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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Sedation dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (by appointment only)

Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Kristen G. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I recently had to switch dentists because I changed jobs and needed to find someone closer to my new office. From the second I walked into Timber Dental I was instantly impressed with the atmosphere, it doesn’t feel like the standard, sterile dentist office. The lobby is very charming and immediately sets you at ease. They have all the most modern technology and everyone is extremely friendly and accommodating. I get really nervous when I have to have any kind of dental procedure, and when I told Dr. Kathan my concerns, he was very compassionate and willing to do whatever it took to make me feel at ease. I even got to watch a movie on Netflix during the procedure, which was a really welcome distraction! The entire staff really makes an effort to make a personal connection with you and you can tell that they really care and aren’t just out to swindle you or your insurance for extra charges on things you don’t need. I have been really impressed with this practice and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist!

Frankie Gasaway (Source: Google)


I have been going to Timber for years. They are very nice, professional, and they work with you on billing. BEST PART they have televisions above all the chairs so you can distract yourself with some Netflix. I recently had a 2 hour procedure, which is grueling under any circumstance, but the dentists and hygienists at Timber really try to make their patients as comfortable as possible. They tell you everything they are going to do before they do it, and why they are doing it. I appreciate transparency from the person with their hands in my mouth! They are overwhelmingly positive and upbeat about everything, which is very comforting when it comes to the ever-dreaded dentists office. And they don’t ask that pesky question: how often do you brush/floss. 10/10 would recommend.

Scott R. from Lawndale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Matt is awesome. When I went to Timber Dental I was hoping to find a dentist that takes a ‘conservative approach’ as I’ve had my fair share of dentists that hand me a treatment plan that costs thousands of dollars, only to find out from my dentist father-in-law that it was an ‘aggressive’ (and not needed) approach. Finding Dr. Matt was a great surprise. He’s super personable & takes a long-term perspective. I felt comfortable trusting his treatment plan which factored in that I can only afford so much right now. During my filing he made it super comfortable – what other dentist offerings Netflix while they work on your teeth! HIGHLY recommended. I’ll be sticking with Dr. Matt for years to come.

Jia F. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I had the same trusted dentist for 21 years before needing a dentist in Portland, so I wasn’t sure if I could find one that compared to the one from my hometown. Fortunately, I found Timber Dental. Dr. Matt and his staff are great. I had a completely positive experience, which consisted of a basic checkup, cleaning, filling, and fluoride. Not once did Dr. Matt make me feel nervous, which is saying a lot when a stranger is sticking needles and drills your mouth. He also explained the x-rays and everything he was doing, which was helpful. Dr. Matt actually cares about providing affordable dental care and isn’t going to recommend unnecessary procedures in order to get your money. It is clear from Timber Dental’s business model that social justice and environmental responsibility are taken seriously. Not only are their services affordable and accessible, they also implement sustainable business practices. Just to name a few, they are paper-free and use reclaimed building materials. Pretty cool. Plus, the place looks great (clean, minimalist, industrial chic) and the two times I was in there they were playing post rock and indie. Not that this is important, but still…. Basically I have found my dream dentist, from dentistry skills to ethics to aesthetics. I cannot recommend Dr. Matt and his crew highly enough.

Jaclyn Powell (Source: Google)


I really can’t say enough good things about my new patient experience at Timber Dental in NE. Kind, thoughtful and professional from the moment I walked in to checking out at the end. Everyone made me feel not only welcome, but very much a part of what was going on within my checkup, ie. displaying my oral photos on the ceiling screen above for me and going over the health of every single tooth and explaining to me any concerns. I felt very cared about as an individual. Would highly recommend to anyone. I am very grateful to have found Timber Dental!

Joshua S. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Best… dental… checkup… ever. The staff was really nice. They were very punctual with my appointment. The office was very clean and modern. My dentist was Matt, and he was very friendly and open. They had a big screen TV hanging above me, so that I could see much of what was going on while they were helping me. They even let me use the suction tube so that I felt a little less like a lab rat and a little more empowered and involved. Not only did they do the routine aspects of my visit, e.g. cleaning, but Matt gave a refresher course on the best way to brush. He used a dye on my teeth so that I could see the plaque or spots that I was missing with brushing. Having never seen that before, I was able to understand new brushing techniques with what their actual effects would look like. Matt seems to have the philosophy of “If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” Instead of hoping to get more money from patients, he wants people to know the best ways to be able to avoid dental work as much as possible. A real find.

Ravyn S. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


First visit to Timber Dental today, and I could not have been more pleased. It had been quite awhile since my last dental visit. I was really nervous, but as soon as I walked in, I was put at ease. The overall atmosphere was warm and comfortable. The staff was amazing. Carly took amazing care of me during the first part of the appointment … she was descriptive and made me feel like I was a part a the appointment. Dr. Kathan (Matt) was just awesome. I had some issues that needed to be addressed later, and both of them made me feel like they could be managed, and explained the procedures in detail. This was my first dental experience in Portland, I will be recommending them to anyone who is looking for a new dentist. *Update: I was told during my visit that I needed sealants, had 3 cavities, and needed root planing. I visited a new dentist 3 months later when my insurance changed, and the new dentist found none of these issues (even after I specifically asked about them). With a price tag of $2,000 quoted from Dr. K’s team, I was surprised – disappointed really – that I almost spent that money. I was told the work is important, and absolutely needed to be taken care of soon before anything got worse.

Jen R. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


My husband and I have been going to Timber Dental for almost a year and have had a LOT of (very necessary) work done in that time. The staff are fantastic — they know their stuff and can give really good advice. Yesterday, I got two of my wisdom teeth removed and, after WebMD-ing myself into a blind panic, was assured that it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought. Of course, I didn’t believe them, but they were right. The procedure took 45 mins and today I’m pretty much back to normal. These guys are the best – they’re honest, empathetic and good at their job.

Jaysen Dang (Source: Google)


Was incredibly greatful to have found Timber Dental. I had a dental emergency requiring immediate care. In the midst of a pandemic not only were they still quick to take on a new patient but treated me as if I’d been with them for years. The offices are very modern and aesthetically pleasing. Staff was very professional in the strict precautions in place while still remaining polite and personable. Great team here made all the differences in providing ease in a less than stellar situation. Rates were also very affordable. While I visited out of urgent need and just moved here. I’ll be making this my primary location for dental work from here on out.

Andrew M. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I recently transferred to a new job and had a new dental insurance plan, and Timber Dental was among the many options I had to choose from. I ended up selecting Timber Dental because it had amazing reviews, and the pictures looked warm and inviting. I am so glad I chose Timber Dental, because the staff were warm and engaging, Dr. Kathan was thorough and took a genuine interest me me, the building was beautiful, clean, modern and full with the latest technology, and it was not far from where I lived. Timber Dental is an exceptional facility and I will be sticking with them for years to come.

Melinda D. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I can easily say this is the best experience at a dentist that I have ever had! Everyone on the team at Timber Dental is friendly, professional, and makes sure every visit is smooth and quick. I hadn’t been to the dentist in years, but they put together a treatment plan that addressed all the issues by priority and fit within my insurance limits. The office itself is beautiful, they have Netflix to watch during any procedures, and the staff always made sure I understood what would be happening, as well as what to do to take care of my teeth and gums in the future. (Added bonus – they can text you appointment reminders so you don’t have to worry about losing appointment cards!) I’ve had cavities filled, my gums deep cleaned, and even had my wisdom removed a few weeks ago and haven’t had a single issue – no swelling, minimal pain, and no issues with insurance billing or anything. Thanks Timber Dental – you guys are awesome!

Kelly Gillard (Source: Google)


I just completed my first appointment and couldn’t be happier. I get really stressed about going to the dentist to the point where it’s been way too long and I’m even more stressed and embarrassed about it which makes it even harder to go. I also haven’t had a dentist in Portland that I’ve really liked. Timber Dental immediately put me at ease. Everyone was super helpful and friendly and efficient! I had a small cavity and they actually just filled it at the same appointment. Will definitely be recommending their practice to others!

Denise J. from Kelso, WA (Source: Yelp)


Not only have I had the pleasure of working along side such a wonderful dentist but Dr. Kathan has recently become my dentist too. He seeks the very best for his patients, treating them all like family. He takes the time to explain every detail of his treatment plan, yet leaving time so patients can ask quesions. If your a patient that has needle anxiety, you will be pleasantly surprised. Ive had him restore a couple teeth for me over the year and i’ve never been given an injection with such ease. He has some serious technique… wishing all dentist could be this good. if your looking for a new dentist in your area give Dr. Kathan a shot, you won’t be sorry. He’s not only a great doctor but a genuine person at heart. I’m sad to say that we no longer work together but I do plan on keeping him as my dentist. A 45 min drive to his stellar office for superb treatment is well worth the trip.

Patricia V. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I just received a hand written thank you card from my dentist, Dr. Matt at Timber Dental. I appreciated the personalized service and attention given to the patients. As a first time patient, and a person who hasn’t been to the dentist in several years, I was saddened and scared to learn that I would have to have some work done, but the staff at Timber Dental made it as painless as possible. I was impressed with the flat screen TV hanging above me as I was having the procedure, the 80s style sunglasses I was loaned so the light wouldn’t shine in my eyes and the fact that on my second visit, they had remembered what show I had been watching on my first visit. That and the new technology they have for cleaning so they don’t have to do all that scraping and instead use some supersonic stream of laser water (or something like that). They still do a little bit of scraping, but not the entire cleaning. And Dr. Matt was able to remove the staining between my teeth from years of coffee and tea consumption. Also they had a intra-oral camera and I was able to see inside my mouth on the TV above me so I could see which teeth needed work. They will definitely be my regular dentist and I’d highly recommend Timber Dental looking for a wonderful dentist.

Ron P. from New England (Source: Yelp)


This was my initial visit with Dr. Kathan. I was very pleased with everything about the visit. Dr. Kathan was very personable and I feel confident that he will help me with what will be a long process with some dental restorations. His staff were extremely friendly and professional. An added bonus was simply the environment of the office. The decor was warm and relaxing, as was the music that was playing. Although I am not looking forward to all of the upcoming dental work that needs to be done, I feel very confident and comfortable with Dr. Kathan and his team.

Allen K. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I can honestly say coming to Timber Dental was the first time I’ve ever been excited to visit the dentist. I won’t go into the details, but I needed a root canal ASAP and Dr. Kathan and staff were able to see me the same day. The office is kind of industrial chic: minimalistic but inviting at the same time. The exam chairs are comfy and a cool perk is the LCD screen hanging from the ceiling; you’re given free reign of Dr. Kathan’s Netflix account while getting work done on your teeth. I always felt that I was in good hands during my visits. You can tell the doc is up on the latest technology and research and clearly knows his stuff. The staff, also, has always been warm and helped me out with my wonky insurance. Great experience from start to finish with cool jams in the background while you wait. If you’re not yet convinced that this place is awesome, just look at the logo! You can’t go wrong with a logo that clever!.

Daniel S. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient at Timber Dental for over a year now. I have had 2 other dentists my entire life, one is a long time family friend my parents had me go to since I was a baby and the other is a dentist I found after relocating to Portland. Since I’ve made the switch to Timber Dental I can honestly say Dr. Kathan is the best dentist I have ever had. Not only is he and his staff prompt, through and very friendly, but he has the most state of the art equipment of any other dentist I have seen. The equipment he has allows him to diagnose things that may be missed with more inferior technology. He thoroughly goes through all of his diagnoses with you before making a treatment plan. This is fantastic because being an informed patient is a big deal to me. I can go on and on but don’t take it from me, go see Dr. Kathan and the staff at Timber Dental to receive the best oral care imaginable, period.

Genevieve Blaettler (Source: Google)


The staff are exceptionally friendly, kind, communicative, and have a good light-hearted humor, while remaining professional. The dentist listened to me thoroughly and provided excellent care. Also the building has very fun and modern decorations which made the visit feel extra pleasant. I felt well cared for and comfortable, and I highly recommend this place!

Jeffrey Semigran (Source: Google)


Best dental experience I’ve ever had! Folks were friendly but professional, and provided great communication every step of the way. The dentist and dental assistant had my health and comfort as their priority, rather than just being another patient to push through their chair, as I have felt at some dental offices. They explained their findings and approach to addressing my tooth pain clearly and effectively. Their billing person was transparent going through insurance coverage and charges prior to the procedure so I would have a good idea of what My financial responsibilities would be, which was a breath of fresh air. Overall, I felt respected and cared for, which was a new feeling for me at a dental office, as I normally feel spoken down to like I’m a little kid who is being sent to the principals office for not brushing and flossing my teeth well enough. Definitely going back!

Elle B. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Update 12/18/17: Many visits later, & this is still a fabulous office. Always pleasant, it’s clean & modern, technology awesome, staff always professional, & now I see Dr. Garcia who has an excellent chairside manner & is very professional & competent. I love their reminder emails & texts, their follow up calls. Will always recommend Timber! ====== I’ve had a lot of dental troubles for 20 years…been to lots of dentists…I very HIGHLY recommend Timber Dental. I had my 1st visit today. Carly was awesome! She was friendly, informative, professional, and thorough in cleaning my teeth & giving me tips on how to improve my gum health. If I were in the habit of tipping my dental team, I’d certainly give her a huge one! 🙂 Clean, pretty office! Awesome technology! Scans and actual photos of my teeth, which I could view on the overhead screen, helped me to follow and understand what we were talking about. It also made me feel reassured that I wasn’t being “scammed” for extra treatment…I’ve seen enough of my own dental scans to have an idea of what’s going on. Dr. Kathan performed a more thorough exam than I’ve had previously, checking jaw joints, bone structure, and an oral cancer screening. He kindly and matter of factly delivered my “bad” news of needing a root canal and told me my options. Dani was really helpful about telling me my dental treatment plan estimates. (Which were reasonable rates after my insurance portion!) Also, as a medical professional myself, I appreciated Carly’s verbal handoff to Dr. Kathan about my case history, which was more efficient than extensive notes.

Heather P. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I absolutely Love this dental practice! Who can say that about their dentist? I walked in there the first day, absolutly terrified. Dr Kathan immediately made me feel comfortable and safe. This is a state of the art practice, but they are very down to earth and relateable people. A stunning combination! Jenn really impressed me with her abilities, and sweetheart personality! Best deep cleaning a girl could ask for. Mary at the front desk is also very charming and keeps you on track with your treatment. I’m so grateful to have had such a great team helping me with my oral health. This is a revolutionary practice. Oh, and they sent me a thank you card with a coupon for a free pizza from Life If Pie! Portlands finest dental team. In my humble opinion!

Sothea Rem (Source: Facebook)


Not having dental insurance AND a living wage had prevented me from going to the dentists so I neglected going for about a decade. Even after getting a job with benefits and a living wage I still didn’t schedule cleanings until I chipped a molar and it got infected. Honestly, if there was no pain, I probably wouldn’t have done anything about it. I finally gotten the molar removed and the abscess drained when the pain grew unbearable back in Feb/March 2019. Staff made it as painless as possible and was done within an hour. Scheduled cleanings and other work eversince. Staff is wonderful and visits tend to be quicker than expected, I have never waited longer than 5 minutes in the lobby. Highly recommended.

Adrienne C. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


This place is just awesome, and who ever says that about a dentist’s office? The office is bright, clean, modern, and everyone is genuinely friendly. Everyone there I’ve encountered from the receptionists, dental assistants and of course Dr. Kathan seem to truly enjoy working there and their relaxed and happy moods make coming to the dentist enjoyable. I’ve only had cleanings but my husband has had some other work done and feels the same. Yesterday we took our four-year-old son to his first real appointment. He had some nervous energy and is sometimes skittish about appointments like these (read-I still cut his hair in his sleep because the haircut place is still too scary for him, sigh…) so I was wondering how it would go. Well, everyone treated him like a real person–didn’t patronize him like some people do to kids–and he relaxed and thought it was great fun! Dr. Kathan took his time getting to know him, explaining to him what he was going to do, and goofed around with him. When it was all over he got to pick out his own color toothbrush. He asked for red and there wasn’t a red one but the receptionist went in the back and brought him out one. He picked a toy from the toy chest and we were off. Today after breakfast he asked me when we could go to the dentist again. So, I thought a Yelp review was in order. Thank you Dr. Kathan!

Brian Mock (Source: Google)


I used to hate going to the dentist. I have fillings in all of my molars. I used to hate flossing. I used to hate talking to the front desk person, the dental assistant, and the dentist. I went through many different dentist offices. But all that changed when I switched to Timber Dental. I am not being paid to write this review, I just legitimately am mind-blown that I like going to the dentist now. Every single person at Timber Dental is so kind and compassionate and funny that I am at 100% ease spending my time there. My dentist here has listened to my feedback about how my teeth have been in the past, and incorporated it into how I’m treated here. I would fully recommend Timber Dental to anyone with a negative experience with dentists in the past. It’s time to stop hating the dentist. Come to Timber Dental. Seriously.

Amy P. from Maupin, OR (Source: Yelp)


Everyone I had contact with, Dr. Kathan, Emily and Mary, was extremely pleasant and genuinely nice. I had four wisdom teeth removed and it just wasn’t that bad, if you can believe that. I went in after having had a bad experience with a different dental office ( they insisted that I had to be put under for the extractions), but Dr. Kathan listened to my concerns and WE decided that that wasn’t necessary. The extractions went smoothly, I was kept comfortable and then it was over. Will definitely go back and highly recommend.

Deanna N. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I dread the dentist from bad experiences in the past, and believe me I can handle a lot of pain being a type 1 diabetic. This dentist office was recommended to me after I broke up w a dentist of 20 years. First of all, the office is completely clean and very modern. The front desk staff were very helpful and friendly as soon as you walk in. The dental professionals know their stuff, and I know they have been trained on the latest and greatest technology to provide one with a comprehensive treatment plan. Dr. Matt was thorough in showing me my X-rays and photos on the tv screen above (did I mention they had tv screens). I could see what he saw probably for the first time (my old dentist never took nor shared photos), and completely agreed with the recommendations knowing I am in for the hall of three crowns to replace old fillings. The hygenist was excellently gentle as she used the ultrasound to scale and then polish. The staff ran my insurance right away, and was upfront about costs and in-network discounts which was also nice. They came highly recommended, and I now understand why. They even were upfront about discussing my dental anxiety and making sure you are comfortable so if you need drugs they have that available.

Anne B. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


These people are fantastic. I had some pretty severe dental anxiety in the past because of some rough experiences in my teens and 20s to the point I had trouble even calling to make a dental appointment. I’ve been at Timber Dental for around 3 years and no longer dread the dentist, even kinda, sorta enjoy it. Unfortunately for me I have needed a lot of dental treatment to get my mouth healthy and looking good but fortunately I found a team that has helped me get there. Dr. Matt is my regular dentist and he is kind and professional and has been a perfectionist when doing my restorative work. The office staff (Chris, Mary, and Heather) are all friendly and helpful with the scheduling and insurance info. Jennifer is my regular hygenist and she does great comfortable cleanings with good educational tips. My kids go here as well and between the 3 of us I think we’ve worked with almost all the staff here and have been universally happy. One last big shout out: this past week I bit down awkwardly and broke off a visible crowned tooth. It was not pretty and I was in a mild panic when I called. Heather got me in within hours and Dr. Poulson stayed late to fix my smile and save the day. Good dental work anywhere is not cheap but I paid cash rates here for awhile until our insurance changed and I think it was worth every penny. They worked with me to prioritize treatments within my budget. I think they now have an in-house savings plan that would be a good deal if you don’t have insurance.

Cindy C. from St. Helens, OR (Source: Yelp)


Thank goodness for Dr. Kathan! He calls himself Matt as he introduces himself. He instantly makes me feel at ease causing me to forget I’m in a Dental Office, The decor was so interesting I found my eyes soaking up different visuals….the office was a whole new experience. I would encourage anyone, young or old to at least go for an exam just to have the experience. Children would love the nature videos playing above them while listening to tasteful music (I enjoyed them). All that is great but I didn’t want to pay for environment. I wanted quality work at a good price. I had a lot of dental work that was failing, needing to be replaced. I chose Dr. Kathan of Timber Dental to restore my smile and am thrilled with the results! My smile is beautiful and natural looking at the affordable price I was looking for. And to my surprise my mouth feels so much better. I no longer have bad fitting crowns that trap food and cause discomfort. No longer searching for a dentist I can trust! Thank You Dr. Kathan and your staff.

Genevieve Fotter (Source: Google)


This place is NAILING IT! I am always apprehensive about the dentist; so I was headed into it ready for the terrible…but instead I was so pleased with my entire experience. First, their decor and trim detail is so, so, nice. Use of tech, simplicity of explanations/payment was stellar. Actual dentistry had almost artistic feel as the dental assistant and doctor were completely in sync. I can’t say enough nice things here. Go here!

Seana Yee (Source: Google)


I’ve gone to two locations over the years and am very impressed by the friendly staff and top of the line technology. I am also very impressed by the changes made to safely treat patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Only one patient may be checked-in at a time. Plexiglass is installed at the front desk. Everything is sanitized between patients at check in. Patients checkout and exit through an area on the backside of the main front desk. All staff remain masked the entire time. Patients may remove their masks once treatment begins. I felt very safe and the process for a basic cleaning went very quickly.

David G. from Lake Oswego, OR (Source: Yelp)


I am a practicing physician in Portland, OR and a new patient at Dr. Kathan’s Timber Dental. I am eagerly writing this review for Dr. Kathan and the Timber Dental staff (Mary and Shelby), whom I met for the first time last week. From start to finish, the experience was OUTSTANDING! Dr. Kathan truly is doing dentistry differently. He is very personable. He values communication. He has modernized his practice through the use of technology, which has enabled him to be totally transparent with this care and which I found to be totally empowering as a patient. And of course, he delivered in terms of dentistry…very intelligent and both thorough and gentle with his exam and cleaning. I walked away from my visit with my teeth feeling perfectly clean and very confident that Dr. Kathan will help me to keep my teeth healthy for many years to come. I am recommending Dr. Kathan to my family and strongly recommend that you consider him for your dental care too.

Thomas S. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I manage a team of service and sales professionals, so I know good service. I’ve been to a lot of different dentist offices in my life and Dr. Kathan’s office has been my best experience, by far. The level of professionalism, the quality of the office space and the friendliness of the staff are refreshing and perfectly natural. This is a new practice, but don’t let that give you pause. The office space itself is well designed and there is a lot of natural light, which really makes it feel nice in there. Each patient room is clean and outfitted with all of the latest technology and faces a frosted window – it’s really nice. Once you recline, there is a TV in the ceiling (!) and you get your choice of which Netflix show to watch while they take care of you. I have visted twice now and just had two cavities filled today and I walked out happy. The best testimonial about the place is that everyone that works in the office seems genuinely happy to be there. And that makes sense because Dr. Kathan is a pretty genuine and down-to-earth guy that’s really good at what he does. They even give you a hot towel when you’re done. Come on! Highly, highly recommended.

Fumi Mori (Source: Facebook)


They are very caring and their whole business system shows that. You leave a message for an emergency outside their business hours and you get text message immediately from a human asking what I needed. And I got an appointment next morning. The doctor wasn’t my regular doc but he did a very thorough tests, twice, along with his assistance, and made a diagnosis to rule out my “worst case scenario”. Also they care about the environment and community in general. I like them a lot.

Katie Weaver (Source: Google)


Timber’s people are so caring and professional. I recently went in for a filling and Dr. Id expressed that it needed to be a crown to ensure the integrity of the tooth. Even though the appointment became unexpectedly long, they took care of me that very day. They even let me pop home (I live around the corner) to get some food while they prepped the equipment and materials. And because my insurance (Delta) doesn’t have great coverage for crowns, they were able to offer me an in-house payment plan for the remainder of the cost. I have a great experience every time I see them because they are such good listeners. I highly recommend!

Chris A. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


The staff at Timber Dental on NE Fremont went above and beyond to make my first visit a great experience. My hygienist, Rachel, along with Dr. Matt K. both honored what was essentially a miscommunication from the call center. Long story short, rather than turn me away or charge a higher price, they rolled with the unexpected situation and honored the price I was quoted on the phone. I will definitely go back and was impressed with the overall friendly service and modern equipment! Thank you Matt and Rachel! Chris.


We are a local family dental practice focused on changing the dental experience. We focus on green dentistry practices with the most modern approach. A Vision for Enhanced Patient Care Our mission is simple. We aim to deliver patient-centric dentistry in a minimally-invasive, comfortable, environmentally-conscious manner. From co-diagnosing your needs alongside of you, to limiting disposable waste in our practice, we’re careful about the impact we make on both your smile and our community. State-of-the-Art Technology Our Portland dentists use advanced equipment like 3D conebeam imaging for dental implants and iTero digital scanning for comfortable, accurate crowns. Goodbye gooey impressions and lengthy surgeries! Hello fast, predictable, high-quality results. Timber Dental isn’t your mom’s dentist office. We’re the millennial, tech-savvy dental team who are changing the face of dentistry in Portland. Experience it for yourself. Call us today — we’re open late and on Saturdays. I met my wife (and co-owner of Timber Dental), Dr. Molly, in Omaha, Nebraska while we were in dental school together. If I’m not working, it’s a safe bet that I’m fishing or foraging on the coast with my family.