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$3,997.00 $2,997.00

Purchase this deal for one clear aligner treatment which includes:

  • Complete clear aligner therapy to straighten your smile
  • All necessary workup such as exam, diagnosis and impressions/scans included (exceptional X-rays, such as a Lateral Cephalometric or CT scan, may not be covered if required)
  • Access to your local dentist throughout your smile journey
  • A 3-D animation of your projected tooth movement

Clear aligners offer a complete teeth straightening system. Clear aligners are more comfortable and less visible than braces. In contrast to braces, you can remove your clear aligners when eating, drinking, or brushing. Candidates receive a series of clear aligners to straighten their teeth. You must wear your clear aligners at least 21 hours a day for 2 straight weeks, except when eating, drinking, and brushing (unless otherwise instructed). You must see your dentist periodically to monitor your progress. You will have access to your local dentist throughout your entire teeth straightening process. Those who don’t qualify for clear aligner treatment will be issued a full refund. Non-candidates may qualify for treatment with braces instead or might be referred out.

Benefits of buying your clear aligner program online:

  • Straighten your smile with clear aligners with a local experienced dentist
  • Have access to a local dentist throughout your smile journey
  • Know the exact price before you buy
  • Buy now and redeem at your dentist whenever you’re ready


“Wearing clear aligners is one way to straighten your smile (braces is the other). Clear aligners are all the new craze since they have become much more affordable within the last few years. Clear aligners are easy to wear and they can be removed when needed. At the same time, they are very effective at strengthening your smile especially when it comes to moving your front teeth. You need to make sure that you’re a good candidate for clear aligner therapy. Here’s a list of cases that typically qualify for clear aligner treatment:

  • Gap teeth
  • Crooked front teeth
  • Small overbite
  • Small open bite
  • Most orthodontic relapse cases (where you had braces before and you now require a simple touch up)

Clear aligners are thin plastic trays that grip firmly onto your teeth. Clear aligners come in a series: aligner #1, aligner #2, etc. You wear each aligner for 21 hours a day for 2 straight weeks (unless otherwise advised by your dentist) and then move on to the next aligner. As you continue going through your series of clear aligners, your teeth become more and more straight until they settle into their desired final position. Don’t postpone straightening your smile any longer and purchase this deal for one standard clear aligner treatment. Be sure to wear your clear aligners as instructed by your dentist and watch your smile straighten week-after-week. You will have full access to your local dentist throughout your smile journey. Your local dentist will help you get started, oversees your progress, and resolves any emergencies which may come up along your smile journey. You deserve a beautiful, straight smile, plus, straightening your teeth also improves your oral health and overall confidence.”

Fine Print: Discount offer valid only with online purchase. Appointment required. Must become a new patient prior to receiving service. Candidates with dental infection or gum disease will not qualify. Must qualify for clear aligner treatment. Covers standard clear aligner treatment with up to 25 clear aligners per arch. Complex orthodontic conditions do not qualify for clear aligners and need braces instead. Your dentist will help you determine if you’re a candidate for clear aligner therapy. Non-candidates and other refund requests will be honored prior to receiving services. Refund requests after receiving services must be approved by your treating dentist.


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