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Snap-on-dentures are removable false teeth that attach onto a few dental implants for added security and stability. Other terms used for snap-on-dentures include overdenturesimplant-retained dentures, or hybrid dentures. Snap-on-dentures offer a great solution for those who want to improve the fit of their false teeth without having to spend a fortune. They offer a simple and affordable solution to secure your teeth, especially when compared to alternative treatment options of full mouth dental implants or all-on-four teeth. Keep in mind, snap-on-dentures are not fixed. They are removable false teeth that can go in and out of your mouth. However, since they anchor onto several dental implants, they are much more stable and secure than traditional dentures.

What is the process for snap-on-dentures?

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The first step to receiving snap-on-dentures is to place a few dental implants. Typically, you have the option of getting 2 or 4 implants. Another option is to place 4 implants and add a custom bar (note that this option adds significantly to your costs). The number of implants you need to stabilize your dentures depends on many factors, such as your bite forces, jaw structure, bone quality, etc. Talk to your dentist to decide which treatment option is most suitable for your mouth. Also, many dentists use mini dental implants in place of traditional implants to stabilize snap-on-dentures. Mini implants are easier to place, more cost-effective, and they also heal faster. Talk to your dentist to see if they offer mini implants as a treatment option.

The next step is to make your dentures and lock them onto your dental implants. Your new denture will resemble any other denture but it has anchors on the inside to lock onto your implants. When you insert your snap-on-denture into your mouth, the false teeth engage your implants and they lock in place. This provides for a better fit, less movement, and an overall more enjoyable denture wearing experience.

How long does snap-on-denture treatment take?

Snap-on-denture treatment usually takes a few months, although some dentists can complete the process in weeks. Other more complex implant treatment procedures, such as full mouth dental implants or all-on-four teeth, take many months, sometimes even years, to complete your treatment.

Is snap-on-dentures a difficult process?

Not really. The implant surgery is actually quite simple since your dentist can place the implants in any area with high-quality bone. Surgery is usually completed during one short visit and is more comfortable than most other implant surgeries. The denture process is similar to any other denture. The only difference is that there will be connectors added to your denture at the final step. These anchors can be added by your dentist directly inside your mouth or by the lab technician using impressions of your final denture. One the connectors are added, you can start locking your teeth in place and are good to go!

How long do snap-on-dentures last?

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Snap-on-dentures consist of a few dental implants in addition to a new set of dentures. The implants themselves should last you a lifetime. The denture is also quite durable and should last you a very long time. In fact, many patients who receive snap-on-dentures never need a new set afterward. Others choose to replace their overdentures every few years with a newer set. Even if you choose to get a new pair of dentures in the future, your implants are already there which makes it simple to get a new set of false teeth if needed.

Do snap-on-dentures need any maintenance?

They do. Snap-on-dentures start getting loose after a few years. When this happens you need to replace the connectors, known as O-rings, with new ones. O-rings are those little colorful rubber-like material that sits inside your denture connectors. Replacing the O-rings improves your denture fit instantly. Talk to your dentist to see if it’s time to replace your O-rings if your dentures are getting loose. Aside from this, there’s not much more maintenance to worry about. Be sure to continue taking your dentures out at night time and clean them to keep them fresh and sparkling clean. Do not drop your dentures since once they break they are very difficult to fix. Finally, keep your false teeth away from pets and kids as you never know what happens if they get a hold of your false teeth!

How much do snap on dentures cost?


If you’re not happy with the fit of your dentures, then snap-on-dentures may provide an affordable solution for stabilizing your false teeth. Permanent teeth (full mouth dental implants and all-on-four teeth) cost a fortune and are not for everyone. In contrast, snap-on-dentures are very reasonably priced. The fee includes the cost of your implants and that of a new denture. Snap-on-dentures usually end up costing a few thousand dollars, depending on where you decide to get your treatment done. Another factor that affects the cost of your treatment is how many dental implants you choose to place. The least expensive option is to go with 2 implants and a new denture. The next more costly option is to place 4 implants along with a new set of teeth. Finally, the most expensive option by far, is to place 4 implants along with a custom bar that anchors onto your new dentures. Ultimately, treatment usually costs anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000+ per arch (that is either the top or bottom teeth).

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How do I get started?

The first step to receiving snap-on-dentures, or any other type of dental implant procedure, is to visit your local dentist. Your dentist will examine your mouth, assess your jawbone, take appropriate X-rays, and help you determine the best route of treatment for your mouth. They will also discuss your treatment options, including how many dental implants you need and what your costs are going to be. To learn more about snap-on-dentures, look for an experienced dental implant specialist near you. Click on the link below to use our dentist Search Engine to view treatment photos to find a great dentist today:


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