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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Lauri R. from S CHESTERFLD, VA (Source: Yelp)


I was forced to switch dentists about two years ago when my former dentist stopped taking my insurance.  I was upset because I had been going to them for a long time and was happy with them but now I’m glad they did.  I love this dental group.  They are all so nice and just bend over backwards to help.  I’ve had several dental problems since I started with them and they’ve been great to work with.  Even during Covid, they got me in right away when my crown came off and told me to expect a wait, but I waited less than ten minutes.   They’re great and I’ve referred several people to them.

Christian D (Source: Google)


Very professional atmosphere. All the staff are friendly and seem to have very well chemistry in working together because everybody is very well coordinated. Every time I’ve visited, I’ve been greeted with a smile and the dentists/orthodontists do their jobs fast, good, and professional. They schedule appointments very generously and always work with their patients as much as possible. Every appointment at Virginia Family Dentistry in Colonial heights has always been an event in my day I looked forward to not only for my mouth but the people who’ve greeted me and would welcome me back not as a patient but as a friend. I’m not writing this review and pretending/faking it when I say these things, this environment genuinely deserves an award due to how professional they are, it’s amazing how well they keep the workplace standard that I kinda miss going there

Khrista H. from Disputanta, VA (Source: Yelp)


I was greeted with smiling faces, as always. They called me in promptly.  My hygienist, Kristin, said she would have a lot of build up under the gums to remove and started the extensive cleaning.  I didn’t feel pain and she was considerate of my comfort. She did such a great job and I was quite relaxed. When it was over, my mouth felt brand new. The dentist came in and advised me about my gums.  This practice is the best!!

Nata Evans (Source: Google)


I have been going to this location for many years. My experience has always been great! Dr. Roberts is awesome and so is everyone else. My hygienist Anita retired, which made me sad, but I had my first great experience with Mandy. Thank you all for providing good service and making dental visits a pleasant experience!

Nahilah G. from Waldorf, MD (Source: Yelp)


I wish I could recall my DDS name. However he was simply amazing! And so was his practice! I couldn’t care less for the dentist (in general). As someone with genetically awful teeth a trip to the dentist can only mean pain. However not only was VA Family Dentistry kind and professional they were extremely efficient. Also they only relieved my pain. Imagine my surprise when as a new patient they found me an appointment for the next day and also took time during my visit to educate me on MY dental care. Not how I should brush better and floss more but how my teeth were aligned and what I could do to improve my oral care having lesser enamel. And the best part, again no pain! Im convinced now that maybe the dentist isn’t so bad. Perhaps its just the great people here. Overall, I would highly recommend this place! And definitely would bring my daughter. Looking forward to improving my smile over on the Ortho side too! Cant wait. (No they didn’t try to sell me on it).

Ashley E. from Prince George County, VA (Source: Yelp)


Doctor Waggoner and Taylor were absolutely amazing and super attentive in making sure I was comfortable especially considering the fact that I am 7 months pregnant. They made sure my fillings were as perfect a match as possible and honestly my teeth feel better done than the previous work. She definitely earned a loyal patient in me!

Larry Coleman Jr (Source: Google)


I needed an in network dentist. My boss recommended this place because of a dentist that just retired in the latter part of 2019.Melanie has proven to be a gift to My Life twice a year. It’s like we knew each other from high school and we always catch up doing my dental visits. Very Personal Touch very effervescent atmosphere. Very clean. There are no dogs kept in the corner like my previous dentist I won’t put their name out there. I am so happy I made the switch technology is up to date and whenever I come in they clean my teeth and take care of my mouth so well they don’t have to work hard if I just brush and floss. Once they clean it it’s clean. Often dentist don’t put a personal touch on their work and calculus and other dental problems can accumulate until the next visit. technology is up-to-date and whenever I come in they clean my teeth and take care of my mouth. Once they clean it it’s clean. I can’t speak for all the hygienist but I know the one that dealt with me has taken care of me thus far. I told her my teeth are sensitive to cold and she warm the water before it hit my teeth. I can’t wait to go to the dentist again!!!

Chantel Woodcock (Source: Google)


I went in for a cleaning, the hygienist was very informative about every single thing she was doing. Then after the cleaning and x-rays were done, my cavity was discovered. The dentist came in. He was super nice, and down to earth. He didn’t make me feel bad about my dreaded cavity. I scheduled my appointment to get my tooth filled. The woman at the front desk was super sweet as well. So, the day I get my tooth filled, I get to pick the music in the room, both the assistant/hygienist, and dentist were super understanding that I’m a big baby. They made me feel so comfortable and we’re very informative about everything they were doing! My filling looks amazing and so natural! Super bonus, the dentist is very nice to look at. I highly recommend this office.

