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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth

Bone graft

Dental implants

Jaw surgery

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Oral pathology

Distraction osteogenesis

Orthodontic tooth exposure


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Offers Invisalign®? No


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Timothy R. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Nora is the best Doctor I have ever had!!! I went in to remove my wisdom teeth and I was a bit apprehensive to say the least. She gave me the shots and I didn’t even feel it. next thing I  knew I was waking up and I was in a funny good mood. Joking with the Dr. and the staff. I was expecting a bit of discomfort afterwards, but I had none. I was fine. Before my procedure, Dr. Nora explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I was confident that she would have everything under control. She has a really effective manner in all that she does and I am constantly raving about her to anyone that is looking for an oral surgeon on the west side. If only every doctor was as good as Dr. Nora. Thanks again Doctor!!!

Jack D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had four tooth extractions and three tooth implants in addition to jawbone grafting from Dr. K and the long process could not have gone smoother. Dr. K has a wonderful way of putting a psychotic dental chicken like me at ease and she explains everything so clearly that I never had any misunderstanding. I have a nice set of teeth now and feel absolutely no discomfort, not to mention eating and looking much better. Highly recommend.

Monique G. from Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kahenasa just finished placing 2 implants in my mouth.  I have had several implants placed already by other oral surgeons.  My mouth is very difficult because I have very weak bone secondary to my osteoporosis and years of medications I have had to take.  
She did extensive grafting and placed the implants.  She was so caring every step of the way like I was her own mother.  Thanks you Dr. Kahenasa for all your hard work.

David R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I delayed my (4) wisdom teeth extraction for around 25 years. When I finally decided to do it my dentist referred me to someone too far from my house. Thanks to Yelp I found an amazing oral surgeon in Dr. K. At the initial consultation, she took time to evaluate the situation, explain what she recommended, and answer any questions I had. Meanwhile, her staff was coordinating with my dental insurance to determine exactly what was covered and how much, if any, would be out of my pocket. On the morning of the surgery, it was really the last place I wanted to be. Dr. K. made it easy. I scheduled it for first thing on a Friday (scheduled prior to my initial consultation). One of my bottom teeth was partially impacted so I elected for anesthesia…also something that I wasn’t too keen on. However, it was all made easy. Dr. K. has a soothing style besides great experience. Check out her website for her credentials. Within a few minutes, I was out. Next thing I remember is waking up and I actually felt fine. My wife got my medication during my surgery so when I woke up, we were good to go. My son had 6 hours of baseball games in hot Simi Valley about 26 hours after my surgery. Remarkably, I was able to attend without an issue. I followed the doctor’s instructions and recovery has been a breeze.

Tanya G. from Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Nora Kahenasa is the BEST in her field!!! I had a really bad experience with other oral surgeons (three different men) that would set-up appointments for extracting two impacted wisdom teeth on my bottom jaw and then I would show up and they would say they would Not do it because “they did not want to lose their license” yet give me no further explanation. I was so fed up with the run around that I looked up yelp reviews and found Dr. K. She and her staff were EXCELLENT!! She help me understand the details of my wisdom teeth and informed me that both were very close to a nerve and that’s why the wd surgeons were worried. She explained in detail the process of the surgery and her staff gave me the cost up front. It was a little costly but my main desire was that I was in the care of a professional oral surgeon that knew what she was doing. Highly Recommend Dr. Kahenasa!!!!

Luke R. from Orange, CA (Source: Yelp)


Yelp needs an option for “LOL star rating system for this person? are you kidding me?!?” Listen, noone ever wants to deal with dental work right? So when you find someone like Nora, you have to spread the word. Dr. K is absolutely the best oral surgeon I’ve ever encountered. I had a cracked tooth that had deteriorated into a hot mess of decay and funk on tooth #19. Doc explained the situation and her recommendation clearly beforehand, discussed options and the pros/cons of each. The actual procedure was performed flawlessly. Her followup was amazing. Oh and this was all done pretty last minute. Just can’t say enough good things about her, wish all medical professionals were as on-point as Dr. K!

Zac S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. K is one of a kind!  I very recently had to part ways with my wisdom teeth.  After years of putting the notion of removing them off, I was referred to her.  Not only did she and her team do an amazing job, but she gave me the best vibe from the moment I walked through the door.  I felt like I was with someone who I could trust and is serious about her work.

Ziye L. from Venice, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kahenasa is great! She walked me through the wisdom teeth removal process and answered my many questions and those from my mom as well. The procedure was very comfortable (I did general anesthesia) and I was given thorough instructions on what to do after I got home. Dr. Kahenasa also followed up with me later in the evening to check how I was doing. I never felt alarmed or hurried to make up my mind on the choices presented to me. Great experience. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you!

