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Tiger Smile Family Dentistry
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Chloe K. from Gert Town, New Orleans, LA (Source: Yelp)


I’m only here to add to all the wonderful reviews. Tiger Smile is fantastic! Going to the dentist was giving me major anxiety. Being new to the area, I spent a lot of time researching practices that met my needs and budget. More importantly somewhere with a kind and transparent staff. Tiger Smile checked all the boxes. I told them about my anxiety and they were very accommodating. They’re handling COVID-19 very well and have an effective system in place so there’s no interaction with other patients. Everyone on staff- receptionists, hygienists, assistants, dentist- make you feel welcomed and comfortable. They made sure I understood my procedure and paperwork, and of course answered any questions I had. I’m not sure if this is helpful for anyone, but they do seem to have an all female staff (besides the other dentist, who I have never seen). Personally, although I’m not sure why, this helped me feel even more comfortable. Lastly, they offer an annual membership package that helps with the cost. In my research, I noticed at least half of the places I looked didn’t have anything like this or even some sort of new patient discount. Tiger Smile isn’t the only great option in Baton Rouge area, but it’s top tier. And it was the best option for me, so I’m thankful! And my teeth and gums feel great!

Charlie Whinham (Source: Google)


Tiger Smile Family Dentistry is wonderful! The staff is very caring, attentive, and gentle. My anxiety levels can rise quickly due to past dental experiences from my childhood, and everyone at Tiger Smile keeps me calm with their professional and friendly manner. I recommend Tiger Smile to anyone who is looking for an excellent dentist.

Paige Johnson (Source: Facebook)


I was nervous to say the least and had dental anxiety to the max, but Katelyn (hope I’m spelling that right) and Dr. Luong made me feel so at ease and were so friendly and took their time with me to make sure I was comfortable and knew every step of every move they made. To say that I have way less anxiety about having to go back to the dentist is an understatement and so glad this place was recommended to me! 12/10, 5⭐️, A+++ place to go!

Anthony L. from New Orleans, LA (Source: Yelp)


Every experience here was a pleasant one. Such a welcoming atmosphere when you walk in. Extremely friendly staff and very professional service. You know when you schedule for a time, but end up waiting 45 minutes or an hour until you finally get seated in a dental chair? Not here. I didn’t have to wait long when I got there compared to the other dental offices. Thumbs up for this dental office! It will be my go to spot!

Jessica Hernandez (Source: Google)


I have been eyeing Tiger Smile Dental as I know that it is one of the affordable dental care in Baton Rouge. I needed to have an emergency tooth extraction so I called up the clinic and thank God they squeezed me at the last minute. The dentist was professional and easy to talk to. When I was there I also scheduled for teeth fillings and cavities treatment as well because my dentist noticed that my last dentist did a halfway job with my teeth. Great experience for me. I definitely recommend 10/10.

Tien L. from Baton Rouge, LA (Source: Yelp)


I Yelp often but I rarely ever write reviews but after two trips to Tiger Smiles I am compelled to do so.  Both my brother and my niece have raved about the professionalism and friendliness of Dr. Cecilia and the staff.  There is very little waiting time and the price is also more reasonable compared to most other places in the area.  I highly recommend this place.

Tracy Garcia (Source: Google)


I was nervous to go in for my first visit at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, but I was worried about nothing when I had my treatment. The teeth cleaning treatment went well and fast. It is not your average dental clinic because the dentist and staff were so nice to me, I had a fun time as well and I would recommend this high quality clinic to anyone in Baton Rouge.

Sheena Keys (Source: Google)


The client-relation skills of the dental team in Tiger Smile Dental are exceptional. They know how to answer inquiries and have been very patient with my parents who are of old age already. When my parents needed a dental cleaning and denture adjustment, they were very respectful and caring. I highly recommend their great team if you have aging parents who need genuine dental care.

John Bergerson (Source: Google)


For years my mom had a phobia about going to the dentist so her teeth are in bad shape. For her 50th birthday, she decided that she needed to go at last. She was worried that her teeth were a lost cause but the dentist assured her that it would be okay. We had the best treatment for scaling and root planning in Baton Rouge. It feels great to see my mom smile confidently.

Howell Jakob (Source: Google)


My fam‎‎ily and I l‎‎ove Ti‎‎ger Sm‎‎ile Fa‎‎mily De‎‎ntis‎‎try! The cli‎‎ni‎‎c has ex‎‎cel‎‎lent se‎‎rvice to my hu‎‎sba‎‎nd and I and our 3 kids. They di‎‎d a gr‎‎e‎‎at job with the te‎‎eth clea‎‎ning treat‎‎ment I bo‎‎ok‎‎ed for all of us a‎‎nd we wal‎‎ked aw‎‎ay satis‎‎fied. The ‎‎cli‎‎nic has gre‎‎at en‎‎tert‎‎ainment for m‎‎y bo‎‎red kids. I re‎‎comm‎‎end Tig‎‎er S‎‎mile De‎‎ntal for fa‎‎mil‎‎ies he‎‎re in Ba‎‎ton Rou‎‎ge.

