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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Wojciech I. from Long Island City, Queens, NY (Source: Yelp)


I was debating whether or not to get braces now being in my 30s. Dr Juson and his wife took the time to explain to me the process, how the teeth move, etc… I got the clear Invisalign option which is convenient because you can take them out whenever eating. I would recommend Dr. Juson for kids as well as adults. The process was not painful at all as I thought it would be. If you want to improve your teeth definitely see Dr. Juson as soon as possible.

Joshua Santiago (Source: Google)


Dr. Jeremiah Juson he is one of the best doctor dentis that I ever meet he really help me a lot threw out a year hes really patient he does his very best to help a person and hes really friendly to talk to. My experience of me metting him was really good he always say “how are you” every time I meet him and we share a lot oh thought in mi opinion he’s the best person to be a dentis doctor. Hes really a cool person and he does a lot of hard work and I really wish his best on what hes doing now to achieve his goal now.

Pia S. from Suffern, NY (Source: Yelp)


I’m on my 5th month with my braces treatment right now with Dr.Juson and he is amazing and I could clearly see the difference already to think that I’m not even half way yet.They are always accommodating, they would always answer my questions anytime I need them and that made me feel so comfortable doing my treatment with them.Definitely recommend this place! And the staffs are very friendly too!

Hersey Huan (Source: Google)


5 star Experience. I’m from Canada and I’ve been going back and forth Canada for ortho treatments as I really like how Dr.Juson handles his clients. He would patiently discuss what you need and advise with what is on your best interest. I never had difficulty with his flexible schedule even though it’s covid. He would still virtually monitor me all through my Invisalign treatment so i don’t have to worry. I believe he also does this to his patients all over the world. A world-class Orthodontist.

Pia Sandoval (Source: Google)


Dr. Juson changed my expectations regarding braces. I used to think that braces can be really painful, I also had this thought that I will be needing extraction just to get my teeth fix but I was wrong. Every step of my treatment from the beginning was really smooth. Dr. Juson explained to me everything about the process and It was easier for me to understand. So now I am on my 1 yr and half and my teeth looks amazing! I can’t wait for the final look!

Adeline Tan (Source: Google)


Dr. Juson is amazing! He knows what he’s doing and he understands my concerns. He is also very honest – he’ll tell you what can and cannot be done. I had a relapse after having braces when i was a teenager. It wasn’t that bad so i opted to go for Invisalign, after having him explain to me all the options and pros/cons of each. The whole treatment was so smooth, every visit was pleasant and i didn’t have to worry about insurance because they took care of everything. If you’re looking for an orthodontist who is reliable, try to get a consultation appointment with Dr. Juson and you won’t have to find somebody else!

Esmeralda Figueroa (Source: Google)


He’s such an amazing dentist, he knows exactly what he’s doing and very professional. He makes sure that you’re always satisfied and comfortable with the process and the end result of it he also has a very good sense of humor, 10/10 I would definitely recommend him the best dentist I ever had!

Min C (Source: Google)


I can say that I am very impressed. This is the most responsive and communicative office I’ve ever been into. From my virtual consultation, to coming-in to take photos, scans, installing the Invisalign attachment to my teeth, the patient care calls and the virtual monitors… is very very impressive. Dr. Juson & his team never missed any of my multiple text messages and emails. They are always transparent and clear in addressing my questions or concerns. Each one of their team made me feel really being cared for as an older patient having orthodontic treatment and away from New York City because of the pandemic. Dr. Juson has a good eye on details from his office to creating a new smile. He’s very consistent in every way and that’s the kind of doctor everyone should have. I would definitely recommend Dr. Juson and his team!

Kristina Ramos (Source: Google)


I recently moved to New York and needed to find a new dentist. I was a little nervous because I always have anxieties with dental visits. Dr. Jeremiah E. Juson turned out to be fantastic! He was very accommodating, professional, knowledgeable and genuinely cares. I’ve always felt welcome at his office by him and his team. Absolutely wonderful people! Dr. Juson and his incredible team has changed my life this year! I was most concern about my gap tooth and crooked teeth but he made it possible for me to smile again. I am very happy with the results. I can now eat without difficulty but most of all I can smile and laugh with no embarrassment. I feel so beautiful! It’s so reassuring to be a patient of Dr. Juson and his team. Thank you Dr. Juson and Staff for the wonderful work you do. You’ve made my Orthodontic treatment a pleasant experience. Looking forward to my next follow up visits.

John Gobs (Source: Google)


A dentist is an artist in its craft, an artist’s work will not suit everyone but Dr. Juson does to us amidst the hustle and busyness in the city, there is some peace in his clinic. Dr. Juson is very professional yet relaxed. We came to visit him with our 3 kids, he checked them throughly one by one and explained to us (parents) in a manner that is also comforting and not really a big deal. I also had Dr. Juson checked on my teeth and he explained it very well and nothing to worry about. We will definitely come back and do our follow ups with Dr. Juson. He is very highly recommended as he really knows his field.

Nikki Edillor (Source: Google)


I can honestly say Dr. Juson & his team have shown me the best experience the dental industry has to offer. I came to Dr. Juson after my sister Fayth recommended him to me. I’ve spent years being insecure of my smile, but I’ve learned to cope with it because I’ve already had Invisalign treatment with a different orthodontist during my early high school years. Since I’ve had Invisalign before, I felt like maybe the smile I had now was the “best” it could be, but Dr. Juson proved me wrong. Dr. Juson’s plan for my Invisalign treatment was so different in comparison to my prior experience with the other orthodontist. He made sure to address every detail he could fix and since I’ve started Invisalign in January I have seen a significant difference in my smile. As a graduate student in my mid-twenties, Dr. Juson was able to help me feel confident about my smile again. I also love coming into the office because him and his team are so warm and welcoming that you almost forget you’re at an appointment! If you’re looking for a new orthodontist, look no further, Dr. Juson will exceed your expectations.

Chef JR D (Source: Google)


I dread visits to the dentists, but after shopping around, my consultation with Dr. Juson was so pleasant that I decided to move forward with my treatment (plus the clinic was really clean & pretty). I have had braces when i was young and i didn’t want to go that route to treat my relapse. Dr. Juson explained how Invisalign can work for me so well that i started right away. i’m on my 3rd tray now — so far so good! So excited for this journey. If you’re looking for a really good ortho, you should try it here!

Great Love Of Fashion Its great (Source: Google)


My 2 kids are patients of Dr Jerry Juson. He is very professional and accommodating…very happy with the improvements on my children’s sets of teeth and their smile. His staff are all outstanding too, very courteous and nice. The dental office has new and state of the art equipments. Street parking is never a problem to me whenever we do ff up there on Saturdays.

Nikki E. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Juson is the best orthodontist I have ever encountered. When I was a kid, I went to my local dentist in NJ for Invisalign. After the years of treatment, I felt as if my smile did become “straighter,” but there was still something about it that I did not love. By the time I was 25, I truly realized that my smile wasn’t the best smile it could be. As a student in graduate school I began to feel insecure about the way I smiled. I thought that since I had Invisalign before, there was no way I could improve my smile, but then Dr. Juson proved me wrong. Dr. Juson and the staff at Orthodontist and Co are from the highest caliber. Dr. Juson gave me hope that we can make so many positive adjustments to my smile and I can honestly say he has delivered his promises. I’m shocked with the way it looks today! My friends and classmates often tell me that they notice a huge difference with my bite and the way I smile and all of the compliments they give me- I owe to Dr. Juson. I promise, you will not be sorry with trusting him with your smile and I cannot imagine having a different orthodontist from here on out.

Bryan F. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Juson is kind, professional, and always aims to create the best experience for his patients. He answers your questions and concerns thoroughly, and is easy to reach outside of the office for any issues. I highly recommend his business to all who are seeking an orthodontist who will provide comprehensive care with excellent patient service!

Joshua Colon (Source: Google)


When you walk into any medical establishment it can be a bit nerve wracking! Especially if it’s for your child or any loved one. So you’d want the staff to see your loved ones with the same understanding and caring eyes and that is what Dr. Juson and his staff and this establishment do so well. On top of giving his expertise advice and recommendations for certain ortho situations you can tell that he genuinely care for all his patients!

Katerina Xenos (Source: Google)


Dr. Juson and his team are incredible. After years of trauma with Dr Kevorkian style dentists. I was fearful of meeting with another Orthodontist. I have an extremely complicated case that requires extensive treatment. I’ve been with Dr Justin for over a year. Had some delay due to COVID. Dr Juson treatment plan restored my faith and he developed a thorough detailed treatment plan which he spent hours coordinating with my dentist and periodontist. Dr. Juson takes the time explain every step. His team are equally professional, knowledgeable and gentle. His new location is super clean, the equipment is the latest tech, the space stylish and modern. The service is exceptional. Easily find parking or a quick walk from the subway. I was fearful and skeptical at first but it was well worth that every penny for the incredible value of service and care I receive. Everyone has become like family. When I walk in its like I’m Norm and everybody knows my name. Cheers!

Jaxx and Alexis (Source: Google)


Dr. Juson was recommended by my brother-in-law. He knew Dr. Juson as a friend, and thought I might be interested to bring my 8-y/o son for a complimentary consultation to address my concerns. I was worried if my son was too young, but also worried about his overbite and crooked top teeth, among others. Our consultation experience was so nice that my son enjoyed his visit (and is even excited to go for our regular check-ups!). Dr. Juson also explained the plan thoroughly, going through the steps and limitations of what’s going to happen so I’m very comfortable with it. We’re now doing Phase 1 to correct any issues before it gets worse. Grateful to have Dr. Juson do this treatment on my son! P.S. They have good payment options!

Caprice Powe (Source: Google)


I could not be more happier with the treatment Dr. Jusin has given my son over the past few months. He’s been a big help with teaching my son how to care for his braces and has been very patient as well. He’s very good at what he does and i highly recommend him for any dental work.

W (Source: Google)


If anyone is unsure or intimidated of getting braces or any other option to correct their teeth and smile, do not waste any more time and reach out to Dr. Juson. His work is precise, efficient, and very attentive of what a patient is looking for. Getting braces for myself in my 30’s has definitely changed of what I thought it would be. It is not painful at all and a slight discomfort at the worst. This is of course normal because the teeth are moving and it is working. I work in customer service/residential building industry on a daily basis. Dr. Juson does not rush and takes patience to get results done that you are looking for. See him no matter what age!

Christian Podedworny (Source: Google)


I am delighted that I choose Dr. Jusan as my orthodontist for Invisalign. After doing my research and looking for the right orthodontist I came across Dr. Jusan and I decided to go with him due to his level of knowledge, long term experience , dedicated service and his great team. Whenever I visit his office on 225 E64th Street In Manhattan I am greeted by his friendly staff and I do not have to wait to see the doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Jusan and I will send all of my friends and family members if they are in need of an excellent orthodontist.

Fayth Flores (Source: Google)


With my wedding less than a year away, I found myself wondering if I could fix my smile before my big day, leading me on the quest to see if Invisalign or any of the invisible teeth aligners (Smile Direct Club, Candid Co, etc.) would be worth the time & expense. Reaching out to Dr. Juson & his team for more info was simple via text and email, and I was able to set up an appointment with great ease (Melodie is extremely responsive and accommodating!). During the first consultation, Dr. Juson was very informative and transparent about every step of the process, and answered my questions thoroughly and with patience (I had plenty to ask!) which made me comfortable to move forward with Invisalign. The process so far has been seamless – starting off with a 3D scan of my teeth, followed by a review of Dr. Juson’s treatment plan and then the Invisalign trays were made after my approval. After my first few Invisalign trays, I began to see a noticeable difference and could not be more thrilled with the progress after such a short amount of time! If you’re on the fence about straightening your teeth, look no further and reach out to Dr. Juson & his team at The Orthodontist & Co!

Aika Robes (Source: Google)


I got Invisalign during my trip to New York in 2019. With just 2 quick trips to Dr. Juson’s clinic, I was all set for my Invisalign journey. The program’s flawless – I’m amazed at how convenient and easy it was for me, who’s based in the Philippines, to be on this. Everything I needed for the program was provided for – complete set of trays, tools and devices that would help keep me on track. And the weekly monitoring was a really cool feature! I could easily do it in the comforts of my own home. Absolutely worry-free! Dr. Juson’s able to track the movement of my teeth, and can advise me on what I should be doing better to get optimum results. You’ll definitely be assured that you’re in good hands. And of course, the results were great! I saw a big and significant improvement on my teeth, and I’m really satisfied with the outcome. Looking at the before and after photos proves just how effective Invisalign is, and that it doesn’t matter that Dr. Juson’s all the way in NYC because he’s got it all covered!

Hersey Huan (Source: Google)


5 star Experience. I’m from Canada and I’ve been going back and forth Canada for ortho treatments as I really like how Dr.Juson handles his clients. He would patiently discuss what you need and advise with what is on your best interest. I never had difficulty with his flexible schedule even though it’s covid. He would still virtually monitor me all through my Invisalign treatment so i don’t have to worry. I believe he also does this to his patients all over the world. A world-class Orthodontist.

Pradeep Venigalla (Source: Google)


The Best orthodontist in town. He spends lot of time with the patient, explains the recommended treatment , and also offers flexible payment options . Very friendly staff, beautiful office. They use the latest top of the line technology. It’s worth every penny you spend. I drove over 375mile (From Boston) to have my son looked at and it’s worth every single mile i drove. They have amazing technology to monitor the progress of the treatment eliminating frequent visits.