Even28 at-home™ vs. Even28 at-dentist™


How do I decide which program is best for my smile?


Wearing clear aligners is a convenient way to straighten your smile. Clear aligners are comfortable, effective and barely visible. They can straighten most smiles in months instead of years. The other option to straighten your smile is braces. But braces are more painful, they cut your gums and cheeks and they're permanently stuck to your teeth. No wonder more and more patients are choosing to straighten their smiles with clear aligners in place of braces!

Before you start your clear aligner treatment, you need to choose the right program. If you've been researching clear aligners, then you're probably aware that you have two basic options:

  1. At home aligners (Even28 at-home™) or DIY online aligners (Smile Direct Club™)
  2. Dentist-delivered/ supervised aligners (Invisalign® or Even28 at-dentist™)

So how do you decide which program is best for your orthodontic condition? Obviously, you should consult with your dentist or orthodontist first. Only your dentist or orthodontist can help you determine which program is best for your smile. Continue reading to learn more about which program is best suited to fix your smile.


Which cases qualify for Even28 at-home?

At home aligner programs are reserved for treating simpler orthodontic conditions. There are the two basic requirements in order to qualify for at home aligners. First, you must only require minor tooth movements. Second, you can only correct your front teeth with at home aligners. Here are some examples of cases which qualify for Even28 at-home™ clear aligners:

  • Small gaps between your front teeth
  • Minor teeth crowding
  • Fixing that one snag tooth that refuses to line up with others
  • Orthodontic relapse cases

Orthodontic relapse is when you wore braces before but your teeth became crooked a few years later. This usually happens because you didn't wear your retainers like you were supposed to (don't feel too bad, most of us are guilty of this!) Luckily, orthodontic relapse cases are perfect for Even28 at-home. Fixing orthodontic relapse with at home aligners is easy, quick and affordable. Most of these cases take about 4 to 6 months to straighten your teeth.

Click here to learn more about straightening your teeth with Even28 at-home™. Schedule a consultation with an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you to get started. Click on the link below to search nearby dentists to find an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you:


Which cases require Even28 at-dentist?

Not everyone qualifies for at home teeth aligners naturally. Even28 at-dentist™ is reserved to treat orthodontic conditions too complicated for at home aligners, but not so complicated where they require braces. One example are orthodontic conditions that require bite correction. Cases that require bite correction should never be treated with at home aligner programs. At home aligners can't effectively move your back teeth and they mess up your bite in the process of straightening your front teeth. Complex orthodontic conditions should also be treated with dentist delivered aligners. This includes cases with severe tooth crowding, large overbites and most open bites.

Dentist delivered clear aligner programs require periodic dentist intervention and supervision. Your dentist will see you regularly throughout your treatment to monitor your progress. They will use techniques to assist your tooth movement, for example:

  • They place buttons (attachments) on your teeth to help tilt or rotate more crooked teeth
  • They perform tooth contouring to create additional space required for fixing more crowded teeth
  • They monitor your bite and remove any interference to calibrate your bite
  • Whenever necessary, they place fixed retainers on your teeth to prevent orthodontic relapse

Frequent dentist office visits are essential to the success of your clear aligner program. Avoid using at home or DIY aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™ to treat more complicated orthodontic conditions. Instead, choose Invisalign® or Even28 at-dentist™ to treat more complicated conditions or cases requiring bite correction.


Having straight teeth is nice but not if you can't chew with them!

Obviously, we all like to save our money. However, you should never mess with your health in favor of saving a few bucks. Choosing at home aligners to treat complex orthodontic conditions can be a big mistake! Recklessly wearing teeth aligners without proper dentist supervision could cause irreversible damage to your teeth and bite. Without a dentist monitoring your progress, you risk damaging your bite. Why is your bite so important? Here's a list of a few things that happen if you screw up your bite:

  • Higher risk of breaking your teeth as you get older
  • Chipping and cracking of your front teeth
  • Increased failure of existing dental restorations such as breaking your dental fillings and crowns
  • Tooth discoloration or "yellow teeth" due to the loss of the protective enamel layer
  • Persistent tension headaches
  • TMJ problems

As you can see, messing up your bite is a big deal. Don't mess with your bite! A single broken tooth will offset your all your savings. Choose the clear aligner program that's best suited to your needs. If your case is simple, go with at home clear aligners. If your cases is complicated, or if you need bite correction,then be sure to choose a dentist delivered clear aligner program. Talk to your dentist to see which clear program is going to give you the best results for the best price.