Frequently Asked Questions

What are Even28 clear aligners?

Even28 Clear Aligners are a series of custom-designed, progressive, BPA-free clear plastic trays. These trays are 3-D printed to gradually guide your teeth from their current position into their desired final position as you continue wearing your clear aligners in order. They purpose of wearing clear aligners is to straighten your teeth for a more beautiful and radiant smile.

What are Even28 clear aligners made from?

Our clear aligners are made from BPA-free plastic which is safe. Plus, we pay particular attention to make sure we design our clear aligners so that they don't irritate your cheeks or gums. This provides for maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.

How are Even28 clear aligners made?

Our clear aligners are made from moldings or scans of your teeth which are provided by your dentist. Your dentist sends in impressions or intra-oral scans of your upper and lower teeth. These are transferred into our computer and analyzed by a technician. The technician follows your dentist's prescription to design a clear aligner program for you. Once your doctor approves the final treatment, your aligners are 3-D printed and delivered to you or your dentist.

How do Even28 clear aligners straighten your teeth?

Our clear aligners are 3-D printed as a series of progressive teeth aligners. Each clear aligner is designed to move your teeth just a fraction of a millimeter. As you continue to wear each consecutive clear aligner, your teeth gradually move into their desired position. Once you complete wearing your clear aligner series, your teeth will settle into their desirable position. Clear aligners straighten your teeth the same way as braces do. However, there's no need to wear metal brackets or wires. Clear aligners are more comfortable to wear and can be removed when needed.

How do I know if I qualify for Even28 clear aligners?

In order to determine if you're a candidate, you must schedule a consultation with a participating Even28 Clear Aligner provider dentist. Participating providers offer two basic clear aligner programs:
(a) Even28 at-home™: This clear aligner program is designed for fixing mild-to-moderate orthodontic conditions such as fixing minor teeth crowding or closing small gaps
(b) Even28 at-dentist™: This clear aligner program is designed for more advanced orthodontic corrections such as fixing extensive teeth crowding, bite corrections and deep overbites

Can I wear Even28 clear aligners if I have dental cavities?

No, you have to fix your cavities before starting clear aligner treatment. Every time you start any type of orthodontic treatment you need to make sure that your mouth is cavity free. Otherwise, you could end up with a toothache right in the middle of your treatment! Your participating Even28 dentist will help you fix any cavities before starting your Even28 clear aligner treatment.

Can I start my Even28 clear aligner program if I have gum disease?

No, you have to fix your gum disease before straightening your teeth. Gum disease is a serious dental condition and the number one cause of tooth loss among the adult population. You never want to start moving your teeth if the supporting gum tissue is infected or compromised! Luckily, reversing gum disease is often times as easy as getting a thorough dental cleaning. Your dentist will discuss your gum status and address any necessary conditions before starting your Even28 Clear Aligner program.

Can I wear Even28 clear aligners if I have one or more missing teeth?

Yes, you can start clear aligner treatment if you have missing teeth. Even28 clear aligners are designed to work just fine if you have one or more missing teeth. Of course, we recommend that your replace these missing teeth once your clear aligner treatment is complete. If you can't replace your missing teeth right away, then be sure to wear your retainers as instructed. If you fail to replace your missing teeth in a timely fashion, your straight teeth can shift into these gaps and become crooked again. Talk to your assigned dentist about best option to replace your missing teeth once you finish your clear aligner therapy.

Can I start Even28 clear aligner therapy if I still have my wisdom teeth?

Most of the times you can start clear aligner treatment even if you still have your wisdom teeth. Your dentist will check your wisdom teeth status to see if they should be removed before starting clear aligner treatment. If your dentist recommends that you remove your wisdom teeth then you should do so. If so, you need to wait about a month after removing your wisdom teeth before starting clear aligner therapy. On the other hand, if your dentist determines that you can keep your wisdom teeth then you can start your Even28 clear aligner program right away. Just be sure to wear your retainers as instructed once treatment is complete. Otherwise, your teeth will get pushed by your wisdom teeth and become crooked again. Follow your dentist's advice and address your wisdom teeth if necessary.

Can I wear Even28 clear aligners if I have a dental implant?

Having a single dental implant is typically not a big problem. Dental implants do interfere with clear aligner treatment since you can't move dental implants the way you move teeth. However, your dentist can design a clear aligner program that works around your dental implants. If you have multiple dental implants than you probably won't qualify for aligner therapy altogether and need to go with crowns or porcelain veneers instead. Keep in mind, it always best to place dental implants after dental implants after completing your clear aligner treatment whenever possible.

How do I schedule my initial consultation?

To get started, you simply need to find a participating Even28 clear aligner provider near you. Contact your dentist if you have any questions or concerns about your clear aligner treatment. When ready, fill out a consultation request form or give them a call and ask to schedule an Even28 clear aligner consultation. To find an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you, click on the link below:

What should I expect during my Even28 clear aligner consultation?

