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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Liora P. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My experience at Waldman Orthodontics was more than we could have dreamed for.  Dr. Waldman is kind, genuine, and truly wants the best for all of his patients.  His staff is friendly, compassionate, gentle, and more than accommodating.  They have a clean, comfortable, modern office with the latest top-notch equipment and it’s such a pleasure to visit. Thanks to Dr. Waldman and his team, my son’s teeth are perfectly straight and he couldn’t be happier. The staff always gave my son awesome advice on how to care for his teeth and braces during his treatment.  The entire process from start to finish was easy, quick, and exciting.  This was the best investment we have made yet, and would recommend it to everyone.  Our family is so grateful for the overall orthodontic experience, and Dr. Waldman and his amazing staff.  Thank you!

J'aime Moehlman (Source: Google)


Dr. Waldman, his staff, and the entire office atmosphere is amazing! I have been so happy with my invisalign treatment so far and am so glad that I chose Dr. Waldman! Wait times are usually very short and they are very flexible when you need to make an appointment. I went through an entire set of braces when I was younger and wish I’d been able to use Dr. Waldman for that treatment as well! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have their treatment don’t correctly the first time around! Everyone is very friendly and clearly understand how to approach orthodontics. Thank you so much to everyone!

Mark S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Waldman did my Invisalign and I am extremely happy. I had consults with 4 other orthos before choosing him.  He was not the cheapest, not the most expensive; but definitely the best choice. See – when you get Invisalign, it seems like any dentist can take your impressions and mail them off to the lab and get your aligners and voila – straight teeth.  Dr. Waldman explained that for my case, he needed to make adjustments to each tray, to make sure the aligners did not tip my teeth too far backward (as Invisalign can do). This might seem a little too much detail, but that is essentially what Dr. W is about – the details.  He is a real ‘nerd for teeth’ in the best way, and it shows.  His staff is attentive, kind and helpful.  Appointments are quick and easy to make, and you never wait long. One other comment – Waldman is not one of these ‘celebrity’ dentists who lists all his clients as part of his marketing.  Instead, he makes all his patients feel like celebrities.  The offices are like a spa, and he always seems to have contests going on with his child patients to encourage them to keep up their treatment and make it fun.  I’m a grown-up, but it’s cool to see that he does stuff like that.

Deanna F. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


We weren’t sure if we wanted to have Invisalign teen or regular braces for our daughter. After an informative consultation with Dr Waldman and his staff we chose the Invisalign teen. Now almost 2 years later she has completed the course and her teeth/smile couldn’t be more beautiful. The office is so clean and modern. They offer coffee and tea. They have things to read and iPads for use and the kids have things to play with although you won’t be there long because they run an efficient business. Everyone is so friendly. I can’t say enough about Dr. Waldman and his entire staff. If your reading this contemplating whether or not to use him please do yourself a favor and save the time interviewing others call his office today!

Stephen Alexander (Source: Google)


There is no one and I went to 4 different Orthodontists in LA like Dr. Waldman and his team. I am 45 and just had my braces removed from 2 1/2 years from Dr. Waldman, they walked me through and made me confident with the crappy idea of getting braces. Let me say, “oh it’s a journey” but with Team Waldman being the GPS, there truly is no other route to go. I am grateful for them and of course my smile that I always wanted. They truly are the authentic, professional and most of all understand the challenge of taking the leap. If I met you I would only say do it, get the braces and get them from Waldman.

Nechama D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


We absolutely love this office and Dr. Waldman.  First of all, Dr. Waldman is extremely honest and ethical.  He is extremely knowledgeable and is up to date on all of the newest and latest advances in orthodontics. His consultation is thorough and he offers the options that make the most sense, and the ones that will yield the best results, not always the most expensive ones.  He is extremely meticulous and detail oriented, and wants to achieve great results. Dr. Waldman is super pleasant and  has excellent people skills, for patients of all ages. He treats his patients and his staff with dignity and respect. His staff is fantastic, and the office is super clean and up to date.  Dr. Waldman’s office is one of the most flexible with regards to payment plans, and they offer options that work for you, without having to take out a second mortgage! We have had a most positive experience every time, and I have had 4 children so far who have completed treatments, with beautiful results.

Ebony G. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


After 3 consultations, I have finally chosen  the best orthodontist in LA. From the front desk when you walk in I was greeted by Stacy, and she introduced me to my new family and, showed me around my dental home. Everyone was so friendly and explained everything they were doing which is why I could remember them. Christina took my pictures, Hidalya and Marj took my impressions, and Stacy was the patient coordinator and she explained everything to me and what to expect before and after. The facility is State of The Art I never seen anything like it. The cost was more then previous consults but I know I’m getting the best quality and the best results, because when everyone else recommended jaw surgery and extractions, Dr. Waldman recommended saving my teeth I remember him stating “once they are gone you can’t get them back”. I’ve never been more excited to have braces at 28, I can’t wait to see the results.

Liz R. from Park La Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve just begun treatment of my daughter with Dr. Waldman, but I’ve been thrilled to be a patient from the first moment.  At this point, we’ve visited the office on three occasions, and all of the staff is always extremely positive to be around, while also explaining the procedures to the patient in a respectful, detailed manner. Dr. Waldman came very highly recommended by both a friend of mine, who is a current patient, and by my pediatric dentist. Dr. Waldman offers a comprehensive initial consultation with x-rays done in just minutes in his state-of-the-art office.  What a time saver and cost saver to get the x-rays done right then qnd there!  Dr. Waldman recommended the least invasive treatment for my daughter.  He is incredibly patient, knowlegdeable and easy to talk to.

Chelsea B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


If you are looking for an awesome orthodontist Dr. Waldman is the doctor for you.  He really takes the time to talk through his treatment plans.  I had braces, head gear, the whole 9 yards when I was younger.  I came to Dr. Waldman because I was never happy with the appearance of my teeth.  He gave me some options and I went with Invisalign. I’m so happy with the results thus far and I’ve been a patient for almost a year. His office staff is also very accommodating and professional. Making appointments is easy and takes a second.  I’ve never had to wait more than 2 minutes in the office, even if I’m early. Dr. Waldman is a quality orthodontist and really takes pride in his work. You will not be disappointed with the results!

Victor R. from Woodland Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t imagine a better outcome than the one Dr Waldman gave me. I first found Dr. Waldman here on Yelp, and at 23 years old, came to my first consultation with gaps in my top row, an uneven bottom row, and a significant underbite – all of which caused me to be very self-conscious about my smile. From that very first consultation, I could tell that not only is Dr Waldman technically gifted, but also highly personable and cares deeply for his patients. My case required both braces and orthognathic surgery to correct my underbite, so Dr. Waldman worked very closely with Dr Robert Relle – one of the best orthognathic surgeons in the country. After a few years, I came out of Dr Waldman’s office with a smile that now gets compliments! If you’re considering an orthodontist, there is no better choice than Dr. Waldman!

Noelle H. from Fort Collins, CO (Source: Yelp)


Hi – Just wanted to throw in my two cents about Dr. Waldman!  I just got my braces off after about 16 months of treatment and am thrilled.  My teeth were never really so crooked that they bothered me, but I had a bite issue.  Dentists had been telling me for years that I should correct with braces before it got worse, but I was really not interested in braces.  Then one day last spring, pregnant with my second child, I literally woke up one morning convinced that I did need to go ahead and get braces and that doing it while I was pregnant made all the sense in the world. I visited Dr. Waldman and one other orthodontist for consultations, and what I liked about Dr. Waldman was that I felt from the start that he was very honest and direct about what could and could not be accomplished with braces.  He gives a very detailed explanation of everything that I appreciated – the other place just made a lot of vague assurances about how perfect my smile would be without really talking about the specifics of my own teeth and jaw, and I did not trust that. Dr. Waldman and his staff are all so friendly and were super accommodating of my scheduling with respect to my pregnancy.  The treatment time was almost exactly what had been projected, and near the end when I was anxious to get them off, he fit me in more frequently so that we could accelerate the time spent with the finishing wires.  The end result is amazing – my jaw alignment feels notably better to me and the teeth that I never even thought were too crooked are pretty darn straight.  I would give Dr. Waldman a 100% recommendation!!!

Lauren A. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


The Very Best! Waldman Orthodontics is the absolute best. From the initial informational meeting with Stacey through to the last appointment I was provided with exemplary service. I had a very troubled case (requiring jaw surgery) and I knew I was in good hands from the minute I met with Dr. Waldman. He is extremely detail oriented and thorough and talks you through every step of your progress. Not to mention, his staff is extremely warm, friendly and caring. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Waldman and his practice for any orthodontic needs.

