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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Dennis O. (Source: Google)


I recently lost a longtime battle with one of my top front lateral incisors and needed to have it removed. After some research and discussion with Dr. Boylan, I decided to move forward with an implant. Dr. Boylan and his team (AJ and Tiffany) did a great job of walking me through what to expect. I felt very comfortable with their level of experience and knowledge. Everything went better than expected. The entire process from walking into the room to walking out of the room did not take long and I am very happy with the results. Having the implant completed by an experienced dentist I trust is only part of the reason I’ve been loyal to this practice for over 20 years. The dentist hygienists are among the nicest people you could hope to meet and the account specialist goes through any charges up front in a private one on one area to ensure there are no hidden surprises. Everything in the office runs smoothly thanks to their veteran office manager Becky. I can’t say enough good things about how she has never made me feel like just another patient after all these years and always goes that extra mile.

D.G Smith (Source: Google)


From Sallie the dental hygienist to Dr. Bracken this is by far the best dental office! The front desk pleasantly greets you and the atmosphere is set. I prayed and searched “comfort dental” and a few popped up. I went to a couple before Dr. Bracken and knew they weren’t for me. But one trip into this office and I was not disappointed. My husband has since changed to this office and he loves it as well! I’m so glad God guided me to this office.

Ken Bracken (Source: Facebook)


This dental practice, the Dentist, its staff, and the whole atmosphere is a great place to be when you’re somewhere you’d rather not be. It is also in a great location that’s easy to get to, find parking, and get out of so you can go about your day. I strongly suggest Vibrant Smile Dentistry as your new dental office.

Nina Grant (Source: Google)


Dr. Bracken is the best dentist that I have ever been to!!!! I have been a dental assistant for about 20 years seven of which I worked with her and her work is magnificent. Not only does she have the best personality and makes you feel comfortable in the chair, she is also a perfectionist!! I love going to her and I know that I can trust that she’s doing a good job. I recommend everyone to go to Dr. Bracken!!!

Deidre Cox (Source: Google)


Absolutely amazing, I mean who looks forward to going to the dentist? Well, you WILL look forward to coming here! Dr. Bracken is so genuine, gentle and truly cares about you. You just “ feel” safe and at home in this office. From Tori at the front desk to every hygienist and chair side assistants, you are so extremely comfortable! Needless to say, your teeth will thank you!

Anopenbook888 (Source: Google)


This placed changed my entire outlook on going to the dentist. I used to be terrified and so anxious because of bad experiences at my previous dentist. The women here make you feel so comfortable and give no judgement. Dr. Bracken and Sally have made an unbelievable difference in my dental health and my life.

Donna Cruciano (Source: Google)


Vibrant Smile Dentistry is a very progressive dentistry. The staff is congenial and always makes me feel welcomed. Dr. Bracken is incredible as is her expertise. She, like everyone on her staff, is friendly. Dr. Bracken is extremely knowledgable and the work she performs is professional. I highly recommend Vibrant Smile Dentistry to any one and everyone.

C Krus (Source: Google)


Everything about Vibrant Smile inspires confidence, from the comfortable waiting room (WiFi and live plants!) to the excellent reception staff, to the skilled treatment team. This is a well-run office that keeps me informed of upcoming appointments, outstanding paperwork, and schedule changes (things happen!) I started going there just for cleanings and routine work, but added additional serious dental corrections I had been deferring- it was a relief to find a suitable care team with the necessary special skills. The quality and variety of services available are top notch, and I always feel well informed and involved in treatment decisions. I have often recommended this proficient and professional practice to my friends and family, without hesitation.

Francheska Quinones Rosario (Source: Google)


I can’t recommend this dental office enoughto everyone. From the moment you enter the door it is a wonderful experience. The receptionist is delightful and super helpful. They answer all your questions, go above and beyond for you to feel comfortable and let you know what they are doing to your teeth at all times. Sallie always takes wonderful care of me. But they are ALL wonderfulprofessionals who know their practice well! Give them a call. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Neighborhood Geographic (Source: Google)


Dr Bracken is absolutely amazing! And Sallie really is the bee’s knees! This dentistry is full of kind people who really want what’s best for you. And are fully capable of giving you the best care with the utmost professionalism while maintaining the warm, loving environment. My dentist literally just told me she loved me! Ask Sallie about her belly button ring! You’ll love that story!

Angela Mink (Source: Google)


Vibrant Smile has the best staff of any dentist I’ve visited. They are professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Bracken carefully explains procedures and her attention to detail is outstanding. The facility is spotlessly clean and well-maintained, and they are very careful with all precautions. We’ve been going there for over 2 years. My family won’t go anywhere else now.

Richard and Gerard. Shanley (Source: Google)


Dr Bracken and her staff are outstanding. Nicole is a terrific dental hygienist. Becky is an amazing office manager that works to get the best prices for her clients. Dr Bracken is highly intelligent and hilarious with eagle eyes and commitment to empower her clients toward the best and most cost effective, holistic dental treatments. She also empowers her employees via educational and training opportunities. She is the realization of the American dream as an educated, professional female who owns and operates her own small business. As a military dependent, whomever signed off on the dental plans for families not only failed to support military families, but also under-cut dentists’ wages. I learned from another dental office in Virginia Beach, a Dr Armstrong, that dentists make $.40 on the dollar. Thus, many dental offices no longer accept military insurance. Anyways… Dr Bracken and her staff’s commitment to excellent dental care for her fellow man in a financial environment made hectic by cheap politicians and greedy insurance companies is a testimony to her character, integrity and passion for her craft. You can rely on high-quality and affordable dental care at Vibrant Smiles Dentistry by Dr Monleudy Bracken.

Suzanne Doerhoff (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to this practice for years for my dental care. They always take excellent care of me and my teeth! I love Maggie, the best, most thorough, and most gentle hygienist in the world! Becky answers all my questions and helps make it affordable for me! It is always a joy to come visit my friends here at Vibrant Smile! Dr. Bracken did a filling on one of my teeth in the front and she did an amazing job! You can’t even see that there was ever anything wrong with it! It’s beautiful and the pain is gone too!! Thank you for helping me to keep smiling! 🙂

Steve Friddle (Source: Facebook)


This is one of the best Dentist office I have ever experienced. Dr. Bracken and her staff are skilled, friendly and so accomidaing. They have a very family friendly atmosphere and put their patients at ease knowing ther are literally in great hands. I highly recommend Vibrant Smile Dentistry Norfolk to anybody who is looking for a new dentistry experience!

Debbie Adams (Source: Google)


I have only been going to this office about 5 or 6 years. While Becky & Jackie have been there since I started going here there seemed to be rotating dentist for awhile but not anymore. I very much like Dr. Bracken. She gave me advice that truly helped with a problem I was having. There is a new dentist added to this practice & I met him today. It was a very good first impression. Jackie my hygienist is the best. Becky is great also.

Rallyberger Jackerbeay (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Dr. Bracken’s for 6 years. My mouth looked like a cornucopia of confusion when I first met her! As a result of her expertise, my teeth are healthy, happy, and VIBRANT!! There need to be seven Dr. Bracken’s! One for each of the seven cities in Hampton Roads. So until she figures out how to clone herself, I will follow her wherever she goes!! Thank you for all that you do and cracking me up laughing while I’m in your care. You TOTALLY rock!!!

Sophie GP (Source: Google)


It says Sophie, yet it’s Melissa G! The entire staff at Vibrant Smile has been great always. The whole process of Invisalign has been way easier than expected. I love my smile so much more. It’s practically perfect. Thanks so much especially to Dr Bracken for her constant enthusiasm cause it’s contagious!

Tiffany Jones (Source: Google)


I love this place and all the staff! Starting from the phone call to Dr. Bracken, they’re all amazing and very personable! Their Nurse assist Shea is also as sweet as they come and always makes sure my comfort comes first(coming from a woman 5 months pregnant! lol) both of their dental hygenist are wonderful and professional, both giving advice every visit. Lastly Becky and Kristine, who’s been amazing at helping with insurance concerns and always getting me in for last minute or emergency appts! P.S. – I probably spelled half their names wrong, so I greatly apologize ladies!

Celeste Vitter Walch (Source: Facebook)


They are fabulous after all they are putting up with me and that says a lot for anybody that knows me and they are getting to know me very well too. I am gonna have a set of beautiful teeth!!! Dr. Bracken and her team rocks!!!!

Catherine Sprague (Source: Google)


Dr Bracken is amazing! She is very up-to-date and knowledge and skills and incorporates technology to help give you the best possible experience. I personally have great difficulty getting them and terrible anxiety about having my mouth worked on, and I needed an emergency root canal. She took her time with me and made very sure that my experience was pain free! Her tech Sally was also wonderful and friendly, and very very good at administering Novocain shots with very minimal discomfort. I’m incredibly grateful to both of them for their help.

Debbie Barnett (Source: Google)


I have been going to this dentistry for year me and my whole family. I am always pleased with my cleaning, Jackie is very thorough and explains as she goes what she sees. The doctors get are so thorough in their exam and always reviews with you of any issues. The people here are all so friendly and concerned about your well being. THANKS!

Wendy Dunlap (Source: Google)


5 stars isn’t enough for this fantastic dental practice. I needed a dentist as I hadn’t had a cleaning in 11 years. I had a lot of dental anxiety due to prior bad experiences. I found Dr. Bracken when searching for gentle dentistry. The reviews were totally right, this practice is non-judgmental and reduces your anxiety almost immediaty. My first appointment was much easier than I expected and we got my teeth cleaned with minimal pain and NO judging. I then decided to go for Invisalign, which I had been considering for years. It’s a shame I can’t share before and after photos on here, but trust me when I say that my results were AMAZING and only took 18 months. My dental health is the best it’s ever been and it’s thanks to this practice. I actually show my teeth when I smile now and I showed my teeth for the first time in a photo last week. If you need a trustworthy, honest and gentle dentist, this is the place to go.

