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$400.00 $69.00

Purchase this deal for a set of upper & lower take-home whitening trays which includes:

  • An upper & lower custom whitening tray made to precisely fit to your teeth
  • Bleaching gel to whiten your teeth
  • Support and guidance from your local dentist including all necessary fittings and adjustments

Benefits of buying your take-home whitening trays online:

  • Get one of the best whitening results with reusable custom whitening trays
  • Purchase online to save time and money
  • Know the exact price before you buy
  • Buy now and redeem whenever you’re ready at your local dentist


“Custom take-home whitening trays are among the most effective ways to brighten & whiten your smile. Your take-home trays are custom made to fit precisely to your teeth. This ensures that the trays deliver a uniform amount of bleaching gel to your teeth. The best part about custom trays is that they are reusable. Buy once and use your trays as many times as you’d like to maintain a whiter & brighter smile for years to come. Simply apply the bleaching gel into your trays, place them on your upper and lower teeth, and watch your pearly whites turn whiter each time you use your bleaching trays. Stop suffering from yellow teeth syndrome! Take-home whitening trays are convenient, reusable, and very effective. Purchase this voucher for one set of upper & lower take-home whitening trays with your first bleaching gel included. Purchase voucher and schedule your appointment to make your smile brighter & whiter.”

Fine Print: Discount offer valid only with online purchase. Appointment required. Must become a new patient prior to receiving services. Candidates with dental infection or gum disease will not qualify. Must qualify for teeth whitening services. Follow the bleaching gel manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage. Stop your whitening treatment if you experience pain or extreme tooth sensitivity, and resume at a later time. Non-candidates and refund requests will be honored in full prior to receiving services. Refund requests after receiving services must be approved by your treating dentist.


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