Your Even28 consult includes everything you need to get started with your clear aligner program. This includes:

  • Teeth and gum evaluation to see if you can handle clear aligner treatment
  • Comprehensive orthodontic assessment and bite evaluation
  • Scans or impressions of your teeth to fabricate clear aligners

To learn more or to schedule your clear aligner consultation, contact an Even28 provider near you today:

How much does my Even28 clear aligner consult cost?

Each participating Even28 Clear Aligner dentist sets his or her own consultation fee. Consult fees can range anywhere from free to upwards of $100. Find a participating Even28 Clear Aligner dentist near you to learn more about their consult policy and fees:

What happens if I can't make it to my appointment?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, contact the Even28 dental provider you have chosen ASAP.  As a courtesy, most dentists always request that you give them at least a 24-hour notice when rescheduling your appointment. Try not to cancel too many times either, as your dentist reserves the right to refuse seeing you if they feel that you're not good to keep your appointments. Thank you for understanding.

How do I wear my clear aligners?

Wearing your clear aligners is actually quite simple. Each clear aligner is numbered, for example tray #1 of 10, tray #2 or 10, tray #3 of 10 and so forth. You must wear each clear aligner for at least 21 hours a day or longer. Only take your clear aligners out to eat, drink (water is okay) or clean your teeth. You should wear your clear aligners the rest of the times, including when asleep. Wear each aligner for 2 weeks in a row before switching to the next set. If you switch to your new aligner and it's really painful, you can continue wearing the old set for 2 to 3 additional days then try again. If after one extra week you still can't wear your new clear aligner then you should contact your dentist to have them examine your clear aligners. To learn more about the different methods to wearing clear aligners, click here.

What should I do with my old aligners?

Always keep your old clear aligner in their package and never dispose of them. Occasionally, you may have to go back to wearing an old aligner if your dentist recommends it. Therefore, keep your clear aligners in a safe place away from children and pets, in case you have to reuse them in the future.

How long does it take to straighten my smile with clear aligners?

Clear aligner treatment times depends on how much tooth movement is needed. A simple case may be finished in just 3 to 4 months. A more complicated case could take 10 to 14 months. The most challenging cases usually take upwards of a year. If you want to straighten your teeth faster be sure to choose Even28 Express. Even28 Express straightens your teeth fasted and saves you about 35% on your aligner treatment course. Either way, don't rush your treatment. Moving teeth too fast can cause damage to your teeth, jaw bone or screw up your bite. Plus, moving your teeth too quickly increase your chances of orthodontic relapse. Be patient as your clear aligners move your teeth into their correct position. This is why we recommend that you wear each clear aligner for no less than 2 weeks. Two weeks is the least amount of time required for your teeth to settle into their new position and get comfortable there.

What does it feel like to wear clear aligners?

Clear aligners feel very tight and can be a bit painful to wear at the beginning. Clear aligners are designed to pull your teeth gradually into their correct position. Wearing a new aligner always feels tight and takes some getting used to. Luckily, getting used to clear aligners is much simpler than wearing braces. Use your outie or chewie tool in your Even28 kit to help you seat or remove your new clear aligners. Your dentist will go over how to use these with you.

What should I do if my clear aligners are painful?

Wearing a new set of clear aligners could be a bit painful especially if this is your first time wearing them. After all, tooth movement does cause some discomfort. Keep in mind, if there's no pain then there is no tooth movement! Luckily, the pain gets better after the first few days. Try drinking cold water or sodas to help relieve the initial pain. Take a tylenol or advil if needed. Just be patient, you will get used to your clear aligners before you know it.

How much do Even28 clear aligners cost?

There are two two programs so the first step is to see which one you qualify for. Prices are as follows:

  • Even28 at-home™: If you qualify for our at home clear aligner program your fee is a fixed $1,995 regardless of which dentist you choose to go to.
  • Even28 at-dentist™: Prices for the at-dentist program varies from dentist to dentist. Each dentist sets his or her own fees for Even28 at-dentist™ clear aligners. To learn more, schedule a consultation with an Even28 clear aligner provider near you today.

You, your dentist and your aligner technician will work together to determine which program is best suited to your needs. Click on the link below to find an Even28 clear aligner dentist near you today:

How can I pay for my Even28 program?

Even28 clear aligner provider dentists offer several different payment options. Participating dentists accept major credit cards, debit cards, FHA allowance, PayPal and other forms of payment. Plus, most participating dentists offer affordable monthly payment plan options for your convenience. To learn more about different payment options, visit an Even28 near you today:

Do Even28 providers offer payment plan options?

Almost all participating Even28 dentists offer a variety of affordable monthly payment plan options. Monthly payments can be as little as $50 a month with your good credit. You can make monthly payments and have up to a year or longer to pay off your balance. Find an Even28 Clear Aligner provider near you to learn more about the different payment options they offer:

Will my dental insurance cover clear aligners?

