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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Courtney L. from Brandon, FL (Source: Yelp)


I absolutely HATE going to the dentist. I put it off for years because of my fears. I figured I was paying for insurance through work, so I might as well go. This is the place to go for honest care. I’ve been to dentists in the past who I felt were trying to sell me things I didn’t need. That is definitely not the case here, everything that is recommended is necessary. The staff here is absolutely wonderful and makes me feel very comfortable, which is very difficult to do with my past experiences. Look no further for complete care!

KSH in FL (Source: Google)


I seriously love this dentist and this practice. Everyone is always so kind, gentle, caring, and friendly. Beyond that, there’s the benefit of reasonable prices and feeling very comfortable that I’m not being taken advantage of. When I lived in St. Pete, I saw a wonderful dentist and was so upset when I needed to find someone new in Brandon/Riverview a few years ago. Vincente Family Dentistry made the transition super easy and I could not be happier.

Amanda R. from Temple Terrace, FL (Source: Yelp)


Family owned, family operated. Great hygienist… gentle and friendly. Honest doctor who does a good job. Would recommend to anyone in the area. We had tried the chain dental offices in the past and this dentist is far superior and doesn’t try to “squeeze” money out of you for unneeded procedures.

F-bomb Mom (Source: Google)


Amazing!!!!! going in I was completely terrified I had explained to the staff that I had a prior visit from another dentist that was horrible I left that office in tears. Dr. Vicente’s and her staff assured me my visit would be completely different. She was so patient and understanding she took her time and explained everything that she was doing and about to do. I was printed out a form that had everything I needed to know that needed to be done and was assured that it wasn’t in any hurry to be done. They really care about their patients, not just their wallets. She will be the only dentist that I will see and same goes for my family. Thank you so much Dr. Vicente and Staff

Mylisa C. from Brandon, FL (Source: Yelp)


Vicente Family Dentistry is not a chain but private owned dentist. She is very caring and conservative. She does not try to up sell  you with products or services that you don’t need. She is very gentle and calming, and the ladies in her office are wonderful. I would highly recommend her services to anyone of any age. I have been going to her for years and have never had a problem. I like the fact that she is honest with her patients and her work is very good. She puts her patients needs first and she is VERY conservative in her practice. She will tell you whether the work is needed or can wait. My family loves her!!!

A W. from Brandon, FL (Source: Yelp)


Have had a lot of dentists over the years, have always dreaded going. Either the dentist (one went home in the middle of my procedure, because he was in a mood), or the hygienists were rough. Then I found this practice and no longer worry. Dr Vincente is a sweetheart, all the hygienists have been very gentle, thorough & personable. The office staff are always very helpful, friendly. I have only needed an emergency visit once & as busy as they were that day, they got me in.  Its a very family atmosphere. Highly recommend them.

Jason H. from West Bloomfield Township, MI (Source: Yelp)


I can’t come up with the proper amount of superlatives to describe Dr. Vicente and her practice. Had a chip repaired yesterday. While this was being done, she offered to fix my other front tooth as well so both were even. It was not even something that had entered my mind, but now I can’t imagine getting the work done and not making that choice. She’s so awesome and intelligent with her craft. $68 was not bad at all for what I had done, but I was confused because my cleanings and such are completely covered. They took the time to explain the difference and that I did have a yearly deductible – no problem on my end, just didn’t know as I haven’t had dental insurance before. They could not have been nicer about it and there isn’t a single staff member who isn’t extremely knowledgeable. Simply put: if you live in Brandon or anywhere close, you need to come to Dr. Vicente. I actually look forward to coming here!

Brooks F. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


It’s been over a year since our family found this dentistry. We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this dentistry. Dr.Vicente is amazing- great at what she does and so understanding. I adore I-ik-sa (sorry- can’t spell her name), front office staff. She fit me in ASAP on a saturday when I had a tooth emergency. She is professional and kind. Bills are always explained in person, and estimates are itemized and easy to understand. Even our kid loves going to the dentist now. These are people who really care about their patients. We highly recommend this practice.