David K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kahenasa is my SAVING GRACE after a tooth extraction went horribly wrong at my local dentist office. I’ve never had a cavity/filling/anything wrong with my teeth for my whole life (I’m 27), so I was absolutely petrified when one of my molars started hurting. It became more painful and I finally decided to visit the dentist- after 5 years. The dentist informed me that the molar needed to be removed and that they could remove it that day. Needless to say I was both horrified and surprised at how quickly this was going to happen, but I decided that since I was already there I should just get it over with. I explained beforehand how extremely nervous and anxious i was about this but they continued to reassure that all was fine. Completely conscious and with only novocaine he began to extract my tooth. For anyone new to this, it was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. The dentist said that it was only to last a total of 30 minutes so after an hour of extreme discomfort and anxiety I became more worried. Finally the dentist informed me that this was something he was unable to accomplish and that I needed to see an oral surgeon immediately. By the grace of god, there happened to be an oral surgeon named Dr. Kahenasa in the same building a few floors down. So I went, with my mouth stuffed with gauze, down to her office. Immediately upon entering, she and her staff made me feel comforted, relaxed, safe, stable and like I knew what was going on. She calmly explained everything that was wrong and how she was going to fix it, and answered all of my questions without making me feel pressured or rushed. After she was satisfied that I was completely comfortable she removed my tooth in a total of 15 minutes. I experienced no pain and was even able to relax during the procedure. After it was over she went over every detail about the recovery process with me and even gave me her personal cell number in case I had any concerns. Her office kindly scheduled follow up appointments and called me that evening to check in and see how I was doing. She exceeded my every expectation and was better than anything I could have imagined. There are no words to describe the professionalism, kindness, patience and genuine care I experienced with her and her office. They are truly exceptional and a cut above the rest. I will definitely be visiting her with any problems I ever experience in the future and ecstatically recommend her practice. I sincerely thank Dr. Kahenasa for gracious care

Cynthia V. from Norwalk, CA (Source: Yelp)


I saw Dr. Kahenasa, by sheer luck.  I scheduled an appointment through my denists office with the first available surgeon, and she was it.  She made me feel comfortable, was very detailed in her explination of what I should expect after surgery, answered all my questions, and followed up with me later that evening to see how I was doing.  By far exceeded all of my expectations and I can honestly say that the procedure and recovery hasn’t been that bad.

Nicholas P. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had my wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Nora in May. It was by far the best dental related experience of my life. First of all, my regular dentist tried to convince me that he should remove it, even though he was qualified and his office was not equipped with the proper tools for the surgery. Luckily I randomly came across Dr. Nora searching online. The procedure was quick, relatively painless, and healed smoothly. Also, the office staff discusses with me the cost and insurance-covered expenses ahead of time, so that I was well aware of the price. Many dentists try to rush you into a procedure and then tell you that its twice as much as you thought AFTER it’s done, so you’re stuck with the bill. Here, I paid ahead of time, so I was well aware of the, in fact, very low cost and was not surprised by any hidden fees. I think dentistry including oral surgery is a field built on trust. I fully trust Dr. Nora and wish I could find a general dentist office I could trust even half as much as I trust this office.

Tim R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I hadn’t been to the Dentist in 20 years, until my tooth chipped randomly one day and I had no choice but to address it.  Dr. Nora Kahenasa took a lifetime of fear and bad experiences and had me asleep in her chair during nearly every procedure. Need I say more? It’s had to convey in words the level of care and skill she posses but she can give you an injection in gums that you won’t even know has happened?  Her knowledge and skill complement one another in such a way I was not surprised to find that she teaches at UCLA I only hope she can impart some of what she knows so that others may be so lucky!!!

Annette Strohmeier (Source: Google)


My son moved to LA for grad school a month ago and got a serious infection after having his wisdom teeth pulled before he left home. As a mom, I felt helpless and was scrambling to find my son a good oral surgeon in a city where neither he nor I knew anyone. I was able to find Dr. Kahenasa on line with excellent reviews so I called their office and Janine, who was absolutely AMAZING, was able to get my son in to see the doctor that day (which was a holiday weekend). At this point my son had no idea what he was dealing with so thank GOD he was able to be seen. It turned out that he had an infection on both sides and the doctor actually contacted me personally and offered options. She did not push anything. She was kind, understanding and compassionate. After deciding on the appropriate treatment, my son is all better. If she had not seen him when she did, he could have ended up with an even more severe situation. Janine, has followed up with me on each consecutive visit and I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate her follow up. That hardly ever happens here in South Florida. What a fantastic experience. Thank you Dr. Kahenasa and Janine for your consistent follow up, for going more than the extra mile and for putting a mom’s mind at ease. You are the BEST!!

Raz A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I don’t normally leave reviews but Dr. Kahenasa is absolutely incredible. Like a lot of people, I usually absolutely can’t stand going to the dentist and can get pretty anxious. After my first appointment here, I actually looked forward to my next! Dr. Kahenasa and her staff are so lovely and informative which is so helpful for someone as anxious as me. I was able to schedule a same-day visit with her when I was having problems with my wisdom teeth. Everything there is very sanitary and they do a great job making you feel safe even with COVID going on! I got to schedule my wisdom teeth removal surgery pretty quickly after and it was a really easy procedure. Everyone there made sure I was comfortable and had all the necessary information. I had an easy and low pain recovery and Dr. Kahenasa texted me after to check-in on me which was very sweet. She even immediately answered some questions I asked even though I texted her outside business hours. I’m truly grateful for her and her team making such an anxiety-inducing situation a complete breeze!

Debbie H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


She is truly one of a kind! I get so nervous and anxious with anything having to do with the dentist, and she is so calm and reassuring, not to mention one of the most skilled oral surgeons in the nation. She is always available if you have a question or a concern, and has the best “bedside” manner. She has removed all of my children’s wisdom teeth, and did my implant, and I would never use anyone else! Not only is she top notch at oral surgery– she is the only doctor EVER to get my iv started in one try. It usually takes 3-4 attempts and I go through several nurses and doctors before they can find the right spot –but with Dr Kahenasa it was done within seconds and I didn’t feel a thing.

Kelli H. from Valencia, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is a review posted on behalf of my husband. I want to highly recommend Dr. Kahenasa. I had a tooth extraction by another oral surgeon gone wrong which destroyed part of jaw bone, resulting in a residual bone that is too small for an implant. My dentist referred me to Dr. K because he thought I was going to be a technically challenging case because of how little bone is left for implant. Dr. K is very friendly and accessible. Excellent bedside manner. She explained things in a clearly understandable fashion. As a health professional, I asked her many questions and she answered them to my satisfaction so that I understand what I’m getting myself into and the risk and benefits. My referring dentist thought I needed a block bone graft, which required harvesting a piece of bone from my tibia to graft into the small residual jaw bone. However, Dr. K recommended using a Bio-Oss bone graft, which is a kind of a manufactured bone granules, mixed with bone and blood cells harvested from the patient, to create new bone where augmentation was needed. I was really glad to find out I have the option of Bio-Oss bone graft, and save myself a separate surgery on the tibia. So Dr. K performed the bone graft, and it worked and developed a nice big thick piece of bone upon which an implant could be placed. Next came the dental implant, which is an expensive titanium screw. I did some research and identified the top manufacturers of dental implants, and I was glad to find out Dr. K uses implant from the top manufacturer. When it comes to placing the implant: where to place the screw, where to direct the screw, and how deep to insert the screw, I realized there are couple ways of doing it: 1) some dentists eyeball it, 2) some dentist uses CT image to create a dental mold to guide the screw, and 3) use a real-time CT image guidance system (X-Nav) as the implant is being placed. These methods are listed in increasing orders of precision, and the X-Nav system is what Dr. K, who works in Dr. Moy’s office, uses. This is important because if the implant isn’t placed correctly, it could cause serious problems. With this precision guidance, I was reassured that the implant would be optimally place with least possible risk of complication. The dental implant surgery went smoothly, and I got my sturdy, strong implant. Since then, one or two Bio-Oss granules loosened a bit and started causing some gum discomfort. This was a potential issue that Dr. K did inform me about upfront. She took me in, opened the gum up, scraped away the granules, and solved the problem. In summary, Dr. K is an excellent oral surgeon who should get 5 stars in the following: technical competence, use of advanced technology (the X-Nav system), use of quality material (Nobel Biocare implants), bedside manner, clinical judgment, and integrity (she stands by her work). Dr. Moy’s office and office staff are great too! Lastly, while the price of high quality dental care isn’t cheap, I think the value provided is excellent, because this is high quality care. I don’t buy Gucci, but he did have a quote saying, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” For something that I use 4-5 times daily for year to come, I’m so glad I went for the quality.

Ariane N. from Carmel, IN (Source: Yelp)


I am SO happy I found Dr. K! She got me in same day for my excruciatingly painful wisdom tooth. After an efficient and thorough consultation, she got my tooth out painlessly in about 20 minutes (and I even opted for local anesthesia only!). She is friendly, helpful, professional, and so skilled. Her assistant was also fantastic. I was equally impressed by the office staff at West Coast Oral Surgery (where Dr. K was practicing that day). The were so wonderful and very friendly. The insurance expert checked my benefits, and VERY clearly told me my cost…up front, with no surprises. Awesome.

Rayana W. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kahenasa is one of a kind. I usually dont do reviews, but this lady deserves one. She is absolutely the best. I had an impacted wisdom tooth that I need oral surgery on. I held off the process for a year because I was so terrified of the thought of having surgery, and the dentist in general. I made an appointment for consultation and X-rays and she was nothing but nice, patient, very helpful and informative. She gave me options, made me aware of what would happen in the procedure, and the aftermath. After her explaining everything, I felt so much better and I knew I was in good hands. I had my surgery three days later, and her and her team were exceptional. I was almost brought to tears because they made me feel so comfortable and took great care of me. I also suffer from anxiety, and this wasn’t even a problem for them. They catered to me and my special needs.They were all gentle and well over friendly. I love Dr. Kahenasa. It is day two of my recovery, and besides being hungry I am doing great. She even gave me her cellphone number to text if I had any questions. I did, and she replied very quickly. Professionals like her are very much appreciated. She is AMAZING and an overall kind person and i recommend her. Thanks to her, I am no longer afraid of the dentist. Words cannot express how grateful I am for her.

Marie S. from Lihue, HI (Source: Yelp)


What a gem of a dentist! My delta dental insurance I recently acquired through sag gave me some questionable options… I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted and I planned on getting it done as painlessly as possible. I reviewed plenty of dentists that were offered through Delta Dental and narrowed it down to only a couple that people consistantly raved about. Nora was my choice and I am so happy with the outcome. She’s as good as they say.

Samantha P. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went to Dr. K for a dental implant. I was referred to her from my dentist. I was so nervous as this is a big traumatic experience since its a surgery in my mouth. As soon as I met her I felt so much better. She was super sweet and explained everything to me. I was put asleep so I don’t even remember anything of the surgery. Afterwards she made sure I was doing well. She called me that night and she even gave me her cell phone to call her if I had any questions or concerns. All in all it was a great experience and am so thankful for her help and expertise.

Nicole S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been terrified of the dentist for as long as I can remember. I have nightmares of teeth cleanings that cause me to wake up in a cold sweat. So when it came to getting my wisdom teeth out, I postponed it until I couldn’t eat any more (not recommended). I heard about Dr. Nora from a friend and decided finally to go in for a consultation at UCLA. She is the coolest, yet most professional Dr I have ever come across. I was so comfortable after meeting her that I was ready to do the surgery then and there! When the time came, she did an amazing job, and I didn’t even look like a chipmunk!!!! Still scared of teeth cleanings though for some reason

Laura J. from Lawndale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Nora did an excellent job with the extraction of 2 wisdom teeth and one infected. First she explain the whole procedure, the team was very friendly and did an fast and excellent job. I had no pain until the 3rd day it was very mild.

Jean L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I brought my 5 year old daughter here for extraction of an extra tooth. Needless to say, I was very nervous about my daughter’s first oral surgery esp with needing anesthesia at such a young age. But, Dr. Kahenasa did a perfect job and my daughter felt no pain and had no complications afterwards. Dr. Kahenasa was also very sweet and friendly to my daughter which left her with a good impression of dentists.


Oral and maxillofacial surgery requires 4-6 additional years of hospital based surgical and anesthesia training. As oral and maxillofacial surgeons, we manage a wide variety of problems relating to the mouth, teeth and facial regions. Our team practices the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery with expertise in dental implant placement and tissue grafting, wisdom tooth removal, TMJ treatments and surgery, facial trauma and corrective jaw surgery. We strive to provide the most up-to-date, individualized treatments for our patients with the added benefit of working together as a cohesive team to provide the best possible results. Dr. Nora Kahenasa began her education in sunny southern California at the University of California, Irvine, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences in 1998. She then continued her education in sunny Florida where she earned her degree as a Doctor of Dental Medicine at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Kahenasa remained at Nova Southeastern University to complete her 12 years of education to become an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Currently, Dr. Kahenasa is board certifed by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and part-time faculty at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery clinic in the UCLA School of Dentistry, where she is fortunate to be able to fulfill her passion for teaching by training her future colleagues. Dr. Kahenasa is also in private practice in the Los Angeles area where she performs oral and maxillofacial surgery with the absolute safety and comfort of her patients in mind. Dr. Kahenasa is qualified and experienced in the full scope of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery including: removal of wisdom teeth and dental extractions, dental implants and bone grafting, orthognathic surgery including jaw and chin reconstruction, TMJ evaluation and surgery, facial trauma and reconstruction, and, the diagnosis and treatment of oral pathology including benign and malignant tumors of the oral and maxillofacial region. Dr. Kahenasa is dedicated to keeping herself constantly updated on new and innovative techniques in oral and maxillofacial surgery to assure the best treatment for each patient and her ultimate goal is to provide the utmost care in a safe and friendly environment while always keeping the patient’s comfort her top priority.