Partnerships, Group Practices & Corporate Dentistry


Even28 Premium Profiles for multiple dentists

Membership options for partnerships, group practices and practice chains/DSOs.

Our goal at Even28 is to make it easier for patients and dentists to connect in this digital universe. This is why we're building the world's most comprehensive dentist database and dentist Search Engine. We believe that every dentist deserves to be present on our Search Engine. Therefore, every dentist gets his or her Basic Profile to help get them in front of patients. Your Even28 Basic Profile includes the following:

  • Practice Profile Page: Showcase your best self online by displaying your treatment photos, reviews and everything else you need to attract new patients to your practice.
  • Even28 Online Store: Create your own storefront to sell dental services directly online because that's what the modern patient wants.
  • Offer Even28 Clear Aligners: Become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider and offer patients Even28 at-home™ as a alternative to DIY clear aligner programs.

That's quite a lot of features for a free service! While our Basic Profile comes with plenty of free features, more serious practitioners are going to want to enable the full potential or their Even28 Profile by unlocking additional features. You can do this by upgrading to our Premium Profile membership. Upgrading to Even28 Premium Profile unlocks tons of new features, for instance:

  • Enhanced Even28 Online Store: You can now sell discount dental plans on your online store, plus your online store is now commission free.
  • Procedure Specific Pages: Create powerful Even28 Pages to promote treatments like porcelain veneers, inlays & onlays, braces, dental implants, etc. and attract patients for these high-end procedures.
  • Procedure Specific Reviews: We add a review form to your Even28 Profile pages to help you get more procedure specific reviews. Then, we post the best ones to your profile to help strengthen your Procedure Specific Pages.
  • Easier to book an appointment: Integrate your Even28 Profile with your website and patient booking software and never lose out on another booking again.

There are many other features included with your Premium Profile upgrade. You can learn all about the benefits of upgrading to an Even28 Premium Profile by clicking here. Now, it's important to note that our standard Premium Profile membership is good for one dental practitioner at up to 3 practice locations. If you don't have any partners or associates, or don't care to create Premium Profiles for them, then our standard Premium Profile membership is all you need to enhance your online presence. However, if you fall into any of the following categories, you need to apply for a different Premium Profile account:

  • Your practice consists of a partnership setup
  • You have a group practice and are interested in promoting your associates and specialists
  • You own more than 3 practice locations

The chart above illustrates the different types of accounts we offer for our more successful dental practitioners with large operations. Click on the following links to learn more about how to setup Premium Profiles for partnerships, group practices, dental practice chains as well as dental service organizations (DSOs):


Partnership Accounts


Partnership Accounts are designed for 2 dentists with up to 3 practice locations. Setting up a Partnership Account comes with a 50% discount for the 2nd dentist's monthly membership fee. This means that you only pay $375 for Partnership Accounts as opposed to $500 for two separate Even28 Premium Profiles. There are plenty of benefits to creating a Partnership Account for those of you who have this type of a practice setup, which include:

  • Each partner will have his or her own Even28 Premium Profile. This means that you can setup Procedure Specific Pages for each partner to showcase their work independently. This gives your patients options and allows them to choose the partner which they prefer to see.
  • Partnership Accounts are linked together. This allows patients to easily navigate between these profiles to improve your chances of converting potential leads into actual patients.
  • You can create two separate commission-free Even28 Online Stores. Sell discount dental plans and other dental treatments commission-free from either partner's online stores.
  • Increase your visibility on Google's Search Engine and enhance the chances of patients landing on your Even28 Profile pages by creating Premium Profile pages for each partner.

Creating a Partnership Account allows you to showcase each partner's talents individually. Your patients can get to know each dentist and choose the one best suited to their specific needs. You get twice as many Procedure Specific Pages, double the reviews and basically twice of everything Even28 has to offer its Premium Profile members. To learn more about creating a Partnership Account email us at and one of our representatives will reach out to assist you and your partner.

