Top 10 Clear Aligner/Invisalign® Provider Lists

Our top-ten clear aligner/ Invisalign® lists are here to simplify your search for a better way to straighten your smile. Whether you’re looking to straighten your smile with Invisalign®, Smile Direct Club™, or any other clear aligner system, be sure to check out our top-ten clear aligner lists first. After all, Even28 is “the” dentist search engine and we know our dentists and orthodontists better than anyone else could. You could spend hours upon hours researching nearby dentists and teledentistry systems to see which one is the right fit for you. Or you could just visit Even28, check out our top-ten clear aligner lists, and have an answer in minutes instead of hours. Here’s a closer look at how we help simplify your search for a better way to straighten your smile using clear aligner technology:

A list of clear aligner services offered by dentists and orthodontists

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We generate profiles for dentists and orthodontists near you. All of our dentist and orthodontist profiles have a list of clear aligner services directly on their Even28 profile. This means that whenever you visit any dentist’s profile, you can easily find out which clear aligner system(s) they offer. You can see if your dentist offers Invisalign®, ClearCorrect™, 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners, SLX® aligners, etc. Dentists who don’t offer any clear aligner services will have a “NO” next to each one of these services.

Top 10 clear aligner providers near you


We’re making it convenient to find a clear aligner provider near you using our top-ten lists. We have several hundred top-ten clear aligner and Invisalign® provider lists and are in the process of generating a list to cover every city in the U.S. Each top 10 clear aligner provider list ranks the best ten dentists and orthodontists in that area when it comes to clear aligner therapy. Each list is specific to one or two cities so you can find a great provider that is close to you. The easiest way to find one of our top-ten clear aligner provider lists is to search Google for the terms “Invisalign”, “top 10”, “Even28”, and “your city”.

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How we rank our top 10 clear aligner providers

We use many different criteria to rank our top 10 clear aligner and Invisalign® providers. Our lists and very accurate and we update our lists regularly. Here are a few of the main criteria we use to rank dentists and orthodontists on our top ten clear aligner/ Invisalign® lists:

  • Overall experience with clear aligner technology (you don’t want to be a guinea pig!)
  • Orthodontic training and specialization
  • How many cases each dentist performs on average each year
  • How long the dentist has been offering clear aligner technology
  • Before & after photos of the dentist’s clear aligner treatments as a testament to their work

We do the hard work so you don’t have to. Browse through our top-ten Invisalign® and clear aligner lists to find a great dentist or orthodontist near you. Start straightening your smile today knowing that you are in good hands!

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