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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Glenn S. from Raleigh, NC (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Jennifer Le for more than 12 years. She is a highly skilled dentist. She gives her patients honest recommendations, and always sits down to talk about various options and costs. The recommendations are thorough, there are no hidden costs or surprises. The technical staff is well trained and friendly. They always greet me with a warm smile. Doctor Le and her staff take genuine interest in their clients- they ask how my daughter is doing by name. How is school going? Did she take her driver’s test yet? They remember details about my family, and it’s nice to know it’s not just business. When I need dental procedures that Dr. Le does not do, she’s recommended outstanding specialists. Her office is absolutely spotless. Dr. Le and staff has my utmost confidence. I highly recommend Wake Family Dentistry to people of all ages.

Constitutional Backer 1st Amendment (Source: Google)


I have been to this office and Dr. Le and her staff are assisting me with Oral Appliance to treat my diagnosed sleep apnea. They are very engaged in treating the person not just there dental needs. They have been very approachable and value my feedback. I would recommend this office based on my experiences.

Carolyn B Garrison (Source: Facebook)


I have been coming to Dr. Le for several years. She and her staff are very passionate about the care of their patients and their work, so much that my entire family utilizes her service . The Garrison Family

Yolanda B. from Raleigh, NC (Source: Yelp)


Need a good dentist? I did. Dr. Le is a tooth Nazi..in a good way. Her hygienists are tighter than James Brown’s band. They will make your teeth clean enough to eat off of. The office is always spotless and well-organized. They work appointments around your schedule and are do their best to get you in and out asap. The staff remembers all faces and where you went for your last vacation. Dr. Le will tell you what you really need and will not try to sell you what you don’t. It’s everything I look for in a dentist. I wish she was also a mechanic. I have tried other dentists. They are not for you and me. And if you need a good doctor, her husband is on the other side!

Janice Garcia (Source: Google)


What I loved most, though there are many things, was how Dr Le listened to my concerns regarding my dental health. I had neglected going to the dentist out of phobia. When I was brave enough to go, she listened to my concerns and immediately worked with me on what I needed and how we could accomplish that. I was never hurried or pushed into a procedure, we went at my pace. Now, I feel like my dental health is back on track. I am so thankful. The whole staff were very nice and professional from the first visit. They know what they are doing, are very good at it, and take such a nurturing approach toward doing that! First time in my life ever, that I can go to a cleaning or checkup without being afraid or feeling huge dread. Thank you Dr Le and staff for helping me keep my smile!!

Nini Nguyen (Source: Google)


With advice from an Orthodontist, I decided to get an Invisalign Consultation with Dr. Le and had a wonderful experience. Her team was very professional and organized with verifying my insurance and Laurel did a gentle job with my impressions. Dr. Le explained my dental situation with great detail and I felt comfortable and informed going forward with her and her staff. She is always ahead of the latest dental practices and know I am in the best hands. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family!

Alan Greene (Source: Google)


My wife and I have been going to Dr. Le for about 8 years now, and we are always pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of the staff. Recently, my wife needed two fillings, and she was really impressed with how Dr. Le explained what was to be done, did it all pain-free, and detailed what was in the best interest of her care moving forward. But what I realized on this particular visit was that Dr. Le is always excited to share something new that she has learned and how it can improve our overall health. It’s not only about teeth and a smile. This is such a welcomed change from the segmented healthcare I get elsewhere. I greatly appreciate this. As a side note: I find it interesting that when a dentist (or physician) informs you of all options for the best comprehensive care, some people want to call it “up selling.” You’re caring for your health, not buying a car. Be cheap elsewhere, not with your body.

Philip Godbolt (Source: Google)


I cannot express enough how grateful I am finding Wake Dental Sleep. Dr. Jennifer Le and her staff were very warm and welcoming and did an amazing job making me feel very comfortable sharing my past experiences and concerns. I felt that they genuinely cared about my needs and worked with me to determine a solution that would work best. It was a partnership that helped me through the journey and ended up being a huge success. Dr. Jennifer Le helped save my life and I’m eternally grateful!

Bob Watts (Source: Google)


I just read the negative review from Cara Lane and it is completely bogus and totally undeserved. Not sure what the backstory is on this but you know there is one and it has nothing to do with Dr Le’s dental expertise and business practices. Myself, my wife and my children have been receiving dental care from Dr Le for over 10 years. I have nothing nothing but great things to say about Dr Le and her entire team. I want a family dentist who is meticulous, committed and totally up-to-speed on the latest techniques. I get all three with Dr Le and her team of dental professionals. No brainer – she is my dentist for life!

Subir Mukherjee (Source: Google)


Our whole family of five has been visiting the Wakefield Family Dentistry for close to twelve years now and the visits have covered everything from regular cleanings to root canals to crowns etc. We have always been treated professionally by Dr. Le and her staff and have always received the best dental care and advice as possible.

Glenn Sefton (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Le for more than 12 years, since I moved to the area. In fact, I recently moved clear across town and I still go to Dr. Le because she and her staff provide extraordinary customer service. The office is immaculate, the staff is warm and friendly, yet still efficient. All are well-trained and highly professional who do their jobs very well. Dr. Le spends more than ample time with her patients to go over procedures. She clearly explains options and costs, and gives honest recommendations based upon the patients needs and financial ability. I highly recommend Dr. Le for people of all ages. She and her staff are Grade A.

Drjbattle (Source: Google)


Our family has been going to Dr. Le for dental care over 10 years. She and her staff bring a wealth of knowledge, integrity, and passion for what they do. The space is relaxing and comfortable. Dr. Le and her staff provide excellent dental care but also along the way Dr. Le sprinkles in her advise on how to live your best and feel your best. I am always inspired and motivated to reach my goals when i leave every time. She recently has become board certified in dental sleep medicine and is one of the only offices in the area with accreditation. So if you suffer with sleep problems, she will be more than happy to discuss your treatment options as she did for me.

Laura (Source: Google)


I came to Dr Le while overcoming a life threatening illness. I am thankful for all the health professionals who have healed me on this journey, and Dr. Le is one of them. I learned of the importance of reducing inflammation in the body for optimal health. I addressed food, sleep, toxins, stress and relationships. Last on my list was addressing long-standing dental needs. I learned from Dr. Le that our dental and gum health can either hurt us by contributing to inflammation in the brain and body OR dental health can help us reduce inflammation in the brain and body. I chose to prioritize my dental health, and my test results and MRI have reinforced the wisdom of that choice. My mission is to live with love and light, and that starts with my smile and radiates out to all who I encounter, including Dr. Le and every single amazing person on her staff. I am thankful.

Grace M. from Youngsville, NC (Source: Yelp)


Can’t say enough good things about them. the hygienists and Dr Le are amazing. They always accommodate and are so kind. My little kids LOVE going in. Todsy they worked in my 7 year old for an problem visit (busted her face on a shopping cart). They kept her (and me!) calm and explained everything to us. I highly recommend them!

Laurel S. from Raleigh, NC (Source: Yelp)


I was sure I needed a root canal because my tooth was so sensitive, but Dr. Le was able to just place a crown and save the tooth from a root-canal, which is great because I heard they can cost upwards of $1200, so I saved some cash. Plus thank you to ASHLEY, who was an amazing assistant and made me feel comfortable the whole time, even though I may be a terrible patient :P. Great experience 🙂

Terry Woodard (Source: Google)


I am in shock reading the below reviews. My son and I are newer patients with Dr. Le. Her and her staff have been nothing but gentle, accommodating and informative. I have work that needs to be done and nobody has pushed me to have it completed. They have simply given me the quotes and when realizing they are too expensive for me at the time they understood. Great job to Dr. Le and her staff!!!

Tara Jaworski (Source: Google)


