Orthodontic Retainers


What are orthodontic retainers and why are they so important?


Orthodontic retainers are a dental appliance which prevent your teeth from shifting after completion of orthodontic treatment. They stabilize your teeth in their current position so that your teeth don't shift and become crooked again. You need to wear your retainers as soon as you finish your braces or clear aligner program. Otherwise, your teeth will slowly shift back to their pre-treatment position with in a few years. Sometimes this relapse is so bad that you have to redo your entire ortho program. As you can see, wearing your retainers is a must, unless you plan on wearing your aligners or braces again and again!


How often do I need to wear my orthodontic retainers?

Start wearing your retainers as soon as you finish your braces or clear aligner program. Your teeth are most vulnerable to shifting right after completion of orthodontic treatment. Wearing your retainers makes a big difference in terms of maintaining your teeth position. Wear you clear aligners daily according to your dentist's recommendation:

  • Sometimes your dentist recommends that you wear your retainers all the time
  • Other times your dentist recommends 24-hours a day wear for the first few months and then night time wear after that
  • Finally, there are cases where your dentist has you wearing your retainers only at night times from the beginning

Be sure to wear your retainers according to your dentist's recommendation. Otherwise, you risk your teeth shifting back to their pre-treatment position. Wear your retainers and keep your teeth from moving and becoming crooked again. Otherwise, say bye-bye to that straight smile!


What are the different types of orthodontic retainers?


There are 3 basic types of orthodontic retainers:

  1. Clear (Essix) retainers
  2. Hawley retainers
  3. Fixed wire retainers

Clear retainers or Essix retainers

Clear retainers are removable retainers made from firm plastic. There retainers actually look very similar to your clear aligners. The only difference is that retainers are made from thicker plastic to make them more durable. Clear retainers are very popular. Not only are they barely noticeable in your mouth, they are also very comfortable to wear. However, clear retainers tend to lose their effectiveness over time. Therefore, you need to replace your clear retainers with a new set every few years.

Hawley retainers

Hawley retainers are made from a wire attached to a resin base. The biggest benefit of Hawley retainers is that they don't lose their effectiveness over time. You only need to replace your Hawley retainers if the wire breaks off or if you lose them. On the flip side, Hawley retainers are bulkier and they can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear. This is why many patients find themselves not wearing their Hawley retainers a few years after finishing their orthodontic program.

Fixed retainers (fixed wire)

Fixed retainers are made from a special orthodontic wire which directly attaches to the inside of your front teeth. The reason it's called a fixed retainers is because you can't remove these retainers by yourself. Fixed retainers are very effective at keeping your teeth from shifting. However, they make it difficult to clean your front teeth. Plus, many patients don't like having a piece of metal wire stuck to their teeth at all times. This explains why fixed retainers are typically reserved for the toughest cases with a high probability of orthodontic relapse. They're also a good option for those of you who persistently fail to wear their removable retainers (you know who you are!)


How much do orthodontic retainers cost?

Every dentist has his or her own fees for orthodontic retainers. Don't forget, you almost always need to buy your retainers as a pair, since you need to wear your them both on your upper and lower teeth. If you're starting braces or clear aligner treatment, be sure to discuss the cost of your retainers upfront. Always purchase a set of retainers alongside your clear aligner or braces program to get the best prices.

Also, don't forget that your retainers don't last forever. If you lose your retainers, break them or notice that they aren't fitting as well, then it's time to buy a new set. Redoing your ortho treatment costs much more than a new set of retainers do. Plus, we're pretty sure you don't want to repeat your ortho program anytime soon! Be sure to wear your retainers as instructed by your dentist or orthodontist and replace them when it's time to do so.


Purchase your orthodontic retainers online directly from your dentist

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