Become an Even28 partner

Even28 is "the" dentist Search Engine. As a dentist exclusive search engine, and probably the most comprehensive one, we are in a unique position to promote dental products and services. There are ways we can promote your brand that can only be done on an industry-exclusive search engine. For example, we can integrate your product with tens-of-thousands of dentist profiles. We can list them on dentist online stores or have them show up on our top-ten lists. Some brands can be directly integrated with our dentist's profile. Others can be injected into our top-ten lists or promoted across our online stores. Let's take a closer look at a few ways we can help you grow your brand on Even28:

Create your Even28 company profile page


All dental manufacturers are entitled to a complimentary Company Profile Page. Use your company profile page to showcase your best services/products, reviews, and before & after photos. You can also use your company profile page to communicate with prospective patients as well as dentists. We're happy to help you add content to make your company profile page stand out. Email us today at and one of our representatives will help you build your Even28 company profile page.

Set up a company online store


In addition to setting up a company profile page, you can also create an online store. Sell your products or services directly from your company's Even28 Online Store. We'll create an online store for you, list your items, and sell your products for you. Alternatively, we can send customers directly to your product detail page and have them purchase directly from you. We've managed to make it work for Groupon, and we're sure we can come up with a plan that suits your needs! Integration with our Even28 Online Stores is simple and easy. This is a great option for the following product lines:

Products sold directly to patients

  • High-end toothbrushes and hygiene devices
  • Branded teeth whitening products
  • Custom dental devices
  • Clear aligner products
  • Other direct-to-consumer products that rely on brand recognition

Products sold to dentists

  • Dental implant parts
  • Dental laser manufactures
  • Digital X-rays
  • High-end dental supplies
  • Local laboratories: crowns, dentures, nightguards, etc.
  • Other branded/high-value dental products/devices

Integrate with our search engine


There are a few ways we can integrate your brand with our search engine. For example, we can really boost your business if you are trying to generate appointments for dentists. As a dentist search engine, we don't ever charge patients or doctors for booking an appointment online. However, we're always looking for opportunities to help other companies generate more appointments for their clients. We can get your dentists more appointments by integrating your software directly with our dentist profiles. All you have to do is to provide us with a widget and access to a feed and we'll take care of the rest. We'll integrate your appointment booking software across hundreds, or thousands, of our dentist profiles and update them regularly based on new memberships and discontinued ones. The fee for integrating your booking software is nominal, yet the results are phenomenal! This is a great solution for the following companies:

  • Online appointment booking software
  • Tele-dentistry/online chat services
  • Practice websites looking to boost their online booking

Other ways we can promote your brand includes listing on dentist's profiles, badges to rank your participating dentists, adding a mini-search engine function, blogs to promote your product and services, etc. Contact us today at to learn more about how we can help you grow our brand today.

Promote your brand on our "top-ten" lists


When it comes to online marketing for dentists and dentistry, our top-ten lists are the single best place to promote your products and services. These lists are among the most effective, influential, and powerful methods to promote your brand and sell your products and services. Promoting your product on our top-ten lists is more effective than marketing on Google, Facebook, or any other type of digital marketing.

When you promote your brand on our top-ten lists, your ad will show up on top of local dentists and orthodontists within each neighborhood. You can send patients or dentists to look at your before & after photos, have them take a quiz to collect their email, offer an exclusive promotion, or have them read verified reviews of your product on a third-party website (as opposed to your own site!) You can even send customers to your Even28 Online Store, link it to your product listing pages, and sell your products or services directly online. There are countless ways we can help you sell your products or services using our top-ten lists. We're also happy to A/B test your ads to see what works best and optimize your ad campaign for best results.

We're in the process of generating thousands of top-ten lists across the nation. Patients who land on these lists are actively looking to make a purchase or find a dentist nearby. Most will be highly intrigued by your ad, especially because it is showing up on a local "top-ten" list. These consumers are very likely to visit your company profile page and consider purchasing your products or services. Promoting your brand across our top-ten lists is the ideal marketing opportunity for the following products and services:

Clear aligner manufacturers: At-home and dentist-delivered clear aligners

Create a company profile page and promote your clear aligner brand across hundreds or thousands of our top-ten clear aligner/ Invisalign®provider lists. Select which regions you want to target, how much you want to spend each month, and we will take care of the rest for you. You will soon learn that promoting your clear aligner brand on our top-ten clear aligner/Invisalign®provider lists is by far the most effective way to generate new patients for your clear aligner brand.

Dental implants

Promote your implant brand across our top-ten dental implant providers, top-ten overdenture providers, top-ten all-on-four providers, even our top-ten ceramic implant providers (available only in select regions). Send patients to your company profile page and have them learn more about your implant brand. Highlight providers that offer your product and assign them badges based on how involved they are with your implant brand. Use your company profile page to post testimonies of happy patients or satisfied doctors to further solidify your brand's status.

Holistic dental products

Promote your holistic dental product across our top-ten holistic dentist provider lists. It just doesn't get better than having your holistic products mentioned on top of a local top-ten holistic dentist list!

Cosmetic dentistry products

Promote your cosmetic dentistry product across our top-ten porcelain veneer/cosmetic dentistry provider lists. Choose the regions you want to target, how much you'd like to spend monthly, and we will promote your product for you. Send patients to your company profile page to engage them with your brand and convince them to purchase your product over your competitors.

High-end teeth-whitening products

Post before & after photos and reviews of your teeth whitening products to your company profile page. Then, promote your brand across our top-ten teeth whitening dentist lists. Highlight dentists that offer your product to convince patients to visit them for their whitening treatment in order to get the best possible results.

As you can see, we have something to offer everyone. As long as your product has to do with dentists and dentistry, we can help you promote them!

What does it cost?

We offer two types of company profile pages: (1) Basic Even28 Company Profile or (2) Premium Even28 Company Profile. Here's what each one includes:

Basic Even28 Company Profile (Free)

  • Company profile page which includes your name, location, basic bio, and a word to your customers
  • Contact form for patients or dentists
  • Up to 35 5-star reviews
  • Up to 100 photos relevant to your products or services
  • Online store (commission based)

Premium Even28 Company Profile

  • Company profile
  • Contact form
  • Unlimited reviews
  • Unlimited photos
  • Commission-free online store or send customers to your website from our store
  • Option to categorize your photos based on various treatments or services. For example: overbite treatment, underbite treatment, etc. or single dental implant, full mouth dental implant, etc.
  • Other customization options: Add a quiz, offer discounts or coupons, etc.
  • Option to advertise your company profile page on our website, Google, Bing/Yahoo, top-ten lists, etc.
  • Contact for pricing details (free when you meet our monthly spending threshold!)

Click here to learn more about our premium company profile page.

Promote your company profile page

Once you've set up your company profile page, you can start promoting your profile. After all, there's no better place to promote your dental product/service than on Even28, "the" dentist Search Engine! There are countless ways we can promote your product on our platform, for instance:

  • Send patients or dentists to your company profile page to help them learn more about what sets you apart from your competitors
  • Use your page to create quizzes, run promotions, gather emails, and find other ways to draw patients or dentists to your brand
  • Promote your product/service on our local top-ten dentist lists or specialized top-ten lists (top-ten teeth whitening, top-ten clear aligner providers, top-ten dental implant dentists, etc.)
  • Promote your company's Even28 Online Store and sell products/services directly to patients and/or dentists
  • Integrate and have your brand featured across tens-of-thousands of dentist profiles and/or dentist online stores

Ready to get started? Please fill out the contact form below, or email us directly at to claim your company profile page today. You can choose to maintain a basic profile for free, upgrade to a premium profile, or promote your profile across the web. Our representative will help you decide which is the best route for you and your company. We are excited to help you grow your brand in ways you never imagined possible. After all, we are "the" dentist search engine, and if your product or service has to do with dentistry, it belongs on Even28!