Even28 Basic Profile

Stunning profile + Online store = More patients

Creating a powerful Even28 Profile essentially doubles your online presence. It's almost like having two forms of web presence: your practice website plus your Even28 Profile. Our Basic Profile is a free service for all dentists, similar to Facebook or Yelp, which comes with two powerful and useful pages:

Practice Profile Page

Think of your Practice Profile Page as your homepage. This page contains all the tools you need to attract new patients online. From getting to know you better, to which services you offer, your office hours, testimonials, and much more. Use your practice profile page to create stunning photo galleries and showcase your artistic talents. There's an option for patients to call your office and an online booking form to schedule online appointments. All of these features are available to all dentists as a complimentary service at no cost.

Even28 Online Store

Think of your Even28 Online Store as your practice e-commerce storefront. Creating an online store for your practice helps breakdown the entry barrier that prevents so many patients from going to the dentist: fear of costs. You can list whatever you want on your online store, from an exam & cleaning, all the way to nightguards, fillings, crowns, braces, dental implants, and more. It's free to set up your Even28 Online Store and you only pay a small sales commission (10 to 20%) on items sold online. Click here for more tips on how to create your very Even28 Online Store.




The very first thing patients see when they land on your Even28 Profile is your headshot. The modern patient wants to know who you are and what you look like, not some random stock image or photo of your sterilization room! Submit your headshot to admin@even28.com. Be sure to include "headshot" in the subject line. Send a high-resolution photo and our team will take care of cropping and posting it for you.

Basic bio


Your basic bio includes your name, practice name, and the location of your dental practice(s). Basic bio has 3 other key features that sets your profile apart:


Your review-counter keeps track of how many reviews are posted to your profile. You can post a maximum of thirty-five reviews. Why 35? The average internet-user gets bored when faced with too many reviews. We did some research, and it turns out that 35 reviews are the perfect number of reviews to convince patients that you're an awesome dentist without overwhelming them. Plus, setting a maximum eliminates the constant pressure of having to acquire more and more reviews.


Your photo-counter keeps track of how many before & after photos you've posted to your Even28 Profile. There are no limits as to how many photos you can post here. Keep sending us more photos and watch your photo-counter go up and up!


Badges help patients learn about your strengths at a quick glance. Some badges are assigned based on your skill set. For instance, you can earn badges for cosmetics, orthodontics, dental implants, etc. Other badges help patients learn more about your training, fees, insurance participation, and how long you've been serving their community. Click here to learn more about how badges work and submit your online application to earn badges for your profile.

Online booking


All Even28 Profiles come with free online booking. After all, what good is a profile without the option to book an online appointment? We never charge you or your patients for booking online appointments. Prior to claiming your profile, all appointment request go to our administrative department where we do our best to contact you as soon as you've received your first online booking. Once you verify your profile, emails directly to you as soon as patients book their appointment on your profile.

Zocdoc integration


Even28 is a Zocdoc partner. Zocdoc is a powerful online booking tool that allows patients to book their appointment on specific days and times. Dentists with an active Zocdoc account, which requires a monthly membership fee, will have their Even28 profiles integrated with Zocdoc. Your Zocdoc online booking widget will replace the standard online booking form on your Even28 profile which improves your chances of landing online appointments. To learn more about Zocdoc checkout their website at Zocdoc.com. To learn more about how to integrate your Even28 profile with Zocdoc click here.

Note: Should you cancel your Zocdoc membership, we will replace your Zocdoc booking form with the standard Even28 online booking form. You will lose the ability to schedule patients for specific hours and actual days in real time.

Phone call button


Online booking isn't for everyone and many patients still prefer speaking to your office before booking their appointment. This is why we've also included a phone call button near the top of your Even28 Profile. Again, phone calls are free to use and we never charge you or your patients for these basic features. If this is your first time visiting your Even28 Profile, be sure to test out the phone call button to make sure it dials the right number.  If the number is incorrect, contact us at admin@even28.com and we'll fix it right away. You can only list one phone number per practice location, so choose the number that's most relevant to new patients.

List of dental services


While hard to imagine, but many patients leave your practice website confused about which dental services you actually offer. Practice websites have so many different pages that it makes it difficult to figure out your exact list of services. Even28 has simplified things by listing all of your major dental services in one place. Once patients scroll through your Practice Profile Page, they automatically know exactly which dental services you offer (and which ones you don't). To add or remove a service, email us at admin@even28.com and we'll take care of the rest.

It's important to note that you must be honest about which services you offer. For instance, you don't want to confuse patients by saying that you offer braces when you actually don't do braces. If you have an in-house orthodontist, then you're allowed to list braces as a service that you offer. If you refer out braces, then don't list braces as one of your services. We reserve the right to modify your list of services at our sole discretion.

Clear aligner services


The clear aligner industry has become very competitive in recent years. Dentists are no longer just competing with one another, but they're also competing with online clear aligner programs. Companies like Smile Direct Club and Candid Co™ sell clear aligners directly to customers without any direct dentist supervision. This is why we've decided assign a "clear aligner services" category to help you compete with these large corporations. Our goal is to help dentists regain control of the clear aligner industry and stop patients from relying on online programs for their orthodontic treatment. 

All of your clear aligner services are listed in the clear aligner section. By default, all providers have Invisalign® listed as one of their services. Most of you are already Invisalign® providers and what better place to share this information than on your Even28 Profile. We've also listed Even28 at-home™ and Even28 at dentist™  clear aligner services with the default set to none provider. Click here to learn more about Even28 Clear Aligner programs to see if they're the right fit for your practice.

Office hours


List your office hours so patients know when you're available to see them. Use "by appointment only" if you don't work consistently on a particular day. For example, if you work one or two Saturdays a month, then list your Saturday hours as by appointment only. This way, your patients won't show up to find that your doors are locked! If you close for lunch, you're more than welcome to list your lunch hours here. We don't update holiday hours or vacation days. The only time you need to update your office hours is when you permanently change your days or hours of operation. Email us at admin@even28.com with the subject line "office hours" to make any changes.

Photo gallery


Even28 profiles with a beautiful photo gallery generate 3 times as many phone calls and online bookings as compared to profiles without a photo gallery! Creating a beautiful photo gallery is the highlight of your Even28 Profile. The saying a picture speaks louder than a thousand words is especially true in dentistry. Patients looking for cosmetic dentistry,  implants, orthodontics, etc. love looking at before & after photos of your treatment. Showcase your artistic skills by posting photos of your work to your Even28 Profile. Don't let another patient leave your practice without taking photos and sending them to us.

Adding photos to your profile makes your profile stand out and generate more appointments. It also improves your profile's ranking on Google's Search Engine. Google loves showing profiles with photos on them and the more photos you post, the more frequently your profile will show up on Google's search result pages. Furthermore, you never have to worry about copyright infringement when posting photos to your Even28 Profile. We automatically resize and watermark all photos to keep them safe and secure. There are no limits as to how many photos you can post to your profile so keep sending us more photos and we'll keep adding them to your photo galleries.

To get started, email your treatment photos to admin@even28.com. You can also instruct our team to pull your photos from your social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) and post them to your Even28 profile. Click here to download a sample consent to photography form if you require one. Click here to visit our community guideline page to learn more about instructions on how to post photos to your profile.

Compilation of your 5-star reviews


Even28 allows you to post up to 35 reviews and these reviews must all be 5-star reviews. As you know, there are plenty of reviews sites out there, such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, WebMD, and patients can even review you on your Google, Facebook and Zocdoc pages. However, most dentists are not happy with how these existing review websites operate. There are several major concerns with current review sites, and Even28 has solved all of them for you:

Your best reviews all in one convenient location

Patients don't have the time to go through a dozen different websites just to read up on your reviews. This is why we gather all of your top reviews from across the web and display them on your Even28 Profile. After all, these are your reviews and they belong on your profile! A simple scroll through your Even28 Profile is all that it takes for patients to learn what an awesome dentist you are.

Only positive reviews are displayed

We all know how unfair negative reviews can be. You have a thousand happy patients and you're lucky to get one organic 5-star review. Then, just one upset patient, and you're guaranteed to receive a bad review. This is not fair. A handful of bad reviews shouldn't define the dentist that you are which is why we never post any negative reviews to your Even28 Profile. Only 5-star reviews are welcome here. So what happens to your negative reviews you might ask? Well, they can just stay right where they are, as they are not welcome to your Even28 Profile!

Keep your reviews indefinitely

What do you think happens to your reviews when you switch jobs, relocate, or open a new practice? Sadly, you lose all of your reviews. Websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook associate reviews with your dental practice, not with you, the actual dentist. Obviously, it's not the dental practice that earns these awesome reviews, it's you, the dentist. Even28 creates profiles for dentists, not for dental practices (remember, we are a "dentist" Search Engine). This means that once a review is approved and posted to your Even28 Profile, it stays there indefinitely. Whether you change jobs, relocate, or buy a new practice, your reviews follow you throughout the course of your entire career.

No pressure to constantly add more reviews

Is the dentist with 200 5-star reviews ten times better than the dentist with 20 5-star reviews? While the concept sounds silly and juvenile, that is exactly how many patients are judging their dentists nowadays on review sites like Yelp. We decided this needs to be changed. With Even28, you get to showcase your top-35 reviews and no more. Once you've reached the 35-review maximum, you're pretty much done with reviews. First off, no patient sits there and reads more than 10 to 15 reviews. 35 reviews is more than enough to demonstrate the type of dentist that you are. This means that you should focus on the quality of your reviews, because you can't have more than 35 reviews. Additionally, our reviews are not dated, which means that your reviews never look old or stale over time.

Acceptable review sources

We only accept 5-star reviews from reliable third-party websites. Currently, we are accepting reviews from the following approved websites:

  • Google reviews
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (both recommended AND non-recommended reviews are acceptable)
  • Zocdoc
  • Healthgrades
  • Groupon (these reviews get posted to your Even28 Online Store only)

Once you've reached the 35-reviews maximum, you can't add any more reviews to your Practice Profile Page. Premium members are allowed to post an additional 35 reviews to each one of their procedure-specific pages. For example, you can create a Porcelain Veneer Page and post an additional 35 reviews. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to premium membership. Click here to get redirected to our "Join" page to submit a new review to your profile. Click here to visit our community guideline to learn more about how to post reviews to your Even28 Profile.

Parting message


It's never polite to leave without saying goodbye! This is why we've included a section for your parting words at the end of your profile. Think of this as your last chance to attract patients before they leave your Even28 Profile. Use this opportunity to share your practice philosophy, passion for dentistry, what motivates you as a dentist. Send your final thoughts to admin@even28.com and we'll update this section for you. We may also pull your final thoughts automatically from your website or social media sites. Please note that you can not use this space as a sales pitch or to run a promotion.

How to set up your Even28 Online Store

Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to purchase what they need. Dentistry is no exception to this online revolution. Many patients find themselves shopping for dental services when they haven't been to the dentist in a while. Other times, patients go online because they're unhappy with their current dentist and searching for a new one. Don't miss your opportunity to attract these patients by setting up your Even28 Online Store. Patients who make a purchase from your online store have an incredibly high 75% show-rate. Compare this to the 1 to 2% return on your other forms of advertisement, and you'll see why creating an online store is so important.

Setting up your Even28 Online Store is simpler than you'd imagine. Your representative will help you decide which services to list and assist you with pricing your services. Patients can now purchase their dental treatments directly online from your Even28 Online Store. As soon as a patient makes a purchase, you receive their contact information. Contact your patient, help them schedule their appointment, render services, bill us, and we pay you directly. It's that simple! To set up your Even28 Online Store, contact us at admin@even28.com and one of our representatives will help you get started. Click here to learn more about the different types of Even28 Online Stores.

Which items to list on your Even28 Online Store


Think of your Even28 Online Store as your online storefront or your e-commerce. You can sell whatever you want here, at prices that work for you and your patients. Consider listing the following items if you're just getting started:

New patient package

Selling an exam, X-rays & regular dental cleaning is a must if you're looking to attract more new patients. You have the option of listing your promotional price for new patients only. This way, you won't have to charge your existing patients the same discounted price.

Teeth whitening services

Selling teeth whitening services online is an excellent way of attracting patients looking for cosmetic dentistry. Consider selling in-office teeth whitening or take-home whitening trays on your Even28 Online Store. You can even offer bleaching gel refills, whitening mouthwashes, or other whitening products. Be sure to buildup your photo gallery by adding before & after photos of your teeth whitening cases to attract even more patients.

Custom dental devices

Listing custom dental devices at competitive prices is another way of attracting new patients to your practice. Consider adding items like a custom nightguard, athletic mouthguard, retainers, or a flipper denture. Patients who are searching for these dental devices online are usually looking for a new dentist. Many haven't been to one in a long time. These patients aren't necessarily bargain-hunters either, in fact, many of them may have great dental insurance and require extensive dental work. Offering custom dental devices online helps attract patients by getting your prices in front of them when they're shopping online.


If you're not comfortable selling actual dental services on your online store yet, then consider selling consults instead. Selling consults for treatments like braces, Invsialign®, porcelain veneers, dental implants, etc. is a great way of attracting patients without having to disclose your actual prices. List attractive consult packages and create beautiful photo galleries to attract more patients for these treatments.

Invisalign® and Even28 clear aligners

You can offer Invisalign® or Invisalign® consult on your Even28 Online Store. If you want to be more competitive, add a Clear Aligner Assessment Kit or Even28 at-home to your online store. Click here to learn more about how to become an Even28 clear aligner provider and stop losing patients to Smile Direct Club!  

Actual dental treatments

You can sell all sorts of dental services on your Even28 Online Store. This includes fillings, crowns, dentures, braces, dental implants, or anything else you choose to offer on your online store. Your representative will help you optimize your online store to make it work better for you and your patients.

Listing your prices online is the best way to attract modern patients to your practice. Price is important, plus, it's the major barrier to receiving quality dental care. Patients are always looking to see how much their dental work is going to cost before choosing a dentist. Listing a few of your services for sale online helps break down this barrier to attract more patients to your practice.

You never know what type of patient comes to you from your online store. One patient might come because he or she likes the price of your teeth whitening serviced. Next thing you know, you've sold them full mouth rehabilitatiom! Another patient comes to inquire about your retainer deal. and after a brief consultation they end up starting their Invisalign® treatment with you.

Contact us today at admin@even28.com to set up your Even28 Online Store today. Click here to learn more about the different types of Even28 Online Stores. Click here to view a sample Even28 Online Store to see what it looks like.

Groupon integration


Even28 is a Groupon partner. This means that you can seamlessly integrate your Groupon deals with your Even28 Online Store. There are many benefits to displaying your Groupon deals on your Even28 Online Store, for example:

  • Use Groupon to draw attention to your Even28 Online Store and vice versa
  • Leverage the incredible power of Groupon to sell low-cost treatments
  • Use your Even28 Online Store to sell and promote your more costly treatments without worrying about paying hefty commissions

    If you’re currently running a Groupon promotion, then your deal will automatically show up on your Even28 Online Store. Email us at admin@even28.com if your Groupon deal is not showing up on your Even28 Online Store. Adding a few Groupon deals to your Even28 Online Store will greatly increase your conversion rates. Use Groupon to bring patients to your Even28 Online Store without having to worry about paying Groupon's hefty commissions on items sold through your Even28 Online Store (excluding those Groupon deals).

    If you're currently not on Groupon, this is a good time to set up a deal. We recommend that you offer one or two basic deals on Groupon, such as an exam & cleaning or teeth whitening. Next, set up your Even28 Online Store to include any other service which you’d like to highlight. Use Groupon's incredible selling power to bring patients to your Even28 Online Store, then convert them into full-fledged quality patients using your Even28 Online Store. To learn more about becoming a Groupon merchant, check out their website at Groupon.com/merchant. If you have any additional questions regarding setting up a Groupon deal contact us at admin@even28.com. We'll be happy to provide you guidance on how to get started, which deals to list on Groupon, and how to utilize Groupon and Even28 together to maximize your online presence.


    Claim or create your Even28 Basic Profile today!

    Our goal at Even28 is to make it easier for patients and dentists to connect online. An attractive Even28 Profile is all you need to reach patients in this digital universe. If you're a dentist looking for more new patients, we encourage you to create your complimentary Basic Profile today. You can use your profile to connect with patients without the need for a fancy, custom website. Your Practice Profile Page is a great supplement, even a substitute, to your actual practice website. Add an Even28 Online Store and you're all set to attract new patients online and sell dental services. Even dental students and retired dentists are welcome to create their own profiles.

    Give your reviews and photos a permanent home by creating an Even28 Profile for yourself. Never lose your valuable photos and reviews again, even when you relocate or change jobs. When you open up your practice or find a new associate position, your profile is ready to go. Create an attractive profile and it will follow you throughout the course of your entire career. Don't waste another minute thinking what your Even28 Profile would look like! Email us today at admin@even28.com and start working on your profile today. We look forward to helping you grow your dental practice in ways you never imagined possible.