Even28 Premium Profile

Unleash your profile's full potential!

Our team is in the process of creating a national database for dentists. Every dentist is entitled to have their very own complimentary Even28 Basic Profile. Our Basic Profile includes a Practice Profile Page as well as an Even28 Online Store (optional). Creating a Basic Profile gives you all the tools you need to attract patients online. Patients can go to your profile to read reviews, view treatment photos, call your office, book an appointment online, or even shop your online store. All this from one convenient location without having to click on multiple different webpages.

Those of you seeking to attract even more patients through their profile should consider upgrading to Premium Profile. Our Premium Profile membership is a month-to-month subscription service that offers countless benefits for one low monthly fee. Plus, you can cancel at any time and switch back to a Basic Profile without losing your valuable before & after treatment photos. So if you're ready to upgrade your profile and attract more patients using your Even28 Profile, email us today at admin@even28.com and one of our representatives will reach out to help you get started. Continue reading to learn more about the numerous benefits of upgrading to a Premium Profile membership:

More online visibility


The biggest benefit of upgrading to a Premium Profile is more online visibility. Premium Profile members have their profiles viewed 10 to 50+ more times than Basic Profile members. How does it work? There are several ways by which we promote your Premium Profile:

  1. We link all Premium Profiles to a Google AdWords campaign. This gets your Even28 Profile in front of hundreds of potential patients each and every month.
  2. Your profile starts to show up on our "top ten local dentist lists". For example, if you are a dentist working in Beverly Hills, CA, your profile will show up organically or as an ad on our "top ten Beverly Hills, CA dentists" list. Your profile may also start showing up as an ad on the top ten dentist lists in neighboring cities as well.
  3. Your profile shows up as an ad on our "top DDS procedure lists". Say you place lots of porcelain veneers and you create a beautiful porcelain veneer photo gallery page. Your profile will now start to show up, either organically or as an ad, on our "top porcelain veneer dentist" list in your local neighborhood.

Premium Profiles are viewed by many more active internet users, which translates into many more patients. So if you like how your Even28 Profile is looking and want more patients to view your profile, then we highly recommend you upgrade to our Premium Profile membership program.

Procedure-specific pages and reviews

A second benefit of upgrading to a Premium Profile is access to our procedure-specific pages and procedure-specific reviews. Procedure-specific pages are powerful pages designed to help you sell more high-end treatments. Each page is designed to promote a single dental procedure and these pages are all directly linked to your practice profile page. We create one page dedicated to showcasing your porcelain veneers, another to attract Invisalign® patients, one more to showcase your teeth whitening treatments, etc. To help you better understand how procedure-specific pages work, here's an example of what a Porcelain Veneer Page would look like:

  • Before & after photos of your porcelain veneers: Showcase all of your before & after porcelain veneer related treatment photos onto one single page. This page is filled with content relevant to porcelain veneers. This allows Google to pick up your porcelain veneer page as a very high-quality page giving you a higher ranking and a boost in SEO for "porcelain veneers". Keep adding quality photos and reviews, and before you know it Google starts to show your "Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page" at the top of its page-one search results without having to spend an extra dime!
  • Stories to accompany your photos: You can now add a description to go along with each one of your photo series. Adding a description allows you to attach a story and give your photos a more personal touch. This enhances your profile's strength, improves your SEO, and ultimately, increases the chances of patients choosing you as their dentist for these treatments.
  • Testimonials on porcelain veneers: We post all of your relevant porcelain veneer/cosmetic dentistry patient reviews onto this page. You can list up to 35 reviews related to porcelain veneers here. Again, only 5-star reviews are displayed on your Even28 Profile.
  • Get more reviews for porcelain veneer: We also add a procedure-specific review form to your Even28 Profile once you go Premium. These review forms help you gather more reviews related to porcelain veneer treatment. Simply instruct happy patients to visit your Even28 Profile and post a review of their experience and it will show up on your profile.
  • Online consult form: We add a porcelain veneer consult form to make it easier for patients to request a consult. Create a stunning porcelain veneer page and watch those consults keep coming in!
  • Run a promotion (optional): You can even customize a header to share your current promotion on porcelain veneers or other related cosmetic dentistry procedures. Display a deal like "10% off your total treatment", "free whitening with porcelain veneers", "complimentary cosmetic dentistry consult" or whatever promotion you think will help attract more patients to your practice.
  • Final thought: Share a final word to help patients choose you as their porcelain veneer provider. Discuss your experience, training, background, passion for cosmetic dentistry, or whatever helps potential patients choose you over neighboring dentists.

As a Premium Profile member, you can create as many procedure-specific pages as you'd like. We can even customize these pages if you have too many photos for the same treatment. For example, we can divide up your braces photos on different malocclusions. This way, you can showcase each type of orthodontic malocclusion onto a separate page: Overbite Braces Page, Underbite Braces Page, Lingual Braces Page, etc. This is particularly helpful for specialists and those practitioners who focus on specific dental treatments. Your assigned Even28 representative will help you design your procedure-specific pages based on your needs. Click here to view a sample procedure-specific page.

Hygienist profiles


Ever noticed how doctors get all the attention but your hygienists are sort of left out? Of course, a good hygienist can be the cornerstone of your dental practice. This is exactly why we have decided to offer our Premium Profile members the ability to showcase their hygienists by creating Hygienist Profiles. Hygienist profiles are similar to dentist profiles, expect they focus on your hygienist(s). You can showcase your hygienist's skills, services, treatment photos (photos of dental cleaning and periodontal treatment) as well as their top 35 reviews. Here are some additional benefits of creating hygienist profiles:

  • Give a name and face to your hygienist(s)
  • Attract more cleaning patients
  • Huge SEO boost for hygiene-related search results
  • Cater to patients who demand a hygienist
  • Justify premium prices for your hygiene services

Discount dental plans


Another exclusive feature of a Premium Profile is the ability to offer discount dental plans for sale directly online. Reduce your reliance on insurance companies by offering competitive discount dental plans as an alternative to dental insurance. Set your own prices and keep the proceeds to yourself. Create highly customizable discount dental plans and list them on your online store. You can create a single discount dental plan or multiple plans, offer seniors discount dental plans, premium plans (with better discounts for higher premiums), include couples & family plans, etc. Discount dental plans are very attractive to patients who need extensive dental work. Click here to see a sample discount dental plan page right now.

Commission-free Even28 Online Store

Don't want to worry about paying commissions on your online store sales? Then upgrade to Premium Profile and you never have to worry about commissions again! Basic Profile members pay a commission of 10 to 20% commission, in addition to a processing fee, on all items they sell on their online store. In contrast, Premium Profile members don't pay any commissions and are only responsible for a minimal processing fee. Basically, once you upgrade to a Premium Profile membership, there's no difference between selling a dental service online or in your dental practice. This makes it easier to list and sell your services online which helps grow your Even28 Online Store.

Premium items


There are certain online store items known as premium items that are reserved for Premium Profile members. Premium items are those treatments that include multiple different smaller procedure, sort of like a combination. Examples of premium items include:

  • Smile makeover: Sell a package of multiple porcelain veneers (6, 8 or even 10)
  • All-on-four dental implants: Sell you dental implants and permanent teeth as a package
  • Overdentures: List 2, 4 or 6 dental implants and an overdenture as one package0
  • Other possible combination treatments: Cleaning and whitening; Porcelain veneer and whitening; Braces plus retainers; Invisalign® plus retainers; etc.

Unlimited items on your online store

There is a limit on how many items you call list on your Even28 Online Store (current limit is 12 items). However, this restriction only applies to Basic Profile members. Premium Profile members can list an unlimited number of items on their Even28 Online Store. If your heart desires, you can list everything from a filling to a root canal to a porcelain veneer to you name it and we will list it for you!

Removal of all ads & external links

Who wants a bunch of ads showing up on their profile? The minute you upgrade to Premium Profile, we remove all Google ads and other ads from your profile pages. this means that patients can focus on your profile instead of becoming distracted by annoying advertisements. Plus, we remove all external links from your profile. All Basic Profiles are linked back to our Search Engine, which means patients can easily leave your profile and go to another one. Instead, Premium Profile members have these links replaced by links to their other profile pages or their practice website. Linking your Even28 Profile to your practice website allows patients to continue their research of you by navigating directly to your website with just a click of a button and improves your chances of converting leads into actual patients.

Link to your scheduling software

Premium Profile members can link their appointment booking button to the online scheduling software of their choice. This makes it easier for prospective patients to book their appointments online directly from your profile and helps fill up your schedule faster.

Zocdoc integration


Premium Profile members can now link their online booking directly to Zocdoc. Linking your profile to Zocdoc will replace your online booking form. This means that you will not be getting online booking through Even28 any longer, instead, all of your online bookings will come through Zocdoc. Zocdoc allows for more detailed appointment bookings, including specific days and hours, while keeping your booked appointments in consideration.  This makes it easier for prospective patients to book their appointment online and helps fill up your schedule faster. Zocdoc integration is only available to Premium Profile members with an active Zocdoc profile. There are no additional charges for linking your Even28 Profile to your Zocdoc account.

Offer Perks (Dental Deals) for online booking


Dentists are known for giving away free toothbrushes, second opinions, and other little gifts to attract new patients. Even28 lets you take these little gifts to the next level by offering online perks. Perks, or dental deals, are little gifts you offer new patients to encourage more online bookings. Premium Profile members can list up to 5 perks on their profile. Click here to learn more about how you can offer dental deals through your Even28 Profile.

Add descriptions to your photos

Premium Profile members can add a description to accompany their before & after photo series. Go ahead and share your story of how Johnny used to be depressed because of his crooked teeth and how you changed his life by straightening his smile. Or how Mrs. Jones wouldn't smile in public until you placed those beautiful porcelain veneers on her teeth and now she can't stop smiling! Create a strong emotional bond with potential patients by writing a story to go along with your photo series. Adding a story to your photos goes a long way in terms of connecting to patients and it makes your profile that much more appealing to patients. Plus, adding a description is a great way of significantly improving your profile's SEO.

Option to upgrade to a Promoted Account

Having a Premium Profile is a prerequisite to creating a Promoted Account. If you're seeing lots of patients coming to you from your Even28 Profile, then it makes sense to promote your Even28 Profile instead of your actual practice website. We make it easy to promote your Even28 Profile by taking care of everything for you. When you set up a Promoted Account, you will be assigned to one of our in-house ad specialists. Our ad specialist will take care of everything to create a successful Google Adwords campaign for your profile. We promote your Even28 Profile on Google and if your budget permits it, Yahoo and Bing as well. We will promote all of your Even28 Profile pages for you:

  • Promote your Practice Profile Page: Create stunning photo galleries, gather quality reviews and promote your attractive Even28 Profile to attract more patients online.
  • Promote your Even28 Online Store: Setup your Even28 Online store to include a new patient package, teeth whitening, consultations or premium items and we will promote your store for you.
  • Sell your discount dental plans: Create custom discount dental plans and we will sell them on your online store. Not only do you get to keep nearly all the proceeds from the sales of your discount dental plans, but we also automatically try to renew the discount plans every year!
  • Promote your Procedure Specific Pages: Setup individual pages for your porcelain veneers, dental implants, Invisalign®, inlays & onlays, braces, etc. and we will promote these pages for you to get you more consults and more patients.
  • Promote your Hygienist Pages: We don't just settle for promoting you, we also promote your hygiene department for you. The minute you set up a promoted account, we create ad campaigns to promote your hygiene department and link to your hygienist(s) profiles.

The minimum required budget for creating a Promoted Account is $500 a month. Our ad specialists will help you start off with a budget that works for you. Once you experience some initial success, you can always increase your advertising budget to reach your desired target. Our ROI for promoted accounts is typically 2-4x Google, 3-6 Facebook and 4-8 times that of Yelp!  Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about how to set up a Promoted Account for your practice. Click here to learn more about the benefits of running a Promoted Account.

Additional benefits of being a Premium Profile member

Our goal at Even28 is to give every dentist a strong presence on our Search Engine. There are certain features that every dentist has equal access to, such as a Practice Profile Page, photo galleries, Even28 Online Store, online booking feature, etc. Then there are those features which are reserved for our Premium Profile members. These include Procedure Specific Pages, discount dental plans, waived commissions online sales, unlimited online store, etc. Finally, there are those features which are equally available to all dentists, however, where having a Premium Profile could provide you with a competitive edge. Let's take a look at a few examples so you understand what we are referring to:

  • Premium Profile members have an inherent advantage is when it comes to ranking on Google's Search Results. When you create Procedure Specific Pages, you have a huge advantage when it comes to ranking for keywords associated with these pages. We have no control over how Google ranks such pages, and we certainly won't charge you any more or less based on Google's ranking. This is something that Google does automatically once you add enough relevant content onto a single webpage. However, it's a great bonus when Google picks up your Procedure Specific Pages page and ranks you near the top of page one Search Results!
  • Premium Profile members also have an edge when it comes to ranking on our critical top ten lists. Say we may generate a "Top 10 Porcelain Veneer Providers in Beverly Hills" list. This list ranks practices in Beverly Hills that have an attractive Even28 Profile filled with high-quality before & after photos. If you're a Premium Profile member who has created a beautiful Porcelain Veneer Page, you have a better chance of landing a spot on our top ten local list. Of course, upgrading is no guarantee that you will rank on any list. It's up to you to provide sufficient content, mainly before & after treatment photos, to support your ranking on our top ten lists. A dentist with a Basic Profile but hundreds or thousands of porcelain veneer treatment photos is going to outrank a Premium Profile member who only has a few photos.


Upgrade to Premium Profile membership today

Those of you interested in unlocking the full potential of your Even28 Profile should consider upgrading to Premium Profile membership. Premium Profile members have many new opportunities to attract more patients to their practice. Contact us today at admin@even28.com to see if upgrading is a good fit for your practice. Those of you with a partnership setup, group practice setting, practice chains, or DSO owners, click here to learn more about opportunities for creating multiple Premium Profiles for all of your associate dentists, dental specialists, or even your dental hygienists! Having an Even28 Profile is a must for any serious dental practitioner. After all, who wants to be absent from "The Dentist Search Engine"? Email us today at admin@even28.com to get started. You can also click here to go to our "Join" page to set up your Even28 Profile online form there.