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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Holistic dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants



Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Angela W. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I am so happy we got in to see Dr. Krizman. After 6.5 months, a mountain of stress, and 3 other dentists, I finally feel some relief about my 21 month olds teeth. He had some decalcification on the top 4 teeth and the start of a cavity or two on the back of those teeth. After hearing everything from sodium diamine fluoride to fluoride varnish to being put under general anesthesia and getting the spots filled, we walked out with some supplements and a note that the teeth have already begun remineralizing thanks to the special toothpaste we have been using which was suggested by one of Dr. Krizman’s receptionist when we made the appt 3 months ago. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They have a special play area for young patients like my son and they all seem to be very kid friendly people. My son was actually playing and smiling with the hygienist instead of crying. They were super respectful of my son and very careful not to make him uncomfortable at all. It’s nice to see him being treated with dignity by other adults. They gave him a toy car as a reward for his exam AND a natural popsicle which won him over for life. For once, I had more anxiety at the dentist visit than my son did. Highly recommend their office. Thank you Dr. Krizman and staff.

Hadasah Goldin (Source: Google)


I have seen way too many dentists in my life so I know what I’m looking for. I had an accident 15 years ago that did quite a number on my teeth. I’m also really chemically sensitive in general. Dr. Krizman is the best dentist I’ve ever worked with (and as far as holistic and/or biological dentists go, I have seen no less than 4 of them over the years!) I do understand some of the complaints mentioned in the other reviews, but I have found this place to be a cut above anywhere else I’ve been. Some people mentioned issues with the cost, but I actually find her prices to be competitive in biological dentistry. (It costs way more than general dentistry of course, but biological dentistry is different.) Also, even dentists and their staff are human, so sometimes communication won’t be 100% clear, but I have found that for the most part they have been willing to answer my questions and accommodate my needs. I travel 5 hours each way to come here and it’s well worth it.

Jahn Hoover (Source: Facebook)


I elected to have Dr. Krizman remove my failing, infected dental implant of only two years. I decided against the corporate dental clinic I first went to because they wanted to use cadaver bone if I needed bone grafting for my jaw after the implant was removed. Dr. Krizman used my own blood to create grafting material which makes so much more sense! She also let me know that the reason my implant was infected was due to it being placed on the same day that the original infected tooth was extracted. There should have been a healing period before the implant was placed. The procedure was grueling and took two hours but since the implant had also broken off under the crown she had to drill very slowly around the perimeter and lever it out. I was so glad when I felt it come loose from my jaw!!! She then packed the wound with grafting material that she made from my white blood cells and sutured it closed. I know all of this because she told me everything she was doing as it was happening and that helped tremendously. I look forward to having Dr. Krizman place a new implant for me after this surgery heals. The staff at this clinic is also very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Awesome service from door to door!!!

Prusha S. from Tucson, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Both of kids were lip/tongue tied. We came to Dr. Krizman for their clipping. She does not do mainstream numbing/dental work. It’s was culture shock for us but Krizamn was pretty darn competent in her work and professionalism we were at ease with her all homeopathic remedies. Both of our kids recovered well. The mouth stretches are a b****h but worth it. Out of pocket for everything.

Victoria Schultz (Source: Google)


One of the most understanding and caring dentist I’ve been to! Extremely Knowledgeable great resources Dr Krizman has an outstanding view of health and takes in account the persons all over health vs treating just the symptoms! And the whole staff works well with children, they made this a gentle experience for my 5 year old! Very glad I found TBD! Highly recommend for anyone searching for a holistically based dentist!

B. Y. from Tucson, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Krizman is a phenomenal doctor. I took my son in after multiple various other consultations with other physicians, and Dr. Krizman was the only one who took the time to really listen to my concerns. She took the time to look and assess my son and tell me what my options were.  He had a tongue tie and a lip tie, and Dr. Krizman discussed with my husband and I both pros and cons of getting the procedure. She is extremely professional, very patient, knowledgeable, and honest.

Marion Kanitz (Source: Google)


I’ve had many dental experiences that were not pleasant. Impatient dentists that did not listen, were not gentle and did not take my pain seriously. Dr Krizman did all these things and it was greatly appreciated. She made sure my procedure was as painless as possible and listened to me and addressed any discomfort. Lots of relaxing options to help with my anxiety as well. Thank you for your great care Dr Krizman. ~ Marion Kanitz

Jada Thelin Crofts (Source: Google)


Going to the dentist is difficult for me, but Tucson Biological Dentistry makes every effort to make it such a pleasant experience. It is clean, welcoming, a cheerful staff and environment. They offer methods to help calm the nerves, I recommend the buzzies…they work! The staff is so kind and helpful and Dr Krizman makes you feel like you have known her a long time. All of this on top of the fact that they genuinely care about you and your overall health makes this an A+ dentist office. I’m thankful to have found a place that makes me feel taken care of and is looking out for my best interest. Thanks Tucson Biological Dentistry!!!

Stephanie Stark (Source: Google)


My kids and I have been seeing Dr Krizman for about 6 years. In the last 3 of those years my younger daughter did ALF (similar to a retainer, and adjusted each month by Dr Krizman) and it helped widen her palate and optimize her bite. Last month Dr Krizman got my 9 year old in quickly for a chipped front tooth (it was a good chunk missing). The job Dr Krizman did is outstanding! You cannot tell that my daughter has a ‘patch job’ on one of her teeth. We love that Dr Krizman is on top of the latest advances in Holistic Dentistry. She’s a wonderful Dentist!

Lynn West (Source: Google)


For a going to the dentist experience this is a good one. 1. Dr. Krizman is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. she is also very gentle. 2. Her staff is also very helpful and competent. 3. Recovery time was quick and minimal discomfort during the procedures. I had a crown and 2 fillings done. 4. Most important to me is that Tucson Biological Dentistry offers replacement of amalgam fillings as well as alternatives to potentially harmful substances used in most dental practices at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend Dr. Krizman and her staff.

Katrina Livingood (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr Krizman for over a year… including through a difficult pregnancy. I’ve had cleanings, go in monthly for ozone treatments, had a crown done and fillings. My mouth needed help after taking a beating in my pregnancies! My only regret is not coming here sooner. All of my perio pockets are back to normal sizes and I’m feeling hopeful with my dental care for the first time in years. I’d had several awful experiences in the past couple years with other doctors who only made my mouth worse. Dr Krizman makes sure to address WHY our teeth and/or gums are having issues and helps us correct that. The office and dental staff are super friendly and helpful and do their best to make you feel comfortable. They have many options to help with anxiety during your appointment even.

K. W. (Source: Google)


I was apprehensive about visiting a new dentist. Covid prevented me from traveling to my usual dentist, so I reluctantly looked for a more local replacement to clean my teeth. Tucson Biological Dentistry totally exceeded my expectations. Ashley, the technician was just awesome. Great personality, efficient work ethic, affordable service, honesty delivered with kindness and encouragement, and I love the products they use. I HIGHLY recommend Tucson Biological Dentistry.

Steven Gurgevich (Source: Google)


It is always a pleasure going to Dr Krizman’s office. She is excellent as are all of the staff. I have been working with Margaret who is the best dental hygienist I have ever seen. Margaret’s wealth of experience and wisdom along with her charming personality makes for the perfect experience. I cannot offer enough praise for Margaret and her work. I always have a wonderful experience here at Dr. Krizman’s Tucson Biological Dentistry and it just keeps getting better. LATER ADDITION TO MY REVIEW: And I want to make a special ‘Shout Out’ to Nacole, the Office/Practice Manager… Thank you for managing the urgent attention and services I recently needed and making it work out so very well, Nacole.

Rebecca Taylor (Source: Google)


I have never walked away from a dental visit knowing so much about my teeth as I did after my visit with Dr. Krizman. After performing a thorough exam, she took the time to show me all the problem and potential problem areas with my teeth and how to address them. She has high-tech tools, safe x-ray equipment and a calm, reassuring demeanor. She blends treatment practices from both holistic and biological dentistry and traditional dentistry. I am so happy to have chosen her care.

Christi Brabec (Source: Google)


I brought my little one in to see Dr Krizman several weeks ago for a second opinion. I was very anxious, not knowing what to expect. She was extremely knowledgeable, understanding & reassuring. She gave some wonderful advice & referred us to someone she has confidence in to work on my child’s teeth (as she doesn’t do extensive work on young children). I left feeling a big weight lifted from my shoulders. She is one of the most professional & also one of the nicest dentists/professionals I have ever come across. Thank you, Dr Krizman! 🙂

Karen Ahavi W. (Source: Google)


Dr. Krizman & her entire staff, starting from the front and all the way to the back- dental assistants are the most professional group of people I’ve met in a long time. Dr. Krizman is warm, compassionate & conscientious. I HIGHLY recommend you using an integrative biological dentistry office and coming to Tucson Biological Dentistry & their Wellness Center!!! I am truly Grateful to this entire place!!

Mary VanAssche (Source: Google)


Came in for an assessment for dental work. My concerns & questions were expertly addressed. Calm office, super professional staff. Agreed to have the work done because of the processes & procedures that met my expectations as well as the office having certs for being a biological dentist office. First time I felt truly confident going forward with this office. Too bad biological dentists were not available in the past when I had horrible work done. Highly recommend this office!

Anonymous (Source: Google)


Dr. Krizman and the staff are caring and personable. I appreciate that they are sensitive to your requests. I had a cleaning with Margaret yesterday and she is very gentle and she made me feel comfortable and relaxed by telling me stories relating to my area of interest (horses!) which kept my mind off the cleaning. I also appreciate that they incorporate natural modalities whenever possible (such as offering essential oils upon request to help you stay relaxed during your procedure, and another optional relaxation device called “buzziest” that you can request which vibrate on your wrists which help distract your mind from the sensations of a dental procedure.) I love Dr. Krizman and her staff, I feel that they do their best to make me feel at ease. I came to this office after having not great experiences elsewhere and they have helped me to let go of much of my dental anxiety. Thank you Dr. K and staff! I won’t go anywhere else.

Jill Braaton (Source: Google)


If you want dental care of the highest quality, look no further than Tucson Biological Dentistry. Experiencing numerous procedures (including surgery), I’ve found their professionalism, knowledge, skill, genuine concern & attention to detail consistent. They’re meticulous in everything they do and the treatment rooms are immaculate. Dr. Krizman & her incredible Team carry that rare quality of integrity. I am safe and respected in their gentle hands. (How many can say (as I) they look forward to dental visits?!!)

Gene G. from Queen Creek, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have to start by saying Dr Krizman is AWESOME! She helped me to regain my health after removing my root canals. I am so grateful to be feeling better. Her assistant Nicole did a great job too! I love that she does Ozone and PRP and is always educating herself on new ways to help her patients. It is not easy to find a dentist who does this. Thank you Dr. Krizman!

Denise L. from Mesa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I’m blown away by Dr. Krizman. I am so grateful I found her. Her beliefs and approach to dental health are based in truth. I’m SO GRATEFUL to have found her. Outstanding energy too. I was in some awful pain with a tooth and did not have anyone to trust. I had seen other biological dentists and without going into details lost trust and was very scared. I called made an appointment ……traveling from the valley, we live in east Mesa. At this appointment I was first impressed with her assistant. Very thoughtful, thorough, detailed questions she asked. I felt cared for and validated. Then Dr. Krizman came in. She is calm and like I said she has great energy I immediately knew I was in the right place. Dr. Stuart Nunnally of Marble Falls Texas office helped me pick her. That right there is a testimony to the quality of person and professional she is. After testing it was determined that I had a dying back molar. Tooth number 15 was in need of a root canal (which I would NEVER do) or needed to be extracted. While she gives you your options her office does not do root canals. This is Tuesday now mind you I leave in 13 days to take my 4 grandchildren to Disneyland by myself. I was not wanting it to do it while taking pain medicine from a tooth that was a zinger causing excruciating pain. She makes an appointment for me that Thursday to have the extraction. That would give me 10 days to heal. I’m so grateful……no words can express how much. I hope this review expresses how much I am! The extraction was easy, painless and I did not swell AT ALL. I had such awful experiences before this is a whole new game changing experience for me. Thank you! I went back today to get the stitches out and just like before it was great. I am scheduled to do some therapy in a cavitation site that did respond well to 2 very invasive surgery’s. I’m hopeful that her knowledge and expertise can make that successful as well. Thank you Dr. Krizman. Your worth every MILE! Denise Lang

Larry T. (Source: Google)


Today was my first appointment at Tucson Biological Dentistry. Dr Jeanne Krizman has to be the best dentist I have ever been to. I went to my appointment today a little worried, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what might be recommended. I was treated very courteously, and with respect by the entire staff. Dr. Krizman explained my treatment plan in a way that was easy to understand and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Tucson Biological Dentistry, Dr. Krizman and her entire staff.

Jessica Koegel (Source: Google)


Dr. Krizman has been my dentist for the last 4 years. I was referred to her by my doctor who was treating me for mold illness. Because my immune system was compromised I had to be certain that the dentist understood my condition thoroughly and the office met high standards for cleanliness. I have not been disappointed. I would recommend Dr. Krizman and her staff. They book out far in advance but it is worth the wait for me.

Amy Williams (Source: Google)


I was there for my initial consultation I have not had a treatment yet. The staff at the front desk is friendly and welcoming. The dental assistant spent her time to explain what they offer and she was considerate. Dr Krizman was immediately concerned when she saw my facial swelling. Although the don”t often reccomend antibiotics, in theis case she did prescribe a course of amoxicillin. Dr Krizman made me feel like I was her only patient. I was a first time patient with a cracked tooth which is infected, they got me in the same day I called. I will be going back to have the tooth extracted. Thank you Dr Krizman and staff, I do not look forward to the actual procedure but feel confident that I am in good hands.

Marie Holloway (Source: Google)


We have been using this dental office for over a few years and we couldn’t be more pleased. The care is the top that we have received anywhere else – and we have been many places with the military. They are fantastic with any needs, whether sensitive, confident or nervous, lots of allergies, anything. This is the most up-to-date dentistry AND it uses the most natural and safe practices possible ALSO connecting our dental health to our general caring about all of it – what a refreshing experience – we are staying for sure! They, understandably don’t take insurances (what a racket), but do a great job making sure that you get an insurance paper to send in if you need. We love the extra options too and all the great info. They are extra careful to be clean and safe too.

Jodi Welker (Source: Google)


I have had a lot of dental work in my life. And needed much more done. So I searched for a dentist they would fit my needs. I have never received so much care, attention and concern as I have these past few months while having dental work done! I gladly drive 2 hours each way to see Dr. Krizman and staff! My teeth feel and look great!!

Penny Batelli (Source: Google)


Love Dr Krizman and her staff! She has done an amazing job repairing substandard work I had done by another dentist. Dr. K matched my new front teeth caps to my existing teeth quite beautifully and now I’m not self conscious about my smile. And the icing on the cake is she is a biological dentist! I love that she cares about your total experience the moment you walk through the door.

Tari Garcia (Source: Google)


As usual, a great experience! This office practices over the top safe and healthy technology, even before the Covid pandemic. I can’t think of a safer place to be. From the front desk to the exam rooms there is no question that you are in good hands. The staff is so caring, knowledgeable, and professional. I have learned so much about my personal dental care, just wish I had this knowledge 40 years ago!

Bertha Quintero (Source: Google)


I am very happy with the care my 3 year old son received. He was nervous and scared about getting his 2 cavities filled. We actually came twice because he was too distraught the first time and Dr. Krizman gave us the choice to come back to get the second cavity filled on another date. Dr. Krizman and her staff did everything they could to try and help him feel relaxed and at ease. They put on one of his favorite Netflix shows and the staff spoke to him in Spanish since that is the language we primarily speak to our children at home. They were very patient with him and stopped their work and let him speak when he had something to say. He said he didn’t feel any pain he was just scared with the sounds and vibrations of the dental tools. I am glad I found Dr. Krizman. I will definitely be coming back and recommend her to all my friends and family.

Alex Andra (Source: Google)


I have never had a more thorough first time comprehensive exam in my life! I am absolutely in love with this doctor & her practice. She spent hours going over every detail of my mouth & teeth as well as physical health. I was steered her direction after being told that since I am suffering with health issues it was imperative to go to a biological dentist. Even though she may take months to get into she is well worth the wait. You won’t find another dentist more dedicated to your overall health than Dr Krizman. I know many people don’t want to go to someone who doesn’t take insurance, but their office gives you all the paperwork to submit your own claim, so don’t let that keep you away! She is also very conservative with treatment & won’t be doing unnecessary work. Definitely 5+ stars!

Anonymous (Source: Google)


If I could give 20 stars I would! Dr. Krizman and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable, and extremely caring. I’m a person who has issues getting numb, and get nervous for any kind of dental work. She listens, and is patient, and goes above and beyond to make you comfortable. This is the first dental appointment where I had work done and didn’t do a death grip on the chair with tears running down my cheeks. Thank you Dr. Krizman! Update- would still give 20 stars! Had a cleaning done today, and the hygienist actually took the time to address some concerns and gave some tips on better ways to address problem areas. Cannot say enough nice things about this practice!

Peter Norquest (Source: Google)


Since we first started seeing Dr. Krizman and her team at Tucson Biological Dentistry, we’ve had nothing but good experiences. We really appreciate the holistic methods that they use (including using ozone and avoiding fluoride) and the care they put into making their patients as comfortable as possible. I had a cavity filled a couple years ago — Dr. Krizman saved me from a root canal with ozone therapy, something which I was thrilled about!

DeeAnn Saber (Source: Google)


I really appreciate the entire staff listening and taking into consideration my anxiety around dental procedures. The Buzzies and Essential Oils really help. Now all they need is a chiropractor I can see after having my mouth open for so long! Margaret was great, gentle and thorough in explaining everything she was doing, and in her execution of all the procedures my comfort was accounted for. Thanks so much!!

Deborah Burns (Source: Google)


Dr.Krizman is the greatest dentist I have ever met. She just did two extractions for me and I had no pain. She actually cares about every aspect of her work including her patients. She explains everything she does to you including what to expect during and after the procedure. Her office staff are the best! They are totally trained beyond what I have seen in other offices and they are so sweet and loving just like Dr. Krizman. I thank you all for taking such fantastic care of me.

MJ. S. (Source: Google)


Dr. Krizman and her entire team are phenomenal. If you want the best biological dentistry the southwest (and beyond) has to offer, this is the practice to which you can entrust your oral health without hesitation. Update: Four years later, I’m still going to Tucson Biological Dentistry, and I’m so thankful for Dr. Krizman and the entire team. There’s growth happening with the dental practice and the new Tucson Holistic Center right across the driveway, bringing more responsible and ethical healing to the Tucson community. Thank you to the whole team. 27 July 2021: Another Update: I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gyawali today as well as all the phenomenal staff there. This is a really solid team of talented and caring professionals and I feel very fortunate to be in their care. This clinic, and their staff, go above and beyond any protection protocols in place anywhere, both for their patients and for the team.


Dr. Krizman learned the importance of listening and caring for people from her parents, both health care professionals. "From a young age, I knew I wanted a career in health care. I chose dentistry, because it’s one of the few fields in health care where the doctor can spend more than 5 minutes with his or her patients. I want my patients to feel that I care, and that they are not just a number in the health care system." It was at The Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health where Dr. Krizman earned her DMD. She also performed a residency in Advanced General Dentistry. In dental school, she was honored to receive the "Excellence in Implant Dentistry" award. She also has a Master’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health from The University of Arizona College of Public Health. Dr. Krizman believes that both her public health master’s degree and her education at a dental school that stresses whole-person health care, gives her a unique perspective in dental care. "I care about my patient’s overall health, and believe that preventative medicine begins in the mouth. Patients need to be aware of the correlation between poor oral hygiene and some diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. I tell my patients, 'your mouth is the window to your overall health'." Providing the best, most informative care to patients, is of critical importance. Therefore, Dr. Krizman completes over 100 hours of continuing education every year. In 2016, she received her Integrative Medical Degree for Denstristy (IMD) through the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. She has a Master Certification in implant placement and advanced surgical procedures through Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. She has completed general and advanced ozone training with the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, and the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. It was the recruitment of the Women's Golf Team at The University of Arizona that prompted Dr. Krizman's move from South Bend, Indiana. She has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at the University and was also a member of the 1996 NCAA Women’s National Championship Golf Team. A scratch golfer, Dr. Krizman has also performed at the professional level as a triathlete, achieving top 15 finish in one of her three Ironman Hawaii World Championship runs. To this day, Dr. Krizman maintains her love of golfing, running, biking and swimming. Most of the time, she is either with patients or chasing her two sons. "Like many people, I don’t like to go to the dentist, so I try to make it an enjoyable, non-stressful experience. I respect your schedule, and try to do the best job I can for my patients, as efficiently as I can. I take great pride in my work and patient satisfaction."