Different prices for different smiles


You should never be forced to straighten your own teeth just to save a few bucks. And with Even28 Clear Aligners you won't have to! We offer two clear aligner programs:

  • Even28 at-home
  • Even28 at-dentist

Our at-home aligner program is reserved for fixing simpler orthodontic conditions. Our at-dentist program can fix more complicated cases. Let's take a closer look to learn more about Even28 Clear Aligners and how you can straighten your smile for less:


Even28 at-home clear aligners


Let's be honest,  who doesn't want to straighten their smile for less and have a dentist supervise their treatment? Even28 at-home™ clear aligner program is affordable, convenient and effective. Our at home program is the perfect balance of price and safety. Plus, Even28 at-home™ costs just $1,995. If you're interested, you can finance your treatment for as little as $50 a month. Don't overpay for your aligner treatment and don't skip out on seeing a dentist. Choose Even28 at-home™ and get the best of both worlds.

Our at home aligner program offers top-notch aligners plus access to an experienced, local dentist. Even28 at-home™ is perfect for closing small gaps or straightening crooked front teeth. We straighten most smiles in jsut 5 months! Click here to learn more about how Even 28 at-home™ clear aligners work. To see if you qualify for Even28 at-home™, find an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you:


At home clear aligners without the risks

Do-it-yourself clear aligner programs can be risky and dangerous. There offer no supervision, no recourse and no accountability for your end results. In fact, unsupervised orthodontic treatment can damage your teeth or mess up your bite! Yet there's no denying that do-it-yourself clear aligner programs are significantly cheaper than going to your local dentist. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your teeth straightened for the same price as DIY aligners, but you could get your treatment through a local, trusted dentist?

Even28 has solved this problem for all you grinners: Even28 at-home™ is the same price as Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co™ but without all the risks and complications! Our at-home aligner program is offered exclusively through local dentists. Your Even28 Clear Aligner provider will be in charge of designing your aligner program and straightening your smile. They will support you throughout your smile journey and are there if you have any questions or run into an emergency. Click here to take our at home clear aligner assessment quiz to see if you qualify for Even28 at-home. Better yet, use our Search Engine to find an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you and get started with your new smile today:


Even28 at-dentist clear aligners

At home clear aligner treatment doesn't work for more complex orthodontic movements, These tougher cases always require dentist supervision and intervention. We offer Even28 at-dentist™ to treat these more complicated tooth movements. Expect to pay about 30% less for Even28 at-dentist™ as compared to other dentist-delivered invisible aligner programs. To learn more about Even28 at-dentist™ and which orthodontic cases require a dentist, click here. Ready to straighten your smile with our clear aligner system? Schedule your consult with an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you today:


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