As a final note, we should mention that you can not share Premium Profiles between partner dentists. This means that you can't post photos on one dentist's profile and then ask us to separate them if the partnership falls through. Posting photos of one dentist's work to another dentist's profile is considered a violation of our community guideline. Dentists who are found to engage in this type of misleading behavior will have both of their photo galleries removed, placed on probation, fined or even banned temporary or permanently from our Search Engine.


Group Practice Accounts


Group Practice Accounts are designed for dental practitioners interested in promoting their associate dentists, specialists and even their dental hygienists. Group Practice Accounts can list an unlimited number of dentists at up to 4 separate practice locations. The monthly membership cost for a Group Practice Account is $500 per month. Essentially, you pay for two Premium Profile memberships but instead get access to as many Premium Profile accounts as you need (at up to 4 locations).

The major benefit of setting up a Group Practice Account is that you can create separate Even28 Premium Profiles for everyone in your practice. Showcase every dentist's or specialist's body of work individually on their own Procedure Specific Pages. Imagine you have a group practice which consists of an orthodontist, oral surgeon and a few general dentist associates. A Group Practice Account provides each one of your dentists and specialists with their very own Even28 Premium Profile membership. You can even add a profile for your dental hygienist(s) (hygienist profiles are linked to dentist profiles but they don't show up on the Search Engine results page). Let's take a closer look at how this creating a Group Practice Account can help you grow your practice:

  • All of your associate and specialist Even28 Profiles will be linked together. This way, patients can easily navigate between your dentist profiles without having to go back to our dentist Search Engine.
  • Showcase your dentists' body of work on their own separate Procedure Specific Pages. For example, create a Braces Page and a Clear Aligner Page to showcase your orthodontist's work. Create a Dental Implant Page to showcase your oral surgeon's work. Finally, create an Inlay & Onlay Page, Teeth Whitening Page and White Fillings Page to showcase your general dentists' body of work. Create as many Procedure Specific Pages for your associates as you like to improve your online presence.
  • Each Procedure Specific Page includes before & after treatment photos, 5-star reviews and a consult form to encourage patients to schedule an appointment with your dentists and come to your practice.
  • Link all profiles to your Even28 Online Store. Patients can now easily navigate from any of your dentists' profiles to your Even28 Online Store and purchase treatments or discount dental plans online. Keep all the proceeds from your online sales (minus processing fees of course) and earn yourself a new patient for your practice.
  • You no longer have to worry about constantly updating your website. The minute you hire a new associate, all of your patients can learn everything they need to know about the new doctor joining the crew from their Even28 Profile. Simply link your practice website to your Even28 Profile pages and let us take care of showcasing your dentists, dental specialists, photo galleries, reviews, etc.

This is a good time to reiterate the impact that creating multiple Procedure Specific Pages has on your SEO and organic ranking when it comes to getting to Google's first page Search Results. Creating Procedure Specific Pages for treatments like braces, clear aligners and dental implants helps your profile show up ahead of your competitors on Google's Search Engine without having to spend an extra dime. You can create as many Procedure Specific Pages as you'd like to showcase your dentist's and dental specialist's body of work. To learn more about setting up a Group Practice Account email us at and one of our representatives will help you get started.


Practice chains and DSOs (dental service organizations)


Practice chain owners and Dental Service Organizations may have a somewhat different approach to dentistry as compared to private practice owners. However, they both have one thing in common with one another:

They both need likable, skilled and caring dentists in order to thrive and grow!

