Athletic mouthguards

Why should you wear an athletic mouthguard?


Wearing an athletic mouthguard, or sports guard, is a simple and effective way of protecting your mouth against injuries. If you're a serious athlete or engage in contact sports, then wearing an athletic mouthguard is a must. Here are some benefits of wearing an athletic mouthguard:

  • Athletic mouthguards reduce the chances of your teeth breaking in case of a serious accident
  • They protect your cheeks, tongue and the rest of your mouth against lacerations, bruising and other types of injuries
  • Your mouthguard absorbs impact pressure to protect your jaws and skull
  • Wearing an athletic mouthguard reduces your chances of suffering from a concussion

As you can see, wearing an athletic mouthguard does more than protect your teeth. It also protects your entire mouth, your jaws, and your skull! This is why serious athletes always wear a mouthguard to protect themselves. Talk to your dentist to have them design an athletic mouthguard that's best for your needs and be sure to use it every time you're engaging in intense workouts!


What are the benefits of wearing a custom mouthguard?



While athletic mouthguards come in many different colors, there are two basic types of athletic mouthguards:

  • Over-the-counter mouthguards: Over the counter mouthguards can be purchased from your local pharmacy or online. You fit these to your own mouth following simple instructions and then use them accordingly.
  • Custom mouthguards: Custom mouthguards are made by your dentist using impressions or scans of your teeth. Custom mouthguards can be made in different thicknesses based on the sporting activity which you participate most in.

Wearing a custom mouthguard is far more effective than settling for an over-the-counter variant. Custom mouthguards offer far superior protection during sport injuries. Here are a few benefits to wearing a custom mouthguard:

  • More comfortable to wear: Due to their precise fit, custom mouthguards are more comfortable to wear than over-the-counter ones
  • Maximum protection: Wearing a custom mouthguard provides you with maximum protection for your teeth, mouth, and skull. Custom mouthguards have been proven to be more effective at protecting you against a concussion in case of a serious injury.
  • Custom-made: You can tailor custom athletic mouthguards based on your exact sporting activity. This way, your custom mouthguard is made with the exact thickness and size that will provide you with the best protection.
  • Full coverage of your teeth: Only a custom mouthguard is able to fully cover and protect all of your teeth, including the molars in the back of your mouth. Most over-the-counter mouthguards don't reach far back enough to cover these teeth and leave them exposed.

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Breaking your teeth, fracturing your jaw, or suffering from a concussion can have some serious consequences. Purchase a custom mouthguard from your dentist and start protecting yourself against injuries. Just be sure not to forget to wear your mouthguard every time you engage in high-intensity exercises.


How much does a custom athletic mouthguard cost?

Custom athletic mouthguards cost more than over-the-counter variants. However,  custom mouthguards are a much more effective mouthpiece. Purchasing a custom mouthguard is certainly a worthwhile investment for those who need it. After all, a single broken tooth can set you back several thousand dollars. A custom athletic mouthguard usually costs around a hundred dollars, which is way less than what fixing a broken tooth would cost otherwise!


Purchase your custom athletic mouthguard online


You can now purchase your custom mouthguard directly online from your dentist. Use our dentist Search Engine to find a great dentist near you. Shop their Even28 Online Store to see if they offer a custom mouthguard for sale. All of their prices will be listed online so you know the exact prices before you buy. Here are some other  benefits of buying your custom athletic mouthguard directly online:

  • Save time & money: Find a dentist near you and shop their Even28 Online Store. The price of each item is listed right there on their online store so you know the exact prices before you buy.
  • Get the best device: Only your dentist can make you the highest-quality custom mouthguard. Plus, your dentist will customize your mouthguard based on the sporting activities which you engage in. You can even customize your mouthguard by choosing a color or adding a logo to your device.
  • Support from your local dentist: Any purchase from Even28 Online Stores comes with the full support of your dentist. This means that all fittings and adjustments will be included with your purchase price.

Purchasing a custom dental device when you're already sitting in the dental chair can be tricky. Often times, you end up overpaying for these devices. On the other hand, purchasing from your dentist on their Even28 Online Store is simple, convenient, and stress-free. Take your time and shop for what you need with no pressure. Here's how easy it is to purchase a mouthguard from your dentist's Even28 Online Store:

Shop your dentist's Even28 Online Store: Start by looking up nearby dentists using our dentist Search Engine. Shop their Even28 Online Store to see if they offer a custom athletic mouthguard for sale. Once you find a good dentist who offers a good deal, go ahead and purchase your mouthguard, or whatever else you may need, from them.

Book your appointment online: When ready, schedule your appointment with your dentist. Tou can even schedule your appointment online right from your dentist's Even28 Profile.

Visit your dentist to make your nightguard: Your dentist will take impressions or scans of your teeth to make your custom athletic mouthguard. Be sure to tell your dentist which exercises you typically participate in so that your dentist can customize the thickness of your mouthguard accordingly.

Pickup your custom mouthguard: When your custom mouthguard is ready, your dentist will contact you to come pick it up. You're always welcome to visit your dentist in the future to have a fitting or adjustment done. Adjustments are included with your purchase price and they're at no additional cost to you.

As you can see, purchasing from your dentist on their online store is simple, convenient, and smart. In fact, you can shop for all of your dental needs from your dentist's Even28 Online Store. Find a dentist near you and start shopping their Even28 Online Store today: