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Our team at Even28 is busy building the world's most comprehensive Dentist Search Engine and we need you on it! Claim your free Even28 Basic Profile by emailing your full name, practice name and city/State to admin@even28.com. Alternatively, click here to go to our "Join Page" to fill out our online application. The chart below highlights some of the benefits of creating your own Even28 Profile and how it can strengthen your online presence:



What's included with your Even28 Basic Profile?

Your Even28 Basic Profile includes two useful pages: Even28 Practice Profile Page and Even28 Online Store. Here's what you need to know about each one:

  1. Even28 Practice Profile Page: Your Practice Profile Page provides you with all the tools you need to attract new patients. From getting to know you better, which services you offer, office hours, treatment photos, testimonials and even scheduling appointments, Even28 has you covered. Create or claim your profile and we will setup your Practice Profile Page for you. As soon as you create/claim your profile, we add your email address and you start receiving emails directly from patients as soon as they schedule their appointment on your Even28 Profile.
  2. Even28 Online Store: Your Even28 Online Store is where you can sell dental services to patients directly online for a low commission. This is your online store and you can list whatever you want on your Even28 Online Store. List treatment like teeth whitening, exam & cleaning package and custom dental devices to attract new patients. List more expensive treatments like braces, dentures or even dental implants to draw attention to treatments which you offer competitive prices for. Again, you decide which treatments to list and set their prices and we take care of everything else for you.

Continue reading for a more detailed explanation of features available on your Even28 Basic Profile:



Profile headline


Your profile headline is your introduction statement. Even28 Basic Profile members have a set profile headline which educates patients on how to use our website. Even28 Premium Profile members have the ability to customize their profile headlines. Use this space to better reflect your practice philosophy, background, education or display a current promotion. Highlight any feature which you think will attract patients to you and your practice. Your profile headline can be up to one long paragraph.



Patients want to see a photo of what you look like not some random stock image or a picture of your front desk! This is why every Even28 Profile features a headshot of you at the very top. The recommended size for your headshot is 300 x 300 pixels. It's okay if you don't have a great headshot. Send us a high-quality photo of yourself on a nice background and we'll crop your headshot. Send photos to admin@even28.com with your full name, practice name and city/State and include the title "headshot" in the email header. We'll take care of the rest for you. You can also update your headshot at anytime by sending us a similar request via email and we will update your headshot.

Basic info


Basic info includes your name, title, practice name as well as city & State of your dental practice(s). It also keeps count of how many photos and reviews you have posted to your Even28 Profile. Our "photo counter" displays the number of before & after photos you've posted to your Even28 Profile. There's no limit as to the number of photos you can post here. The "review counter" displays how many reviews you've posted to your Even28 Profile. You can post a maximum of 35 5-star reviews to your Even28 Profile from the following approved sites:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (both recommended and non-recommended reviews are acceptable)
  • Zocdoc
  • Groupon
  • Healthgrades

Online booking


What good is a profile page without the option to book an appointment? This is why our appointment booking feature is another free service we offer. Once you claim your Even28 Profile we update your email address and  you will receive an email directly from patients as soon as they book their appointment. If you haven't claimed your Even28 Profile as of yet, emails go to our admin and we will try our best to contact you once you receive your first patient booking.

Even28 Basic Profile members receive an email directly from patients each time they book their appointment. Even28 Premium Profile members have the added option of customizing their appointment booking form. Plus, they can link their Even28 Profile to their dental website or booking software of choice. Either way, your Even28 Practice Profile Page is all you need to have patients schedule their next appointment with you online.

Phone calls


Many patients still prefer to call your office directly and speak with your staff before scheduling their appointment. This is why we've also included a phone call button near the top of your Even28 Profile. Patients can simply click on this button and call your office. Again, our phone calling feature is free for all dentists and we never charge for these basic features.

If this is your first time on Even28, we recommend that you test the phone call button to make sure it works correctly. Be sure to test the number from both your Even28 Profile page as well as the number that shows up on our Search Engine result page (these numbers are inserted independently so you should verify them both). Contact us immediately at admin@even28.com if your phone number is incorrect or missing and we'll correct it right away.

Basic Profile members can only list one phone number per practice location. You can list up to 3 practice which means 3 phone numbers. If you have more than one phone number for a location, choose the one most relevant for new patient appointment booking. Premium Profile members can customize and add additional phone numbers to their profile. They can also add a direct text option to their profiles (coming soon).

List of dental services


Believe it or not, many patients leave your website confused about which dental services you offer. Most dental websites have so many pages (for SEO purposes) that it makes it difficult to figure out which treatments the dentist actually offers. This is why we decided to simplify things by listing all of your major dental services on your Even28 Profile. Patients can simply scroll through your Practice Profile Page and they automatically know whether you offer porcelain veneers, inlays & onlays, braces, clear aligners, sleep apnea therapy, Botox, TMJ treatment, children dentistry, etc. Send us an email at admin@even28.com to update your list of services or make any changes to it. Include your full name, practice name, city & State as well as the title "update list of services" and we'll make the necessary changes.

It's important to be honest about which treatments you actually offer. For example, you don't want to confuse patients by saying you offer braces when you actually only offer clear aligners. If you have an in-house orthodontist then you're allowed to list braces as a service which you offer. On the other hand, if you refer your braces then don't list it as one of your services. We reserve the right to modify your list of services if we receive complaints from patients or discover that you have misleading information on your profile.

List of clear aligner services


The clear aligner industry is becoming very competitive. You're no longer just competing with the dentist next door but you're also competing with online clear aligner programs. Companies like Smile Direct Club and Candid Co™ are selling clear aligners directly to "customers" without any direct dentist involvement. This isn't right. Therefore, we have decided to give each dentist their very own clear aligner services category to help us regain control of the clear aligner industry.

By default, all providers have Invisalign® listed on their clear aligner services. Most of you are already Invisalign® providers so what better place to share this information with patients than on your Even28 Profile? We have also listed Even28 at-home™ and Even28 at dentist™  on your clear aligner services (default set as none provider). You have the option of applying to become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider, which you're more than welcome to offer alongside Invisalign® clear aligner system. Offer Even28 at-home™ as an alternative to Smile Direct Club™ and Even28 at-dentist™ alongside Invisalign®. Click here to learn more about Even28 Clear Aligner programs to see if they are a right fit for your practice.

To become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider, email us at admin@even28.com. Be sure to include your full name, practice name, city & State and the title "Even28 Clear Aligner provider application" and we will be in touch soon.

Office hours


This one seems pretty self-explanatory. We list your office hours so patients know when you're available and when you're office is closed. Use "by appointment only" if you don't work consistently on a particular day (like Saturdays). This way, your patient won't just show up to your office to find that your doors are locked! If you close your office for lunch break you're welcome to list your lunch break hours as well. You only need to set your office hours once and you're done. We do not update office hours for holidays, vacations, etc. The only time you need to update your office hours is when you add or subtract a day or when you change your hours of operation.

Email us at admin@even28.com with the title "office hours" to make any changes to your office hours or correct any mistakes we might've made generating your Even28 Profile. Be sure to include your full name, practice name and city & State in the email title so we know which profile to update.

Before & after photo galleries


The most exciting and attractive feature of your Even28 Profile is the before & after photo galleries section. They say a picture speaks louder than a thousand words, and this is especially true of dentistry. Showcase your skills by posting photos of your actual treatment to your Even28 Profile. Patients looking for treatment like porcelain veneers, dental implants, braces and clear aligners, love looking at before & after treatment photos. Create stunning photo galleries on Even28 and attract patients seeking these high-end treatments to your dental practice. All you have to do is take photos of your best work and send them to us. We take care of the rest for you.

You can send up to 7 photos for each photo series (for one patient). Include photos related to each treatment on its own separate email (unless you've made arrangement with us for bulk photo submission). Try to include a photo of you and your patient together whenever possible. Don't forget to get your patient's written consent if there are any recognizable facial features in your photos. Without a consent we may be forced to remove your photos if the patient complains. Click here to download our sample consent to photography form if you currently don't have one.

There are no limits as to how many before & after photos you can post to your Even28 Profile. There's a "photo counter" on your "Basic Info" section which keeps track of how many photos you've added to your Even28 Profile. Keep sending us your photos and we'll keep adding them and increasing your photo counter number. Also, you never have to worry about copyright infringements as we've figured this one out for you already. All photos submitted to us are automatically watermarked and shrunken down to render them useless on any other website. Your photos are safe and secure and no one else can use them on their website (unless they are okay with a huge Even28 sign showing up on their shrunken photo!)

This is a good time to remind you that Search Engines love photos. Adding photos to your Even28 Profile increases your visibility both on our Search Engine as well as Google's Search Engine. Don't let another patient leave your practice without taking their before & after photos and posting to your Even28 Profile!

Click here to go to our community guideline page and learn more about how to post photos to your Even28 Profile. Email your photos to admin@even28.com to have them displayed on your Even28 Profile. Be sure to include your full name, practice name and city & State in the title so we know who the photos belong to. Please allow up to 7 business days for us to post your photos to your profile.

Compilation of your top reviews


Your profile contains a compilation of your top reviews gathered from various approved websites. We go through all of your online reviews and post the best 35 5-star reviews to your Even28 Profile. Why do all this work? Because most dentists are not happy with the way current review websites operate. As it stands, there are several major problems with how review websites treat dentist reviews. And guess what? We have a solution for all of these problems:

  1. Your reviews are scattered all over the web: Dentist reviews are scattered all over the internet on websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Zocdoc, etc. Most patients don't have the time or patience to go through all of these different websites. This is why we've decided to gather all of your top reviews and display them on your Even28 Practice Profile Page. These are your reviews and they belong on your profile. Your reviews are displayed on a single page which makes it super convenient for patients. Patients can now easily access all of your top reviews in one place without having to visit multiple different sites. A simple scroll is all it takes for patients to learn about what an awesome dentist you are and patients love it!
  2. Negative reviews: Another issue with existing review sites is that they all contain a few negative reviews mixed in with all those positive reviews. We all know how unfair negative reviews can be. You have 1,000 happy patients and you're lucky to get one organic positive review. Then, just one upset patient, and you're guaranteed to receive a bad review. This isn't fair and a few bad reviews shouldn't define the dentist which you are. Therefore, we have decided not to display any negative reviews on your Even28 Profile. Only 5-star reviews are welcome here. But what happens to negative reviews? Well, they can just stay right where they are as they are not welcome to your Even28 Profile!
  3. You constantly lose older reviews: Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where you could actually keep your reviews? Right now, you lose all of your reviews the minute you switch jobs or relocate. See, websites like Google, Yelp and Facebook associate your reviews with your dental practice not with you the actual dentist. But it's not the dental practice that earns those reviews, it's you! Even28 creates profiles for the dentist and not for the dental practice (remember, we are a "Dentist" Search Engine). Once a review is approved and posted to your Even28 Profile, it stays with you indefinitely. Whether you change jobs, relocate or buy a new practice, your reviews will remain on your Even28 Profile and follow you throughout your entire career. You never have to worry about losing any of your hard earned reviews once they are posted to your Even28 Profile.
  4. A rush to get more reviews: Is the dentist with 200 5-star reviews on Yelp ten times better than the dentist with 20 5-star reviews? While the concept sounds beyond silly and ridiculous, unfortunately that's how patients are judging their dentist nowadays. We're going to change that. With Even28, you get to showcase your top 35 reviews and no more. Once you've reached your 35 review maximum, you're done with reviews. No more chasing, begging and paying for reviews. Additionally, our reviews are undated which means they never look stale over time. Focus on the quality of your reviews instead of how many reviews you have (cause you can't have more than 35!)

Basic Profile and Premium Profile members can post up to 35 reviews per page. Once you reach your 35 review maximum you can not add any more reviews. Of course, you're more than welcome to replace an older review with a new one, if you receive a really nice review. Simply submit your new review, let us know which older review to omit, and we will do so once we've verified your review.

To submit a new review to your Even28 Profile, click here to get redirected you to our "Join Page". To learn more about our guidelines on how to post a review to your Even28 Profile, click here to visit our community guideline page.

We should mention that Even28 Premium Profile members have the benefit of displaying an additional 35 procedure specific reviews to each one of their Procedure Specific Pages. Here's how this works: Let's say you upgrade to Premium Profile and create a Porcelain Veneer Page. You have the option of posting an additional 35 reviews related to porcelain veneer treatment, or cosmetic dentistry, to your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page. Similarly, you can post 35 reviews to your Even28 Dental Implant Page, 35 reviews to your Even28 Braces Page, etc.

We understand that gathering reviews for specific treatments can be difficult, which is why we are here to help. Premium Profile members have a "Procedure Specific Review Form" added to their Even28 Profile pages. Instruct your patients to go to these pages and submit a review of their experience. We post the best relevant 5-star reviews to your Procedure Specific Pages. 4-star reviews, and anything below that, gets emailed to you to help you improve your dentistry or take correction actions, but we never post a bad review to your profile. Keep in mind, Procedure Specific Pages and Procedure Specific Review Forms are features only available to our Premium Profile members. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about upgrading to Even28 Premium Profile and how we can help you get more patients for these high-end treatments.

Your parting message


It's never polite to leave without saying goodbye which is why we've included a section for you parting words. Think of this as your final thought, or farewell, before patients leave your Even28 Profile. Use this space to share something personal about your practice philosophy, your passions, what motivates you as a dentist or whatever else you want to share with prospective patients. This is your final opportunity to invoke emotions by sharing something intimate and personal to set yourself apart from your neighboring dentists. Don't waste your opportunity to make one last emotional connection to prospective patients. Email us your parting works to admin@even28.com. Please note that you can not use this space as a sales pitch or to run a promotion (you can use your headline for this purpose if you are a Premium Profile member).

How to setup your Even28 Online Store?


You can setup your Even28 Online Store as soon as you create/claim your Even28 Profile. Setting up your own Even28 Online Store is simpler than you'd imagine. Just decide which services you want to sell online, set your prices and sign our agreement. Your patient can now purchase an item from your Even28 Online Store and you will receive their contact information. Contact the patient to help them schedule their appointment, render the service, bill us, and we pay you directly. We take care of everything for you and all you have to do is to make sure the patient is satisfied with their treatment.

Create your Even28 Online Store and start selling dentistry to patients directly online. Patients are increasingly turning towards the internet to purchase items. Dentistry is no exception. Selling items online is a great way to attract patients to your practice and start building a relationship with them. Even patients with excellent PPO insurances find themselves shopping for services when they feel their dentist is overcharging them. Don't miss your opportunity to attract more patients to your practice by setting up your very own Even28 Online Store.

Patients who make a purchase from your online store have an incredible 75% show rate to your practice! Compare this to less than 5% of those who see your advertisement, and you'll see why creating an online store is so important. Create your Even28 Online Store and don't miss out on your opportunity to keep up with this ever increasingly online universe.

Sell items like dental cleaning, teeth whitening, night guards or any other treatment that attracts new patients to your practice. If you offer competitive prices, you're encouraged to list items like dentures, braces, crowns or even all-on-four dental implants on your online store! Hey, it's your online store and you get to decide what you want listed on your store. To setup your Even28 Online Store, contact us at admin@even28.com and one of representatives will help you get started (be sure that you've created or claimed your Even28 Profile already).

The only other place you can sell dental services online is on Groupon. However, Groupon charges you an absurd 50% of what's already supposed to be a 50% discounted fee. This leaves very little room to earn a profit on Groupon. Plus, it makes you look like a bargain practice. Even28 is different. First off, you don't have to discount your services to list them on your Even28 Online Store. Also, our commission is much lower (10 to 25%) as compared to Groupon's commission (50%). And if you were to upgrade to our Premium Profile membership, your store becomes commission-free.

Even28 Basic Profile members pay a commission of 10-25% per item sold on their Even28 Online Store. Even28 Premium Profile members don't pay any commission and are only responsible for transaction and processing fees. This means that you make the same profit whether you sell your next professional teeth whitening, new patient package, braces or all-on-four dental implant in your dental practice or on your own Even28 Online Store. Cool!

What should you sell on your Even28 Online Store?

