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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays



Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Andrea W. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t add much more about Dr. K and his staff than what has already been written here…except for, they’re like great friends/family! I was probably unusually comfortable when I came in as a new patient two plus years ago as I’ve had A LOT of dental work in my life. But, they responded to that in kind! They’re all genuinely friendly, professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and funny. They even let me chat my face off while in the chair, in between their tools in my mouth of course! The office itself is very clean and obviously designed by a talented interior designer. They’ve always worked with me when I’ve needed to split up large payments, and their text reminders are super helpful. I’m relocating out of Seattle and I’ll truly be sad to leave them. If I come back to visit, I’ll surely stop by to say hello!

Megan Rammer (Source: Google)


Big fan of Supertooth. After having the luxury of a family friend as a dentist my entire life, having to get a new dentist is somewhat daunting (mine Retired). The staff at Supertooth and Dr Kitsis are wonderful! I walked in on a whim and instantly felt comfortable. Attention to detail, honest advice & care for your teeth are great here!

Cory C. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


For someone that has unfortunately had to spend a lot of time at the dentist over the years, this is the best one I have been to and will continue to see.  I have had everything from a cleaning to having a tooth pulled here and my experience has always been pleasant (you know, except for having to get that tooth pulled). In my overall experience, the entire staff goes out of their way to take care of their patients and ensure you are comfortable.  Professionalism with a personal touch makes for a very pleasant, very painless visit to the dentist, time and time again.  Could not recommend them more!

Debbie G. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kitsis and his staff are just amazing! They are all professional, courteous, gets you in on time, and best of all, understanding and patient (no pun intended!). They treat you like you’re their only patient. No rushing, always making sure you’re comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, the dentist chair is super comfy! I finally found a dentist office that is not only convenient (I walk to the office), but the best in terms of care. I don’t mind going to the dentist now!

Maia McCoy (Source: Google)


This is simply an amazing office! I have been seeing Dr. Kitsis and his staff for a year now and originally came to them needing an extraction, fillings, and a lot of work in general. I was never shamed for the shape my teeth were in, and instead, from the time of my first cleaning they educated me on things like the type of floss to use and have been nothing but kind and encouraging. My smile looks completely different as a result. It had been quite some time since I’d been able to afford dentistry prior to coming to them, but they have been great about giving me accurate estimates and even working out a payment plan for Invisalign. I can’t say enough glowing things about all of the knowledgeable, talented and caring people who work here. Even during COVID, which must be an anxiety-provoking and stressful time for dentists and hygienists, the doctor and his staff never discharge anger or blame. It is still such a warm office. I highly recommend them.

Rocky L. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Hands down the best dentist office ever, such a friendly yet professional staff. From the amazing receptionist to all the assistants who are hands on, and lets not forget the diligent duo Dr. Michael Kistis & Tanya!!!!!! I’ve been fortunate to be a patient here for over the last year & half, I’ve recommended this office to co-workers who have nothing but positive things to relay!!!! Thank you Supertooth staff– I appreciate you!!!  You’re the best!!!

Alex H. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Supertooth is fantastic. Easily accessible, friendly dentist, staff, and hygienists. Enjoy the fact that the office seems to take their appointment times seriously (never a long wait), perfect for busy professionals who have time constraints. They send reminders to make an appointment, great for guys who wouldn’t make them otherwise. Dr. Kitsis recommends specialists when needed who are also great. I appreciate the service and will continue to go as long as I live in the area.

Samad Farooqui (Source: Google)


Dr. Michael, May, Summer, and the rest of the staff are a delight and really know their stuff. The dental experts can explain dental concepts in a manner that’s easy to understand and the front desk helps explain the insurance and payment options well. Everyone is friendly as well. Highly recommend in case you need dental work done!

Sara Kimmel (Source: Google)


Wow, what a great dental office! Every staff member is genuinely kind, welcoming, and great at their job. Dr Kitsis set me at ease, and I felt well taken care of. He truly cares about his patients and his work and that comes through in his entire staff. Tanya is an incredible hygienist. I can be a nervous patient, having had many dental procedures as a child, but she is so knowledgeable, professional and warm, I had nothing to worry about. Finally, their dental plan is a great option if you don’t have insurance. Knowing that my preventative care for the year is affordable is a huge relief. Thank you!

Michelle M. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


This is the best dentist I’ve been to in my 29 years, throughout my experience in over 7 countries. I love the service I get when I come here, the whole staff is dedicated to what they do, from the reception staff to the hygienists to the doctor. What I love the most? The cleanings never hurt and I don’t get shamed for what I’m doing wrong and instead they’ve taught me how to use my tooth brush to cater to my teeth, floss differently, and encouraged me to get better. I never wait more than 5 minutes. The doctor is friendly but also direct and honest. They are also crazy conveniently close to downtown seattle where I live. Just know that they you need to book with a lot of lead time. I usually get on waitlists that get me in within a week. Love this dentist though so it’s worth it!

Thomas R. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I love Supertooth Dentistry. The office itself is modern and nickel-chrome clean, and the front desk staff attendants are all polite and professional. Dr. Kitsis is patient and kind, and he explains everything clearly and always shows the utmost respect. David is the hygienist you should request if you’re a big scaredy-cat baby in the chair like I am. With David, there’s no reason to fear. He is truly the best hygienist I have ever experienced, and I’ve suffered through several (in a different office). Stains and tartar that would normally require nearly archaeological ultra-sonic scraping seem to melt away under David’s gentle touch. He puts you at ease with a great bedside manner and deliberate on-going commentary, so there’s no guessing about what he’s doing with his fingers in your mouth! My teeth are clean, healthy, and sparkly white thanks to Dr. Kitsis and his wonderful team at Supertooth Dentistry. I’m a fan!

Angel Ramos (Source: Google)


Let me first say that the customer service at Supertooth is second to none. Secondly, there’s an immediately greeted with smiles and the need to help you transition from the reception area to the back for your examination. I was already seeing a dentistry that was good but after seeing the folks at Supertooth, I had to switch dentistry. I know that it’s not always going to be an awesome experience like this but to me first impressions is everything. I highly recommend that you give them a try.

Signe H. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kitsis and his team are all really nice and cool people. Most importantly, they do excellent work and they don’t cut corners. As a person who has been through oral surgeries, braces, retainers, head gear, cosmetic dentistry, regular cleanings, etc. etc. I am well qualified to say this place is top notch. I recently had a crown procedure at SuperTooth. The crown from the lab didn’t fit well and had to be remade. A lesser dentist would have placed the crown anyway and cause me future problems, despite the high cost of the crown. It’s great to have a dentist I can trust. Also, the bathroom is really clean and nice:)

Ariel M. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Supertooth Dentistry is above and beyond my expectations. I had a bad experience with another chain dentist place that gave me a bad filling. I go in to Supertooth, Dr.Kitsis makes a few adjustments, and it’s night and day. The pain from my filling is gone immediately! He took the time to listen to me, how I was feeling in my mouth, gave me options. It was such a refreshing experience. I loved his assistant, Rachel, as well. She was so friendly! It also sounds a little silly, but she gave me a refresher of how to brush with technique on holding the brush and it’s changed me forever! Even with a Sonicare, I wasn’t feeling clean on my back molars. The difference is astounding, who knew I wasn’t brushing the best way this whole time? Can’t wait to go back and I’m getting my fiance, who is afraid of the dentist, to make an appointment.

Jerry A. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I found my new Dentist! Dr. Kitsis and his assistant Star are awesome; I’ve never felt more at home and relaxed at the dentist, very friendly environment. Transitioning between the equipment and tools was fluid; it’s obvious they are skilled at what they do and make an excellent team, their movements seemed choreographed. Speaking of equipment – I do medical research for a living and was impressed by the gear! I’m no expert in dental gadgets but everything seemed state of the art from the cameras, x-ray unit, the chairs, software used, lighting, tools etc. I got the sense they really went all out furnishing the practice with the best equipment available. Whoever keeps their space clean needs praise, everything looked spotless. Overall I give the five stars without hesitation. I had the BEST cleaning session ever at the dentists – THANKS Cathy! Thanks for explaining everything and the mouthwash recommendation – stuff works!!

Huong N. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


New patients expect 2 hours appointment. First hour was with the dental assistant and doctor, took x-rays, pictures, going over recommendations and concerns. 2nd hour was with the dental hygenist. Hygenist Tanya was thorough, a bit rougher than my last hygenist but I liked it. I feel like she was actually scraping off the plague and tartar from my teeth. Good work! Parking= not free. You can pay for metered parking around the block. Or! I suggest parking at Bartells or Metropolitan Market for first 2 hours free and walk 3-4 blocks to the office. Dr. Micheal Kitsis didn’t try to up sell, he gave me his honest expert opinion and I appreciated it. He did recommend me to get a night guard for upper teeth and retainer for lower teeth. Star, dental assistant, and Tanya, hygenist, were great! Thank you ladies! Overall, office is high tech, clean, new, and friendly staff. I would come back and would recommend you guys to this office! I even got a $20 Starbucks gift card by checking in. Yay!!

Brenna L. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Supertooth is a rare find. Dr Kitsis is a phenomenally talented restorer of teeth and sincerely cares about his patients and their teeth. When I came into Supertooth my teeth were in pretty bad shape after years of neglect and major anxiety about going to the dentist. I was surprised by how welcoming the staff at Supertooth are, their warmth and sincerity eased my anxiety and for the first time ever in my 30+ years of life I was comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Go for the amazing talent, keep going for the friendly,warm atmosphere!

Kelli Schuman (Source: Google)


I can’t think of the last review I have written, however I am very overdue to write one for Supertooth! Star is a wonderful, caring, informative hygienist. I appreciate her explanations and kind demeanor. Dr. Kitsis is exceptional and sets the bar high. After my recent routine cleaning I had a follow-up concern and was offered a same-day appointment. Dr. Kitsis immediately made me feel at ease (per usual), and not like I wasted his time. He reiterated that he wants his patients to come in for anything that is bothering them without hesitation. I am beyond grateful to have Dr. Kitsis (and his team) as my dental provider.

Asdf A. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


– Genuine! – Technically is good and gets the job done right in a scientific, data driven, medical manner! – Someone who only does an absolutely necessary procedure. – Data driven! Gets the symptoms, correctly assesses them, clearly identifies the correct procedure, explains WHY I need it and only then performs the procedure. – He is patient, WILLING TO WORK WITH THE PATIENT, LISTENS TO THE PATIENTS DENTAL PROBLEMS, then works on it. – He and his team take their time AND THEY DO IT RIGHT! Personal experience: – Correctly removed my amalgam filling – Correctly performed a deep filling even with my high sensitivity and intolerance to pain and dental anxiety! – Correctly identified me needing a mouth guard and patiently working on fixing my mouth guard & retainer. – Correctly assessed my husband’s tooth pain and associated it to maintenance as opposed to just directly opening it up for no good reason. – Regularly performs a check up on my teeth and gums to maintain a healthy smile! MY TEETH AND GUMS ARE IMPORTANT TO ME AS THEY ARE A FUNCTIONALLY VITAL PART OF ME!

Sharon Lee (Source: Google)


I had a wisdom tooth extraction done here and it was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had. I just had the tooth removed yesterday and I’m healing really quickly. I’ve had many other extractions done in the past but none were at this caliber. All the staff were kind and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you!

Mary T. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kitsis and his team are amazing! The staff are some of the nicest people and the level of professionalism makes you feel incredibly well cared for. Dr. Kitsis has been my dentist for nearly 10 years and I have not had a single procedure which has not been completely pain-free. Additionally, Dr. Kitsis and his team always address any of my questions and concerns with thoughtfulness and care and I always leave learning more about my oral health. I can confidently say, because of this level of care, I’ve not only gained greater confidence in going to the dentist, but my oral health has significantly improved! I highly recommend this wonderful team!

Ricklie S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Is it truly possible to love your dentist and look forward to your visits? The answer is YES when the Dentist and staff are Supertooth Dentistry on the bottom of Queen Anne — an easy location with street parking and bus service just outside the door. Dr. Michael Kitsis is terrific. He is warm, funny, knowledgeable and takes whatever time is necessary to explain whatever is going on with your mouth and, as necessary, to recommend various options for treatments depending on the issue. His staff is welcoming and the technicians are thoughtful, gentle and make the experience friendly and pain-free. If you’re looking for excellence in dental care and a stress-free experience, I highly recommend Supertooth Dentistry (I know…goofy name for a practice, but they truly ARE Super!).

Robert Yuen (Source: Google)


I starting going to Supertooth about a year ago, when I had a lot of issues with gum bleeding. This is probably the Best dentist I’ve ever been to. The front office staff are incredibly friendly, and are great to converse with. I found the dental hygienists and the dentist to be very informative, balanced, and helped educate me. While no dental work is fun, having such an outstanding team makes it a good experience 🙂

Patty K. (Source: Zocdoc)


Dr. Kitsis was extremely gentle and thorough for my initial consultation. I’ve never had such a detailed view of my teeth — great technology in this office. Star was my dental assistant and did a super job with all the x-rays. I’ve been looking for a great dentist since I moved to Seattle a year ago, and I’ve found the perfect place for me. Very professional office and kind people.

Valerie F. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I have had several procedures done here including replacing old fillings to a new filling and restoring a chipped tooth.  Dr. Kitsis and his staff did a wonderful job on all of these procedures.  He explained all of the procedures thoroughly and is personable and professional.  I’m a pretty tough cookie, however I think anyone who is a little fearful of a visit to the dentist will be at ease.  His entire staff is personable and approachable.  I have recommended Dr. Kitsis to anyone in my community who were looking for a dentist.

Niki B. from Bothell, WA (Source: Yelp)


I am new to this dentist, my husband started coming here and told me how nice the whole office was. I really loved how it is a small more personal experience and the more advanced technology they seem to be using. They always get us in pretty quickly and they have after work hours. The parking doesn’t seem to be that bad always seem to find a spot close by. I just wish I didn’t have to come to Seattle when I live on the east side, but it is worth it.

M. R. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Michael Kitsis, is the best dentist i’ve ever been to. I was previously going to the New Face of Dentistry, but after a few questionable sessions I went searching for a new dentist. I was told I needed a root canal on one of my teeth, by the New Face of Dentistry. Dr. Kitsis, told me he could fill the tooth without a root canal. He filled the tooth in about 30 minutes and I was on my way, saving me about 800.00 dollars. Thank you Dr Kitsis!

Megan R. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I JUST GOT SCHOOLED about gum maintenance in the best way possible. I learned avoiding areas where the gums are receding a bit makes it worse and that you need to lightly brush your gums everyday! Don’t forget to use an electric brush though. Anyway, great dental experience. Doctor Kitsis and his team are wonderful. Glad to have great teeth & people who give stellar advice to keep them that way.

Erin Ruddock (Source: Google)


Dr. Kitsis is wonderful! We were new to the area, and after a truly terrible experience with another provider we were relieved to find this lovely team. Appointments are easy to schedule, everyone is friendly and helpful, procedural costs are always outlined in full (covered/not covered by insurance). We have never felt pressure to have work done, cosmetic or otherwise. If something is needed beyond a routine cleaning we have ample time to financially prepare for out of pocket expenses (ex: we don’t need to redo this filling immediately, but we may need to at some point within the next 6-12 months—your insurance will cover X and you will be responsible for Y). We are grateful to have a dentist that we like and trust, and highly recommend their office to those new to the area, or anyone looking for a thoughtful, professional team.

Berri Windsor (Source: Google)


Dr. Kitsis and his staff are always kind, caring, thorough, and efficient. I’ve been going to Supertooth for 5 years and have always had a good experience. Dr. Kitsis and his team have continuously gotten ahead of any dental issues I have before they became too problematic, and they’ve made only the most necessary recommendations for treatments and additional care.

Stef M. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


If you could have a business be a part of your family, Supertooth would be your kind & gentle Aunt Linda. Look, I hate dentists. Like, I will get a dentist and break up with them because they overcharge, upsell, hurt me, or have rude staff or, or, or. Then I’ll go 2 years without seeing another dentist. Well, my 2 years of pouting was up and so I was on the hunt for another new dentist. The anxiety was rising as I was searching when something caught my eye: Supertooth has a therapy dog! SOLD. May 7th was my first consultation and I was NERVOUS. Dr. Katsis sensed my nerves and walked me through everything he was going to do before doing it and I began to feel at ease. He’s, like, a tooth whisperer or something. Giving Charlie the dog some head pets while I was in the chair helped, too. Remember, this appointment was May 7th and the primary reason I needed to go to the dentist asap was because I was getting married May 24 and wanted a pretty smile. Buckle up, this is a wild ride. May 7 – Consultation: x-ray, poked my gums, took pictures, discussed the flaws of my smile which was a dying (and browning) front tooth that I was very self-conscious about. May 8 – Get fitted for a veneer: Dr. Katsis took impressions, then he got to work on my mouth. My 2 front teeth were fairly chipped and ragged so he added a piece to my alive tooth to make it longer and smoother on the bottom. Then he worked more on the dying tooth, did you know when you get veneers this means shaving the tooth so it’s tiny? I did not until it started happening. But you know what? I didn’t feel a thing, just the beginning when he numbed my gums with the needle. The temporary, until the veneer gets custom made, goes on the tiny tooth and I’m back at work. Fast forward 2 hours at work, I’m eating grapes and BOOM, temporary falls off! It’s well after Supertooth office hours so I send them a text (I love that they text! And it’s a real human, Crystal, not automated messages. I know this because once we talked about spaghetti. Anyway…) that read something like this “I LOOK LIKE A HILLBILLY” and I attached a pic of of my mouth agape while wearing a flannel shirt that I regrettably picked out that morning. My boss & coworkers couldn’t stop laughing at my misfortune. I was scaring puppies. School children bullied me. It was the worst. I did, however, give it a nickname, Kevin Hart, as they’re both small and brown. May 9, 6:45am – Supertooth responds to my text of misery! They want me in at 10am that morning to fix my temporary! Dr. Katsis uses a different adhesive on the temp and I’m back at work with a smile. May 14 – Cavities are filled (baby’s first cavities!) May 15 – I am enjoying a salad when BOOM, the temporary falls off again. But worse. I swallowed it. But worse still, the next morning I have to direct a photoshoot for work and CAN NOT GET OUT OF IT. I let Supertooth know, they’re trying everything in their power to get me in the office but I have to do this photoshoot and the earliest I can go in is the 18th. May 18th @ 6am – They opened the office EARLY to see me and fix my tooth with the new shiny actual veneer that had arrived! May 18th @ 11am – go back in for a cleaning. And my new smile is PERFECT. Since the wedding, I’ve gone back for a couple more times (to get fitted for a night guard, and to pick it up). When I went to pick it up, the wait took longer than expected and Crystal came over and handed me a Starbucks gift card as an apology. So sweet! The folks here went above and beyond to get me to the alter looking and feeling pretty. Crystal put a rush on my veneer and didn’t charge me. Dr. Katsis has an amazing talent for All Things Teeth. I can’t say enough about every human, or dog, in that place! I love them and grateful that I will never have to find another new dentist again!

