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The Dental Method
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Mary Caven M. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


For those of us who dread going to the Dentist, West Lovers Dental is an answered prayer! This Spring I had an emergency tooth extraction followed by extensive cosmetic dentistry. Due to the superb dental treatment and extraordinarily compassionate care of Dr. Countryman and the entire staff, I can now smile… beautifully… with confidence, thanksgiving, and a big sigh of relief! This exceptional “one stop shop” offers a wide array of treatment options combined with state of the art technology. I am truly impressed with the vast skill set of both Dr. Countryman and Dr. Reddy. Additionally, the setting is wonderful– such an attractive office, centrally located, and full of amenities like headphones, TV, a children’s area, delicious treats, etc. etc. I highly recommend Dr. Bryan Countryman (a scientist and an artist), as well as the entire staff at West Lovers Dental. Bravo! Well done!

Atangledyarn Hfulford (Source: Google)


Wonderful experience! The receptionist was welcoming, and so was the hygienist Claudia. Dr. Countryman was exceptional. Everyone was friendly and really listened to my concerns. Dr. C explained everything to me in an easy to understand manner as well. He showed me xrays and pictures that were clear, which helped with the explanations. Highly recommend this dentist!! Was also given a recommendation for a pediatric dentist! Great experience for a dentist visit! Worth the drive!

Monica Rushing (Source: Facebook)


I think the dentist is Awesome and Everyone else that works here! I had affordable options and they offer insurance with discount rates. I shopped around and found the best deal, I got a retreat for route canal and only paid 550 which other Dentists average price is around 1500. So it’s was awesome deal if you don’t have insurance and they have top dollar equipment and nice location. The Dentist was also Amazing and did a Awesome job! This is the best place I found and was affordable without insurance and offer great plans. They also take insurance to.

Nita P. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


We just had our annual cleanings and it was pleasant as always. Dr. Countryman and Dr. Reddy are hands-on dentists and they do the cleanings themselves. Both take great time and care to discuss any issues or things to watch. As someone with a mouthful of fillings and crowns this personal touch is important. Now my daughter is looking at braces Dr. Reddy was very gentle (and understanding) of her apprehensive nature in the dentist chair. I’m pleased to post a “happy kid” photo from last week. They also accommodated us the day after Christmas for our billing cycle, and referred us to an orthodontist to get the ball rolling on braces/Invisalign. I highly recommend this office to anyone in need of dental care!

Veronica Zamora (Source: Google)


Made the appointment I did everything online due to not having the time to call. Everybody was friendly. The day we went was to have myself and my nine month old son to have a dental checkup. It was his checkup first then mine. During the time that I was getting my teeth cleaned. Everyone was trying to console my son in the waiting room he was with his father but, was crying because my son wanted to be with me. That was very kind and thoughtful of them. I’m glad that they are now taking care of our teeth. Bonus that my dentist is also, my sons dentist. I would definitely recommend this place for everyone.

Jennifer I. from Kerrville, TX (Source: Yelp)


My daughter who is 9 came in with a horrible tooth abcess and they were able to get me in asap to do the extraction. Dr Bryan Countryman was so gentle with her that when they were done she leaned over to me and asked when he was going to pull her tooth out. From there she went to school and never complained about any pain. West Lovers Dental was amazing, professional, clean and above all else caring.

David C. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


In summary, West Lovers Dental is dentistry as it should be. I have been a patient since moving to Dallas two years ago and being referred by a colleague. Dr. Countryman, Dr. Reddy and the whole team are excellent. They do not push anything, but instead are a team of advisors guiding me to what is best for my dental care, and are very thorough allocating significant time each time I visit. The front desk staff is also very up front and clear on costs, what my insurance covers, etc., so I can make informed decisions. As a bonus, the whole team are enjoyable to talk to and remember personal details that prove they do care for their patients. I highly recommend West Lovers Dental to anyone looking for a dental team with top notch care and customer service.

Valerie Gonzales (Source: Google)


Claudia and Vicky are great dental assistants that make you feel welcomed and comfortable. I have been to several dentist offices and this is where you want to go . I had extensive work done and Dr Countryman/ Dr Reddy and their team do excellent work . Stoody at the front desk keeps you informed with all the paperwork. I recommend you go to this dentist. (Many apologies if I spelled your names wrong)

Daniel Arce III (Source: Google)


As a new patient I was welcomed by the staff who took the time to get to know me and my specific needs. I felt at home and I did not experience the “scary dentist” feeling. By the time I left I had an outline with a timeframe, cost, and everything I needed to know to fulfill my dental needs. I was very well taken care of and did not spend too much time there, but they did not go through anything too fast. The Dental Method is efficient. I also liked that they had the most up-to-date technology. Thank you!

Tammi Hennegan (Source: Facebook)


Dental trauma is a problem for me…Dr. Countryman and his staff “get it”! That makes all the difference in the world. I had a bad injury 10+ years ago and dental work became part of my life. I also had old dental work that wasn’t done right and not sustaining. Dr. C is fixing all that work too. I’m so grateful to have a skilled, professional place to go for help. And he practically turns the experience into a spa day with creature comforts that relax and soothe me; my fav music, blanket, pillow, even sunglasses! In a few more weeks…I expect to have the brightest smile of my life!

Brandi Rhea (Source: Google)


Dr Countryman, Vicki, Stuti, and the staff at West Lovers Dental made me feel welcome before I even became an actual customer. I went in to buy bleach and after talking with the staff, decided to have my bridge replaced. However, having gone through this before, I was not looking forward to the process, both financially and otherwise. Dr Countryman and staff exceeded my expectations in every way. They made the process financially possible and I couldn’t be happier with the end results. The look and feel of the new bridge is amazing! I highly recommend West Lovers Dental. Not only do they do great work, they also treat you like family.

S Forati (Source: Google)


I came to West Lovers Dental to have a consultation appointment with Dr Bryan Countryman, to improve my smile before my big day. Dr Countryman is a well known respected dentist, so I knew I was in good hands. As soon as you walk into this practice you feel like you are in a cute boutique hotel, staff and atmosphere all first class, worth every penny!

Martha Cabrera Allen (Source: Facebook)


I enjoyed going to West Lovets and the dentist and start are the friendliest and they make sure that you are comfortable and enjoy the service. I went for just a cleaning and was given headphones to listen to music as well as watching tv. No pain and no uncomfort. I would recommend anyone that needs a dentist to visit them. Best dental visits I have ever had with any other dentist visited during my previous years. Love them!

Drew (Source: Google)


Terrific experience at West Lovers Dental: Amy, James, and Dr Countryman all were professional and attentive, personalizing the experience and ensuring my comfort. More than that, the work Dr Countryman did was excellent–only what I needed, very well done. Highly recommended.

Mili K. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


Came to west lovers dental for my cleaning appointment and I have to say it was one of the best dental appointments I’ve had when let’s be honest it sucks going to the dentist! I was greeted right when I walked in by the front desk staff and immediately offered a water. My waiting time was minimal to none to see the doctor who actually did my cleaning! Dr. Countryman was very professional and did a great job cleaning my teeth with no pain! He explained everything that was going on and some spots to watch out for without being pushy like some other dentists I’ve been too. Also, the office is very nicely designed and even has some DVDs to watch while getting your treatment! I’m planning to get braces done in the near future and he told me they’re going to be bringing in orthodontist to the office soon, so it’ll be a one stop shop to get everything done! Additionally the office is incredibly conveniently located. I’ve definitely found my go to office for my dental needs-check it out!!

Angela Pea (Source: Facebook)


It’s hard dealing with anxiety at the dentist’s office. Luckily, all of the staff at The Dental Method are very understanding. They also offer several options as far as sedation, depending on your anxiety level. They also have noise cancelling headsets that play your choice of music, which is great if the sound of the tools makes you uncomfortable. They also do not overcharge you. Just like it’s hard to find an honest mechanic, it’s pretty hard to find an honest dentist. The staff at The Dental Method are all honest and upfront and there are never any surprises at the register. Parking is easy, they have two reserved spots. But if those are full, there is also ample parking in the garage in the back. I highly recommend them

Cory G. from Palmer, TX (Source: Yelp)


You guys have no idea how I hate going to the Dentist. Seriously though, I am one of the biggest gaggers known to man. Dr. Countryman went over my fears, listened, and addressed them while I received a tooth extraction. I am not talking about a tooth that is easy, I am talking about a tooth extraction from one of my lower molars. During the visit, I did not gag once, my process was seamless, and I have found that “one” dentist that cares about me and my pocket book. As long as I am alive, I will never go to any other dentist than Dr. Bryan Countryman.

Azlyn Vaughn (Source: Google)


Not only was the staff fantastic about a last minute reschedule, but they were super awesome in working me in to get my teeth cleaned! They were kind, helpful, and super sanitary! They really cared about my comfort during cleaning and the health of my teeth. That was the most gentle cleaning I can remember having and when it came time to fit me for a new set of false teeth they were super courteous and made sure they got the most accurate possible molds so that my retainer will fit well and last me for a long while! I would absolutely recommend The Dental Method Dallas to anyone who wants comfortable and thorough treatment, and for the first time ever I”ll look forward to my next teeth cleaning! Thanks so much again Dental Method!