N W (Source: Google)


I have had several fillings for many years. One of my teeth broke over the weekend, so I called to make an appointment for as soon as possible. Within only a couple of minutes, I received a text asking about the tooth, and giving me an appointment for Monday afternoon. Someone called me on Monday morning to confirm, and I received an estimate via email for the cost of a crown. Later, I received a call asking whether I would like an earlier appointment, which I took. Dr. Bracken made a very long, tedious time in the chair as comfortable as possible, and is quite a personable doctor, as well. Her assistant was friendly and knowledgeable, also. The professionalism in this office is remarkable.

ULG (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough good words about the exceptional, painless and thoroughly professional treatment I received at Vibrant Smiles! I had a rather complex implant procedure performed that required an extraction and 2 implants. In order to insure a successful pain-free outcome and to promote rapid healing, Dr. Bracken performed a Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) procedure. This procedure allowed the bleeding to stop within a day and significantly reduced any discomfort I had. By comparison, I had a very similar operation performed by an experienced maxillofacial surgeon without the PRF -and the difference in healing time and discomfort was amazing. DR. Bracken’s procedure healed within 2-3 days with very little bleeding, while the oral surgeon’s operation bled for 3 days and took over a week to heal substantially! In addition, The entire staff at Vibrant Smiles is exceptional in every way! You will feel instantly at home and welcomed if you talk with Tori, the receptionist and schedule planner -and the goodness continues from there. Dr. Horace, another dentist at the practice, is truly amazing as well in terms of competency, professionalism and caring demeanor toward his patients. I also received several fantastic dental cleanings from Jackie Kennedy (easy name to remember!) and really enjoyed the experience. In short, ALL the medical heroes working at Vibrant Smiles are fantastic and I highly recommend this practice for all my friends in the Tidewater area. If you are at all apprehensive about seeing a dentist -Vibrant Smiles is the place for you! Apologies for the long post, but I have to say that if you are a Veteran, please let Dr. Bracken know that you served – she appreciates all of our Veterans and you will feel very welcomed!

Rhiannon Clements (Source: Google)


Great experience there today; very thorough care and great bedside(chairside?) manner. I had no hidden fees and everything was explained to me before it was happening. I will definitely be a regular patient from here on out. *Update: I am now a regular patient of vibrant smile and I am nearing the end of a course of Invisalign. I could not be happier. I love the way my teeth look now! There were no hidden charges or fees I was not spoken to about ahead of time and I have the smile I have been dreaming about!

Kim Gray (Source: Facebook)


Do Your Ears Hang Low? Do They Wobble to and Fro? Can You Tie Them in a Knot? Can You Tie Them in a Bow? Can You Throw Them Over Your Shoulder Like a Continental Soldier?” I copied this from the Girl Scout song. It applies to the wonderful treatment I received yesterday. This dentist, Shay, and the other people in the office really know what they are doing. What an intelligent, caring group of women! You couldn’t ask to be in better hands.

Karen P (Source: Google)


Dr. Bracken is the best Dentist i have ever visited. She is kind, professional and treats patients like family. Dr. Bracken will do a complete and thorough job. She does not take short cuts as others have. She will give you an honest treatment plan and take care of whatever issue you may have. Dr. Bracken has completed an implant for me and did a fantastic job. She is a perfectionist and expects her staff to work in the same manner. I would highly recommend this practice. I will not go anywhere else.

Yareni Mendez (Source: Facebook)


Such an amazing dentist office. In the past i’ve had a few horrible experiences that cause me not to get my teeth checked out for 1 years. When I had my first appointment at Vibrant Smile Dentistry I was debating wether to go in or not, but Dr. Bracken is amazing she was very gentle and the staff is just AMAZING !!!!

C Baker (Source: Google)


Had and appointment with Dr Monleudy Bracken today and my visit was awesome from Dr Bracken who is warm and funny to Shay who is also warm and very nice, to the young lady at the front desk very nice. I have to say this place treated me very well. I was afraid of having my tooth pull but they made me feel so very comfortable and relax I would recommend anyone looking for a great place to get dental care must go to Vibrant Smiles Dentistry. The whole staff is awesome!!!

Kelley Randolph (Source: Google)


I’ve been a patient at VSD for about a year now and always get the best care. I just took my 3 year old in for her first appointment and everything went really well! Everyone was super sweet to her and she got her prize at the end, so she was happy! Thanks Dr B and Maggie! And huge shout out to their fabulous office manager Becky who always goes above and beyond.