It's very difficult for practice chain owners not to lose sight of the fact that it's still your dentists and dental specialists who render the dental care itself. Dentistry is an intimate profession and it's different from being a pharmacist. Patients only know their pharmacist as CVS, Walgreens or Costco. However,  patients always refer to their dentist as Dr. Johnson, their friendly neighborhood dentist, or Dr. Cho, their skilled and humorous orthodontist. This is where Even28 can help out your organization. We promote your individual dentists and specialists by giving them a face and name. Promoting your brand over your actual dentists and specialists is a pitfall that's very difficult for dental chain organizations to avoid. At the same time, it's too time consuming to keep up with the constant turnover of associates and everything else involved in getting a new dentist on board. Let us take care of these things for you. Here's how we can help out your organization:

  • We create Premium Profiles for all of your dentists and specialists. Now your patients know exactly who it is that's treating their mouth!
  • Our staff will work closely with your organization to get your new dentists quality reviews, buildup their photo galleries and promote them for you.
  • We help your team create Procedure Specific Pages to promote your dentists and specialists. This will help attract more high-end treatments and specialty work to your practices.
  • All of your dentists and specialists Even28 Profiles will be linked together so that patients can easily navigate between all your dentists' profiles. This way, the minute you refer your patient to the orthodontist or endodontist, your patient knows exactly who it is that they are going to be seeing for their specialty work.
  • List new patient packages, teeth whitening offers, consults and other treatments on your Even28 Online Stores and link your online store to your dentists' Even28 Profiles. Now you can sell dental services from any of your dentist's profiles without having to pay a commission!
  • Create discount dental plans and amend them to your dentists' Even28 Online Stores and start selling your own in-house discount dental plans. Keep the proceeds to yourself and we will automatically work to renew the discount dental plans for you each year.

By creating Even28 Premium Profiles for all of your dentists, dental specialists,  even hygienists, you can give a more personalized and homely feel to your offices. Patients enjoy associating their dentist with a smiling face, personalized 5-star reviews and before & after photo galleries. They also love knowing exactly who the specialist they are being referred to is, what he or she looks like and have the opportunity to view their testimonials and treatment photos beforehand. At the end of the day, people still prefer being a patient of Dr. Johnson and Dr. Cho instead of a being a customer of NorthSouthEastWest Dental Partnership Limited Liability Corporation! Let us create this personalized feeling by setting up Even28 Premium Profiles for your dentists and specialists so you can get back to running your organization.

There's plenty more we can do for your organization aside from creating Premium Profiles for your dentists. We can design a centralized ad campaign to advertise all of your affiliate practice locations. If you can come up with a uniform set of fees, we can create a centralized campaign to promote your Even28 Online Stores. Promote your online store to sell consults, new patient packages and other dental treatments directly online. Patients who make a purchase from your Even28 Online Store have an incredible 75% show rate. Outsource your online marketing to us and see your ad budget stretch further on Even28's "dentist Search Engine".

Whether you own 5, 15 or 500+ dental practices, we can customize a program to suit your organization's needs. Whatever custom tools you need to promote your dental practices, we can provide them for you. Interested in creating a custom mini-Search Engine for your practices? We can do that too. Want to promote your hygienists too? We can make profiles for them as well to give them a name and face. Want your sister offices linked together and advertised alongside one another? We can do that too. Whatever your organization's needs are, we can accommodate them for you.

Many of you are already doing most of these things for your organization. However, you will discover that outsourcing these tasks to Even28 is more cost effective and more productive. Give your dentists and dental specialists a name and face by putting them on our Dentist Search Engine. After all, patients are much more intrigued by seeing a list of the actual dentists and dental specialists who work for you as opposed to the number of offices that you own! Advertising with us will give you better results in the long run and a better ROI. This is because it's more efficient to promote your doctor network's Even28 Profiles on a universal dentist Search Engine (which will have 1 million+ pages by the time it's complete) than to promote your 20 page dental practice website.

Let us take care of "branding" your dentists and specialists so you can get back to focusing on everything else that goes along with running a successful practice chain and building your dental empire. Contact us to learn more about opportunities to create Premium Profiles for your entire network of dentists. Email us at to schedule an appointment with our CEO to design a custom program which suits your organization's need. We look forward to helping your organization grow alongside Even28 in ways you never imagined possible!