My sleep apnea journey was very challenging and at times I felt defeated until I started seeing Dr. Le. Dr. Le changed my life, my views on Sleep Apnea, and got me back to a healthier, rested version of myself! I am writing my story because I am sure there are patients out there that may be having a similar journey. My story began almost 5 years ago, I began to feel weak/tired and could not tolerate stress in my job as a nurse. I would wake up with my heart racing and struggle with anxiety day after day. I went to my PCP not sure what was wrong and she thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome and she sent me for my first sleep study. I received no results for 6 months until I went back to her feeling worse. My PCP looked at the results and told me I had mild sleep apnea and to call the sleep study provider for a CPAP machine. I did and went for a titration appointment. I was so excited I could treat this that once I received the setting recommendations I bought a CPAP machine with cash out of excitement and impatience. The CPAP blew air into my stomach and I would wake up bloated and in pain and then suffer with horrible gas. By the time this passed around noon I was exhausted. I had the setting adjusted to auto and still had the problem. I chose not to treat it. I found a dentist who makes oral appliances and that office told me insurance wouldn’t pay for it. This was at a time when my husband was sick and out of work, so I felt it just wasn’t meant to be at this time. Three almost four years passed and I left a job I truly loved and a population of patients I worked with for 6 years because I got to a point where I did not feel I could handle the demand of that type of work, so I took a call center job. This was a true low for me personally, because I love being with patients. My day to day had become nearly unbearable I would wake up feeling like I had the flu without the fever, I would quietly dread any outing, and just would force myself through the day. I would cry for no reason and thought I was losing my mind. I had no reason to be depressed so it didn’t make sense to me. My husband asked my to see a sleep doctor and in my search I found Dr. Le. I knew getting another CPAP was out of the question so what’s a sleep dentist? Dr. Le is a dentist educated in Sleep disorders and understands how serious this condition is left untreated. She was exactly what I needed. She motivated me to want to treat it and get my life back. I did need another sleep study and the sleep doctor I went to took one look at me, not the stereotypical textbook patient (male or obese) and decided I needed a psychiatrist. He said to me, I am telling you, you don’t have sleep apnea” while he held my first sleep study in his hand. Then he asked, what do you want from me? I said I want a sleep study. He ordered it and I have severe sleep apnea on my back and moderate on my side. Dr. Le made my oral appliance almost a year ago now. In the past year, I have felt better than I could ever had expected and I have a life I look forward to living from something as simple as an oral appliance and a knowledgeable supportive doctor.

Patrick McDonnell (Source: Google)


My first visit went very well. I changed because I needed a new dentist in Raleigh NC. Hygienist was very experienced and very thorough. Made me think about things and helped me change my flossing strategy. Because she was previously working with a periodontist I trusted her recommendations. Everything went smooth. Jennifer had plenty of time for my questions and was very thorough. Insurance claim was easy. I was quite pleased with everything

Ken Nagel (Source: Google)


Really glad I found Dr. Le’s team. The sleep specialist I was going to told me that my sleep apnea was too severe to be helped by a dental device and cpap was my only option. After a few years of nightly wrestling with a CPAP machine and hose, I was fed up and went against his advice. I consulted with Dr. Le, she fitted me for a device and I haven’t looked back. The bonus was I needed to find a new dentist. Dr. Le works with a high degree of efficiency with the exceptional hygenists on staff. When you’re in their chair they work quickly but gently on your teeth. After their work is done, questions and discussion are welcomed; you’ll never feel rushed out of an appointment.

Edie Benchabbat (Source: Google)


It is hard to believe that we are reviewing the same dentist. First of all, Dr. Le is very personable and makes you feel welcome and relaxed. I receive price quotes on every procedure before I agree to it. I had a crown done last year and her ability to pay attention to detail and get it just right – as close to perfect as possible is why I love going here. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. the energy in the office is upbeat. Dr Le does offer a number of different services. I view it as a way to take care of her patients on a broader level. We talked about one option for TMJ and it just wasted in our budget. No Problem. No pressure or anything. She provides information and it is up to you to decide. However, she tells you why she is recommending and how it can help you. I love going here and have been a patient for at least 7 years. My husband is also a patient and enjoys the flexible hours as well as the professional service.

D V (Source: Google)


I don’t believe the bad reviews. Dr Le is great. My family and I have been going here for over 10 years and are very happy. My two kids like it as much as any kid can like a dentist visit. 🙂 Dr Le has a great staff. A special shout out two of the hygienists Melissa and Kaylee. They have the gentlest hands I have ever had.

Todd Farrell (Source: Google)


Dr. Le has been my dentist of choice for three years because I’ve found her and her staff to always be professional and personable. She stays abreast of the latest technological equipment and treatment breakthroughs and they are interested in my long term health. I highly recommend them for your family.