If you have dental insurance with orthodontic coverage then you may get reimbursed for part or all of your clear aligner treatment. Let your dentist know if you have dental insurance so they bill your insurance on your behalf. While we can not make any guarantees of payment on behalf of your insurance, we can tell you that a fair number of patients receive significant reimbursement from their dental insurance for clear aligner therapy. Most insurances usually covers about half of your aligner treatment costs, although it could always be more or less.

Can I pay with HSA or FSA?

Sure! Almost all participating Even28 Clear Aligner dentists accept both payment options. Simply process your HSA or FSA card as you would any other credit card or debit card. If you don't have a card let your dentist know and they can help you process your payment using your information instead.

How do I request a refund?

Refunds must be approved by your treating doctor and Even28 corporate office. Typically, full refunds are only available prior to manufacturing your clear aligners. Once your aligners are manufactured, partial refunds are made on a per need basis. In order to request a refund, write a letter or send us an email. Depending on the circumstances, you will be issued a full refund or partial refund with 30 days of approving your refund request.

Who designs my aligner program?

Your dentist or orthodontist works closely with our  aligner laboratory to design the perfect aligner program for you. During your initial consultation, your dentist will fill out a prescription to design your aligner program. Your dentist will also communicate all necessary details about your appearance and teeth to the laboratory by submitting scans, impressions and photos. Our aligner manufacturer will follow your dentist's prescription to determine if you qualify for at-home or at-dentist program. Once you've approved your treatment, the lab will design your clear aligners. Your aligners will be shipped to you or your dentist, depending on the program you choose. You're now ready to get started and your straight smile is an average of 6 months away!

How long is the typical treatment time?

Treatment times vary and depend on how much tooth movement is needed. This can range anywhere from as little as 2 to 3 months to as long as a year or even more. We won't know your exact treatment time until our lab has received your case and come up with a treatment plan with your dentist. At that point, we can tell you exactly how long your treatment takes. It's actually quite simple at this point. Each tray needs to be worn for 2 to 3 weeks. Divide the number of your trays by 2 and you will figure out the least amount of time your treatment will take. For example, if you have 12 aligners then your treatment should take about 6 months if you wear the trays biweekly. If you wear them a bit longer then your treatment could take a few months more.

Can I only wear upper aligners or lower aligners?

We generally treat both the top and bottom arch together. Keep in mind, as one arch moves it affects the other arch as well. In order to make sure that your teeth are touching properly it's important to treat both arches together. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that your teeth would come into contact correctly. This is why we don't offer any Even28 programs that only treats one arch and not the other.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Each provider lists the minimum age which they are comfortable treating. Generally, the minimum age to qualify for aligner therapy is 13 years old. Also, you shouldn't have any more baby teeth left in your mouth before starting aligner therapy. If you do, you must choose one of our at-dentist programs. If you're underage, you must bring a parent or guardian with you to all appointments.

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

Our mission is to make sure each and every one of our patients achieve the straight smile or their dreams. If you finish your program and are not completely satisfied, talk to your assigned dentist. If you require further assistance you can also contact us via writing or by email. Explain the circumstances surrounding the reasons for your dissatisfaction. Each case will be handled promptly by an account manager who is there to help you resolve your issue to your utmost satisfaction. We will reach out to your treating doctor and try to mediate a resolution. Occasionally, we approve a free of charge treatment do-over. If your re-treatment is approved, you could be eligible for additional aligners to continue your smile journey. If there was an issue with your treatment plan we would be happy to approve a partial or full refund as well.

What accessories do you offer?

We offer dental accessories which can be made from the same scans or impressions used to make your aligners. Plus, all these accessories are offered at steep discounts if purchased alongside your aligner program. Here is a list of common dental accessories our providers offer:

  • Custom night guard
  • Whitening trays
  • Custom athletic mouth guards
  • Fixed retainers
  • Additional removable retainers

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How much do removable retainers cost?

Even28 at-dentist comes with your first set of clear retainers included. Even28 at-home retainers are extremely affordable and the price is set by your treating dentist. If you're worried about your teeth moving, you can always buy more than one set of retainers. We recommend purchasing no more than 4 retainers at a time. Talk to your dentist if you're interested in purchasing clear retainers along with your Even28 clear aligner program.

How much does a custom night guard cost?


Each participating Even28 dentist sets his or her fees for night guards. If you purchase a night guard as part of your aligner program you will be offered additional discounts. To see what custom night guard cost, check out an Even28 provider near you:



How much do whitening trays cost?

Whitening trays come with Even28 at-dentist program. They can be purchased for Even28 at-home for a nominal fee (discuss with your dentist). To learn more, check out an Even28 provider near you:


How much does an athletic mouth guard cost?

Each participating Even28 dentist sets his or her own fees for athletic mouth guards. However, if you purchase an athletic mouth guard as part of your aligner program you will enjoy substantial discounts. To learn more, find an Even28 dental provider near you:


How much do fixed retainers cost?

Fixed retainers are included as a free option for all Even28 at-dentist programs. Our Even28 at-home program does not include fixed retainers because they are not deemed necessary. Each participating Even28 dentist sets his or her fees for fixed retainers. To learn more, visit an Even28 dentist near you: