at 9 had temporary installed and pain free by 10. Wonderful and talented staff thank you to my new dental professionals.

Molly Mueller (Source: Facebook)


If dental anxiety keeps you from taking care of your oral health then don’t worry any longer !!! This office staff and dentist are the best! Today I had a routine cleaning with Azra and for the first time ever I had peace in the dentist office , I wasn’t afraid and they are so understanding and have options for anxiety free dental procedures as well , which I utilize for fillings and other work … so glad I found this place !! Finally I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore

Evelyn Rehg (Source: Google)


Knowing I needed a route canal and a crown I researched and read everything I could about several dentist in my area. After everything I found I knew I wanted to start going to Dr. Michael White’s office but I wasn’t sure I could afford their amazing reviews. I just had my first appointment and I had to write this review as soon as I could! I believe this is my first time writing a review for anyone! I was extremely nervous at both the cost, and what pain the hygienist would be putting me through. The hygienist was amazing!! Mary Oldenburger THANK YOU!!! Mary was so thorough and it was the least painful cleaning I have ever had!!! Dr. Michael White was helpful and very down to earth! I am looking forward to my procedure. Then before leaving I talked about the cost with his incredibly helpful front desk associate, Diane, and I find out I can actually afford their wonderful office!!! My husband, son and daughter will now be going to this office as well!!

Kurt Deschler (Source: Facebook)


When my past dentist retired I was looking for my next forever dentist. I tried several places. They all were good, but not the right fit for me for different reasons. I heard about Dr. White on the Marc Cox show. From what I heard on the advertisement it sounded like this could be my new forever dentist. From the moment I walked in the door to the end of my first visit I knew I was done looking for a new dentist. Below are the reasons why you should give Dr. White and his whole staff a chance: (1) The whole building is really clean (2) Super organized/well-oiled machine (3) Everyone is very nice and helpful (4) Fantastic customer service for scheduling, rescheduling, and working with your insurance (5) Let you know in detail about your options and their opinions on what you should do, but they are not pushy and just trying to make you get some procedure done. Dr. White is a 10 out 10, but Amanda Glaze is the reason that I keep coming back. Dentist offices now-a-days are much different than the past. I was used to having minimal interaction or discussions with my past dental hygienist. My old forever dentist did about 80% of everything. The modern day dentist offices are exactly the opposite in my opinion. They are set up to move as many patients through in a day as possible. This means on a normal visit for a cleaning you will only see the dentist for a minute or two. If you need a larger procedure done you will see the dentist for a longer period of time. This puts a lot more importance on the dental hygienist. You will not find a nicer, caring, happy, and attention to detail dental hygienist than Amanda. She is also a 10 out of 10. Dr. White and his office has to be one of the best dental offices in the whole St. Louis area. Don’t just take my word for it and go give them a try. You will find yourself switching from your old dentist and your new forever dentist.

Matthew Bergman (Source: Google)


I am not a regular patient of Dr. White but was referred to him to have my mercury fillings replaced. I was told he was trained on how to do this safely without leaching mercury during the removal. Couldn’t have gone any better. The price was very reasonable and his office is about 2 minutes from my house. Now I am thinking about becoming a regular patient.

Diane Burke (Source: Google)


I have never been to a dentist office with more caring, professional individuals. Through every step of transitioning from my original teeth to dentures, which was both emotionally and physically uncomfortable, Dr.White was extremely kind and patient. He and his staff were knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend them for the entire family.