Overbite and deep bite


What exactly is an overbite or deep bite?


An overbite is a reference to the horizontal space between your upper & lower front teeth when you're in a closed position. A normal overbite is about 2-3 millimeters. Anything beyond that is considered an excessive overbite. We generally use the term "overbite" as a reference to having excessive overbite. A deep bite is a more advanced overbite where your upper teeth almost completely cover the lower ones when your mouth is closed.

Many patients with excessive overbites look to fix their condition using clear aligners. Fixing your excessive overbite or deep bite can improve your smile. It can also improve your oral health. Plus, an excessive overbite puts your upper teeth at a much higher risk of fracture. It may also affects your speech and self-confidence. Depending on their severity, some overbites can be corrected with clear aligners and others require braces. Continue reading to see which treatment option is best for fixing your overbite:


Fix mild overbites with Even28 at-home™ clear aligners

A normal overbite is about 2-3 millimeters between your upper and lower front teeth. A mild overbite is about 3-4 millimeters. Mild overbite orthodontic conditions can usually be fixed with at home aligners. Consider choosing Even28 at-home™ clear aligners to fix your mild overbite. Your Even28 Clear Aligner provider will help you decide if you qualify for this program.

Even28 at-home™ is simple, affordable and convenient. If you quality, all you have to do is wear your clear aligners at the comfort of your own home and watch your overbite disappear within a few months! Your clear aligners will pull your upper teeth in, while they push your lower teeth out. Click here to learn more about how Even28 at-home™ clear aligners work. To get started with your program, click on the link below and look for an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you today:


Use Even28 at-dentist to fix more advanced overbites

Fixing more advanced overbite conditions is best accomplished with dentist delivered clear aligner programs such as Invisalign or Even28 at-dentist.

At home clear aligner programs like Even28 at-home™ are great for fixing small overbites. However, for all larger overbites you need dentist supervision. Wearing at home aligners might improve your overbite temporarily, but your teeth are going to relapse back to their previous position as soon as your treatment is complete. Instead, choose a dentist-delivered clear aligner program like Invisalign® or Even28 at-dentist™ to fix your excessive overbite.

Having a dentist involved in your treatment is essential to fixing more advanced overbites. In most cases, your dentist will create additional space through a process known as tooth contouring or interproximal reduction (IPR). This creates the necessary space for tooth movement and fixes the underlying cause of your overbite. This way, you don't have to worry about orthodontic relapse where your teeth move to their original position within a few years, or sometimes even a few months! To learn about the role of your dentist in clear aligner treatment, click here. If you're ready to start, click on the link below to find an Invisalign® or Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you today:


When do you need braces to fix your overbite?

FIxing the most advanced cases of overbite and most all deep bite cases requires braces in place of clear aligners.

The most advanced overbites can not be fixed with clear aligners. If your overbite is in excessive of 6-7 mililimeters, you will require braces to fix your teeth. In fact, you may even have to remove a few teeth to create sufficient room for your remaining teeth. Either way, any overbite in excess of 6-7 millimeter is simply too advanced to be treated with clear aligners. The same goes for most deep bite cases which also require braces treatment. To find a dentist near you, click on the link below and search for one who offers braces treatment:


What is the best way to fix my overbite?

Mild-to-moderate overbites can be fixed using clear aligners. More advanced overbites and most deep bites requires braces. Obviously, clear aligners are more comfortable, better-looking and more pleasant to wear as compared to braces. But you need to make sure that you qualify for wearing them. Talk to your clear aligner provider to see which treatment best suits your needs. It's actually quite simple:

  • Small overbites can be fixed using Even28 at-home™ clear aligners within a few months
  • More complex cases require Invisalign® or Even28 at-dentist™
  • The toughest cases always need braces

Find a dentist near you to see which treatment option is best for your needs: