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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Joan Hong, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Donna M. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


Have had nothing but exceptional experiences with this practice. Initial encounter was when they got my Mother (who was not a patient yet) in for a Friday afternoon appointment. It was not an easy problem and they stayed and worked well beyond closing hours. When she has had other issues, they have always gotten us in the same day we called. They are always very accommodating, friendly, caring and helpful.

Traci Bell (Source: Google)


This team is friendly & efficient. I was able to fill out paperwork ahead a time. They ran my insurance before I arrived. Very little wait time. Followed by lots of communication about what was being done & game plan for moving forward. While waiting for the dentist to pop in the hygienist went ahead and had the office work on insurance needs for follow up specialized appts. Everything was done when I checked out. I just moved here and had been going to my previous dentist for 15+ years but Today was the best dental experience I’ve ever had.

Karmyn Valladares (Source: Google)


First time going to the dentist in who knows how long. One of my wisdom teeth were coming in and with me not having insurance was freaking out. I called around to see who would do the procedure at a reasonable price, and Valley Park Dental was the best fit. The ladies were super informative about the procedure along with great payment plans, on top of that they were able to take me in the next day! 10/10 would recommend , and I’ll for sure be coming back. Thank you Valley Park Dental Staff!

Sean Easlick (Source: Google)


Always very accommodating. I feel like I typically have to cancel 1-2 times before I show up because of a traveling schedule that always changes, and they are only open one Saturday a month, but they are real professionals, with real professional dental hygienists, and dentists that do very high quality work.

Shelley Kolweier (Source: Google)


I came here new last year just moving into the area. I love all of the staff as they have great personalities! The office is very clean & modern. It is run professionally with the latest technology and excellent care from all the Drs and hygienists. I would highly recommend this Valley Park Dental office just off Rt 141 & Int 44 to all my family & friends.

Clint Austin (Source: Google)


Beautiful facility. Great staff. Very thorough. Great experience. Looking forward to a long relationship with these providers. 2-2-2021 New staff for the most part since last year. Great care, very gentle and thorough. Hygienists do great cleanings are technically proficient. Overall Great experience.

Julie Wurglitsh (Source: Google)


So friendly and efficient. Everything so up to date. Dental hygienist is so thorough but gentle. Fun to talk to. When I started there I needed quite a bit of work. But now I mainly just have to go for my 6month cleanings. The dentist is so careful to check out what is going on and details any work that’s needed. The office girls always show me what I’ll be expected to pay for the visit before I go in. They take my dental insurance and set me up with Care Credit when I first came and needed some extensive work. Beautiful , clean office. Easy to get to. I’m happy to have found them.

Michael Mitchell (Source: Google)


From the moment that I stepped through the door I was welcomed by everyone. The Dental Assistant was knowledgeable and professional. The Dentist that spoke with me was in town helping the original Dentist while she was preparing for her wedding. He also was great. He took the time to explain the situation and multiple options. For this I am very thankful to this Team.

Tiffany McGuire (Source: Google)


I really like how they make you feel at home at the dental office. They offer you to have a drink if you need one such as water or coffee as your waiting and I’ve never been to a dental office that offers that and to me that’s welcoming, makes you kinda feel at home. Also I like how friendly, with smiling faces they have like please come back. They are good at answering questions you have.

Tammy Jones (Source: Google)


Haley, my personal hygienist, is superior! She is always optimistic, gentle and patient with me as I struggle with health issues and fears of dentistry in general. She also sees my oldest daughter and now my youngest 2 children. She has agreed to work around my scheduling needs to work my kiddos in around her usual schedule! She is so much more than I could ask for in a hygienist: caring, competent, and casual but still extremely personable and flexible!

Mike Presson (Source: Google)


I recently had to switch dentists and I went with Valley Park because of all the positive reviews. Been there a few times and I have to say, everyone was right! From the front desk to the assistants to the dentists, this place gives great care and great customer service. My teeth suck and I get a lot of treatment so take it from me, this is a great dentist.

Christian Stormin Norman (Source: Google)


I was %1000 blown away with everything about my visit here! Everything was high tech, clean, and up to date. But most importantly the team of professionals that work here were friendly, attentive, and very knowledgeable. They even educated me on things I had no idea about on my own dental health. Highly recommended and definitely coming back!

Ssptravers (Source: Google)


Everyone at Valley Park Dental Care is always so pleasant and fun. They have younger dentists and staff which I have found results in more state of the art dental care and a relatively pain free experience. The decor at the office is more like a nice home than a sterile doctors office. They even have the graciousness to laugh at my poor attempts at humor. If you need a dentist, this is the best option in st louis right now.

Jordan Loehr (Source: Google)


Haley is awful! Just kidding, she is so wonderful. Another great experience with her and the Valley Park team! Such nice people that value your teeth more than you do! Old: 1 filling, 10 sealants, and a cleaning got out in an hour and 15 mins. The entire staff is awesome (especially Hailey/ Hailee not sure her spelling, but she’s my favorite staff member). They definitely know what they are doing and how to provide top quality service.

Wendi Bottoms (Source: Google)


The staff was outatanding. The hygentist that worked with my son east very patient with him and tried to find a solution to help get his xrays. Unfortunately they weren’t 100% successful and we will need to medicate or something going forward but the doctor who was also amazing was able to take a peak and tell is that our main issue was an easy fix. Our first experience was very good

Garfield Bailey (Source: Google)


My experience with Valley park dental care is second to none from the staff right down to the care they provide is excellent I ended up at Valley park dental care because I couldn’t get the time I needed at my dentist on a particular day and now my whole family is at Valley park dental care

Brittany Ouellette (Source: Google)


The staff is very kind and helpful. I felt genuinely listened too and cared for by my dental hygienist and the doctor listened to all my questions and answered everything completely with no hint of judgment. They brought me back right on time and I was done with my appointment within a half hour but not once did it feel rushed. My entire family goes here and never have I heard anyone complain. Great place to be!!

Dan Horn (Source: Google)


I was a first time patient and had one of the best experiences I have ever had at the Dentist. Everyone was so polite and attentive to my needs, while being Professional in every way! Thank You, to everyone, from the girls at the front desk to the Dental assistants, to Dr. Hong. Thank You ALL!

Paris Brown (Lotusleaf93) (Source: Google)


Seriously the best dental experience I have ever had. I LOVED the staff, each member was super friendly and said hello. Brittany was my dental hygienist, she was kind, patient and did everything in her power to make sure I was comfortable. I had a bad experience at the last dentist so Brittany really turned it around for me. I went for a Deep cleaning, and I love my teeth (they look so much healthier) I would highly recommend this place!

Tiffany Brown (Source: Google)


I have been going to Valley Park now for almost 4 years. Through the years I went for routine cleanings and had some procedures done. No matter which hygienist I have, or dentist, they are always kind and professional! They make going to the dentist not so bad. They make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Ana McCorkhill-Jones (Source: Google)


Our family loves our dentist experiences here! Wonderful staff, great customer service, high quality in all their professional services from basic to advanced needs, and in all our orthodontic services we’ve needed too. The reminders they send via SMS are a wonderful communication tool I fully rely on to manage an entire family with different appointment dates and it seamlessly allows me to give easy confirmations of all appointments for each family member. As for their Orthodontic Services, specifically their pediatric services: We have three children ages 14 to 6. One child accidently throws away several Invisaline Trays after school lunch, they are patient and fiscally manage a “child-proof” / “ADHD-proof” Invisalign program more adeptly than expected or deserved. Lost Invisalign Trays are normally $50 each to replace anywhere else. At Valley Park Dental, replacement trays are included in their total Invisalign Program cost for kids. This is the primary reason I chose to purchase Invisaligns for my child at Valley Park Dental. They also strive very hard to eliminate additional, pricey, re-scans so long as one of the trays from the current scan / tray series still fits the child’s mouth and the enamel placement fasteners. Anywhere else, extra re-scans cost +$400 each for lost trays, replacement trays, missed Invisalign appointments, etc. I rarely leave reviews, but this was too important to not spend a little time writing up. I wish a review like this had been here for me. I hope this helps another deciding where to invest their dental needs, Valley Park Dental needs to be on your short list to consider. We’ve chose Valley Park Dental in 2015. The quality of their professional services has never wavered.

Heather P (Source: Google)


The staff and Dr were very attentive and helpful. Everyone was professional and kind. I was there for a second opinion. The Dr referred me to a specialist for my problem. They gave me copies of my x-rays so when/ if I need to see the specialist, I won’t need to have x-rays again. I decided to schedule my next cleaning at VP Dental. Very happy with the service I received! And, thankful my co-worker refered me to go there.

Katie Peters (Source: Google)


Fantastic office and staff! I have quite a bit of dental work that needs to be done and it has been a breeze so far! Edited to add: I had to have a tooth pulled unexpectedly and the doctor and staff were really wonderful at giving me all of the information, making me as comfortable as possible, and getting the job done in a painless manner. I consider myself lucky to be a patient at the best dental practice in the STL area!

Sara Correnti (Source: Google)


I love this office and everyone that works there! Everyone is so friendly and really makes me feel welcome every time I’m in. I’m always amazed at how well they remember me and I’m only in every 6 months! They always make the point to ask about key things in my life and even have me a book as a gift for my son right before he was born. They’re professional and always on time. The best dentist office I’ve ever been to!

Alicia Matson (Source: Google)


I can’t rave enough how wonderful my experience was here. I came in as a new patient, did xrays, clean, oral exam, even fillings all on the same day. The DA was amazing. She was so perfect. Fast when you needed her to be & slow when you needed her to be. They were all so friendly & super helpful, knowledgeable, & understanding of my needs. Even the office was gorgeous, clean, neat, orderly. The doc was great, very skilled, & genuinely passionate about her job. Seriously, this was the best experience I ever had at a dentist. Very Highly Recommend!

Sandy Jenkins (Source: Google)


Valley Park Dental is a wonderful office. They ALWAYS provide excellent care, going above and beyond the expectations. For years I suffered from a dental phobia due to a previous experience. However, due to the care I received with this group, I no longer fear going to the dentist. I can say this after having multiple root canals!!!

Ashley Kemp (Source: Google)


The best experience! Now I love going to the Dentist, but my mom doesn’t, and she loved this place! Durring cleanings, they give me the gum message I crave. My mom likes more of the gentile touch and she commented that they have the hands of an angel. ANY one of the Valley Park dentist, hygienist, and even more so the front desk, give me the best experience, Everytime! Even calling in for scheduling and reminders of appointment are easy and convenient! I am moving out of state soon, but will be back the twice a year for appointments because I haven’t found anyone to do teeth better!

Gregory Pride (Source: Google)


I got in for a regular cleaning and checkup, and was able to be served within a few minutes of arriving, even with the paperwork beforehand. The staff were friendly and professional, taking care of my teeth without causing any pain and walking me through every step of the process so I knew what was going on. While going to the dentist can never be considered enjoyable (occupational hazard and all), they made it easy and surprisingly very relaxing. I would definitely come back again.

Michael Dachroeden (Source: Google)


Both Crystal, my dental hygienist and dr. Patel were professional and personally easy to chat with. Any future procedure was never upselling but shared as options for me. I appreciate their honesty and cost sensitivity as a patient. This third visit confirms for me what a warm and inviting environment they maintain. I highly recommend VPDC for anyone I speak with. And of course all work they’ve ever performed has been excellent.

linda lindahl (Source: Google)


I called on Monday and they got me in on Wed the same week..I am so very impressed with the professional manner my visit went..I was passed due on a cleaning due to change in Dental Insurance but every thing went like clock work..They used a new hand held wond which eliminates the need to put sticky putty in the mouth for empressions..the view helped me understand where I was chewing now that I have lost several back molars..the doc was excellent, we discussed the fact that my teeth are moving, twisting..I could set up a plan using Invisalign a clear aligner for a year are so..we will see..