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Unleash the full potential of your Even28 Profile


Our team at Even28 is creating the most comprehensive dentist database and "Dentist Search Engine". We offer two types of Even28 Profiles to each one of our dentists:

  • Even28 Basic Profile
  • Even28 Premium Profile

Even28 Basic Profile is a free service for all of our dentist colleagues. Once you create or claim your Even28 Basic Profile, your data gets added to our Dentist Search Engine. Even28 Basic Profile comes with a Practice Profile Page and an Online Store. Click here to learn more about features available with an Even28 Basic Profile. To create your Even28 Profile click here to get redirected to our "Join" page and fill out our online application. If you prefer, you can email us at admin@even28.com and one of our representatives will reach out to help you setup your Basic Profile.

Even28 Premium Profile is an upgrade on our Basic Profile. Those of you seeking to attract more patients through their Even28 Profile should consider upgrading to a Premium Profile. Even28 Premium Profile offers many beneficial features for one low monthly subscription fee. But before you apply for a Premium Profile membership be sure you have setup your Basic Profile and added sufficient content (photos & reviews). The chart below highlights some of the benefits of upgrading to an Even28 Premium Profile membership. Email us at admin@even28.com with the title "upgrade to Premium Profile" and one of our representatives will reach out and assist you.


Even28 Premium Profile is a month-to-month subscription service. You can cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice and switch back to a Basic Profile. This way, you never lose your valuable before & after treatment photos if you downgrade your profile. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of upgrading to an Even28 Premium Profile to help you decide if upgrading is right for you (click on each item to learn more):


Procedure Specific Pages and Procedure Specific Reviews

Procedure Specific Pages and Procedure Specific Reviews are reserved for Even28 Premium Profile members. Procedure Specific Pages are extremely powerful pages dedicated to helping you sell specific dental procedures. These pages are particularly useful for selling high-end treatments like porcelain veneers, dental implants, braces, clear aligners, crown, etc. You can even create Procedure Specific Pages for cleanings, teeth whitening, Botox, Inlays & onlays or whatever procedure you routinely perform. So long as you provide us content to fill up these pages we will create them for you.

All of your Procedure Specific Pages are directly linked to your Even28 Practice Profile Page under the "list of services" category. Each Procedure Specific Page is dedicated to promoting a single dental procedure. This means that you can have one page for Porcelain Veneers, another for Clear Aligners, one more for White Fillings, etc. Each Procedure Specific Page contains the following content:

  • Before & after photos of that specific procedure
  • Descriptions to go along with each photo series (optional but highly recommended)
  • A compilation of 5-star testimonials related to that procedure (we will help you acquire these reviews after you upgrade)
  • Online consult form
  • Procedure specific review form

Keep in mind, only relevant 5-star reviews get published to these pages. The remaining reviews, 4-stars or less, will be emailed to you so that you can improve your dentistry and address patient's concerns. However, we never post a bad review to your profile.


Let's say you want to create a page to attract more patients searching for porcelain veneers. Here's what your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page would look like:

  • Before & after porcelain veneer treatment photos: Showcase all of your before & after porcelain veneer photos onto one single page. There's no limits as to the number of photos you can post here. Qll of your photos are watermarked and shrunken to protect them from image theft. Additionally, all photos get tagged with your "full name" and the term "porcelain veneer". This way, Google's Search Engine picks up your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page and acknowledges it as a high-quality page related to porcelain veneers. Keep adding quality photos and before you know it Google starts to show your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page at the top of its page one search results organically. Add enough photos and you can get your Porcelain Veneer Page to the top of Google's Search Result page without having to spend a dime!
  • Add stories to accompany your photos: You have the option of including a brief description to go along with each one of your photo series. Adding a brief explanation is optional but highly recommended. Attach a story to your photo galleries to give them a more personal touch and attract more patients for those procedures.
  • Testimonials on porcelain veneers: We list all of your patient reviews related to porcelain veneer treatment, and other relevant cosmetic treatment, to your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page. You can list up to 35 reviews related to porcelain veneers on this page.
  • Get more porcelain veneer reviews: We also add a Procedure Specific Review form to help you gather positive reviews related to porcelain veneer treatment. Instruct your patients to visit your Even28 Profile pages and post a review of their experience. Our review forms are procedure specific, which directs patients to focus their review primarily on their porcelain veneer experience. We only post 5-star reviews to your profile. 4-star reviews, and anything below, will be emailed to you to help you improve your dentistry and make it right with unhappy patients. However, we will never post bad review to your Even28 Profile pages.
  • Porcelain veneer online consult form: We add a porcelain veneer consult form to make it easier for patients to request a consultation from you. As soon as your patients schedules his or her appointment, you receive their email and phone number (optional). Add stunning porcelain veneer photos and top notch reviews to your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page and watch those consults keep coming in!
  • Display your promotions: Customize your header to share current promotions on porcelain veneer treatment or other related cosmetic treatments. For example, display a deal like "10% off your total treatment", "free ZOOM whitening with porcelain veneer treatment", "complimentary cosmetic dentistry consult" or whatever promotion you think will attract patients and get you more consults.
  • Finish by sharing your final thought: Share a final paragraph explaining why patients should choose you for their porcelain veneer treatment. Discuss things like your experience, training, background, passion for cosmetic dentistry, or whatever you think may help potential patients choose you as their porcelain veneer provider.


Procedure Specific Pages are exclusive to Even28 Premium Profile members. As a premium member, you can create as many Procedure Specific Pages as you'd like. As long as you provide the content to support these pages, we will generate them for you. We work with all of our Premium Profile members to help them maximize their online exposure. For example, if you have too much content to display onto a single page, we can display your work on multiple customized pages. We can divide up your braces treatments based on different malocclusions. This way, you can showcase each type of orthodontic malocclusion onto its own separate page: Overbite Braces Page, Underbite Braces Page, Lingual Braces Page, etc. This is particularly helpful for specialists and those practitioners who focus their practice on specific dental treatment(s). Your assigned Even28 representative will help you design as many Procedure Specific Pages as you need. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about upgrading to a Premium Profile and how to generate Procedure Specific Pages for your Even28 Profile.

Discount Dental Plans


Another feature exclusive to Premium Profile members is the ability to sell discount dental plans directly from their Even28 Online Store. Reduce your reliance on insurance companies by offering competitive discount dental plans as an alternative to dental insurance. Plus, keep the proceeds from discount dental plan you sell on your online store.

Create highly customizeable discount dental plans and list them on your online store. It's up to you which procedures you want to list and how much discount you want to offer. Create a single discount dental plan or create multiple different plans. Offer seniors discount dental plan, premium plans (better discounts but higher premium), couples & family plans, etc. It's totally up to you how many discount plans you want to list on your Even28 Online Store. Create them and we will list them for you on your online store.

Once you sell a discount dental plan we provide you with the patient's contact information. You will also receive all the proceeds from each discount dental plan you sell online (minus processing and credit card fees of course). Patients who purchase discount dental plans typically need lots of dental work. Plus, they usually want to finish their work during the one year they are covered by their discount plan. This explains why discount dental plans are so attractive to both patients and dentists alike.


Commission free Even28 Online Store

Even28 Basic Profile members have a commission of 10 to 25% deducted from each item sold on their Even28 Online Store. You will receive a breakdown of how commissions work once you apply for your online store. Even28 Premium Profile members don't pay any commission on their sales. The only thing that gets deducted from each item is a negligible credit card processing fee. This means that Premium Profile members get to keep nearly all the proceeds from each item sold on their Even28 Online Store.

Imagine you just sold a $2,000 item on your Even28 Online Store. Basic Profile members get to keep around $1,650-1750 (after deducting commission and processing fees). In contrast, P.remium Profile members get to keep more than  $1,900 as they only have to pay applicable processing fees. Once you upgrade to a Premium Profile membership, there's basically no difference between selling a dental service on your Even28 Online Store or in your actual dental practice.This makes it easier to list and sell your services online. Ultimately, this will help you attract more patients to your online store and your practice.

Link to your scheduling software

As soon as you claim or create your Even28 Profile we link your email address to your profile. You will start receiving emails directly from patients as soon as they book an appointment through your Even28 Profile. Even28 Premium Profile members have the added option of linking to their online scheduling software. This makes it easier for prospective patients to book their appointment with you directly from your Even28 Profile. Never miss out on a new patient again because they got confused or forgot about you!

Link to your website

Another feature exclusive to Premium Profile members is the option to send patients to your website. You can link your Even28 Profile to your website and allow patients to continue their research of you by navigating directly to your website with just a click of a button. Linking your Even28 Profile to your website is not available for Basic Profile members. Note that we only recommend linking your Even28 Profile to your website if you already have a well-designed website. If your website is mediocre, or if you don't have a practice website, then you can skip this step.

Add descriptions to your photo galleries

Creating stunning photo galleries is a powerful way to showcase your skills to prospective patients. Adding a description to go along with these photos makes your profile that much more appealing. Premium Profile members have the option to add a brief story to accompany each one of their before & after photo series. Take this opportunity to explain how Johnny used to be depressed because of his crooked teeth and how you changed his life by straightening his smile. Discuss how Mrs. Jones wouldn't smile in public until you placed porcelain veneers and crowns on her teeth and now she can't stop smiling. Create a strong emotional bond with potential patients by providing a brief description to go along with your photo series.

Customize your headlines

Nobody wants a generic header showing on their profile pages. However, we need this space to promote our website and educate patients on how even28.com works. Basic Profile members all have the same generic header displayed throughout their profile pages. In contrast, Premium Profile members get to customize their headers to their liking. Customize your Practice Profile Page headline as well as your Procedure Specific Page headlines. Use this space to discuss your experience, background, list a promotion or use it in any way you want to help attract more patients.

Remove competitors from your Even28 Profile

Premium Profile members remove all competitor ads from their Even28 Profile pages. This includes any ads which may show up and distract patients from focusing on you and your profile. It also gets rid of the distratcing "back to dentist search" button located at the bottom of every Even28 Practice Profile Page. Patients can now spend more time researching you and your dental practice as opposed to becoming distracted by your competitor's advertisements.

Run an Even28 Promoted Account on Google, Bing & Yahoo

Dentists who experience tremendous success with their Even28 Premium Profile can opt to promote their Even28 Profile on Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is referred to as an Even28 Promoted Account. If you're converting lots of patients through your Even28 Profile, then it makes sense to promote your Even28 Profile instead of your actual dental website. We make it easy by taking care of your entire ad campaign for you. Promote your Even28 Profile on Google (plus Bing & Yahoo if your budget permits it) and get more patients than you ever imagined.

When you setup a Promoted Account, you will be assigned to one of our in-house online ad specialists. Your ad specialist will take care of everything you need to create a successful Google Adwords campaign. If your budget permits it, we can also promote your Even28 Profile on Yahoo & Bing. You will have the option of promoting any or all of your Even28 Profile pages, for example:

  • Promote your Practice Profile Page: Create stunning photo galleries, accumulate quality reviews and promote your exquisite Even28 Profile on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Promote your Even28 Online Store: Setup your Even28 Online store to include items like new patient packages, teeth whitening offers, consults, etc. and we will promote your Even28 Online Store to sell items online and attract more patients to your practice
  • Add discount dental plans: Create custom designed discount dental plans and list them on your Even28 Online Store and we will help you sell your discount dental plans online
  • Promote your Procedure Specific Pages: Setup individual pages for procedures like porcelain veneers, dental implants, clear aligners, inlays & onlays, braces, etc. and we will promote these pages to get you consults for whichever treatment you're interested in

One of our in-house ad specialists will work with you to setup a successful campaign for your dental practice. Keep in mind, the minimum required budget for creating an Even28 Promoted Account is $500 a month (plus the cost of maintaining your Premium Profile membership). Google advertising is not cheap, but it's insanely effective. Our ad campaign specialists will help you start off with a budget that works for you. Once you experience some initial success, you can always gradually increase your budget to reach your desired target. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about how to set up an Even28 Promoted Account. Click here to learn more about the benefits of a Promoted Account.

Additional perks for our Premium Profile members

Our goal in creating Even28 is to add every dentist to our database and give everyone a presence on our Dentist Search Engine. There are certain features that every dentist has equal access to such as their very own profile page, online store, online booking option, etc. Then there are those services which are reserved for our Premium Profile members such as procedure specific pages, discount dental plans, commission free online store, etc. Finally, there are those features which are equally available to all of our members, however, where having a Premium Profile could potentially provide you with a competitive edge. Let's take a look at a few examples so you can better understand what we are referring to.

Premium Profile members have an inherent advantage is when it comes to ranking on Google's Search Results page. When you create Procedure Specific Pages for yourself, you have a huge advantage when it comes to ranking on Google for keywords associated with your page. We have no control over how Google ranks your pages and we certainly won't charge you any more or less based on how they rank your Even28 Profile pages. This is something that Google does automatically if you add enough relevant content to a single page. Either way, once you setup a Procedure Specific Page, Google is likely to pickup your page and you have a good chance of ranking near the top of its page one search results.

Another place where you may experience an advantage is ranking on our top ten lists. We generate top ten lists once we have enough quality profiles and treatment photos within a region. For example, we may generate a "Top 10 Porcelain Veneer Providers in Beverly Hills" list. You must have a high quality profile, filled with before & after photos of porcelain veneer treatment, in order to land a spot on our top 10 list. Now, if you have created a Porcelain Veneer Page, you have a better chance of landing a spot on out list. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will rank on any of our lists. It's up to you to provide sufficient content to support your ranking. In fact, a dentist with a Basic Profile but 100's of before & after porcelain veneer treatment photos is going to outrank a Premium Profile member who has only posted a few photos. However, creating a Premium Profile does give you with a slight advantage when it comes to making it to our top 10 lists, given that everything else is equal.


Upgrade to Even28 Premium Profile today

We are in the process of creating the world's most comprehensive dentist database and Dentist Search Engine and we need you on it! Having your Even28 Basic Profile is a must for every dental practitioner. After all, who wants to be absent from "The Dentist Search Engine"? Did we also mention that creating a Basic Profile is free for all dental practitioners? Simply email us at admin@even28.com or click here to go to our "Join Page" and setup your Even28 Profile by filling out our online application.

Those of you interested in unlocking the full potential of Even28 should consider upgrading to Even28 Premium Profile. Premium Profile membership provides you with many new opportunities to attract patients to your practice. Contact us today at admin@even28.com to see if upgrading to an Even28 Premium Profile is a good fit for your practice. Those of you with a partnership setup, group practice setting, practice chain or DSO owners, click here to learn more about opportunities to create multiple Even28 Premium Profiles for all of your associate dentists, dental specialists and even your dental hygienists! Welcome to the Even28 family and we look forward to helping you grow your dental practice alongside your Even28 Profile.