Diana Hart (Source: Facebook)


Having worn the old metal band braces as a kid I never thought I’d ever [have to] consider braces as an adult. Last year within a 3 month period, suddenly I had a very noticeable ‘gap’ in my front teeth! Being an actress and realtor, my smile is everything and I did not hesitate to make the investment in the health of mouth and teeth, for one; and two, for my confidence when dealing with the public and on camera. The staff at Dr Waldman’s was ALWAYS incredibly friendly and efficient. Dr Waldman always took the time to explain options and best case scenarios. I could have stopped at 6 months, my teeth looked fantastic, but being prudent we decided the best course of treatment would be to finish the full course of aligners to give my teeth time to settle in to ‘be as perfect’ as possible. I am thrilled with the results! I get even more complements on my smile now than ever before. On a practical note, don’t let the financial obligation hold you back! They have a very good payment plan with no interest. It was a blessing to be able to get the treatment for my teeth and not worry about a big bill all at once. Best described as ‘bite size pieces’. Thank you!.

Alyse L. from San Fernando Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Dr. Waldman by my general dentist. I was looking to achieve the perfect smile. My lower teeth were extremely crowded and crooked. I ended up moving forward with Invisalign! Firstly, the office is immaculate. It’s modern, clean and equipped with state of the art everything! I love the feeling I get, when I walk into the office. Everyone is warm and inviting.  Dr. Waldman’s dental assistant Jay always takes care of me. He is so thorough and meticulous. Each time I go in, he greets me with a smile. Jay is also very fast and gets you in and out of the chair. That’s important to me, since I usually visit on my lunch break! He’s super sweet and amazing at his job! My results are amazing. My smile is perfect and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you to Dr. Waldman, Jay and all the staff at the office!

Nina G. from Central LA, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Waldman is not only highly skilled, professional, and friendly to deal with, he has one of the best-run (and aesthetically pleasing) offices I have ever seen.  Every single staff member – from those at the front desk to the assistants – we have dealt with over the past five plus years of two kids being patients has been well-trained, polite, and helpful.  Dr. Waldman takes great care in providing exactly the right treatment for his patients and clearly communicates what can be expected at each visit.  I highly recommend him and could not be more pleased with the results we saw for both our kids.

Justina C. from Central LA, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My boyfriend and I both just finished invisalign treatment with Dr. Waldman, and not only are our results perfection at its finest, but the journey was an ease as well! First of all, the office is beautiful with state of the art equipment. We both had free, individual, in-depth consultations with the doctor and his treatment coordinator, which included digital xrays and digital scans. The assistants all have recommendable bedside manner. The front staff handled all “behind the scenes” issues (insurance, working with our busy schedules, billing) without a hitch. But Dr Waldman’s work speaks for itself: He’s truly a magician! The attention to detail, quality of care, and comfort offered at each visit is exactly what you would and should expect from a top quality office in Beverly Hills.

Ed F. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


At the ripe old age of 73, I went to Dr. Waldman because my teeth were crooked and seemed to be getting more crooked by the day. Now they’re perfect. Invisaligns are such an amazing technology, it’s worth getting them just for a taste of what 3-D printing is going to be for the future of dentistry and medicine. So much for the results. But wait, there’s more: Dr. Waldman and his entire office are not only extremely competent, universally friendly, helpful and supportive, they operate at a mind-boggling level of efficiency. Before I reached her desk after walking in the front door, Nicole already had me signed in. After that, I think the longest I’ve ever had to wait to be seen was three minutes. Every aspect of your treatment is so incredibly well thought-out and smoothly computer-integrated, it’s awe-inspiring. For anybody who’s had to wait in a doctor’s office for an hour past their appointment time in order to be seen, or watched their dentist rummage through a pile of funky brown envelopes to find your latest x-rays, this is a whole different, and very welcome world.