Lauren B. from Brandon, FL (Source: Yelp)


I loved my old dentist but when we moved I knew I’d have to find another place to go. Dr. Vicente had a lot to live up to but met the standards. The office is new and clean. The front desk was friendly and organized and called me by name when I walked in for my appointment. Melissa took x-rays of my teeth and checked them before calling in the Dr. Dr. Vicente was nice and professional. She looked at my x-rays and then checked my teeth. Melissa then cleaned my teeth and sent me on my way. The cleaning was painless and my teeth felt so good afterwards. They asked if I wanted to set up my next appointment then and there. I did and am all set in 6 months. I will be recommending them to friends and family.

Anan S. from Riverview, FL (Source: Yelp)


Above all, Dr. Vicente and her staff are good, honest people. They are welcoming, friendly, professional, with all the expertise in the world, but their honesty and integrity as professionals stands out. I had a bad experience with a dental franchise/chain where I did not feel comfortable with the treatment plan they created. I thought they billed for things I did not need, and I found out that indeed was the case. When I turned to Dr. Vicente, I felt she was honest in her assessment and treatment plan. In a world where it is easy to find dentists who are dishonest in their work and would not think twice to recommend services you probably might benefit from but do not NEED just so they can make more money, Vicente Family Dentistry sets themselves apart by being considerate, honest, professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Vicente.

Karen Hawes (Source: Google)


I’ve been coming here since 2013 and I’ve been very satisfied with the staff. They have all of the amenities of a top-notch clinic (a TV to watch, while you get dental work done, etc). Everyone’s been very pleasant and helpful and the billing department does a great job of making sure you understand what you’re being billed. I’d recommend anyone new to the area to give them a try.

Ed Murray (Source: Google)


I really love my experience here! Every staff member is a delight to interact with and truly makes you feel like you matter to them. Dr Vincente is super supportive and really great at what she does. She really knows her patients, their needs, and how to fulfill them in a way that supports what they have going on personally. Everyone here puts a smile on my face and thanks to their expertise that smile is looking better and better and healthier and healthier. Thank you all!

April H. from Saint Augustine, FL (Source: Yelp)


You can stop looking for a dental practice, this is THE ONE! The front desk staff, my dental tech (Amber) and the doctor are all amazing! They are friendly, attentive and most importantly they are HONEST! I actually don’t trust dentist in general and have avoided them for over a decade as a result of their perpetual “up sell” (pre-cavities, deep cleanings, poor quality of work leading to root-canals) and untrustworthy behaviors. However, I broke a tooth recently and that led me to Vicente Family Dentistry vía Yelp reviews. Dr. V and the staff were told that I haven’t seen a dentist in over a decade and I knew this may lead to a laundry list of procedures and fees. But after my exam they explained that my teeth are in great shape, i have good genes and I only needed the minimum care to repair the broken tooth and one other cavity. I even asked if I needed a deep cleaning (which I was told I needed 15 years ago by an up selling dentist) and this practice told me that I most definitely didn’t need one then or now. Furthermore, her prices are fair and they recommended a discount plan that saved me about 35% on top of it all. Now I’m actually excited about having a dentist I can trust, something I’ve never had before today. Dr. V is now my dentist for life….no matter where I go, no matter where I move, I will be going here for all my dental needs. This practice deserves a 6th Star.

Rhionna W. from NY, NY (Source: Yelp)


My partner has a healthy fear of the dentist. She had a toothache and was not a known patient to the practice, but they got her in the next day. When she arrived to the office, they were kind and courteous to her anxiety. They were honest – something that we have not been privileged to have from previous dental offices. What was originally quoted to us as three extractions and four root canals became one root canal, and one extraction. The dentist took her time to show us all of her xrays and explain what was wrong and what the best course of action was. As a result, everyone in my family will be going to this dentist. They are respectful, knowledgeable and personable.