Christa Guy (Source: Google)


Started the process of replacing three crowns today with Dr. Luong. She and her staff are totally amazing. I have major anxiety from my childhood dentist and it’s hard to control. Tiger Smile is compassionate and understanding of my irrational fears. Brylea took such good care of me today. She offered me a blanket, gave me some cool (not) glasses to wear and kept me informed of what they were doing. Can’t leave Hannah out. She’s the best shot giver ever. I seriously can’t say enough good about all these ladies (just ladies now that Tommy left). They also do my Botox and lip filler and are the only ones whom I want working on my face and mouth! If you are looking for a new dentist, no need to look further.

Luis Fernandez (Source: Google)


For years I had insecurities about my teeth and how my jaw looked so I find it hard to smile at pictures but I finally decided to go for cosmetic dentistry at Tiger Smile Dental. I was so scared because I thought it would hurt a lot but nope. I had cosmetic sedation and was relaxed through it. Thanks for taking care of me at Tiger Smile Dental.

Paula Milner (Source: Google)


You just know when dentists are great with kid patients. My five-year-old and three-year-old love and look forward to dentist appointments. We tried Tiger Smile Family Dentistry when my mother suggested a new dentist for us here in Baton Rouge. It was hard to get our kids to the last dentist we had. But now we’re good, and we’ll go here from now on!

Hasna Tresg (Source: Google)


I had a very positive experience at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge. They did a wonderful job removing my old crown & replacing it with a better porcelain one that looks more natural than the old one. They also gave me simple and detailed instructions on how to properly take care of it. This showed me their dedication to providing the best care for their patients not only during procedures.

Angelica Brower (Source: Google)


My experience at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry is very positive and I highly recommend them for quality dental work and preventive care. The staff was very friendly, providing patients with a very clean and comfortable environment. They did a great job explaining how the procedure was to be done while answering questions that I had. Overall, it was a very positive experience and I will be back. Thanks again!

Dora Wiggin (Source: Google)


The office personnel at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry were very courteous and helpful. The procedure done on my teeth were as painless as I have ever had and useful suggestions were given for aftercare. Additional options were offered and explained thoroughly and no pressure was used to influence my decisions to accept or reject them. Thank you for a pleasant experience!

Carroll LLisau (Source: Google)


Dr. Cecilia was so attentive and made sure I understood everything regarding the overall health of my teeth. We were able to go through fitting my dentures smoothly. Everyone was very nice and professional and I would recommend others to experience the best dental services from Tiger Smile Family Dentistry.

Brian Poirier (Source: Google)


My children are regular in Tiger Smile Dental. Up to now that they’re in their teens, we’ve trusted the dental care that the dentists here have been giving our children. The atmosphere in the clinic is child-friendly, it dispels the fear that children usually feel when visiting a dentist. Even the staff are very friendly and accommodating. With Tiger Smile Dental, we have full confidence that our kids are in good hands.

Ferdaus Alam (Source: Google)


Our family of 4 loves our local family dental clinic, Tiger Smile Dental. We especially go usually a week or two after Halloween to check for cavities and stuff. My kids love our dentist and when we go for a fillings and cavities treatment, he rewards them for good behavior. Tiger Smile Dental is a trusted unique family dentistry in our book.

Molly T. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was down in Baton Rouge to visit my family and had a terrible toothache. I wanted to die, but considering that I’m from California, I wasn’t sure if any of the dental offices would take my insurance. Well I found out about Tiger Smile through a family member. They have this offer where it’s only $19 for a emergency exam and X-ray. Well I went in hoping that they could help me out and they did! Apparently one of my fillings had fallen out, and since I have sensitive teeth, the nerve pain was what was causing the toothache. They treated it temporarily, gave me an rx for some high-strength ibuprofen, which worked wonders. Who would’ve thought. Thanks Tiger Smile for saving my family vacation. It would’ve been terrible if the only thing I could remember from my vacation was a toothache.

Neda P. from Baton Rouge, LA (Source: Yelp)


Tiger Smile Family Dentistry is highly recommended for dental needs near airline, corporate, and goodwood. I received kind friend service with text message reminders for my appointments. Brittany assisted me during my procedure by being extremely nice and helpful alleviated all my anxiety. They worked with me with almost no wait. Next time you need dental work, make sure to check out Tiger Smile.

Stephanie Passmore (Source: Facebook)


I was very nervous (to say the least) about getting Dysport for the first time. My constant worry about my appearance made me take the step and go for a consultation. Tiger Smile came recommended to me by a friend and I will recommend them to everyone who crosses my path. They took their time in the consultation and just as much so at my actual appointment. I have a fear of needles and they absolutely catered to my every concern and had the kindest patience with me. Go figure, it wasn’t near as bad as I thought! I will be back as often as necessary for maintenance without hesitation! Thank y’all for everything! ♥️

Howard Patterson (Source: Google)


My poor baby kept complaining that her tooth bothered her and yesterday she decided she couldn’t take it anymore. We had an appointment scheduled next week but I took her anyway to Tiger Smile Family Dentistry for an emergency tooth extraction. She’s now okay after the treatment. The staff did a great job soothing her and making her smile.

Sam Leite (Source: Google)


Due to working two jobs I didn’t have time to call to set up an appointment but I tried my luck and tried a walk in appointment. Thank goodness for walk in dentists at Tiger Smile Dental for accommodating me. The whole clinic was clean and proper procedures were taken. For general dentistry, Tiger Smile Dental is the place to go to.

Bella Mallow (Source: Facebook)


I came to Tiger Smile after having a bad experience with my previous dentist. The difference was night and day! This is hands-down the best dentist I’ve ever been to. The staff are very nice, the treatments are thorough and effective. I leave here feeling like I’ve been heard, educated, and cared for. Dr. Cecilia Luong has done a great job helping me, and I am genuinely saddened that I am about to move out of state and will have to find another dentist. The experience here is hard to beat!

David Evans (Source: Google)


Since a young age, I had a phobia of going to the dentist due to a really bad experience i had, so my partner finally convinced me to try out his dentist that he has been going to Tiger Smile Dental. My partner called ahead of time and let me tell you, I was really scared about coming but my dentist was really gentle and patient with me. If you need an adult orthodontics treatment in Baton Rouge, I recommend Tiger Smile Dental.

Paul Payne (Source: Google)


I recently had my dental implants at Tiger Smile Dental. I admire their great services and facility. They are very welcoming and kind. The dentist who attended to me was patient and knowledgeable in answering all my questions about the procedure. Trust their expertise if you want what’s best for your teeth!

Riley Ronin (Source: Google)


I ne‎‎ede‎‎d to ha‎‎ve a ma‎‎jor or‎‎al su‎‎rg‎‎ery do‎‎ne and I ch‎‎ose Tig‎‎er S‎‎mi‎‎le Fa‎‎mily D‎‎entis‎‎try as I hea‎‎rd gre‎‎at thin‎‎gs about the‎‎m fro‎‎m my fr‎‎ien‎‎ds. The pro‎‎ced‎‎ure we‎‎nt w‎‎ell a‎‎nd th‎‎ey ex‎‎plaine‎‎d the aft‎‎er ca‎‎re in d‎‎eta‎‎il, I fe‎‎lt ass‎‎ure‎‎d with them star‎‎ting from the p‎‎rofes‎‎sional sta‎‎ff. If you ne‎‎ed a pla‎‎ce for ad‎‎ult or‎‎thodo‎‎ntics in Bat‎‎on R‎‎ouge, cho‎‎ose Tige‎‎r Sm‎‎ile.

Lamon Catt (Source: Google)


Tiger Smile Family Dentistry is beaming with a wealth of knowledge, skill, and professionalism. I got my teeth whitened, got a root canal treatment, and cleaning. In every procedure, I was first given explanations that made me feel confident of their capability. They’re the best dental team you will ever meet in Baton Rouge!

Connie Rodriguez (Source: Google)


I think Tiger Smile Dental is one of the trusted dental clinics in Baton Rouge. They had a variety of treatments of general dentistry for kids and adults. The staff was accommodating to any questions I had, and I had a lot. The office was relaxed yet fun and comfortable. The dentist who worked on my teeth did a great job with the fillings and cavities. I was also amazed by their dental technology.

Lori Villanueva (Source: Google)


I went to different dentists around Baton Rouge and they just told me that they will do work on my teeth because of cavities I have. It was only in Tiger Smile Dental that they went in detail about what they were going to do to my teeth so I decided to have the work done here. They gained my trust by showing they were knowledgeable. I like them.

Tracey Jerome (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough positive words about the staff at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry. The best dentist in Baton Rouge I’ve ever been to. The cosmetic dentist in Baton Rouge took the time to explain everything. The dentist kept me calm throughout my appointments while still answering all my questions. Their teeth whitening procedures left me with the best smile ever. I don’t have to worry about discolored teeth anymore. They have a state-of-the-art office and equipment. Contact Tiger Smile Family Dentistry today if you are looking for competent dentists in Baton Rouge. Don’t look any further for your perfect smile.

Anthony Barnes (Source: Google)


I like how Dr. Cecilia works with my dental care. Other dentists feel like they are rushing and there were times I had to come back because I experience discomfort. I had no such thing today with the fillings done to my teeth. Painless procedure and I had sensitivity afterward. Five stars to Tiger Smile Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge!

Jeremy Spring (Source: Google)


My kid and I had a wonderful experience with Tiger Smile. From the staff to their dental service, everything was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly the staff was, it was a neat experience. The office was kid friendly as well and I especially loved the tiny details they had. I highly recommend them.

Rita Eisen (Source: Google)


Our family visit to the Tiger Smile Family Dentistry office was exceptional beyond words. Some people may be afraid to visit their family dentist but every member of our family loves taking a day trip to their favorite dentist in Baton Rouge. When it comes to choosing one of the many pediatric dentist clinics in Baton Rouge, our children always want to visit their favorite family dentist. The dentists, dental assistants, and receptionists provide great customer service with the friendliest of smiles. It does not matter if you are having a simple teeth whitening or cleaning procedure or a more complicated root canal, you will always feel welcome.