Ashira S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


After 5 years, my 14 year old daughter just got her braces off.  Her teeth are absolutely beautiful!!  Dr. Waldman’s handiwork with my daughter’s mouth was miraculous!  Prior to deciding to use Dr. Waldman, I met with 4 other local Orthodontists to get quotes and treatment plans.  Without a doubt, Dr. Waldman impressed me, far beyond any of the other Drs. I met with.  Dr. Waldman exudes a sense of confidence and competence, like no other.  My daughter had an extremely crowded mouth with several permanent teeth that had grown in, behind other permanent teeth.  Comparing the original photos of my daughter’s mouth to the current photos, you would think that Dr. Waldman would have had to extract what appeared to be extra teeth.  Instead of aggressively extracting teeth in order to make room for straightening, Dr. Waldman expertly, cautiously and slowly used his Orthodontic skills, to straighten the teeth without extractions. Dr. Waldman has great bed-side manner.  He is patient, gentle, prompt and explains everything very clearly.  His office aesthetically, is beautiful, modern and clean, always using the most modern technologies. His staff is friendly, accommodating and professional.  Finally, his fees are comparable to other Orthodontists in the area. Hands down, Dr. Waldman is the absolute best there is!

Y. (Source: Google)


Dr. Waldman is outstanding. We were refered to him because my son has severe orthodontic issues and Dr. Waldman is well known for his ability to handle difficult and unusual cases. That said, I would also recommend him for basic orthodontics….he is great to work with. He spends a great deal of time talking the family through the process before and throughout. The initial consultation is extremely valuable and free of charge. Dr. Waldman is extremely honest and his staff is warm and knowledgeable. As an added bonus to my son’s treament, I had Dr. Waldman straighten my own teeth with Invisalign. I am thrilled with the results!

Kyle Lim (Source: Google)


I have been receiving dental care from Dr. Waldman and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Waldman and his staff are very convivial and skillful at their job. When I first met Dr. Waldman, he took pictures of my teeth and gave a few options to what would be the best treatment but only after he took careful analysis and review of my situation. He told me what I needed straightforwardly and was able to work out a payment plan to suit my needs. His office is up to date with the latest technology and his email reminders always keep me updated. Right as you walk into the door you are greeted by the friendly staff and you may check in with them or via the thumb scanner. Dr. Waldman would always tell me what would be done without any surprises at the time of the appointment and told me what to expect. I am always at ease because I can count on them to take good care of my teeth. Dr. Waldman goes above and beyond in all that he does. I highly recommend everyone to consider having Dr. Waldman as their orthodontist. Overall my experience has always been positive and I leave with a smile every day. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Dr. Waldman, Alda, Tina and everyone else at Waldman Orthodontics.

Pebbles R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Waldman and his whole staff are absolutely amazing! He is a consummate professional, incredibly kind and extremely thorough. From our very first consultation, we knew we had found the best orthodontist possible! Our son had a very complicated orthodontic situation. However, with Dr. Waldman’s expertise and knowledge, the results are amazing and we are all very pleased. It’s hard to believe that two years went by as he makes the process so easy and enjoyable for everyone. We also greatly appreciate that he charges one price up front and there are no extra fees for x-rays, etc. We unfortunately did not have a good experience with another local orthodontist for our older daughter so we were pleasantly surprised at how wonderful this experience with Dr. Waldman was for our son. In fact, we were so impressed by him that Dr. Waldman ended up treating our daughter and helped her tremendously too. He was extremely honest and forthcoming about her options. We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Waldman and his wonderful staff. We are thrilled to recommend him and look forward to having our youngest son go through the process with him.

Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I recently completed my Invisalign process with Dr Waldman of Waldman Orthodontics in Beverly Hills and had a great experience.  My teeth were very crooked and I was skeptical that these lightweight clear plastic aligners would actually move my teeth but to my pleasant surprise they worked very effectively and my teeth are now quite straight.  It took just under a year and half and, other than the nuisance of taking them off every time you have a meal, it was a pretty easily manageable process.  Dr. Waldman is a little pricier than some other orthodontists but he came highly recommended and I felt the quality of the care and the success of the procedure warranted the higher price.  The only down side is that his office at times feels more like a factory than a medical office, with numerous patients being treated simultaneously and Dr. Waldman moving from patient to patient.  Most of the time, however, I felt that I got the face time with the doctor that I needed and his support staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.  Based on my very positive experience I would highly recommend Dr. Waldman to anyone who is thinking about orthodontic work. I’m confident you’ll be very pleased.

Megan Sylvia (Source: Facebook)


10 stars! Phenomenal office in all aspects. As a dental professional myself, I put a lot of research into who I could trust to do my adult invisalign. After meeting Dr. Waldman I knew I could put my complete trust in him. He is a brilliant orthodontist. In addition to his skill, his advanced technology really sets him above the rest. His use of Dental Monitoring (an app that monitors your progress from home) is next level. As a working professional, it is very difficult to go to frequent appointments. With Dental Monitoring, I only have to go into the office every 90 days. This app also ensures that you are always wearing your aligners appropriately by doing weekly check-ins and sending you personalized messages. Most importantly, a practice is only as good as it’s staff. The staff at this office is unmatched. Stacey and Jessica handle anything I ever need and go above and beyond to help me. They both answer my emails at lightning speed which is so appreciated. The dental assistants Loretta and Mary are so great and very skilled in their practice. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Waldman Orthodontics. Thank you!!

Laurie H. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Waldman and his team are extraordinary!  My son had train wreck teeth and after working with Dr. Waldman, he now has a beautiful smile! If you are looking for a quality Orthodontist who care, goes the extra mile, is truly your partner in creating a terrific smile, is available to you & takes your calls when you need him as well as creates opportunity where others see obstacles  – this is where you need to go!  (and they take insurance!)  woo hoo! What started as an impacted Canine tooth ended up being a great journey!  Dr. Waldman does incredible work!  He had a bracket placed on the impacted canine tooth before the tooth erupted from the gum!  Pulled the tooth back to the proper position saving three adult teeth in the process.  WOW!  WOW! He is now working on my youngest son who has Hypo-calcified teeth and must have the utmost care taken due to the fragility of his teeth. Dr. Waldman and his team have been wonderful to our family and we cannot be more thankful!

Frank V. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just finished treatment for my serious misaligned teeth with Dr. Waldman. As a middle aged professional man, and being somewhat self conscious of my appearance at the office, I choose to go with Invisalign since it offered the least visual distraction. It’s been a long haul, but I am happy to report the results have been better than I could have expected and the well worth the effort and time. Dr. Waldman was kind, patient and always professional, helpfully guiding me through the process at every stage. He was generous with his time, and thoughtful about my personal concerns. I can recommend him without any reservations. His staff is friendly, encouraging, engaging, and really delightful, so that my time at his office has never been a trauma but more like an afternoon visiting friends.

Sam B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I never thought I would be writing a review about a doctor/clinical encounter, but my experience in this office has been so overwhelmingly positive that I just had to write something (now that I am a Yelp! btw: I love yelp!-so helpful) I love Dr. Waldman!! I came to Dr. Waldman for two reasons. 1) He came highly recommended by friends in LA and 2) I had a lifelong issue with a tooth growing in my upper gum area. I needed extreme orthodontic treatment. My lifelong orthodontic issues put a great strain on my social life and my ability to feel comfortable smiling. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful about finding Dr. Waldman. I work mostly in DC but travel to CA for business so I was slightly apprehensive about starting long distance treatment but was so pleasantly surprised about the type of treatment I got. Based on my needs and travel Dr. Waldman decided that I would be a good candidate for invisalign. I was able to see him in half the time that most invisalign patients usually need because I was super serious about getting this done and b/c Dr. Waldman had this planned out perfectly. Dr. Waldman uses the state of the art equipment. It’s hard to keep an orthodontic office as up to date and clean as he does.  I have tried other practices and stopped treatment because cleanliness and staff issues. Unquestionably, Dr. Waldman offers first class treatment and facilities.  Because I was being treated long distance I needed to know that I could count on Dr. Waldman if anything came up and that I could schedule appointments easily. Every appointment was on time and prompt. His well trained staff helped make every appointment as seamless as possible. It was great to know that his entire staff was always up to date with my status and file. If you walk into Dr. Waldman’s office you realize that this is a busy practice. You realize that others appreciate his expertise and that his whole staff brings an incredible amount of knowledge and know-how to orthodontics. I once found an obscure journal article published about invisalign on Google Scholar and mentioned it to Dr. Waldman. Of course he knew all about the study and even the clinic that conducted it. Clearly, Dr. Waldman takes his clinical art seriously and stays up to date with all the relevant clinical literature. His expertise inspires the highest level of trust. This level of expertise is contagious. His entire staff was well prepared to handle the complexity of my case. The strongest reason, though, why I would recommend Dr. Waldman and send my children to Dr. Waldman would be his empathy and bedside manner. I’m an Anti Dentite (Seinfeld circa 1996). I hate dentists and that was part of the reason I did not take care of this orthodontic issue for all these years. Dr. Waldman was above and beyond emphatic and caring- I know this is hard to believe, but I actually looked forward to my appointments.  He just has a gift of making people feel comfortable and cared about. I just hope that this review helps other potential patients choose Dr. Waldman for their orthodontic treatments.