Nancy C. from Cumming, GA (Source: Yelp)


I found this practice based on Yelp reviews and I was not disappointed. I originally went for what I thought was a cracked crown but luckily just a filling was needed (crown was fine). They were able to get me in fairly quickly, even as a new patient. I’ve now been for 2 regular cleanings. Dr. Vincente is friendly and professional. She doesn’t try to do unnecessary work and ensures you’re satisfied. The staff is incredibly friendly and professional.

Raina R. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


Found this place based off a referral from a co worker and I must say best dentist of my life.  I hate the dentist but this office & staff are amazing.  Not only do they not offer you stuff you don’t need they actually care about you as a person.  So many doc just want to collect, here they just want to help!!

Collyn D. from Sarasota, FL (Source: Yelp)


THIS IS THE BEST DENTIST’S OFFICE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. I do not mean that lightly. Jennifer is superb and so is all of the staff. Always smiling and fantastic Customer Service. They always remind you of appointments and squeeze you in to fit your schedule. I have never had a dentist office that makes you feel like family. I live in saint petersburg now and make the 35 minute drive to their office because I will not go anywhere else.

Terri T. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I wanted to write this review to help others find a wonderful dentist. The Vicente practice is the best! I’ve been a patient for a year and had a couple of routine cleanings and x-rays. I like that their office is nice and clean, conveniently located, and that they have late office hours. The event that precipitated this review was a semi-emergency that occurred on the last day of my winter break. (Never on the first day, right? LOL) I felt a hole in my tooth, and I didn’t know if it was a chip or whether a filling had fallen out, but I called the next day and secured an appointment in 2 days. Why did I give this practice 5 stars? #1) I was able to make an appointment after 4:00 so that I wouldn’t have to miss work. #2) The receptionist made the appointment for an hour so that there would be time to fix anything that needed to be done. #3) I was in and out within an hour. It turns out that an old filling fell out, and it was easily and quickly replaced. This practice really goes above and beyond to treat their patients well. 5-star service

April M. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


GREAT DENTIST! She makes me wish every day I had her for a dentist. I am in college and I have an HMO plan which offers superb benefits but not all doctors accept HMO. She was my brother’s doctor, and I didn’t have coverage and experienced excruciating pain one morning, went to a dentist (one of those corporate dentist places) and they told me I needed a root canal. Well, after I took antibiotics for only 3 days, I stopped because the pain stopped a few hours for one day. I started questioning if I really needed a root canal, since I heard other dentist and patients state that the pain never goes away, and the antibiotics only stop the infection in the mouth. The pain happened on Feb 2, it is now March. I seen her last week, and was recommended to her by my brother, who recently moved, who couldn’t stop saying great things about her. I called her office and made an appointment for a consultation. I was able to be seen pretty soon, which was an additional plus! Her mother runs the front office and her team is very friendly and family oriented. She took a few X-rays, and told me that I don’t need a root canal; instead it was just a big filling. I’m not saying she’s is a great dentist because she gave me good news, but the fact that she was willing to see me, and was so kind to offer her advice on what I should do, and future care for my mother, and best of all NO CHARGE!! I needed my wisdoms out and thought I needed a root canal so I purchased a HMO plan because it helped financially. After I get my fillings, and wisdoms surgically removed, I am going to her just for my cleanings twice a year :)!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!!!

Amanda Bowers (Source: Google)


Dr. Vicente is, hands down, the BEST dentist I have ever had. She is kind and talented and her staff is extremely accommodating and patient. I have been going to the practice for several years now, and 8-10 other friends and family go there also. About a year ago, I convinced my husband to try them as well (he hates the dentist in general) but he was so impressed!! He loves the hygenist, Amber, she has been so patient and gentle in dealing with his dental issues. He has had several emergencies and they have been so helpful in laying out a good plan to restore his teeth and smile. If you are looking for a great dentist for yourself or your family, I can’t convey enough how highly we recommend them.