Sandy K. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Five stars! Every single person in this office is wonderful. From Shay and Mary at the front desk, to the dentist hygienist, to the doctor himself. I always feel like I am treated with such respect when I am in the office, I have never felt like I was being up sold like I have at ever other dentist I have been to. The doctor is very honest and has your best interest in mind. His adorable dog will sit in the room with you and lay his head on your lap as you are being examined. Everyone is so very accommodating and it is apparent that everyone who works there truly loves it. Amazing dentist office with amazing staff. I would and already have recommending supertooth to many friends and family.

Victoria W. from Richland, WA (Source: Yelp)


This is one of the best dental clinics I have ever been to. The staff are super friendly, knowledgeable, and honest. I really appreciated the respectful patient teaching that they provide when it comes to caring for your teeth. I also love the fact that the staff ensure to address every little concern that the client has. They also give you a cute goody bag containing a toothbrush and floss at the end of your appointment, which makes you feel appreciated. One of the things that makes me like this clinic even more, is the fact that I can schedule my appointments via SMS text messaging. I am also able to receive appointment reminders/confirmations via text. The text messaging option is convenient and saves me a lot of time–because I hate making phone calls and listening to crappy music over the phone.

Debbie Girard (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Supertooth for a number of years now and every visit I always have a great experience. Even now that we’ve moved, I will make the trip to their office for my teeth cleaning! Dr. Kitsis and his staff are wonderful, professional, super friendly, and they just know how to make you feel comfortable–even in the dentist chair! I will never change, so Dr. Kitsis, you better not leave lower Queen Anne!

Andrea D. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist appt of my life. No joke, and I’ve been around the block since I was a kid, believe me. Most kind and gentle both Dr Kitsis and his assistant. Fun to talk to (I usually don’t want to chit chat ever) and sooo informative. I’ve never gotten the chance to see actual photos of my teeth close-up and have things explained so well. I honestly was blown away by the whole experience. Even the sign in process was all electronic, quick and breezy. Couldn’t recommend more. All the things. They nailed it:)


Welcome to Supertooth Dentistry on lower Queen Anne in Seattle located minutes from Amazon offices. We are dedicated to your dental care offering warm and welcoming environment for your entire family. At Supertooth Seattle dental office, we are dedicated to your entire family’s dental care, offering a warm, welcoming environment for children and adults. Care. Skill. Choice. Care. At Supertooth, we promise to provide you with the highest quality dental care available. Come check out comfortable and inviting our lower Queen Anne location. Skill. We are 100% committed to your health and well-being. Our focus is on completing your treatments with the utmost skill, using techniques that are as gentle, yet as effective, as possible. Choice. We work closely with you every step of the way in order to make the best choices. We handle most dental problems, but can refer you to specialists in certain cases. We accept most types of dental insurance, and offer interest free financing. Dr. Michael Kitsis discovered his true calling in 1989, while studying at the Kishinev Medical University Department of Dentistry in the independent Republic of Moldova (located between Romania and Ukraine) An excellent student, he opened to continue his education in the United States. In 1995, he earned his doctorate at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, where he also received the distinguished Award in Prosthodontics. Since 1999, Dr. Kitsis has been providing exemplary dental care in the Seattle area; first in Shoreline and now in lower Queen Anne. He seeks out the latest state-of-the-art technology for his practice and regularly takes continuing education courses to stay on the cutting edge.