How does Even28 get me more patients?

When you create an Even28 Profile, your profile gets added to the world's one and only "dentist Search Engine". Patients who end up on your Even28 profile can learn everything they need to know about. Your Practice Profile Page includes your office hours, list of services, top reviews, treatment photos, and much more. Create an Even28 Online Store and patients can now learn about your prices or even make a purchase directly from your online store. The only question now is "how do patients end up on my Even28 profile?" and "how does Even28 get me more patients?" To better answer this question, let's explore a few different ways we get your Even28 Profile in front of patients who are actively looking for a dentist:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a term that refers to improving your online presence by increasing traffic to your website. When your web developer refers to SEO, they are describing traffic to your practice website. However, when we refer to SEO, we are referring to web traffic to your Even28 Profile. Enhancing your Even28 Profile's SEO draws more traffic to your profile, which ultimately generates more phone calls and online bookings for your practice. Here are a few ways you can enhance your Even28 Profile's Search Engine Optimization:

Add more treatment photos


Adding before and after photos to your profile is the single best way to improve your profile's SEO. Every photo or X-ray that gets posted to your profile is tagged with your first name, last name, and procedure name. This means that every time Dr. John Smith posts a before and after photo of a porcelain veneer treatment, we add the following tags to his photo galleries/profile:

  • John-Smith-Porcelain-Veneer-before-1
  • John-Smith-Porcelain-Veneer-after-1

Now, when a patient searches Google for "porcelain veneers near me", there's a pretty good chance that they end up on Dr. John Smith's Even28 Profile. The more photos you post to your profile, the more powerful your profile becomes. Stronger profile are more likely to show up on top of Google's page one search results when it matters most.

Add attractive deals to your online store

online-store-itemCreating an Even28 Online Store is another way to get your profile an enormous SEO boost. Your online store gets your prices in front of patients who are actively searching the internet for those exact treatments. "Price" is the single most common search term when patients are actively looking for a dentist to start their dental treatment. Adding different treatment items to your online store significantly increases the chances of patients landing on your online store. Imagine a patient who just broke a tooth and needs a crown. He or she is going to search Google for "affordable crown near me", "price of crown near me", or "how much does a crown cost?" When you create an online store and list "crown" on your store, your item becomes a prefect match to the patient's search query. This explains why creating a powerful online store, one that is filled with different deals, has such a huge impact on your SEO for search queries related to those treatment items.

Add relevant content

The more relevant content you add to you profile, the more powerful your profile becomes. Adding a high-quality headshot, the maximum 35 5-star reviews, a complete list of services, powerful parting words, these all help strengthen your profile. The stronger your profile, the more chances that patients land on your Even28 Profile as opposed to your competitor's websites or profiles.

Top-ten lists


As we expand into different markets, we create top-ten dentist lists for these new neighborhoods. These include top-ten local dentist lists for different cities as well as top-ten procedure lists, such as for top-ten porcelain veneer providers, Invisalign® provider, or dental implant providers. Our top-ten dentist lists are incredibly powerful tools. Patients love using these lists to find a great dentist nearby. These pages appear near the top of Google and they are a perfect match for search terms such as "best dentist near me" or "top dentists near me". By creating a powerful Even28 Profile, you can rank on our top-ten lists and generate lots of new patients for your practice. The higher you rank on our top ten list, the more likely you are to generate phone calls or online bookings from our top-ten dentist lists.


Advertise your profile

The final way you can generate more patients from your Even28 Profile is by promoting your profile. You can advertise your profile by setting up a Premium Profile, Premium-Plus Profile, or Promoted Account. Here are a few ways how promoting your profile can generate more patients for your practice:

Create more profile pages

It's no surprise that the more pages your profile has, the more chances it will show up when patients are searching on Google. Basic Profile members get access to two profile pages:

  • Practice Profile Page
  • Even28 Online Store

These are both very powerful pages that are quite capable of generating phone calls and online bookings for your practice. Our premium profile members can create a few additional pages for their Even28 Profile, which include:

  • Discount dental plan page - This page lists your different discount dental plans. Discount dental plan page is a perfect match for search queries such as "discount plans for seniors", "dentist without insurance", etc.
  • Procedure-specific pages - These include porcelain veneer pages, dental implant pages, clear aligner/Invisalign® pages, teeth whitening pages, etc. Procedure-specific pages are a perfect match for relevant keywords and a great way of attracting high-end treatments to your practice.
  • Hygienist pages - You can create a hygienist page for each one of your hygienists and all these pages will be linked to your practice profile page. Hygienist pages are a perfect match for search queries such as "dental cleaning near me", "deep cleaning", etc.

Advertise your profile on Google

We link Premium Profiles, Premium-Plus Profiles, and Promoted Accounts to a Google AdWords campaign. The minute you link your Even28 Profile to an AdWords campaign, your profile's visibility increases astronomically. Depending on your upgrade option, our premium profiles generate between 80 to 1,000+ views each month. Naturally, more profile views translates into more phone calls, more online bookings, and ultimately, more patients for your practice.

Promote your profile on our platform


We promote all premium profiles on our platform. Sometimes we promote your profile on top-ten dentist lists in neighboring cities. Other times we promote your profile on top-ten porcelain veneer or dental implant lists in your neighborhood. Your profile can show up as an ad on other dentist's profile, our Search Engine, and many other locations. The more attractive your profile, the more opportunities for us to promote your Even28 Profile across our platform.


Start working on your Even28 Profile today!

You may have noticed that Even28 is not like other websites. We offer dentists lots of free tools to create a powerful online presence, however, it's up to you to make your profile stand out:

  • Our online store, photo galleries, and online booking form are all free features that are available to all dentists at no cost to them.
  • If you want to attract more patients, you should add beautiful treatment photos, gather quality reviews, and create an attractive online store for yourself. If you want even more patients, then you should consider upgrading to our premium profile membership programs. Premium, Premium-Plus, and Promoted Accounts offer an incredible value for your marketing budget. You get access to countless additional features and pages to help you generate more patients. Plus, we promote your profile on Google and our platform to help you generate more patients than you ever imagined possible.

Ready to get started? Email us at [email protected] and start working with one of our representatives on creating an amazing profile for your practice today!