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$3,877.00 $2,877.00

Purchase this deal for one braces treatment which includes:

  • Complete orthodontic teeth straightening with braces
  • All necessary workup such as exam, diagnosis and impressions/scans included (exceptional X-rays, such as a Lateral Cephalometric or CT scan, may not be covered if they are needed)
  • Access to your local dentist throughout your smile journey

Braces offers a complete teeth straightening system. Braces are more effective than clear aligners and they can fix most complex orthodontic conditions. You can correct bite issues and move back teeth using braces, which you can’t do with clear aligners. Candidates will receive comprehensive braces treatment. You must continue visiting your dentist throughout the course of your braces treatment for periodic adjustments. You will have access to your local dentist throughout your entire teeth straightening process. Non-candidates will be issued a full refund. You may require surgery or be referred out.

Benefits of purchasing your braces treatment online:

  • Straighten your smile with braces with a local experienced dentist
  • Have access to a local dentist throughout your smile journey
  • Know the exact price before you buy
  • Buy now and redeem at your dentist whenever you’re ready


“Wearing braces is one way to straighten your smile (clear aligner is the other). Braces are the most effective way to move your teeth around. Braces move teeth quickly and they can move your back teeth just as well as they can move your front ones. The range of treatment with braces is much wider than that of clear aligners. Basically, any orthodontic condition that requires bite correction must be fixed with braces, since clear aligners can’t effectively move your back teeth. Here’s a list of orthodontic cases that typically qualify for braces treatment:

  • Gap teeth
  • Crooked front teeth
  • Overbites
  • Open bites
  • Some crossbite
  • Some underbites
  • Orthodontic relapse cases (where you had braces before and now require a touch-up)

Braces are a set of brackets and wires that attach and move your teeth into their desired position.  Your dentist may use elastics, rubber bands, and other treatments to achieve the best final outcome. Be prepared to visit your dentist regularly for adjustments throughout your braces treatment. Your teeth become more and more straight until they settle into their desired final position. Don’t postpone straightening your smile any longer and purchase this deal for one standard braces treatment. You will have full access to your local dentist throughout your smile journey. Your dentist will help you get started, oversees your progress, and resolves any emergencies which may come up along your smile journey. You deserve a beautiful, straight smile, plus, straightening your teeth also improves your oral health and overall confidence..”

Fine Print: Discount offer valid only with online purchase. Appointment required. Must become a new patient prior to receiving service. Candidates with dental infection or gum disease will not qualify. Must qualify for braces treatment. Covers standard brackets and ceramic (clear) brackets and wires cost extra. Some complex orthodontic conditions may not qualify for braces treatment. You may require surgery or be referred out for complex treatments. Your dentist will help you determine if you’re a candidate for braces. Non-candidates and other refund requests will be honored prior to receiving services. Refund requests after receiving services must be approved by your treating dentist.


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