Laura Bell (Source: Google)


The staff was really friendly and fun it was easy to relax, I heard the doctor even took time from his lunch break to get me in for a last minute appointment. I got my wisdom tooth pulled and it was so fast and easy and I’m not even in pain and the anesthetic wore off hours ago, I won’t even need the pain killers I was prescribed. Best part is it was so so affordable even if I didn’t have dental insurance. Other places I’ve been to wanted to charge way way more so I’m just so happy and relieved, I’m recommending them to everyone.

Phyllis Steedley (Source: Google)


It’s because of the awesome team at VFD that I love going to the dentist!! Each and every team member is professional yet personable and I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. I have been a patient of VFD for many years and have been seen at more than one location and by several hygienists and Im always treated with respect. Such sweet ladies!! Thank you.

Pamelia Jones (Melia) (Source: Google)


I had a really good experience with this dentist office. I got there a little early to feel out my new patient forms. Right after I was call to the back I got x-rays done and went over a treatment plan. I recommend anybody looking for a really good dentist. Come here and ask for Doctor Waggoner she is absolutely the best.

Thomas Mingia (Source: Google)


staff and dentist were great very nice. then I got the bill DAMN $400.00 to fill one tooth! that’s a lot of money. my portion was about $85.00 and I inquired about the charge to the insurance company and the reply was a least you didn’t have to pay it all. WOW what a mentality. I have been back several times and have received exceptional work.

Karen H. from North Chesterfield, North Chesterfield, United States (Source: Yelp)


The first session was an awesome experience. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I will have a new orthodontist and dentist. They took an extensive amount of time with me to address my needs. I can not express how deeply touched I am by the experience. It meant the world to me. I used to see a lovely dentist for twenty years, but they retired. Until now, I have not been able to find a kind, clean, up-to-date, and professional office. You went above and beyond. I am truly blessed and grateful that I found your services.

L J. from Henrico, United States (Source: Yelp)


Virginia Family Dentistry on Ironbridge Road is the absolute best dental practice in the area. The entire staff is professional, personable and very friendly! I love my hygienist Dale and my dentist, Dr. Appleby, they take wonderful care of my oral health and they know me as a person!!! Because of the family atmosphere in the office, I continue to go there, though I’ve moved across town and have to travel further! They are the best!!!

Victoria Tedesco (Source: Google)


What a professionall and friendly place!! Always reminders before the appointment and promptly called for our scheduled appointment. Entire staff is friendly, yet always professional and their work is EXEMPLARY!!! Both husband and I have been patients since they opened and we literally drive from South Carolina now for our appointments (and emergencies!). FIVE-STAR ALL THE WAY!!!

Morgan Strong (Source: Google)


I can’t recommend this office enough. I’ve had a rough go with dental care and have always been self conscious about my teeth. I met Dr.Appleby this morning and can truly say I’ve never had such a pleasant and hopeful experience. I need extensive work done and for the first time in decades I’m excited to have it taken care of. The doctor and everyone there made me feel incredibly comfortable and safe. No judgment from anyone and nothing but kindness and care. Sincerely, I can’t express my gratitude enough for everyone who helped me today and I look forward to my next visits.

Brenda P. from Petersburg, VA (Source: Yelp)


This is my second visit during the pandemic and I’m very pleased with how safe I felt during both visits. (One was in June 2020 & the other was yesterday.) instead of having me update paperwork in the office, it was given to me in a stamped, self addressed envelope so I could complete it at home. Thus, my waiting room stay was not extended due to completion of paperwork. As usual, everyone I encountered were friendly, courteous, and professional. So glad I found this practice

Tabitha R. from Prince George, VA (Source: Yelp)


So I decided to go with Virginia Family Dentistry about 3 years ago now! I had to have major work done and they have been amazing every step of the way! Now that it’s all done, no one can even tell I’ve had work done! I just went for a cleaning with Anita in the Colonial Heights Office and she was absolutely wonderful! They have never hurt me or made me feel uncomfortable! They make me laugh and feel confident when I leave! Highly recommend them! You get the best dentist and surgeons all under one roof!

Kim Blizzard (Source: Google)


I have never gone to a dentist on a regular basis because I have only had dental insurance sporadically throughout the years. I would go when I had insurance, but would have to stop when the coverage ended. I have been made to feel like a 2nd class citizen and talked down to like I was a child. The people at the Tri-Cities office did not make me feel that way. I was spoken to like a person with intelligence (which I do have!). They listened to me and answered my questions, they provided me with a treatment program and the cost of the treatment. I left feeling good about myself and teeth. I definitely give this dentistry an A+ rating.

