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The saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” is especially true of dentistry. There’s no question that your patients love looking at before and after treatment photos. Many successful dentists rely on their before and after treatment photos to showcase their talents to the world. From fixing broken teeth to replacing missing teeth, from straightening smiles to brightening those pearly whites, there’s no better way to showcase your artistic talents than to post photos of your treatment online.

Nevertheless, if photos are so important to dentists and patients, then why are there not more photos of dental treatments on the internet? The main reason for this is because dentists don’t have a dedicated place to share their photos. “Wait a minute” you might say, “but what about all the countless websites designed for sharing pictures, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter?” Plus, don’t most dentists already have a website where they can post their treatment photos? As it turns out, there are several major hurdles to posting photos of dental treatment to your social media or practice website. Even28 has solved all of these problems and provides dentists the ideal canvas to share their work with the online universe. Here are 7 reasons why every dentist should post his or her treatment photos to their Even28 profile:

(1) Simplicity

Patients love looking at your before and after treatment photos, but they don’t want to bend over backwards looking for them! Imagine a patient who is searching the web for teeth whitening photos. The patient starts out searching Google by searching local dentists. The patient would have to visit multiple websites, browse through photo galleries, and get lucky to find a handful of teeth whitening photos. Since this is way too much work for most patients, they usually give up long before they see your beautiful treatment photos. Even28 has simplified things: All of your before and after treatment photos are listed right there on your Even28 Profile page. Patients can simply scroll through your profile to see all your amazing before and after treatment photos when they are looking for them.

(2) Convenience

Most dentists store their treatment photos on their personal computer or cellphone. Occasionally, we may send a few of these photos to our web developer to post them to our practice website. However, most web developers don’t offer this as a routine service and they typically charge you for it. Another option is to post these photos to your social media accounts, but how many people really view them there anyways? After all, the purpose of posting photos is so that they are easily accessible when patients are searching for these treatments. Posting your photos to Even28 accomplishes all of these goals flawlessly. Your photos are added to your profile, where they sit until patients who are looking for these exact treatments find them online.

(3) Getting credit for your hard work

In order to get credit for your photos, Google needs to acknowledge what the photo is about and to whom it belongs. Unless you tell Google, it has no way of knowing this information. The way this is done is by adding an alternative text (abbreviated as alt-text) to each photo. This explains why you don’t get any credit for posting treatment photos to your Facebook or Instagram page since Google doesn’t index these websites. In contrast, every photo posted to your Even28 profile has an alt-text that includes your full name (first & last name) plus the treatment itself (filling, crown, veneer, etc.). This means that when Dr. John Smith posts 5 photos of porcelain veneers to his Even28 profile, he gets full credit for all of these photos. Google knows that these 5 photos belong to Dr. John Smith and that they are photos of porcelain veneer treatment.

(4) Longevity

You must put your pictures on a website otherwise you will lose them sooner or later. When you post your treatment photos to your Even28 profile, they remain there forever. Since it’s free to create an Even28 profile, you can post and store all of your photos for when you may need them. Storing your photos onto your cell phone or computer is not the ideal solution. Not only do you risk losing your photos, but what good are your photos if they are stored on your personal electronics and patients can’t actually view them?

(5) Protection against image theft

One of the major problems with posting photos online is image theft. A simple cut and paste is all it takes for someone to take credit for your hard work. Even28 has solved this problem for dentists once and for all. We shrink and watermark each photo to render it useless on any other website. Shrinking photos reduces their quality so they don’t show well on other websites. Watermarking refers to that large “Even28” logo you see on top of each photo. Adding a watermark protects your hard-earned photos from being reused by anyone else by making them useless on any other website.

(6) Credibility

If you think that your practice website is the best place to post your treatment photos, think again! Patients don’t trust your website as much as they trust third-party websites. This explains why patients go to websites like Yelp to look up your reviews instead of relying on your practice website. The same goes for treatment photos. Patients put more trust in photos posted to an independent 3rd party website as opposed to your practice website. At Even28, we verify the authenticity of all photos prior to posting them to your profile. Patients can now browse through your photo galleries with confidence, knowing that the work depicted truly belongs to you. At the end of the day, it’s much more impactful to post your treatment photos to your Even28 profile as compared to your practice website.

(7) Categorizing your photos

This last feature is reserved for Premium Profile members who have way too many photos posted to their profile. Once you accumulate hundreds of before and after treatment photos, it becomes difficult for patients to search for a specific treatment. We solve this problem by creating “procedure-specific pages” to showcase relevant photos on an individual page. You can now display your more complex treatments like porcelain veneers, braces, and dental implants, on a single dedicated page. Categorizing treatment photos significantly improves your SEO and increases the odds of patients landing on your procedure-specific pages when they are searching for those treatments.

Show, don’t tell, patients what a great dentist you are

How do you presume most patients judge their dentists nowadays? Obviously having great reviews, multiple awards, and excellent credentials are great ways of marketing yourself. However nothing is as impactful as sharing before and after photos of your actual treatments online. Imagine a patient is searching the web to learn more about enhancing his or her smile by placing porcelain veneers. Would this patient prefer to go to dentist #1 who has 100s of positive reviews, dentist #2 who has dozens of awards, or dentist #3 who has 100s of verified before and after porcelain veneer treatment photos posted to his or her Even28 Profile? Posting photos of your work online is the single best way of attracting high-quality cash patients to your practice. Create your Even28 profile and develop your own beautiful photo galleries and share them with your patients. Email us at admin@even28.com to get started today. In the meantime, start gathering your photos and preparing them to share your awesome work with the online universe!

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