Ben V. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


In my mid-50s, I approached getting braces with a lot of trepidation, and the thought of having to wear them for two years gave me considerable anxiety, regardless of the necessity of doing so, and despite believing that the end result would be worth whatever discomfort I would experience.  But I must say, Dr. Waldman and his team made the process such a pleasant one from beginning to end that the reality of being fitted with braces wasn’t nearly as daunting as I thought it would be.  In fact, I felt so strongly that I was in capable hands that I began to relax about the process.  And every time I needed a between-appointment adjustment, the office was there for me, even once right after getting off a flight at LAX.  And the end result?  What can I say.  I have a lovely new smile and straight teeth for the first time in my life.  By the end, I’d come to think of Dr. Waldman as an artist, a sculptor, and I stand by that.  It’s as good an analogy as I can think of.  I have absolutely no trouble recommending his services.

W. G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I decided to get braces for a second time primarily to help remedy TMJ issue with my jaw although I did have some misalignment with my teeth. I first had braces as a child so this was my second time. I researched online and consulted with four different orthodontists in the LA area. Of the four, Dr. Waldman was the only doctor I felt could address my jaw issues correctly and effectively. The entire process was a little over a year, and actually finished on the early side of his estimate. From start to finish the experience was convenient, effective, and pleasant. The office staff are amazing, especially the front desk that frequently made efforts to accommodate my appointment requests and changes around my work schedule. I am now braces free and my jaw issues are significantly resolved and as a bonus my teeth are straight. I will recommend Dr. Waldman and his team to anyone looking to get orthodontic work.

Mia K. from Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I visited three other orthodontists before coming to Dr. Waldman’s office, and it was by far the best consultation that I’ve had. Even though my teeth are fairly straight, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting braces to fine-tune my smile for the last 10 years. Having spent countless hours musing over what I’d change about my teeth, I’ve most certainly appreciated that Dr. Waldman was the only orthodontist to actaully ask what I didn’t like about my smile. After listening to my concerns, he proceeded to explain not only what he’d do with my teeth but also what had caused the imperfections in the first place as well as what the limitations of orthodontic treatment will be (I won’t be able to get rid of the overbite without the jaw surgery, for instance). Prior to the consultation, numerous photos of my mouth as well as cephalometric x-ray has been taken – none of the other orthodontists that I’ve visited took the x-ray and only two out of three did the pictures. The overall office atmosphere as well as staff that I’ve had a chance to interact with has been extremely pleasant and professional. Needless to say, I am very excited to be starting my treatment in two weeks.

Elle A. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


After doing extensive research and consultations, I chose Dr. Waldman my orthodontist. That was truly the best decision I have made. All the other orthodontists told me I needed to pull out a tooth in order to make room. Dr. Waldman was the only one that told me he would try to fix my teeth without pulling out a tooth and that he did. I never liked my smile before but I have been smiling plenty since I took my braces off. 😀 And on top of that, his entire staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. I am so glad I made the decision to get braces and mostly for the fact that I found Dr. Waldman. His work is worth every penny!!

Amanda D. from North Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Dr. Waldman by a friend who went through a lot of Orthodontics and she couldn’t stop raving about him. I am now finished with mine and feel the exact same way; he’s amazing! I had kind of an interesting situation… I had an adult tooth that was impacted and never grew in, which after my baby tooth finally fell out (at the age of 25) left me with a big hole right in the front. I went to Dr. Waldman to see if there was a way to bring down my adult tooth/see what my options were. He and his staff were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. The same day I went in for a consultation I decided to make the appointment and get braces. Fast forward to now, a year and 3/4 later, my braces just came off and my smile is amazing. 🙂 He was able to pull down my tooth and straighten my smile. Himself, his staff, and their office are all wonderful. Every time you’re there you’re treated with such kindness and warmth. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and the whole process!

Fara J. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


We have been going to Waldman orthodontics for about 5 months, and can happily say we are very pleased with the efficiency and professionality of the staff and Dr. Waldman’s skills and knowledge. As soon as you step into the office you immediately feel like these people know what they are doing! Once you check in and brush your teeth, they will immediately start working. However, before we settled for Waldman, we checked out 4 other orthodontists. He is by far the best and most knowlegable. The nurses are sooo pleasant and I actually look forward to going because of their points system. Whenever you complete tasks such as coming on time, you receive points. It is a very fun way to make sure the patients stay on track and organized. In only a few months I have almost reached 300 which is equivalent to $30 worth of gift card money. My brothers love coming because of their game room, and when its time to go, they beg to stay a little longer. All in all, Dr. Waldman is the best it gets. I highly recommend. – Cloe

William Tater (Source: Facebook)


Reading yelp reviews had led me to Waldman orthodontics. Nothing but five stars, but always being skeptical, I went in suspicious. Dr. Waldman and the rest of his staff quickly put my skepticism to rest. They were able to answer all of my questions. Dr. Waldman even spent a good forty-five minutes to an hour of his time in a follow up over the phone again answering more questions. Everything was very straightforward. I had very crooked teeth and was ashamed of them, as an adult now I could do something about that.When I visited Dr. Waldman he recommended invisalign. He took his time and really worked on the best plan to get the best results (18 variations of his plan!) Things got complicated when I moved out of state but Dr. Waldman and his staff did their best to accommodate getting me in and out when I flew in to L.A. just for my orthodontist appointment. I no longer use invisalign now and am on my retainer at this point. The results were everything that I could have asked for. If you need orthodontic work, I can’t recommend him enough.

Ali H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Waldman and his team are the best. After having tons of orthodontic work done in my teens (by another doctor in another state), I was still having problems. Dr. Waldman immediately explained that I needed corrective jaw surgery. It was intense and I got a second and third opinion of course, but he was right. I had to do Invisalign before and after the surgery, he referred me to the best surgeons, and Dr. Waldman and his staff took such excellent care of me throughout the whole process. Dr. Waldman even stayed late one day to meet with my parents when they were in town so that he could explain the whole situation and procedure to them. He talked to us for 45 minutes. I can’t overstate how nice everyone in this office is! Plus they’re amazing at what they do.

Philip I. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so happy with what Dr Waldman and his staff have done for me over the last few years. He took on a very difficult case, came up with the design, was very patient in the implementation, made adjustments as required, and straightened up my teeth, making room for a couple of implants. He took care to ensure the temporary stuff was color matched, and he was right, when I first saw in a mirror a complete set of teeth, aligned perfectly, it took my breath away. His staff has been very patient, they know my name, and they always smile. When I had a problem with a wire, they brought me in same day to fix, no complaints. He was central in fixing what nature and my childhood dentist had not. My friends said, “Thank God, we didn’t want to say anything before, but it looks so much better now”. Thank you!


Dr. Alexander Waldman, a Harvard trained orthodontist, specializes in Invisalign, clear braces, adult orthodontics, children of all ages including children with special needs, TMJ problems, and specialty braces such as Damon. Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality, most technologically advanced orthodontic treatment with a friendly and caring touch. In 2003, Dr. Waldman established his Beverly Hills office with the goal of bringing the best in orthodontics to his local community. As a local parent and active community member, Dr. Waldman truly understands the needs of his patients and is constantly striving to provide them with the most comfortable, aesthetic, and advanced types of braces and techniques, as well as technological advancements that simply make life easier, such as email and text message appointment reminders. Dr. Waldman is a published author, teaches in a dental residency program, and is a leader in dental education as the co-founder of the Multi-Disciplinary Study Group of Beverly Hills, CA. In July of 2014, Dr. Waldman re-located to a new, state-of-the-art orthodontic office on Wilshire Blvd. Dr. Alexander Waldman completed his fellowship in orthodontics at Harvard University, where he also received his Master of Medical Science degree in the field of Oral Biology. Upon completion of his studies, Dr. Waldman was the recipient of the prestigious Dr. Joseph L. Henry Award for Overall Achievement in Clinical and Research Training and Contribution to the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Waldman received both his Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. While at the dental school, Dr. Waldman received an award from the Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities for his research at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He also received the National Board Achievement Award, as well as the Crest Award for Dentistry for the elderly. Upon graduation from dental school, Dr. Waldman was elected into Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the National Dental Honor Society.