Gary Best (Source: Google)


From the time you walk into the building you are greeted and your appointment is confirmed quickly. The nurse and doctor were very informative and answered all of my questions and then some. The first visit was very good. I looked forward to the plan to take care of my teeth and for any future needs dealing with my teeth.

Mary Beth Bristow (Source: Google)


My appointment was good, as it always is. I was annoyed to have to fill out repetitive paperwork, that I have filled out previously, even after I was asked if any of my information had changed, which it had not. Insurance, address, emergency contacts are all the same. The paperwork was redundant and time consuming, and I arrived on time for my appointment and this delayed getting me back to the hygienist, which likely delayed her lunchtime, since my appointment was at 12 noon. There should be a faster, easier way to update information.

Glenn H. from Richmond, VA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Louis Formica and Laura are so very kind and concerned about you before, during and after your visit. I have had issues since a was a child with my teeth and never found a dentist that took this level of care to make sure I was not just in and out, but to make sure I was able to have a smile and teeth that would change the way I live. The level of professionalism is beyond words. You are truly a person to Dr. Louis Formica and Laura, not just another appointment to get through. The work they have done for me has truly  changed my life and given back to me a smile and the abilities to eat and not feel subconscious for the first time. I hope you will setup your appointment today with them as you will never want to go anywhere else and maybe for the first time in your life you will see what true professionalism is and what a kind hearted dentist and assistant can do for you. Then you have the rest of the staff,  like icing on the cake. They are just as professional as Dr. Louis Formica and Laura are. Again, do not suffer another day, go see this outstanding group.  Sincerely, Glenn

Breann H. from Harker Heights, TX (Source: Yelp)


Everyone is very friendly here. The dental hygienist who I have seen the past 3 visits (Anita) is wonderful- very knowledgeable, caring, friendly and shares information in a way that helps you understand what’s going on. The doctor is also very efficient and friendly, clearly explaining what is happening. They run a very professional practice.

alyssa love (Source: Google)


This dentist office is awesome! I didn’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment scheduled when I called to schedule an appointment! The staff is very friendly and the dentist there are amazing And really take the time. They are very attentive and see what your issues are with your teeth and what is the best plan and treatment for your type of teeth or if you’re planning to get dentures and not just a quick patch up or keep you waiting.

Jessica Harris (Source: Google)


Four of my children and I all had our cleanings yesterday and my very nervous 4 year old actually let them clean her teeth this time around. Thanks to Mandy at the Puddledock rd location. Last time the poor thing wouldn’t let anyone touch her, but Mandy took her time explaining all her tools in kid like names and my daughter warmed right up and let her do her cleaning! Very grateful for her patience and care!

Erica Eaton (Source: Google)


Last visit was great! Appointment was right on time, hygienist was thorough, and both dentists I have seen were personable and helpful. Unlike other dentists in the area that are ready to drill at the first sign of decay, these doctors monitor you to see if spots really need it. Love the friendly staff and will be back! It’s hard to find a dentist you trust, so even after we moved last year, we come from out of town twice a year just to see them!

Michelle Hornby (Source: Google)


It had been awhile since I had braved going to the dentist due to problems suffered with a visit to someone else a few years ago. I must say this experience turned out to be so much better! From the front of the office to the back, everyone was so nice and competent and my dentist very skilled. I feel like I can get back to a regular dental routine again without being so anxious! Thank you Virginia Family Dentistry Tri-Cities!

Frank Alexy (Source: Google)


A visit to Virginia Family Dentistry turned into a very pleasant experience for me today. I always hate to go for cleanings, but thanks to Cindy Beam who did my cleaning, I was relaxed and comfortable today. She does a thorough job and has a great attitude. All the folks there are pleasant and helpful. Apryl Cox handled my billing and explained my treatment plan in a clear and concise way. No surprises from the billing department. I now have a different opinion of dentistry. These people put the “family” in Virginia Family Dentistry. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Chelsea Rowley (Source: Google)


I have a very tight schedule, but this office always works with me to get me in when I need it. The building is clean and sanitary and the staff is professional and friendly. I am always greeted with a smile. Even though it’s not a pediatric dentist, the hygienists are always patient and kind with my children to try to ease their fears of the dentist.

DW0613 (Source: Google)


The entire staff at VA Family Dentistry Tri-Cities is extremely pleasant. Everything from getting checked-in, exams, cleanings, X-rays, and minor dental surgeries, are performed in a very professional and caring way. I have had excellent care at this facility and would recommend their care to all friends and family.

GIGGLES (Source: Google)


My experience at this location is always great,they have a very good dental hygienist who does a great job with teeth cleaning,my dentist is always cheerful very good bedside manners ask all the right question ,overall care about your health,the front desk is also friendly greetings whenever i visit,it took me two years to really find a dentist that i am comfortable with;keep up the good work thanks for your service.