Overbite and deep bite

Overbite is the horizontal space between your upper and lower front teeth when you close your mouth. We generally use the term overbite as a reference to having an excessive overbite. A normal overbite is about 2 to 3 millimeters, anything beyond that is considered an excessive overbite. A deepbite is a more advanced overbite where your upper teeth almost completely cover the lower ones in a closed position.


Many people with excessive overbites seek orthodontic treatment to fix their smiles. A large overbite can affect your speech and self-confidence. Fixing your overbite can improve your smile and oral health. Plus, having an excessive overbite puts your upper teeth at a higher risk of fracture, and fixing it reduces these chances. You can fix most overbites with either clear aligners or braces, depending on the severity of your overbite. Continue reading to learn what's the best way to fix your overbite:


At-home aligners clear aligners

A normal overbite is about 2 to 3 millimeters. A mild overbite is slightly larger, like 3 to 4 millimeters. Mild overbites can usually be fixed using at-home clear aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™ or Even28 at-home™ clear aligners. At-home aligner programs are simple, affordable, and convenient if you qualify for them. All you have to do is wear your clear aligners at the comfort of your own home and watch your overbite disappear within a few months! Clear aligners pull your upper teeth inwards and simultaneously push your lower teeth outwards. Click here to learn more about how clear aligners can fix mild overbite conditions. Click on the button below to find an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you and start fixing your smile today:


Invisalign® clear aligners

Fixing more advanced overbite conditions is best accomplished with dentist delivered clear aligner programs such as Invisalign or Even28 at-dentist.

You can fix small overbites using at-home clear aligner programs, like Smile Direct Club™ or Even28 at-home™. However, once an overbite becomes larger, it always requires direct dentist supervision to fix your condition. Wearing at-home clear aligners might improve your overbite temporarily, but your teeth are likely to relapse to their original position soon after your treatment is complete. Dentist-delivered clear aligner programs like Invisalign® address the underlying condition or to fix your overbite for good!

So how does your dentist help close moderate overbites using Invisalign®? Usually, your dentist creates additional space for tooth movement through a process known as tooth contouring or interproximal reduction (IPR for short). Tooth contouring creates the necessary space required for your teeth movement and addresses the underlying cause of your overbite. This way, you don't have to worry about orthodontic relapse (so long as you wear your retainers!) To learn about the role of your dentist in clear aligner treatment, click here.



FIxing the most advanced cases of overbite and most all deep bite cases requires braces in place of clear aligners.

We have a bit of bad news for those of you in love with clear aligners: The most advanced overbite cases can not be fixed with clear aligners. Any overbite in excessive of 6 to 7 millimeters requires braces to straighten your smile and fix your overbite. Sometimes you even need to remove a few teeth to create enough room for teeth to move correctly. The same goes for most deepbite conditions. Deebites almost always require braces and can not be fixed using clear aligners.



The best way to fix your overbite

There are a few different options when it comes to correcting your overbite. Treatment options all depend on how large your overbite is. Mild overbites can be fixed using at-home clear aligner programs. Moderate overbites can oftentimes be fixed with Invisalign®. The most advanced overbites and deepbites need braces instead of aligners. Talk to your local dentist or orthodontist to see which treatment option(s) best suit your needs. Let's start fixing that overbite so you can finally have the beautiful and healthy smile of your dreams!