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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Hyun Oh (Brian) Chung, DDS, MS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Hee L. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


What a kid friendly dentist office! My five year old and I always go there to get a treatment done at the same time. My son feels comfortable and is even excited to go. Plus, I never get the “aggressive sell” from this office. At my last dentist, I was told that I needed to do a filling at every visit. At upper east smiles, they never push me to get something done while making me feel that my teeth are always taken care of. They are as nice and reliable as a dentist office can get!

LeAnn Richardson (Source: Google)


Easily the best dentist I’ve ever been to. Incredibly professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They actually care about educating you on your options for oral care and take the time to listen to your concerns. Additionally they’ve gone the extra mile to make sure their office is safe and comfortable during COVID.

Sebastian O. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


After searching for a new dentist for a few weeks, I stumbled upon Upper East Smiles Yelp page. I’m generally a skeptic when it comes to Yelp reviews, but because they had some of the best ratings, I decided to try my luck. The office itself is brand new, clean and bright with attentive receptionists. When I was called for my appointment, I was walked to the examination room and met the dentists/hygienists/aides. They were ALL gracious, prompt, professional, friendly and extremely informative. Although I just went in for a cleaning, I was met by their Gum Specialist, the Orthodontist and had X-Rays done all included in my cleaning. Overall, an amazing experience and will be coming back for my 6 month follow up cleaning.

Sharla D. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I am new to the city and still getting adjusted to everything. Sure enough, my wisdom tooth decided it was the perfect time to come in…. I wasn’t only freaking out about the discomfort, but also didn’t know what dentist will take on a new patient, who is tight on money, no dental insurance and needed immediate care? I gave it two days cause I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a random tooth ache. But sure enough by Sunday my whole cheek was swollen and I couldn’t open my mouth all the way… Not only did this dentist office take me in on Monday, they were so kind and understanding on the phone. Once in the office they talked to me about cost and answered every single question I had. They pulled the tooth out right then and there, and I felt zero pain! Like ZERO. And by Tuesday I was as good as new! The dentist even called me to make sure I was feeling ok and if I had any questions. I couldn’t be happier with all this and highly recommend.

Hy Shin (Source: Google)


My experience with Upper East Smiles has been totally exceeding my expectations in every aspect. Dentists that I met were extremely professional and helpful. They were reasonable, thoughtful, and transparent on the treatment options and their recommendations. Highly recommended.

Frances C. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I took my two year old for her first dentist visit here and it was a really great experience — the pediatric dentist took the time to outline the next DECADE of care for her, which I was so wide-eyed about and greatly appreciated. They were magicians at getting her to open her mouth for her entire checkup and treatment. Very impressed with the staff and the state of the art facilities.

Sara D. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Wow! Upper East Smiles has impressed me ever since my first visit with them last October! I’ve had such terrible experience at many of my previous dental visits and I finally learned dental visits can be enjoyable since I met these great doctors at this practice. As my whole family (two kids and husband) now receives regular treatment at Upper East Smiles, I got to meet all 5 of their amazing doctors. Dr. Chung is the owner/periodontist and he is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. My dentist is Dr. Hsu and he is always very gentle and skilled. Dr. Smart is my husband’s general dentist and just the fact that he has been going to receive regular maintenance tells me how great he is. My two kids have been seeing Dr. Jennifer, their pediatric dentist and Dr. Choi, the orthodontist and it’s been an absolute pleasure! As soon as you walk in, you can immediately tell how well the office is being maintained and it is always extremely clean and you will fall in love with everyone’s professionalism. I would absolutely recommend this place to my friends and family!

Dolly Cardenas (Source: Google)


I was a patient of Dr. Chung’s a few years ago and am happy to report that I have had no issues with my gums since. It’s been 6 years since my gum replacement surgery and everything looks and feels great – my dentist told me that there is no evidence that I ever even had the procedure done (and what a procedure it was!) So happy to see that this business is thriving!!! If I ever do have issues again, I know whose door I’ll be knocking on.

Mysl (Source: Google)


Given the abundance of fabulous reviews, for a second I thought not to leave one myself but you know what? you deserve yet another one. I’ve been here twice so far: once for a general check-up/cleaning and another visit due to an excruciating pain in one tooth. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Chung, Dr. Pang, and Dr. Smart, all of whom were attentive, courteous, and knowledgeable. Initially, I was a little skeptical of meeting different doctors but now I’d be open to see any other medical professional here. This place is very well-maintained; as soon as you walk in, you can feel a sense of cleanliness and will be welcomed by smiling receptionists. Then a hygienist will accompany you to the treatment room and kindly assist with the initial set-up and X-rays. The only minor complaint I had came up during a scaling procedure when a hygienist may have been so scrupulous that she went a bit too deep into the gum as to cause slight pain. As someone who is relatively insensitive to oral pain, I thought this was worth mentioning for the sake of improvement. Lastly, I’d like to mention that they have an exceptional orthodontist who completely overhauled my dear friend’s most irregular set of teeth to perfection. She went through an Invisalign treatment that makes the braces hardly noticeable and gives her control over applying pressure on the teeth. It was seeing her progress that persuaded me to come here for the initial visit. Thanks for such a remarkable experience and I look forward to my future visits (hopefully not too many though)!

Steve W. from Rosedale, NY (Source: Yelp)


This has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a dental facility. There were so many things I was impressed with.  One of  the most impressive was his shots technique to numb the area before he started the procedure.  I didn’t feel any pain because of the technique. He slightly tugged on my jaw and pinched the area then gave me the shot. During the procedure he kept asking me questions to keep my attention from what was being done. I can’t say enough about the aftercare. I received at least 3 call after the procedure checking on how I was doing. This was by far the best dental experience ever. Great job and I would recommend Dr. Chung to family and friends in the future.

Joy L. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I normally feel nervous about going to a dentist for any reasons. Dr. Chung is gentle, patient and respectful and has skills/knowledge and experience to make me feel comfortable. He takes time to explain politely and thoroughly all questions I have before and after treatment. I recommend Dr. Chung to my family, friends and anyone looking for a dentist in the city.

Brad Stinson (Source: Google)


This place is great. Beautiful office with state of the art equipment. I saw Dr. Smart for my general check-up and Dr. Chung for my periodontal needs. Both of them are very thorough and knowledgeable. I’ve had a hard time finding good dentists in this city, but these guys are genuine and down to earth. I didn’t feel pressured or forced into any treatment. They sat down with me and worked with me to figure out the best course of treatment for my particular case and were able to explain things in a way that I could understand. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Trieu G. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I have had the fortune of only one horrible dentist out of half a dozen I have been to, but Upper East Smiles is my favorite for plenty of reasons. I Yelped several places and called 5 different offices. Only Upper East picked up. Right from the get-go, all phone calls are picked up by a pleasant and informative receptionist who asks you a few questions and then calls you back a few days later to explain to you your entire dental plan. Thank you! The cleaning? I have zero pain tolerance so I was provided laughing gas for a very low fee. Thank you! I was done in minutes and all the while my hygenist kept apologizing for the horrible experience I had with my previous dentist. All the while, he prepared me for everything he was going to perform on my teeth and checked in on me frequently. My insurance was maxed out but I needed some supplies and work done. No problem! They gave me a discount so I could get what I NEEDED. The dentist took x-rays for me because my previous dentist sent him ones that were not usuable, but didn’t charge me for it because he needed x-rays. After checking me, he went over what I needed, educated me on my issues and showed me examples of what could be done. He asked me to decide what I wanted instead of scaring me into getting an exuberant amount of work that I don’t need. There are no pushy salesmen here, seriously. The practice is new. The dentists are young and their knowledge is cutting edge. The main dentist came in to say “hi” and to thank me for allowing his practice to serve me. He told me that he will always treat his patients how he wants to be treated – great customer care and honesty. The consultation everyone gets there is personal, informative and not rushed. This is the first time I have ever walked out of a dental office feeling like what took place there was exactly what I needed and chose for myself. Kudos for the beautiful glass office, the smiling, professional and competent staff and the overall honesty and services provided. My husband and I are hooked!

Angely M. from New Haven, CT (Source: Yelp)


Upper East Smiles is amazing! I was searching for a new dentist close to my job and stumbled upon this gem on Yelp and Zocdoc. Based off the reviews, I figured I would give them a try. I have been there a 4 times (I think) 1. Cleaning – Dr. Chung and Dr. Hsu 2. Fillings – Dr. Hsu Everyone from the front desk to the dental assistants/hygienists to the dentists are fantastic. I always feel so welcome and they are super accommodating. Some have already mentioned the TV screens and clean waiting area/exam rooms which is always a huge plus. I stay watching a documentary on Netflix (great way to relax). The appointments are on time, quick, and efficient! Dr. Hsu is my dentist and he is wonderful! I really like how much he cares about my needs as a patient. He is also very bright, knowledgeable, and explains everything thoroughly. One thing that stands out to me was after I got this 1 emergency filling, he called me to follow up and make sure I wasn’t in pain. He also asks me about that tooth every time I come in. I don’t think I have ever had a dentist care that much about my teeth lol but I am 100% not complaining! Dr. Chung’s cleaning was out of this world! I have never in my life had a cleaning THAT PERFECT – my teeth felt and looked brand new! Plus, he showed me some great brushing techniques like brushing my teeth at a 45 degree angle – I never knew about this until then lol but hey now I brush my teeth that way and it works! All in all, I would highly recommend Upper East Smiles.

Madelyn B. from Roslyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


The best dentist office. Ever since I was a child I was terrified of the dentist. I don’t like the sensation of any of the tools used for cleanings, let alone for cavities, but Upper East Side Smiles is so accommodating. They also employ the most patient dental hygienist, Raj, who uses tons of different methods to make sure I have a through cleaning but still recognizing and accommodating of all my weird nuances. Dr. Smart and Dr. Chung are the best. They are so patient and very good doctors. Their office is also amazing. They have weekend and late hours. The office and rooms are all clean and nice. The staff are great. I had an issue with my insurance and the staff took care of it for me and I didn’t have to get involved. Wish I could give more stars.

Nathalie V-Hernandez (Source: Google)


I’ve had two gum surgeries done by Dr. Chung and both of these times he treated me with respect and kindness, he cares about the work he does and the patients he is working on. He explained how and what needs to be done, he made sure I was well numbed and comfortable to make the unpleasant surgery better for me. After the surgery was done he explained how to take care at home. Both my experiences with Dr.Chung were good he is very professional. I would recommend him to anyone.

Hee Lee (Source: Google)


What a kid friendly dentist office! My five year old and I always go there to get a treatment done at the same time. My son feels comfortable and is even excited to go. Plus, I never get the “aggressive sell” from this office. At my last dentist, I was told that I needed to do a filling at every visit. At upper east smiles, they never push me to get something done while making me feel that my teeth are always taken care of. They are as nice and reliable as a dentist office can get!

Matt C. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I recently moved to the city and had procrastinated on finding a new dentist, increasingly so over time as I was not looking forward to coming in to be judged for not staying as on top of my oral hygiene as I should have. My fiancé recently gave Upper East Smiles a try and had only good things to say so I decided to finally give it a shot. I was very positively surprised by the incredibly friendly and professional team at Upper East Smiles, and got a thorough cleaning and check-up in no time, with no shaming and only positive suggestions for future care. I will absolutely be coming back every 6 months for my regular check ups, and go through with Dr. Chung’s recommendation for a nightguard. I also plan to get whitening, and while I’ve decided to get several things done now at Upper East Smiles, there was no pressure whatsoever to do so while I was getting my cleaning. I will be back a repeat customer because they impressed and earned my business.

Josephine C. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I LOVE Upper East Smiles 😀 I came to Upper East Smiles since my friend recommended this place. Upper East Smiles is clean, modern, and it has GREAT staffs. When I was getting my wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Chung did a perfect job of pulling them out without giving me any pain. He even followed up with me multiple times to make sure that I wasn’t having any problem after the surgery. I also got a crown for my cracked front tooth, but I was able to have most of the treatment covered with my dental insurance. I would definitely visit Upper East Smiles again if I need to go to a dentist. I highly recommend this place.

Iz R. from East Patchogue, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have visited this office for able 8 months and every-time i am greeted with a smile. This has been far from my normal dentist experiences, I would not say i enjoy going, but I don’t have any issues when I look on my calendar and see I have a dentist appointment. I have never waited very long to visit with the doctor. The staff is very knowledgeable, has diversity, and again are friendly (Yessy, Rosaline, Victoria . I want to make it clear that this is my best experience with a dentist. I have experienced a deep cleaning, Fillings (one broke and replace without any issues), multiple cleanings, and whitenings. My gums are beautiful. I have watch Narcos, The Office, and multiple other shows during my procedures.

Tiffany R. (Source: Google)


I had some issues and needed to see a periodontist, a dentist, and hygienist over a short period. The entire staff was very professional and ensured that I had comfortable and pain free experiences. I am deeply grateful and appreciative to Dr. Chung, Dr. Smart and Lydia for their amazing services.

Tyler Yoon (Source: Google)


Upper East Smiles is the best. I have seen three different doctors here and they were all excellent. They work with you to find the optimal and most affordable care always. Staff is professional, kind and welcoming. Dr. Chung is always reasonable and accommodating. Now my entire family, including our four year old, comes here! Truly a wonderful place.

Brad S. from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


These guys are great. I saw Dr. Smart for my general check-up and Dr. Chung for my periodontal care. They are very thorough, understanding, and knowledgeable. For some reason I’ve had a hard time finding good dentists in this city, but these guys are genuine and down to earth. I didn’t feel pressured or forced into any treatment. They sat down with me and worked with me to figure out the best course of treatment for my particular case. Can’t recommend them enough.

Chad E. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Upper East Smiles has me smiling! I have had a really difficult time finding a great dentist practice since moving to NYC, but thankfully came across these guys and have never been happier with my dental care. I came to UES needing a pretty intensive procedure to fix an issue from a previous dentist. Dr. Chung and Dr. Smart were exceptional at explaining how the issue came about, what was needed to correct it, and how my procedure would work/fix the problem. Every step of my procedure went flawlessly and I enjoyed seeing the progression during each visit. I also noticed the level of expertise and professionalism exhibited by all the staff members in every instance of care from simple cleanings to a more involved dental surgery. These guys are legit and I would never ever consider going elsewhere in NYC. Plus, being able to watch Nature documentaries on Netflix during the visits can’t be beat. I would highly recommend Upper East Smiles to all. 5 stars!!

Peter L. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Upper East Smiles is truly the best. The examinations, cleaning and crown replacement I had done were all super thorough and the results were more than impressive. The whole team was friendly from the moment I walked into the office. Overall, I had a great experience, will definitely be a returning patient and I highly recommend.

Poliana C. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Since the first time I’ve stepped into this office, I felt right at home. The staff helped me feel at ease and treated me very well. They were attentive and caring and explained everything that would happen to me in detail. I came in because of swelling I had in my gums and realized that I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Chung did a wonderful job explaining the procedure and made sure I felt at ease while he worked on removing my teeth. He personally did a follow up call to make sure that everything went well with the procedure. I also met with Dr. Hsu in the beginning who looked into the swelling that I had. He did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth and answered all of my questions about a few concerns I had about my teeth that the previous dentist I was going to didn’t do a good job explaining. One thing that I noted was how well the staff work together as a complete team. I’m most certainly going to keep coming to them in the future.

Ian N. (Source: Zocdoc)


Extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Dr. Chung has a beautiful office with five dentists working together to help each patient. Dr. Chung had other colleagues, also all very nice and intelligent, help consult me within the same appointment. The hygienists are all very kind and gentle, and they even let you pick what you want to watch on Netflix in the exam room during the appointment. My best experience with a dentist yet!

Dara Stevens (Source: Google)


Upper East Smiles is the best dentist that I have been to. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Chung and the dental hygienist are both very personable and kind. They don’t try to persuade you to do anything you don’t need or don’t feel comfortable with. I never have any discomfort when going in for a cleaning, and Dr. Chung always walks through what he is doing, so you’re aware of what is happening at all times. Best dentist and staff in New York!

Rachel G. (Source: Zocdoc)


I had a great appointment with Dr. Chung! It started right on time and the office was clean and welcoming. I loved that he explained everything that he was doing in a way I could understand and even walked me through my X-rays to explain what he was seeing. Also, loved the TV with Netflix for me to watch during the cleaning and XRays! The dentists seemed very knowledgeable and gave me great options for how to handle my dental needs. I will definitely be back for regular cleanings.

Milton L. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been in NYC for 30 years and have had my fair share of dental experiences…   Upper East Side Smiles is the best hands down.  From the moment you walk in, the office is clean, the staff are friendly and the professionals are very communicative about what the procedures will entail.  They also have the most modern equipment.  All in all, you feel cared for.  I highly recommend their services!

Kristen W. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to this dentist for about 6 or so months now, and last night was my second visit. I have had 2 visits so far, just for regular checks and cleanings. Since I had moved to NYC, I procrastinating finding a new dentist, so it had been about 2 years since I had gone, so I was long over due. I found Upper East Smiles via my insurance and then cross-referencing with Yelp to make sure they were reputable! Everyone I have encountered here has been very nice, from the from desk staff to the hygienist to the doctor. One thing to note is that there are multiple doctors here, which I wasn’t aware of, but is fine. I saw one doctor on my first visit and a different one on my second, and had good experiences with both. The best part about this dental office is that there are TV’s w Netflix on them in the chairs, so when you are getting work done, you can watch your favorite show! They also send you emails and text reminders when it is time to schedule your next appt and reminders before the appt which I love! They also have evening appointments available which is major. SO many dentists are 9-5 which is hard when you work 9-5 and don’t want to take time off to go, so I am able to get a 630 appointment which works out perfect!

Lauren A (Source: Google)


I just had amazing visits at Upper East Smiles and I love my new smile! Office looked extremely clean and modern, which is not what you often see from a dental office in the city and staff seemed friendly. Dr. Chung did my initial exam and cleaning and he was extremely knowledgeable and thorough with the explanation and answered all of my questions. Then, Dr. Smart, their cosmetic dentist, did two rounds of whitening and also did cosmetic veneers for me which I am in absolute love with! I highly recommend this place and will definitely bring in my entire family as they also have pediatric dentist and orthodontist.

Amanda C. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Upper East Smiles is the best! They are a fairly new practice located on a nice quiet street of the Upper East Side. I’d recommend this place to anybody. I’ve been three times now – (1) Cleaning with Dr. Chung (2) Follow-up appt to fill some cavities with Dr. Smart 🙁 and (3) 6 month Cleaning with Dr. Chung. They are always on time, incredibly friendly, attentive – everything you’d want from a dentist! I’ve never felt rushed or like I wasn’t a priority – they really do care about their patients. A nice touch is they have TV screens in each room for you to watch videos of cute animals or nice Irish scenery while you get your teeth cleaned.

Nicole A. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


This morning was my first visit and I had an amazing experience. Which is probably hard to believe for a dentist. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. I was so glad that they have before and after appointment times for people the work 9-5 type jobs. I had an 8am appointment and I got scheduled a meeting at the last minute at 9:30. I told them as soon as I got there that I’d have to leave around 8:45. They did such a great job, but always made sure that I was out of the door at my requested time. The office is pristine and very clean. When you are getting your teeth cleaned they let you watch Netflix or any other station that you want. Which helps with all the drilling and noises that go along with getting your teeth cleaned. The doctor was very nice and explained everything thoroughly. I definitely recommend and I am glad that I have found my new dentist!

Joan S. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


In search of my first dentist in NYC, I found this place and wanted to give this a try after reading all the positive reviews. I’m happy to share that this place lived up to all the reviews! This was a first visit and I also was seeking a second opinion on some procedures that a previous dentist from my hometown had recommended. The dentist was very attentive and wanted to look at x rays before the doctors notes to have an unbiased opinion. We decided to do some fillings that same day, which I have no complaints about. They were fast and gave me only the necessary anesthesia. They also answered all my questions from my teeth to treatment costs. Service is amazing – from the front desk to dentist and assistants working with you. Everyone is very personable. I never felt that I was waiting very long. Also they were very fast with emails – I had someone replying to my email within minutes at times. Also very responsive with picking up the phone. Netflix – ok, I understand why there were so many comments on this from other reviews. They give you a remote and you can watch anything (I think there was Hulu and some other streaming services). I wasn’t even knocked out during my fillings procedure but it passed so quickly because I was intensely focusing on an episode of Breaking Bad. Facility – clean place that doesn’t feel sterile or scary. Overall, really great experience to the dentist and this place successfully makes it a visit as pleasant as a dental appointment can be. It feels like they really go out of the way for you.


Dr. Hyun Oh (Brian) Chung is a Board Certified Periodontist (Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology) specializing in periodontal diseases and treatments of dental implants. Dr. Chung attended Duke University in Durham, N.C where he received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering with dual majors in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. He pursued his professional career in dentistry at Columbia University in New York, NY where he received a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Upon graduation, Dr. Chung moved to Philadelphia, P.A. where he completed a three year specialty training in Periodontics and also obtained a Master of Science in Oral Biology degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon completion of his specialty training, Dr. Chung moved back to New York City and began practicing as a periodontist in greater New York area while teaching at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, where he currently holds his academic title of Assistant Clinical Professor. Dr. Chung has received his education and training from some of the world’s top, well-renowned universities. It is his unique and exceptional education and training from Duke University, Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania that has led him to excel at providing comprehensive care, using interdisciplinary approach in the field of dentistry. Throughout his career, his main focus has been to improve communication and collaboration among different specialists in dentistry and in medicine. In his efforts to provide comprehensive care to his patients, Dr. Chung has decided to start his own multi-specialty dental practice here at Upper East Smiles where different team members can effectively discuss and treat each patient with best possible treatment modalities.