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The Orthospaceship – Hakim Orthodontics
F. Isaac Hakim, DMD (Orthodontist)

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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Jaw surgery

Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


TMJ treatment

Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (by appointment only)

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Renee V. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Hakim after I suffered for 2 years from TMJ.  My TMJ was so bad that I could not even open my mouth wide enough to put a fork in.    My teeth did not touch on one side of my mouth and the chronic pain was a level of 7-8.  I was in bad shape. We did a mouth guard treatment and then Dr. Hakim said that he would need to move the teeth to fix the bite.   I had braces for a year and a half and just got them off today!  My bite is fixed, all my teeth touch and I am enjoying the perk of having beautiful straight teeth! I met an Orthodontist while on vacation and he said that many Orthodontists do not treat TMJ.  They tell patients to “live with it”.  He said it is too hard to fix.  With Dr. Hakim, he was very confident that he could fix it.  His knowledge of Orthodontics is so strong that he knows exactly what to do to move even one tooth to fix the bite.  It was amazing that he could relieve certain pains so quickly. The office staff is very professional. Roger his assistant is the best!  Very informing, accommodating and personable. Through my experience I have found that is to so important to find the right doctor when working with Orthodontics.  You may be able to get the result of straight teeth anywhere but if you don’t have a doctor that is cognizant of your bite, it won’t be right. If you are in terrible pain of TMJ, give Dr. Hakim a consideration.  It is a long process to fix the pain but he WILL fix it! If you are looking to straighten your teeth, Dr. Hakim’s office will make your teeth beautiful and ensure your bite is correct.

Edmond R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I couldn’t have selected a better, more professional, more accommodating and more welcoming orthodontist than Dr. Isaac Hakim.  I found his experience in dealing with complex orthodontic issues in both young and adult patients invaluable.  His open-mindedness is refreshing and his treatment is friendly, thorough, detailed and multi-dimensional.  Dr. Hakim’s team consists of kind, welcoming and hard-working individuals with remarkable loyalty to him and profound dedication to their mission.  The cost-to-benefit ratio of Dr. Hakim’s treatment in minimal and in my case, the outcome did exceed my expectations.  I’d recommend him wholeheartedly to both adult and young patients, for simple and complex orthodontic cases.

Kat F. from North Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I got my braces with Dr. Hakim a year ago, and I’m currently half-way through my treatment.  I absolutely love this office! I selected Dr. Hakim as my orthodontist after doing some research and finding out that he is one of the top orthodontists in Los Angeles, and I’m so glad I did.  I trust his opinions completely and I’m extremely happy with the progress so far.  I already get compliments on my teeth and I’m still in braces! The rest of the staff is awesome too!  They are all very friendly and make me feel extremely welcome and at ease whenever I come in.  The decor is great too.  Whether you’re an adult or child, I think you will love the spaceship theme in the office! I highly reccomend Dr. Hakim to anyone in need of orthodontic treatment!

P. C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


When I first went to see Dr. Isaac Hakim, I had extreme headaches.  He examined me, took xrays and created a night guard for me.  The day I went to see him to pickup the night guard, I was in a lot of pain.  He fitted and adjusted the night guard. I then left his office. When I got into my car, I started to cry because of the extreme amount of pain I was experiencing, and I was so tired of having this pain. I decided to wear the night guard as I drove home.  After 20 minutes of wearing the night guard, I realized the pain was gone.  I was so amazed.  I have had many night guards made for me by other dental doctors, but not like this one. It is the most comforable night guard I have ever worn.  Thank you Dr. Hakim. (pc)

David Z. from N Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakim and his team are terrific. I’m an adult and was referred to Dr. Hakim by my dentist. Orthodontia I’d had as a child had gone bad, and I needed my bite re-worked in middle age. I had let the bite problem go for too long, and when i first went to Dr. Hakim, I couldn’t even chew food. Dr. Hakim acted quickly, stabilized the bite so I could eat again quickly (!!), then went to work permanently improving the bite. The office is fantastic — it’s set up like a spaceship, and I would imagine it’s fun for kids to visit, and more important, it makes it pleasant to go to the orthodontist and easier for kids to stay on the regimen. The staff are all very competent, attentive, personable, friendly, accommodating, and quick. I found Dr. Hakim’s entire team willing to accommodate my needs as an adult, in terms of travel and scheduling. The braces themselves were great. When I was a kid, they used to use wire to wrap and attach the larger wire to the brackets on your teeth. Today they use brackets that hold the wires in place, and as Dr. Hakim’s team built them, without any pain, and as non-invasive and comfortable as possible. The outcome was a great looking set of teeth, and more important, a solid bite. Dr. Hakim also designed a very comprehensive retainer to insure the corrections remain permanent, and he provides thorough follow-up after the initial treatment phase. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hakim. Having had basic orthodontia as a kid (which obviously wasn’t the best), and needing to go again as an adult, I was very pleased with the outcome. And by the way, I don’t work for Dr. Hakim or have any attachment other than being a patient. This is a normal customer review.

Ugonna O. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Although I had my braces for almost double the time I was told I would have them on for (I’m sure I was also a contributing factor), they turned out great! Dr. Hakim is a brilliant dentist and knows his stuff! His staff is also very very nice and attentive to you and your needs. Roger and Julisa (sp?) are great! Dr Hakim sometimes is a little too serious (lol) but he’s a sweet man and really cares about his patients, and their teeth. He’s pretty much worked on all my siblings; from my two older sisters, to mine and now my two younger sisters, so he must be good then right?! Hah Thanks Orthospaceship!.

Chris C. from Venice, CA (Source: Yelp)


After consulting with several orthodontists in Los Angeles who all said I needed to have a big jaw surgery, my dentist Larry Kozek referred me to Dr Hakim. I was very relieved that I was able to get my bite fixed without surgery, instead using traditional braces. Dr hakim is a very talented orthodontist who can fix issues that most others can’t. He was always accommodating and patient. Really great staff too. My teeth look great.

Andrea Ashworth (Source: Google)


My family has had wonderful results with Dr Hakim. Dr Hakim created a night guard for me, to protect my jaw and teeth against the damage wrought by clenching and grinding. Dr Hakim invited me to come back as often as I needed for any readjustments over time (at no extra charge). Meanwhile, my twelve year old daughter has had great progress in her orthodontic treatment with Dr Hakim and his colleagues, who have been very patient when my daughter has had broken brackets and who really care about the progress of the patient. We have recommended the ortho spaceship to all our friends in need of orthodontic treatment. In addition to the first class orthodontic treatment, we have been grateful for the very attentive care of the non-clinical staff, who are all very knowledgeable and kind and courteous. Thank you to everyone at the ortho spaceship for fabulous professional service and personal attention!

Catherine Paolini (Source: Google)


Prior to seeing Dr. Hakim I had undergone orthodontic treatment on 3 separate occasions (the second episode lasted 7 years) without positive conclusion. Upon initiating treatment with Dr. Hakim he informed me that I would most likely be a surgical patient. I started splint therapy and over the course of the next 6 months my temporomandibular disorder pain resolved. As my orthodontic treatment progressed with braces it became clear that I would indeed require surgery. The final results of my orthodontics after surgery were mind blowing! I have a healthy bite and no longer suffer with jaw pain (it’s now 2 years post treatment). Dr. Hakim is a brilliant, skilled and kind orthodontist. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Hakim and my orthognathic surgeons – Drs. Gunson and Arnett in Santa Barbara. Clearly, this time I was in the right place for the type of care that I needed. Thank you so much!

Emma Y. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


It’s been about 2 years since I last saw Dr Hakim. The amazing splint he made, as well as taking magnesium supplements every night (helps prevent jaw clenching) have completely alleviated my TMJ issues due to an open bite from some condition I can’t spell. ( Oh yeah – I previously tried getting a cheap splint from some random Dentist. Don’t. The splint didn’t fit at all and made my issue worse. The splint has to be adjusted for your bite).

Marissa B. from Playa Vista, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakim and his staff are extremely professional and always a pleasure to visit. I’m 27 years old and wore braces for just under two years….the results are INCREDIBLE! I went from a narrow smile with crowding and an overbite…to having a movie star smile 🙂 It wasn’t an easy decision to make to get metal braces as an adult but it was totally worth it! If you’re thinking about going for it but you’re scared people are going to tease you for being an adult with a metal mouth, don’t worry about what they think! Because let me tell you something…you actually get a lot of props for having the guts to wear braces and when they come off, people will fall over when they see what an amazing job Dr. Hakim has done! btw, the office is awesome. It’s on the top floor of this medical building on Sunset and Doheny. You have one of the best views in Los Angeles from the orthodontist chair 🙂 It’s been exactly a month since I got my braces off and I’m still totally excited! I can’t stop smiling!!! Thanks, Dr. Hakim!!!

Brandon A. from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This has been a long time coming, I got my braces off a little bit ago with Dr Hakim after an entire journey for my jaw surgery. If you’re looking for THE BEST then this is definitely the place! Scale 1-5, 5 being the best: -Ease of getting and appointment 5 The front desk is awesome! There was always flexibility in appointment times to accommodate my schedule. – Customer Service 5 I felt so cared for every step of the way  from appointments, phone calls, office visits.  Every person cares and take time to explain the process from procedures to billing. Going through the grueling process of jaw surgery is extremely daunting and Dr Hakim’s office made the whole process as enjoyable as possible! (not an easy task!!) – Technology 5 Dr Hakim has a CBCT (3D xray) and he didnt just look at my teeth he looked at literally EVERYTHING!! My jaw joints, my airway… seriously everything! They were able to explain their findings objectively and in a way that I could easily see and understand. I really felt like I was in the best hands – Cleanliness and sanitation 5 Everything is pristine and clean. Visited during COVID for a retainer check and there were air filters, sanitizer everywhere and you can see the extensive sanitation precautions that everyone is taking – Care 5 They really take the time to get to know you, explain everything you need to know to make an informed decision and do their best to accommodate any requests! I am beyond grateful! I can breathe better, sleep better, smile better, chew better – my life has drastically improved and I have Dr. Hakim and his wonderful staff to thank for this. Cannot thank them enough and could not recommend this place enough!

Kathryn A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


What a great place this is!  Dr. Hakim predicted the entire process would last two years, and he was right! And my son’s teeth are perfect!  The process was painless except for maybe slight discomfort the evenings after a visit.  My son felt engaged in the process and actually looked forward to the visits.  He delighted in “designing” his retainer at the end.  The appointments were always right on time and the front office was great at working with my schedule.  Once I even showed up a week early by mistake and they were able to work me in.  Dr. Hakim and his technicians were patient, explained every step thoroughly, and were very gentle.  Everything about this office and Dr. Hakim is top of the line, professional, and I highly recommend them.

Catheine P. from Calgary, Canada (Source: Yelp)


I am an international patient of Dr. Hakim.  I’ve previously had splint therapy/braces four times. My bite remained unstable resulting in severe temporal mandibular disorder/joint pain, temporal headaches and random nerve pain (similar to the electric shock and after pain that is experienced when you hit your elbow the wrong way).  My front lower teeth were also sore all the time as my jaw would move forward and hit my upper front teeth.  I work long hours and after speaking all day my jaws would be so sore I wouldn’t want to talk at all when I got home.  When I chewed food my teeth would bang together in odd ways. I started splint therapy at his office this past July and almost immediately felt relief.  The TMJ pain greatly improved, the headaches resolved and the random nerve pain stopped.  The pain in my lower front teeth is gone.  Since wearing this splint I have not required any Ibuprofen for pain relief. During my next visit I will be getting braces on my lower teeth.  I’m grateful that I can wear this splint on my upper teeth for a bit longer before braces go on these teeth.  I’m blown away at how much pain relief I’ve experienced. Dr. Hakim is the consummate professional, detail orientated and easy to talk to.  He delivers care that is in the best interest of the patient.  His staff are exceptional – Lourdes ensures that the office runs smoothly and Roger took considerable time to educate me on my splint. I feel truly fortunate to have Dr. Hakim as my orthodontist and the out of country flight to see him is well worth it.  I no longer feel stressed and know I am in excellent hands.  Dr. Hakim is a master of his craft and I believe I have on of the finest orthodontists on the planet! Catherine.

Athena F. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My family has had wonderful results with Dr Hakim.  Dr Hakim created a night guard for me, to protect my jaw and teeth against the damage wrought by clenching and grinding.  Dr Hakim invited me to come back as often as I needed for any readjustments over time (at no extra charge).  Meanwhile, my twelve year old daughter has had great progress in her orthodontic treatment with Dr Hakim and his colleagues, who have been very patient when my daughter has had broken brackets and who really care about the progress of the patient.  We have recommended the ortho spaceship to all our friends in need of orthodontic treatment.  In addition to the first class orthodontic treatment, we have been grateful for the very attentive care of the non-clinical staff, who are all very knowledgeable and kind and courteous.  Thank you to everyone at the ortho spaceship for fabulous professional service and personal attention!

Kaitlyn C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I honestly cannot commend Dr. Hakim and his staff highly enough. They are so kind, so accommodating, and so generous. I’m an Australian living in Los Angeles, currently nearing the end of orthodontic work and about six weeks away from returning home to have my braces taken off. Because I moved, it’s been four months since I last got to see my orthodontist (my dad) in person. A small issue arose about which I was worried, so I called Orthospaceship and they brought me in and helped me out without hesitation. Honestly, I was so moved by how kind everyone was to me, even though I’m not their regular patient. The practice is amazing and will particularly engage the imaginations of kids. Getting my teeth done has never felt so fun! Thanks so much to Dr. Hakim and his brilliant team for going above and beyond. You’re all wonderful and I truly appreciate it! xxx.

Ryan R. from Studio City, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakim is the best there is.  I was 28 when I first went to him with a pretty major jaw/teeth problem (Class 3 malocclusion with a cross-bite and crowding), and over the course of the next few years Dr. Hakim literally fixed my face– through a bite guard (6 months) braces (1.5 years) jaw surgery (performed by a surgeon Hakim recommended) and more braces (8 months).  It was a difficult, sometimes painful, often annoying process, but Dr. Hakim was always upfront about the realities and challenges we faced, endlessly professional, and concerned about my progress. In the end, I have a completely healthy mouth– jaw/teeth/ bite/ everything– and even considering the cost and time it took, I would do it all over again– but only with Dr. Hakim.  I cannot recommend him enough, and it’s too bad a few other yelpers have had bad experiences with him.  His reputation in the professional community is impeccable.  My jaw surgeon, G. William Arnett, considers Hakim to be one of the best orthodontists in the world.  Seriously.   If you’d like more details about  my experience with Dr. Hakim or my jaw surgery, feel free to message me here on yelp. A few other things: Hakim’s office is all decked out like a spaceship. It’s ridiculous, but you have to remember that many of his patients are kids.  (I grew to dig it. Black-light star-ceilings?  They got ’em.) Another thing I loved (in retrospect) about Dr. Hakim?  No matter how much I begged, he wouldn’t let me have invisalign.  I kept asking, (since I wanted the easy, removable way out)  and he kept telling me they wouldn’t work in my case.  Looking back, if he had given in and let me do invisalign, there’s NO WAY my teeth would have been fixed.  I had no way of knowing that at the time, and it couldn’t have been easy for him to keep reassuring me, but he did, calmly and courteously, over many months. Again, I’m sorry that anyone has had a bad experience with Dr. Hakim, but the negative (and spiteful) reviews posted here do not reflect the experience I had with him.

Carl C. (Source: Google)


After consulting with several orthodontists in Los Angeles who all said I needed to have a big jaw surgery, my dentist Larry Kozek referred me to Dr Hakim. I was very relieved that I was able to get my bite fixed without surgery, instead using traditional braces. Dr hakim is a very talented orthodontist who can fix issues that most others can’t. He was always accommodating and patient. Really great staff too. My teeth look great. The cost of the treatment was quite affordable, especially for Beverly Hills.

Shirin K. (Source: Google)


I am very thankful to God for Dr. Hakim and his amazing staff. I would not trust my daughter’s teeth to anyone but the best. That is why I was willing to drive 60 miles from Palmdale to get to Dr. Hakim’s clinic. My own dentist was wearing braces at the time and I asked him who is his orthodontist. He said that he goes to Dr. Hakim. I could n’t have a better testimony than that. Dr. Hakim is not only one of the best in his field but also has a good heart. He treated my daughter with utmost care and kindness. He has great passion for what he does and loving to his patients. The staff is so friendly and willing to go extra to help make everyone comfortable.
May God continue to bless Dr. Hakim and his staff.

Annie P. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakim has a real talent! His skill & patience w my case in particular really shined, I received compliments everywhere I went! While under his lingual braces treatment not only did my overlap in the front of my smile straighten out after only 3 months!! But I got compliments from other dentists about the skill he has, “your Ortho has some hands on him” was what I heard every time a professional saw my smile & braces. Not many perform this treatment, he does & excels in it. One dentist in particular studied & went to school w the creator of Lingual braces & said Dr. Hakim blows his application out of the water! So if you’re considering visiting w him, do it! His team is great & assistants (Roger is my favorite) are so passionate about getting results. Dr. Hakim & his team continued to see me & keep my braces on well after the treatment & payments were dated to end, no mediocre results only perfection & for that I’m grateful.

Elizabeth B. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Dr. Hakim and his crew! Everyone in the office is dedicated, patient and committed. My child needed braces and each step of the way Dr. Hakim and his staff went above and beyond to ensure his comfort and explain in detail the steps he needed to take to get the most effective results. The office is run extremely well and in over two years of appointments we never once had to wait which is remarkable. Everyone one of the staff is​ friendly and warm and Dr. Hakim is a true perfectionist which is what I want in a medical professional. The results are superb and Dr. Hakim’s kindly demeanor made every appointment a genuine pleasure. I highly recommend Dr. Hakim and give him and his team 5 well earned stars!!

Elle C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came to Dr. Hakim because I had to get braces for jaw surgery and he came *highly* recommended by the top jaw surgeon in the states. My experience was nothing but wonderful, & Dr. Hakim was very knowledgeable, patient and kind. I had upper & lower jaw surgery and it was Dr. Hakim’s job to make sure my new bite was perfect, and it was. Both my surgeon and dentist were extremely impressed by his work and I was able to get my braces off 6 months after surgery!! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing orthodontic care.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


Dr. Hakim was the orthodontist for both of my great-nephews, and my niece recommended him for my sons when it became clear they would need braces. Braces with Dr. Hakim will cost more than at the average orthodontist, but the expense is well worth the result. I had a horrific experience with my own braces, and I did not want my sons to suffer the same way. My older son had his braces taken off today after five years during which his whole jaw was realigned, and he looks sensational! I also don’t have to worry about problems down the line from bad orthdonture. Now my younger son is going through Phase 2, his second round of braces (I started him at eight, as his teeth were very crooked), and I know I’ll have a similar beautiful result. Don’t think that you can’t afford this wonderful orthodontist in Beverly Hills–you can. Chat with Lourdes, the office manager (a super-nice lady from Spain), and she can work out a plan for you. I recommend Dr. Hakim and his staff with no reservations. They’re very, very nice and professional, and they have great coffee and wifi you can take advantage of while your kids are receiving treatment. They also validate for parking, so it’s not that expensive, and your car will be safe in the underground parking.

Edgar R. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


My son just finished his treatment, got his braces off and the results are beyond our expectation. A beautiful smile. Our experience with the office was very good. Never a problem to deal with all the school and after-school schedule to fit that into his appointments. The communication and follow up is up to date with modern technology, automated text message reminder, etc. The reward system for the kids with those tokens works pretty well together with the high tech environment of the office. I also want to point an important part, the communication and cooperation between Dr Hakim and our son’s dentist were really good, always kept us in the loop what was expected and recommended next. Overall a pleasant experience (at least for me, I didn’t have to wear the braces). I can highly recommend the office of Dr Hakim.

CJ. C. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Worth the Wait!!! I am an adult that needed braces … Let’s just say not my cutest few years on this earth but my smile and teeth have NEVER looked better! It took a little longer than expected but if that means my teeth and smile look this good … Then it’s worth the wait! Dr Hakim knows his stuff!  He is an amazing doctor and is very easy to talk to and share concerns and gives great advice! Roger, his technician is my favorite technician.  He also knows his stuff … VERY thorough, communicative and nice! The office is always clean and has updated software.  This is a major plus for me!  It is always important to see that a doctor has continued education and stays ahead of the curve! Thank you Dr. Hakim & staff for my beautiful smile & for fixing my TMJ!.

Joanna C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Despite an extended treatment than anticipated, I could not be more satisfied with my overall experience. Dr. Hakim was my orthodontist 20yrs ago when I was a carefree teenager. And, he had a beautiful saltwater fish tank in the waiting room. Fast-forward, my teeth shifted over the years. My bottom teeth, although not as visible, shifted more than the top teeth. I wanted my teeth perfectly straight as they once were. So, I sought out Dr. Hakim for a second “rodeo”. Suprised he was still in practice, same building just different floor. My goal, upon my consultation with Lourdes and Dr. Hakim, was straight teeth. Yes, I knew I clinched and ground my teeth but never related that as functional/mechanical problem. I also knew that when I bit down, my molars did not touch at the same time, or one side met but the other side barely touched. Again, I just wanted a beautiful smile that only came with perfect teeth. Estimated treatment time was 6-9mo. Braces on the bottom teeth and spring retainer to the top teeth. (Yes!!! No brackets on the top teeth!) After about 6mo of treatment, I was thrilled to see through the brackets and wire that my teeth were straight. I was like, “Yes… my braces are coming off”. Dr. Hakim would say “not yet, we need minor adjustments”. At first, I was puzzled but then the lightbulb went off. At every appointment, Dr Hakim asked me to bite down sometimes he would loosen up my jaw by taking control of my chin and then had me bite down. He was making sure my bite was aligned and that my molars were touching. Now that the teeth were straight, I began to notice the height difference between the teeth which I expressed to Dr. Hakim. He validated my concerns and made the adjustments to the wire which I appreciated. At another time he removed the bracket completely, repositioned it so the tooth would move accordingly. He was always receptive to my concern regarding tooth alignment. Same with my spring retainer. He would make adjustments to the springs when at times I felt that a certain tooth was not meeting its neighbor flush. Although the process was taking longer than expected, I knew that it was in my best interest and I was in for a superb outcome. (Never rush a process!) My braces are off, my teeth are perfect and my smile is back to its radiant self! Today I picked up my clear retainer for my bottom teeth. My treatment was a total of 12mo. I could not be happier! I am grateful and thankful to Dr. Hakim and the entire OrthoSpaceship Staff ( Lourdes, Julissa, Gaby, Hector & Roger). They were also so attentive and welcoming every single time I was there. I hope to put my best foot forward and keep up with my teeth and not require a third “rodeo”. But, If I do, It would be with Dr. Hakim and his OrthoSpaceship Crew. Your smile is the best accessory one can ever wear. Joanna.

Ameer R. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I was sent to Dr Hakim by my orthognathic surgeon, Dr Gunson in Santa Barbara.  They worked together to plan my orthodontic work both before and after a double jaw surgery where both my upper and lower jaw were moved forward to treat severe apnea.  My results have been fantastic with people consistently stunned by how good my smile looks.  My apnea is also completely gone.  For reference, Dr. Gunson is widely considered the best jaw surgeon in the country.(go ahead and do some research on the jaw surgery forums…)   As such he has worked with scores if not hundreds of orthodontists over the years.   He could have recommended any orthodontist in LA to partner with on a difficult case of a receded jaw.  But he picked Dr.  Hakim.  So don’t take some Schmo on yelp’s word for Dr Hakim’s competence.  Take the word of a world renowned jaw surgeon.

William W. from Venice, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakim and his staff provided outstanding care and customer service throughout a difficult treatment process. I recommend him to anyone who may be considering orthodontic care and his work continues to receive rave reviews from other dental professionals I see. Beginning with almost five years of research, I settled upon Dr. William Arnett of Santa Barbara to perform a difficult orthognathic surgery to correct severe bite problems. Dr. Arnett referred me to Dr. Hakim for pre- and post-surgery orthodontic treatment. From an initial consultation which was relaxed, thorough and pressure-free, to the completion of my orthodontic care, I have felt well cared for and have had all my questions and concerns quickly and completely addressed. My initial consultation with Dr. Hakim was October 11, 2005. My braces were put on October 24, 2005 and removed January 14, 2008. Dr. Hakim used a segmented system of orthodontics to prepare my bite for surgery. After surgery, Dr. Hakim completed his orthodontic care, yet continued to supervise my condition as my bite stabilized through the use of a retainer and treatment by Dr. Charles Falzone of Santa Barbara, termed “bite equilibration”. I continue to hear nothing but extremely positive reviews of Dr. Hakim’s work as I visit various periodontists, my general dentist and others. I feel certain that I am always welcome in Dr. Hakim’s office should anything occur, if I have concerns about my bite or questions. His staff was supportive and understanding through the entire treatment process. Without reservation I can recommend Dr. Hakim to anyone who has difficult bite problems or simply desires an improved appearance. I am thankful for his patience and gentle care. If anyone has further questions about my experience or Dr. Hakim’s treatment, you may contact me at Good luck!.

Nicole K. from Geyserville, CA (Source: Yelp)


Both our daughters saw Dr. Hakim and both had already been in braces for some years before seeing him. I learned more about orthodontics in my first 1/2 hour meeting with Dr. Hakim than in all the years prior of them having braces. His staff is very friendly and highly efficient. We never waited long for an appointment and insurance billing was always handled without incident. We were told by a dentist and an oral surgeon that our oldest daughter would need jaw surgery for TMJ. Dr. Hakim fixed her jaw without any surgery. Our youngest daughter had a lot of work done. It’s been a long haul, but her outcome is truly amazing. Dr. Hakim was consistently patient and kind throughout her entire procedure. His manners are impeccable and he is a warm and approachable person. We feel blessed that we found Dr. Hakim and with all sincerity highly recommend him!

Jenna G. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have to say I was initially skeptical when Dr Hakim told me that my 7 yr old needed all kinds of orthodontics. I came in for a retainer to push just one tooth back that seemed to be jutting out a bit. After many conversations with Lourdes (office manager) and the dentist who referred me I was less skeptical and decided to do what Dr Hakim suggested. Almost a year later I am thrilled with what he did with my sons jaw, mouth and teeth. Moving things around when children are growing gets great results fast. Which means less money and time later on. Orthodontics are not about just moving teeth. If that is your only issue he will send you away and tell you to come back when your child is eleven or twelve. I am so thankful that I found this office. I would recommend anyone to come in and have Dr Hakim take a look!

Fabiola D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


First of all, let me start by saying that Dr. Hakim is freakin’ awesome!!! He has been my orthodontist since I was in High School (10 years or so).. I wore braces for almost 4 years during High School. Before Dr. Hakim My teeth were extremely crooked and overlapped. He did wonders and made my smile the most beautiful and confident ever! Last year, I contacted him again for an evaluation and he was happy to assist me and treat my shifting teeth again. I had never wore my retainers after I got my perfect teeth straightened 10 yrs ago(as everyone should know, we don’t follow instructions)… This time  my parents weren’t going to pay, so I had to pay to get my teeth to where they were. So, I invested on myself. He immediately started the treatment with me. Took samples of my crooked teeth for new retainers and “before” pictures to compare with the outcome. In every visit he would always take his time to explain to me what my progress was like. The treatment that I paid for was a 10 month- period. Guess what happened after that period? (for those who like to complain a lot?)…He kept seeing me for an extra 2 months for FREE, because he had promised me my teeth would be straight again in less time if I would were my retainers everyday!… (And i didn’t) As we all know, that is almost impossible.. So, it was my responsibility to wear them as much as possible.. Not his fault.. I am an adult right?.. .Duh! So I started to wear them as prescribed. All the time! Finally, last week was my last visit (sniff) (sniff)… Dr. Hakim took his time to ask for my academic goals, he always remembered our conversations, because he is an amazing human being and cares for all his patients well being! Lolita one of the employees was extremely friendly and very heartwarming took my “after” pictures to compare the progress made. She even compliment on my whitening that I had previously made. She was always very attentive. Teresa, the receptionist, she was always very nice and polite when it came to reschedule every appointment. I felt bad one time for canceling an appointment due to my severe strep throat right before my appointment time.. She never charged me a fee for doing that, even thou I knew she could. She understood the problem and followed days later to check on my health and also to reschedule my new appointment. She is super nice! I had never had a single complain during all these years with Dr. Hakim. The staff is always very friendly, and the office is clean and fun to be around. I love the fact that he makes it fun for all kids no matter the age! I truly love his work, and is highly recommended him among my family and friends. He also had treated my brother, Pedro, and my cousin, Daniel. Besides being a Dr. he also teaches Medicine at a University! What else can go wrong?.. I wrote this review to gratefully thank him for the amazing job he has done to my beautiful smile. I am now more confident with all my teeth perfectly aligned and a strong bite! And for those looking for the best orthodontist, look no more! Dr. Hakim will take care of your needs! Don’t let a bad review fool you… Come and visit him and found out for yourself! Xoxo-Fabiola.

Vanessa R. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


We are so pleased with Dr. Hakim and his professional and courteous staff! When we moved into this area year ago, someone referred us to Dr. Hakim and we are so lucky they did! I want to pass on this glowing reference by saying that my son was deathly afraid of everything having to do with orthodontics, and Roger (technician) was so fantastic, he made my son feel right at ease. Now, about a year later, my son has his braces off and is a total pro at the dentist or orthodontist! I could not be happier. Any question we had or issue that might have arisen, an appointment that was missed, or any thing that might come up was handled so well. Dr Hakim is not only renowned for his work, be has a happy, courteous and knowledgeable staff.

Heather O. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m so happy my regular dentist recommended Dr. Hakim to me. I’ve needed braces for a long time to realign my teeth and jaw. Having a cross bite and an overbite since I was very young caused my jaw to be sore and misaligned. As soon as Dr. Hakim diagnosed me I knew I was in good hands. No other orthodontist I had been to ever considered my jaw as well as my teeth. I’m overjoyed to have finally found someone I can trust to help me. Thank you Dr. Hakim and team!

Lauren Heideman (Source: Google)


Dr Hakim and his staff have always provided the best of care to me and my family. Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful. It has been the best experience in every visit. Dr. Hakim and team took care of me through my first set of braces 20+ years ago, as well as my son’s braces starting when he was in fourth grade (he Is now 17) and now Dr. Hakim is helping me to correct a few small changes to my smile (as I did not wear my night guards/retainer as I should have way back when.). I am so appreciative for Dr. Hakim and his entire team.

Jamie S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakim and his team are incredible. After meeting with a number of orthodontists all over town, I was referred to Dr. Hakim by a friend. He was the only doctor who wasn’t solely focused on just straightening my teeth, but diagnosing and solving for the structural problems that caused my teeth to move. No other orthodontist put in the same amount of upfront care and detail as Dr. Hakim to provide me with a tailored and expert solution. The process was very thorough, everyone in the office is a professional and very caring. I am so happy with the end result – no more pain and beautifully, straight teeth!


Using the latest technology, we provide orthodontic treatment with metal, clear, and behind the teeth braces for adults and children. If you are looking for an alternative to braces, Dr. Hakim is not only an orthodontist and expert Invisalign provider, but many times he can straighten your teeth using removable appliances that look like retainers. In our office you will find management and solutions for your TMJ symptoms: Tooth grinding, worn down, painful and cracked teeth; head, jaw, face, neck and shoulders pain; difficulty chewing, gum recession and noises in your jaw. You couldn't be in better hands if you need corrective jaw surgery (Orthognathic Surgery). Dr. Hakim is a renowned expert, and he works with the best oral surgeons in the country to prepare patients for jaw surgery. Welcome to the OrthoSpaceship! You will enjoy our unique, high-tech, friendly spaceship-themed office! Dr. F. Isaac Hakim has been in practice in the same location, Beverly Hills Orthodontic Group, since 1978, serving Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and West Hollywood. Our patients come from all six continents and countries in all corners of the world. Over the years, Dr. Hakim has provided treatment and cared for countless smiles, including many high profile ones. We treat all of our patients as we do our friends and family. In fact, many of our family and friends are out patients! Everyone is a VIP Celebrity in the OrthoSpaceship! Using a "whole health" approach to treatment, to obtain results that will stand the test of time, experience has taught Dr. Hakim to aim for five objectives: * Improve facial aesthetics. You'll be cuter! * Improve dental aesthetics. Much cuter! * Place TMJ in it's natural position. You will be pain free and happier! * Improve and preserve healthy gums. You will be healthier! * Establish a functional, healthy bite. It will last you forever! Dr. F. Isaac Hakim attended UCLA and received a BA degree in Biology, graduated Summa Cum Laude, received Departmental Honors in Biology and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He then went on to attend Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude at the top of his class, and was elected to Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Subsequently he returned to UCLA, where he is a lecturer to this day, and received his Certificate in Orthodontics. Dr. Hakim is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and a graduate of the Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlusion in Orthodontics. He belongs to numerous local, national, and international, dental and orthodontic associations and has lectured widely in the States and abroad. Dr. Hakim's motto is that with a positive mental attitude and going the extra mile, one can achieve anything the mind conceives.