Even28 Premium Profile


Unlock the true potential of your Even28 profile


There are two types of profiles you can create on Even28, which are:

  • Even28 Basic Profile
  • Even28 Premium Profile

Even28 Basic Profile is a  basic page which is free for all dentists. Basic Profile includes a Practice Profile Page plus an optional Even28 Online Store. Learn more about Even28 Basic Profile by clicking here.

Even28 Premium Profile is an upgraded on your Basic Profile which offers many added features for a low monthly subscription fee. Those of you seeking to attract more patients through their Even28 profile should highly consider upgrading to an Even28 Premium Profile. To learn more about Even28 Premium Profiles and how they can help you grow your practice, email us at admin@even28.com to see if it's right for you. Keep in mind, our Premium Profiles are a month-to-month subscription service and you can cancel at anytime. Plus, you can always switch back between a Basic and Premium Profile at any time and you won't lose your content. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of upgrading to a Premium Profile to help you understand it it's right for you (click on each item to learn more):

Procedure specific pages

Procedure Specific Pages are individual pages designed to help you sell specific, high-ticket dental treatments like porcelain veneers, dental implants, braces and clear aligners. Each page is dedicated to a specific treatment. Create as many pages as you like. Each page contains a compilation of reviews regarding that treatment as well as your before & after photos pertinent to that specific treatment.

Let's say you want to create a Porcelain Veneer Page to attract more porcelain veneer patients. Here's what is included on your Porcelain Veneer Page:

  • Related reviews: All of your patient reviews related to porcelain veneer treatment will be listed on this page (up to 35 reviews per page)
  • Before & after photos: We will showcase all your before & after porcelain veneer treatment photos here (unlimited photos) all with watermark and tagged to your name to protect them
  • Treatment explanation: Fell free to add a brief description to go along with each photo series (optional but highly recommended)
  • Get more reviews: There will also be a button to gather more positive reviews specifically on porcelain veneer treatment to help you buildup your reviews
  • Schedule consults: A porcelain veneer consult form for patients to request a porcelain veneer consult.
  • Display current promotions: You will have a header where you can share current promotions or any special deals you may be running, like 10% off treatment, free porcelain veneer consult, free whitening with treatment, etc.
  • Share your final thought: Lastly, you have a closing thought section where you get to share a paragraph about why patients should choose you for porcelain veneer treatment. Share your experience, training and other information to help patients choose you for their porcelain veneer treatment.

Procedure Specific Pages are for Even28 Premium Profile members only. As a premium member, you can create as many Procedure Specific Pages as you'd like.


Each page is designed to highlights the doctor's reviews, photos, etc. to attract more patients for that treatment. Pages can be customized to your liking. For instance, we can divide up your clear aligner or braces pages based on the malocclusion, if you have too many reviews and photos to list onto one page. Your assigned Even28 representative will work closely with you to help you design the best possible pages for you.

Discount dental plans


Another feature exclusive to Even28 Premium Profiles are discount dental plans. You can create highly customizeable discount dental plans and sell them directly on your Even28 Online Store. You can setup one or two different discount dental plans and sell them on your Even28 Online Store. You also have the option of creating multiple different discount plans, such as seniors, premium plans, couples & family plans, etc. It's totally up to you. Either way, we will list your discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store and you can sell them directly to patients. Once you sell a discount dental plan, you get the patient's contact information and you get to keep all the proceeds (minus credit card fees of course).


Commission free Even28 Online Store

Even28 Basic Profile has a commission deducted from each item sold on your Even28 Online Store. On the other hand, Premium Profile members don't pay any commission. The only thing that gets deducted from each sale is a negligible credit card and processing fee. This means that if you sell a $2,000 treatment on your Even28 Online Store, you get to keep $1,900+ as opposed to $1,500-1,700 (commission is typically around 15 to 25% of each sale for Even28 Basic Profiles). Essentially, there's no difference between selling dental services on your Even28 Online Store or in your actual dental office. This makes it easier to sell online and helps you attract more patients ultimately.

Link your scheduling software

Even28 Basic Profile members receive an email whenever a patient books an appointment with them. Even28 Premium Profile members have the added option of linking their appointment button to their website or scheduling software. This way, prospective patients can easily book their appointment online and you will never miss out on a new patient again.

Link to your website

Another feature exclusive to Premium Profile members is the option of sending patients to your website. Basic Profile members don't have this option. By linking your Even28 Practice Profile Page to your website, you allow patients to continue their research by navigating directly to your website with just a click of a button. Note that linking to your website is an optional feature. We only recommend linking to your website if you already have a nicely designed website. Otherwise, skip this step and let patients navigate your Even28 profile pages instead.

Link to associates and specialists

This feature is extremely beneficial for group practices and multi-practice owners. You can link different dentists, associates and specialists to one another. Say for instance you have a couple of associate dentists, an oral surgeon and an orthodontist working at your practice. We will create an Even28 Practice Profile Page for each one of these dentists and specialists. Then, we will link all these profiles together. This way, your patients can view profiles of all dentists working for you and easily navigate between them. To learn about special pricing for group practices and multiple-practice owners, please email us at admin@even28.com and we will be in touch soon afterwards.

Sort your photos and reviews

Dentists are detail oriented individuals. This is exactly why some of you might prefer to order your photos and reviews in a specific sequence. Because ordering your reviews and photos takes a long time, we can not accommodate Basic Profile members, which means your reviews and photos will be placed in random order. In contrast, Even28 Premium Profile members get to decide the actual order in which they want their reviews and/or photos displayed. So, if you want Johnny's clear aligner treatment showing first, followed by Susan's dental implant case and then Jason's teeth whitening, then no problem, we will sort them out for you based on your exact preference. The same goes for your reviews. Place Mrs. Jones' Facebook review on top followed by Mr. Smith's Yelp review. Your wish is our command and we will sort out your reviews to your heart's desire.

Add descriptions to your photo galleries

Creating photo galleries of your actual treatment is a powerful way to showcase your work to prospective patients. Adding a description to go along with your photo galleries makes them that much more powerful. Premium Profile members have the option of adding a brief description to each before and after photo series. Take this opportunity to explain how Johnny was depressed because of his crooked teeth and you changed his life by straightening his teeth. Discuss how Mrs. Jones wouldn't smile in public until you placed porcelain veneers on her teeth and now she can't stop smiling. Create a stronger emotional connection to potential patients by providing a brief description to go with your before and after photos to attract more patients.

Customize your Even28 profile header

We don't like the header on your profile page any more than you do. However,  we need the header space to promote our website and educate patients on how even28.com works. Basic Profile members all have the same header on their profile pages. In contrast, Premium Profile members get to replace the header with a custom paragraph of their choice. Include an introduction, a promotion or whatever else you choose to place in this slot.

Remove competitors from your profile

Premium Profiles get to remove all competitors from their practice pages. This includes any ads which may show up and distract patients from focusing on your profile. It also gets rid of the "back to dentist search" button located at the bottom of every Even28 Practice Profile Page. Patients are no longer distracted and can spend more time researching you and your dental practice as opposed to getting distracted by your competitors.

Promote your Even28 profile on Google

Dentists who experience tremendous success with their Even28 Premium Profile can now choose to promote their Even28 profile on Google. If you're converting lots of patients from your Even28 profile, then it makes more sense to promote your Even28 page instead of your actual dental website. Promoted accounts get to work directly with one of our in-house Google Ads specialists. We will take care of everything for you, including creating your Google Ad campaign and setting up conversion tracking. You have the option of promoting any or all of your Even28 pages, for instance:

  • Practice Profile Page: Setup photos, reviews and create an attractive Even28 profile and we will promote it on Google for you
  • Even28 Online Store: Set up your Even28 Online store to include new patient exam & cleaning package, teeth whitening offers, consults, etc. and we will promote your online store on Google
  • Discount Dental Plans: Setup custom discount dental plans and we will promote and sell your discount dental plans on Google
  • Even28 Procedure Specific Pages: Setup treatments pages for procedures like porcelain veneers, dental implants, clear aligners, TMJ treatment, Botox, etc. and we will promote these pages on Google and get you consults for specific treatments which you are interested in

One of our in-house Google ads specialists will work directly with you to help setup a successful campaign for you. Keep in mind, the minimum budget to create an Even28 promoted account is $550/ month. Google advertisement is not cheap, but it's insanely effective. We generally recommend a budget of $1,000 to 2,000 a month in underserved regions and $2,000 to 3,000+ in saturated neighborhoods. Our Google Ads specialists will help you set a budget and work with you to ensure your success. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about Even28 Promoted Accounts to see if they are a right fit for your dental practice.


A must for any serious dental practitioner

Even28 is creating the world's one and only "dentist search engine". Having an Even28 Basic Profile is a must for every dentist. Not only is it a free service, but who wants to be absent from the dentist search engine? Those of you interested in unlocking the full potential of Even28 should consider upgrading to an Even28 Premium Profile. Creating a Premium Profile is a great way to attract more patients to your practice. There are countless benefits to creating an Even28 Premium Profile as we mentioned above. Contact us today at admin@even28.com to learn more about the benefits of having an Even28 Premium Profile to see if it's a good fit for your dental practice.