Premium Profiles:
How to use your profile to attract more patients?

You claimed your Even28 Profile, linked it to your email address, set up your online store, and made a beautiful photo gallery. Your Even28 profile looks great, so you decided to go Premium. You added more store items, created premium pages for your veneers and implants, and your profile looks absolutely stunning. You start generating leads from your Even28 Profile, but you're not satisfied. You feel as if you should be getting more patients given how amazing your profile looks. So what is the problem? And how do you go about attracting more patients using your Premium Profile? We will discuss a few tips on how you can improve your Even28 profile to generate more patients and increase your revenue:

Improve your online store


Obviously, price is a key factor when consumers shop for anything. Patients are always looking for the best bargain. This means finding a great dentist who offers them the best prices. Think about it, which of the following dentist would you choose:

  • Dentist A - Offers crown for $1,000 but has no treatment photos
  • Dentist B - Offers crown for $1,500 and has lots of photos, good reviews, etc.
  • Dentist C - Offers crown for $2,000 and has lots of photos, good reviews, etc.

Like you, we would also choose dentist B. This explains why you need to be very careful when setting up your Even28 Online Store. You need to price your items very strategically, based on your area, your target audience, and many other factors. If you price a treatment too high it might have an adverse effect on your online store. You might want to reconsider listing these items. Let's revisit dentist B and his crown deal to see how we can make it more appealing. One option is to list a base crown, like PFM crown, and then try to upgrade patients to a ceramic crown at the time of their appointment. Of course, upselling treatment doesn't always work, so you need to be prepared to accept the lower compensation when some patients refuse to upgrade. Another option is to just list the consult for a crown instead of listing the actual price of a crown. A final option would be to exclude crowns from your online store altogether. Based on what we just discussed, here are a few ways how dentist B can make his $1,500 crown deal appear even more appealing online:

  • List PFM crown for $1,100 and try to add a $400 upgrade fee for ceramic upgrade, buildup, etc.
  • List crown consult with an X-ray included for $19 and not disclose his actual crown fee
  • Don't list a crown on your store and instead focus on other items where the doctor has more competitive prices, like his great Invisalign deal or amazing filling prices

You should consistently work on improving your online store. Look to see which items are doing better and which ones are not doing so hot. Modify your prices, remove items, and add new items as needed.

Another way to enhance your online store is to add a few deals of the century items to attract new patients. Offering an inexpensive "new patient package", "retainers" or "teeth whitening deals" is an excellent way of drawing more new patients to your practice. You may be a bit hesitant going $20, $50, or $100 below what you normally charge for these procedures, but keep in mind that these deals are designed to attract new patients. Losing a few bucks on these deals is almost always made up when patients accept treatment and decide to spend thousands of dollars fixing their smiles.

Add more pages to your profile


We keep encouraging Premium Profile members to create as many profile pages as possible. You can easily create a dozen profile pages, such as :

  • Practice profile page (homepage)
  • Even28 online store
  • Discount dental plan page
  • Hygienist page(s)
  • Premium pages: Teeth whitening, porcelain veneer, braces and/or clear aligner page, fillings page, crowns page, root canal page, tooth extraction page, etc.

The purpose of creating multiple profile pages is to improve your profile's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you create a discount dental plan page, your page matches search terms such as "discount dentist" or "dentist insurance", etc. When you create a hygienist page you get found for searches such as "teeth cleaning near me" or "dentist cleaning". These additional profile pages help strengthen your online presence by providing exact matches for what patients are searching for on Google.

Let's take a minute to talk about the significance of procedure-specific pages. Many of our Premium profile members set up pages for porcelain veneers, dental implants, and Invisalign®. However, few bother setting up pages for root canal treatments or tooth extractions. This is actually a big mistake. Creating pages for these additional procedures can have a huge impact on your SEO. You might wonder "what is the point of having X-rays of treatments since patients don't care about X-rays all that much". That may be true, but Google cares, and they care a lot about X-rays (same as photos as far as Google is concerned). See, every X-ray we post to your profile is tagged with your name and procedure name. So when Dr. John Smith sends us 100 before & after photos of his root canal treatments, we create an Even28 Root Canal Treatment Page that contains 100 photos tagged with the doctor's name and the term "root canal treatment", like this:

  • John-Smith-Root-Canal-Treatment-Anterior-before-1
  • John-Smith-Root-Canal-Treatment-Anterior-after-1
  • John-Smith-Root-Canal-Treatment-Molar-before-1
  • John-Smith-Root-Canal-Treatment-Molar-after-1
  • John-Smith-Root-Canal-Treatment-Molar-before-2
  • John-Smith-Root-Canal-Treatment-Molar-after-2, etc.

Now, imagine Nancy has a toothache and she needs a root canal. She searches Google for a root canal specialist and types in "root canal near me" or  "molar root canal dentist" and guess which page she ends up on? See, we don't make these procedure-specific pages just to make premium profiles stand out. We do it so that Google finds your pages when patients are actively searching for these specific procedures. There is no substitute for content, and there is no more powerful place to post your dentistry treatment photos than on Even28. So start gathering your photos and X-rays, and create as many procedure-specific pages as you possibly can. It might take some effort to do this, but we promise, the impact will be nothing short of a miracle.

Add more content to your profile

By now you should understand the significance of adding high-quality content to your profile. It's the content of your profile that Google and patients care most about. It's also your content that sets your profile apart from your competitors' profiles. Here's a checklist of things you should do to beef up your Even28 profile, if you haven't already done so:

  • Add an updated headshot
  • Make sure you have your 35 5-star reviews
  • Add more before & after photos for as many different procedures as possible
  • Don't forget to add stories to go along with your photo series
  • Earn your badges
  • Offer perks
  • Add more items to your online store (and delete poor performing items)
  • Add one or two deal of the century items to your online store
  • Add a few discount dental plans including family plans and seniors plans

Keep adding high-quality content to engage potential patients and improve your profile's ranking on Even28 and Google. The more content you add, the more powerful your profile becomes, which means that more people will view your profile when it matters most.

Be patient


The hockey stick effect is characterized by a sharp rise of data points after a long flat period. The term hockey stick refers to the graphical shape of the line chart that resembles a hockey stick as it spikes upwards. Your Even28 Profile follows the hockey stick effect. Basically, your profile needs time to flourish, the same way any other great website does. During the first 3 to 6 months of setting up your profile, Google hardly acknowledges your profile's existence. The only visibility your profile gets during this time is from our direct advertisement. Over time, as patients continue interacting with your profile, Google starts to recognize your profile as a high-quality page. This explains why it takes at least one year for your Even28 profile to start peaking. Be patient and don't get discouraged. Our team is constantly working on getting your profile more visibility. Continue adding more content to your profile and you will see more and more patients coming from your Even28 profile as time passes. Within 2 to 3 years, your Even28 profile will move up ahead of your dental website and Yelp business page and it will account for the majority of your online bookings and phone calls. Take advantage of this period to work with your rep to strengthen your profile. This way, when your Even28 profile starts to dominate, you're ready with all the tools needed to maximize your profile's ability!

Keep the big picture in mind

Think back to 10 years ago when you first saw your Yelp profile or Facebook business page. You probably didn't think much of them and assumed that they don't matter much. Fast forward 10 years, and dentists are spending thousands of dollars each month to promote themselves on these platforms. Your Even28 profile may not seem like a big deal today. However, we're growing at an alarming rate. We're generating a few thousand phone calls each month in California alone. Most importantly, patients have demonstrated that they love using our profiles, online stores, and top-ten dentist lists to find a dentist nearby. Our founder, Dr. Ali John Jazayeri, has successfully generated hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in additional revenue using his Even28 profile. Our product works, and as we continue to grow and expand, your Even28 profile will become more and more powerful.

Our average Premium Profile member currently gets about 100 views per month. This translates to about 6 to 12 leads per month (phone calls, online appointments, and delayed bookings) for our advertisers. Premium profiles also help strengthen your brand. Patients may not mention Even28, but your profile is typically a part of the selection criteria that new patients use to choose you as their dentist. We don't disclose phone call records, but many of you are already generating several calls each week from your profile without knowing it (since 99% of patients refer to your "Even28 profile" as "your website"). Ultimately, success is measured in numbers. If you're a successful Premium profile member with a fabulous profile, you will see your numbers go up quarter after quarter.

Improve your follow-up phone call

Be sure to follow up with your leads immediately. Have your staff answer phone calls after hours, or call back patients back as soon as you get a missed call or message. The same goes for email leads. You want to respond to email inquiries within the first hour, or at least on the same day.  The more diligent you are following up with your leads, the more patients you will see showing up from your Even28 profile. If you feel your follow-up protocol is lacking, discuss it with your staff and start working on making improvements.

Increase your advertising budget

The final way to get more patients from your profile is to increase your advertising budget. Our Premium Profile offers a fantastic deal and you get access to plenty of incredible features. There is simply no better place to spend $250 than on your Even28 Premium Profile upgrade. Having said that, there is so much exposure we can get you for $250. This is especially true for dentists working in major metropolitan cities which are super competitive. While a dentist in a rural area may get 300 to 400 views a month as a Premium Profile member, dentists in large cities like LA or NY, usually get no more than 80 to 120 views as a Premium Profile member. Therefore, it might not be a bad idea to consider upgrading to Premium-Plus membership. Premium-Plus profile members double their monthly budget yet they increase their online visibility by 3 to 4 folds. This usually translates into plenty more new leads and patients. Consider shifting a larger portion of your online marketing budget to Even28 and you're likely to experience some incredible results.

A second way to increase your advertising budget is to go for a Promoted Account. Promoted Accounts are custom ad campaigns that start at $500/month where you can set your own monthly budget. Unlike Premium and Premium-Plus, Promoted Accounts get to design custom ad campaigns for their practice. You can decide which pages, online store items, etc. you want to promote. You can choose which keywords you want to bid more for (Invisalign®, all-on-four, Lumineers®,etc.), which keywords you want to bid less for, and which keywords you want to exclude from your ad campaign. Promoted Accounts are best suited for dentists with a healthy advertising budget, typically a few thousand dollars a month, who want to dominate their neighborhood for specific treatments and procedures.

What else can I do to get more patients?


As a dentist exclusive Search Engine, Even28 can do wonders when it comes to online marketing for dentists. However, your Even28 profile should not be your only online marketing tool. You still need to have a powerful website, an attractive Yelp page to show your positive reviews, and a Facebook page to communicate with potential patients. Make sure your online presence is doing well so that it can work alongside your Even28 profile. We have a list of recommended vendors that can help you build a custom website. We're also happy to make recommendations on ways you can improve your online presence. Lastly, consider becoming an Even28 clear aligner provider. You can learn more the benefits of offering Even28 clear aligners by clicking here. Contact your rep to have them evaluate your online presence, get recommendations on ways to improve your online presence, or learn more about our clear aligner program. Feel free to contact us at to share your feedback or ask for additional information.