Zocdoc integration

What is Zocdoc?

Zocdoc is a very popular online appointment booking service designed for healthcare professionals. Doctors, podiatrists, dentists, and all sorts of medical professionals use Zocdoc to increase patient bookings. Zocdoc is a free service for patients. Patients use Zocdoc to select a day and time and schedule their appointment conveniently online with your practice. Besides online appointments, Zocdoc also helps doctors accumulate more patient reviews, send tailored reminders, and schedule recall visits. Offering Zocdoc can significantly increase the number of online bookings you receive.

Integrating Zocdoc with Even28


As you know, your Even28 profile is your profile on the dentist search engine. Zocdoc is your convenient online booking service. It makes perfect sense to have these two tools integrated with one another. Integrating Zocdoc with Even28 is very simple. Once you sign-up for Zocdoc, we automatically add a Zocdco widget to your Even28 profile (if we haven't done so, shoot us an email and we'll fix it right away). Both Basic and Premium Even28 profile members are eligible for Zocdoc integration. Once you integrate your Zocdoc with Even28, your Zocdoc appointment widget will show up directly on your Even28 profile, the same way that it does on your website. Patients can conveniently access your Zocdoc widget directly from your Even28 profile and book their appointment.

Benefits of Zocdoc + Even28


Adding Zocdoc significantly improves the chances of patients booking online appointments with your practice. Zocdoc presents patients with actual dates and specific hours of the day to schedule their appointment. An easier booking process translates into more appointments, more patients, and thus more revenue. Most practices find out that Zocdoc easily pays for itself, by referring several new patients to their practice each and every month. Integrating your Zocdoc with Even28 further increase the number of bookings that you receive each month through your Even28 profile.

How much does Zocdoc integration cost?

Zocdoc requires a monthly membership fee. However, there is no additional fee for integrating your Even28 profile with your Zocdoc account. Both Basic and Premium profile members can integrate Zocdoc with their Even28 profiles for free. If you're already on Zocdoc, then be sure to have your Even28 profile integrated with Zocdoc ASAP. We occasionally promote our Zocdoc partner dentists on "top 10 dentist lists" and you definitely don't want to be left out! Plus, adding Zocdoc to your Even28 profile increases online booking by as much as 50%. Lastly, don't forget to work with your rep on improving your Even28 profile. The more attractive your Even28 profile looks, such as more photos, better reviews, items for sale, etc., the better your chances of landing appointments through Zocdoc.

Getting started: Zocdoc + Even28


When you signup for Zocdoc, your Zocdoc appointment widget will be placed above the standard online booking form on your Even28 profile. Our team automatically adds the Zocdoc widget to your Practice Profile Page. If you can't find the Zocdoc widget on your profile, email us at admin@even28.com and we'll fix it. Once you set up your Even28 Online Store, we also add the Zocdoc widget to your online store. If you choose to go premium (Even28 Premium, Premium-Plus, Promoted Account) then all of your additional profile pages will have Zocdoc automatically added to them. This means that your "smile makeover page", "Invisalign® page", "teeth whitening page", "dental implant page", discount dental plan page, hygienist page, etc. will all become seamlessly integrated with Zocdoc at no additional charge. Should you cancel your Zocdoc membership, your Zocdoc widget will be removed and replaced with the standard online booking form. To learn more about Zocdoc or to sign up with them, please visit their website at Zocdoc.com and be sure to tell them we sent you. If you want us to contact you directly regarding Zocdoc, please email us at admin@even28.com and we'll be glad to help you out.