Swikar Ojha (Source: Google)


I hate going to the dentist. I’ve hated it since I was a kid but now I don’t! This place has completely changed my perspective. The staff was extremely friendly and my appointment was exactly when I scheduled it. I didn’t have to wait after getting there like I usually do at a lot of other places. The dentist was such a professional and very kind. I’m not one to enjoy dental tools poking around in my mouth but he kept me occupied with small talk and it was over before I knew it. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a great experience at the dentist. Trust me, you won’t ever want to go anywhere else after you’ve been here!

Tina O. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


Finding a dentist is never easy and after trials and tribulations I happened upon The Dental Method. It was easy to get an appointment and the team is outstanding. There’s no sales pitch, no extra and unnecessary dental work like my previous experiences elsewhere. I like that there are early appointments letting me get to work at a good time and there are snacks walking out the door. I also love that it’s in my neighborhood on Lovers Lane.

Hadassah K. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today I needed to see a dentist because my front tooth was chipped again. I wasn’t sure what needed to be done and I was major nervous, just thinking about it, simply because it was my FRONT tooth. I called the office in kind of a panic because I wanted to be seen right away! However, because Tuesdays are their late days, the appointments fill up pretty fast and are usually filled. However, they were able to fit me in today at 5pm. I met Dr. Countryman and he looked at my teeth and immediately informed me of the fragility of my two front teeth and how he could solve the problem to a degree that was more than satisfactory to me. And, he fixed the chip right away! I had no questions after his explanation and his suggestions for the repair. Very kind man, yet very knowledgeable. His “bedside” manner was impeccable! My experience today was most memorable because Dr. Countryman invited me to play a part in the repair and with the mirror in my hand, he made sure I was satisfied with the results. He did everything I asked and even more! I was also very satisfied with the price. I recommend this office for any dental work you need done. At no point in my visit was I unclear about my problem and the possible solutions. One of the best visits I have ever had in a dentist’s office. Now, I must admit I am still very nervous entering a dentist’s office, but I don’t mind being nervous at West Lovers Dental.

Chelsea Jones (Source: Facebook)


I am from out of state and have not had a dentist here, so I was a little concerned who to go to when I chipped a tooth. I was referred in and they were so easy to work with from the start! The gals at the front desk were awesome to fit me in and get an appointment right away. All of The staff are so friendly and accommodating and Dr. Countryman was really great about putting my crown on. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the Dallas area!

Leti Dlt (Source: Google)


highly recommend West Lovers Dental for any and all your dental needs. From the first call I made I was very impressed with the level of service that was provided. Amy was very knowledgeable regarding my insurance questions. My son and I both had dental procedures done and we could not be more pleased. Dr. Countryman is a wonderful dentist! He is friendly, professional and seems to honestly care for his patients dental needs. Thank you to his amazing staff for their exceptional service (Lauralee, Amy and James). Leticia de la Torre

Julia Elise (Source: Facebook)


This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Countryman is wonderful, the staff was friendly, helpful and fantastic to work with. They were extremely professional and have an incredible environment along with the latest dentistry technology. I recommend West Lovers Dental to my friends, family, and anyone looking for a dentist.

Diane B. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


This office is amazing!!!! As a hygienist, I appreciate great service and this office has it from the front office, office manager, to the dentist. I needed to find an office for an emergency extraction for a family member in the area and they did a fantastic job making him feel comfortable and he was really impressed with everyone there. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my brother! Your staff is amazing and can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for him and me!!!

Brenda Cullum Willis (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Countryman and all his staff are great! Everyone was extremely nice and very concerned about my comfort throughout my procedures. I am a new patient, and they worked me in so I could get in for two appointments this week, since I live a couple hours away. I highly recommend West Lovers Dental.

Michael N. from Flower Mound, TX (Source: Yelp)


Why do I drive 45 minutes to see Dr. Countryman and his staff? It’s simple. Dr. Countryman is the most amazing dentist I’ve ever been to. His ability to incorporate knowledge and professionalism, while providing a personal touch into each visit, is above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s clear that he provides not only an amazing experience for his patients, but an amazing work environment for his staff as well. As soon as you step foot into his Dallas office, you’re greeted by one of the sweetest, most amazing office managers in the dental industry, Lindsay. From setting appointments, to billing, Lindsay is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Any questions I have outside of my visits are answered quickly, and accurately. Susan, one of the Dental Hygienists, is amazing as well. Her level of detail, as well as her knowledge and professionalism, are second to none. She, of course, is able to accomplish all of this while providing a personal touch. Lourdes and Vanessa, two of the Dental Assistants, are of course no different. They are both extremely knowledgeable and professional, and provide a personal touch, which always allows for a pleasant visit. The office itself is not only extremely clean and comfortable, but offers the most technologically advanced dental equipment in the industry, which I can appreciate (working for a technology company). If you’re browsing Google for a new dentist, and are looking for the best, look no further. The Dental Method should be your go-to for all of your dental needs!

Ll (Source: Google)


West lovers dental is hands down the best dentist I’ve ever had. I don’t say this to be nice but to be honest. My teeth weren’t terriblly bad but they found every way to make them even better ( I did have many cavaties and needed crowns). Their technology is great (every time I go they have a new state of the art tool), and even better than that they are very personable people. They all treat you like family instead of hounding you out for money like other dentistries. I could go on for days about the treatment plan they gave me and how satisfied I am with it! But what’s matters is that at the end of the day your smile will be impeccable and you will be glad they are you dentistry!

Eleanor Tappen (Source: Google)


For those of us who dread going to the Dentist, West Lovers Dental is an answered prayer! This Spring I had an emergency tooth extraction followed by extensive cosmetic dentistry. Due to the superb dental treatment and extraordinarily compassionate care of Dr. Countryman and the entire staff, I can now smile… beautifully… with confidence, thanksgiving, and a big sigh of relief! This exceptional “one stop shop” offers a wide array of treatment options combined with state of the art technology. I am truly impressed with the vast skill set of both Dr. Countryman and Dr. Reddy. Additionally, the setting is wonderful– such an attractive office, centrally located, and full of amenities like headphones, TV, a children’s area, delicious treats, etc. etc. I highly recommend Dr. Bryan Countryman (a scientist and an artist), as well as the entire staff at West Lovers Dental. Bravo! Well done! M.C. Miller

Vecy Mckibben (Source: Google)


Thank you.. Thank you to Dr. Countryman and staff for ALWAYS taking such good care of my family and our teeth. He is the best dentist I’ve ever been to! Going to the dentist makes me a nervous wreck, but when I come here it feels like a family. My family and I travel an hour just to go to West Lovers Dental. Thank you so much for making our teeth look and feel great, and for being so welcoming, helpful and kind. HIGHLY recommend !!

Tammi H. from Carrollton, TX (Source: Yelp)


I had an accident which did significant damage to my two front teeth and had to have an implant for one. Another dentist did my implant, but it was never right and it leaned at an improper angle. After suffering with a horrible ugly crown for years, the implant came lose and I went to Dr Countryman to get some relief. He not only replaced the implant PROPERLY; but he also fixed the crown, as well as the tooth next to it and I could finally smile again! He was patient, compassionate about my dental fears, and an Artist when it came to sculpting my new teeth to look natural, but an improved version of my real ones. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr Bryan Countryman

Preaw K. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bryan is very professional and friendly. The office is nice and clean and has state of art equipment. I was very impressed. Today I just got two wisdom teeth out. Dr. Bryan and his team are professional and knowledgable. The procedure went by fast. They take time to explain during the process and go through the post-procedure instructions with me. Highly recommend!

Matthew Haehn (Source: Facebook)


I’ve never been to a dentist where the doctor actually spends so much time with you! At my old dentist I may have only seen the doc for a few seconds, but not at The Dental Method, they give you the upmost attention. They were even aware that I was on a time crunch and got me in and out ahead of schedule! The cleaning, imaging, and treatment plan were very comprehensive. The front desk receptionists are exceptional as well, greeting you with a smile and a snack after your cleaning!

Noah Nugent (Source: Google)


I went to get a new crown on and the dentist and assistant where very courteous about whether I was feeling pain but there work was so well done I didnt feel anything, I even got to listen to my favorite music while they did work on me. When I did get my crown which was fairly quick It was really well done look perfect and they made tiny adjustments before putting it on so it would seat perfectly. I would highly recommend you come here for any dental work.

Teraysa C. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


If you are looking for a Wonderful Dentist, you have go visit Dr. Bryan Countryman!! He was great and I was impressed. It’s never fun going to the dentist, but I have to say I was Happy, Happy… yes, Happy when I left my dental appointment. My teeth have never been so perfectly clean before and with as much coffee and tea as I sip on before and during the day, I never thought my teeth would be this pretty again. 🙂 Location, location, location – this dental office is right around the corner from where I work. Love it!! 5Plus