You can sell anything you want on your Even28 Online Store. It's your store and you decide what you want listed and set your own prices. Now, there are certain items which sell much better than others online. Typically, items priced below $250 sell very well. Consider listing the following items on your Even28 Online Store:

New patient packages: Selling an exam, X-rays & regular cleaning package is a must to attract new patients to your practice. This is a promotional price for new patients only, and you don't have to charge your existing patients this discounted price.

Teeth whitening treatments: Sell take-home or chair-side whitening treatment to attract patients who are cosmetically oriented.

Consults for braces, clear aligners, implants, cosmetic dentistry, etc.: If you're not comfortable selling actual high-end treatments on your store then at least consider selling consults for these treatments.

Custom dental devices: Listing custom dental devices for competitive prices is an excellent way to attract these patients to your practice. Add items like custom night guards, retainers, flippers and mouth guards to your online store. Patients searching for these treatment are often times there because they feel their dentist is overcharging them. These aren't necessarily bargain hunters and many of them have great dental insurance. Offer custom dental devices at competitive prices to attract these patients to your practice.

Even28 Clear Aligner items: Even28 Clear Aligner providers can offer "Even28 at-home™ clear aligners" and "Clear aligner assessment kit" on their Even28 Online Stores. Click here to learn more about how to become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider to offer Even28 at-home™ and Clear aligner assessment kit on your online store. 

Minimum fee for listing an item on your online store

There is a minimum fee of $19 for listing any item on your Even28 Online Store. Listing a service for free devalues your practice and repels patients.You can list consults and exams for cheap, but you can't list them for free. Remember, this is a store, not a promotional page.

Listing expensive treatments on your online store

As previously mentioned, patients typically don't purchase treatments over $250 from your online store. So does this mean that you should not list treatments like braces, dentures or dental implants on your Even28 Online Store? Not necessarily. While these more expensive items don't sell well online, listing them on your Even28 Online Store will draw plenty of attention towards these items. Combine a good deal with an attractive Even28 Profile, one filled with relevant before & after photos and quality testimonials, and you'll be getting lots of inquires into these treatments.

In our experience, for every 1 online purchase of a high-ticket item (item over $1,000), you receive about 20-30 phone calls and email inquiries while making 6-10 actual sales in your dental office. So yes, it's definitely worthwhile to list high-ticket items on your Even28 Online Store, provided that you have competitive prices.

List any service which you offer at a competitive price on your Even28 Online Store, regardless of the price point. We have dentists selling $10,000+ treatments (all-on-four dental implants) simply by listing them on their Even28 Online Store. On the other hand, if your price is steep, then it's best not to list the treatment on your online store. Instead, offer a consultation for sale on your online store.


Setting up your Even28 Online Store is optional but highly recommended. After all, you have nothing to lose and we do all the work for you. Email us at admin@even28.com with the title "setup Even28 Online Store" and one of our representatives will reach out to help you get started. You'll be up and running in no time, selling all kinds of dental services online and getting inquiries and consults from your Even28 Profile.


Claim or create your Even28 Basic Profile today


Our goal at Even28 is to make it easier for patients and dentists to connect. There needs to be a place on the internet where dentists can freely create and share their body of work to showcase their talents and services to prospective patients. Similarly, there needs to be a place where patients can learn everything they need to know about their future dentist without having to visit multiple different websites/pages. A place where patients can book appointments, compare services, purchase dental care and not have to worry about missing out on a great dentist simply because his or her website is not as visible as others. Even28 takes care of everything so patients can find the right dentist for their needs in this online universe.

Think of your Even28 Profile as a place to showcase your best online self. There's absolutely no room for negativity here. Every dentist is welcome to create/claim his or her own Even28 Profile for free. Let's be honest, not all dentists want to pay $500+ each month for a fancy custom website. Your Even28 Practice Profile Page can essentially replace your website. An attractive Even28 Profile is really all you need to communicate with your patients online. Add an Even28 Online Store and you're all set to attract new patients and sell treatments without ever spending a dime. How's that for a free service?

We encourage every dentist to create his or her own Even28 Basic Profile. In fact, even dental student and retired dentists are welcome to join. Create an attractive Even28 Profile by adding photos and reviews and your profile remains with you throughout your entire career. This way, your profile is ready for whenever you open up your own practice or find an associate position. If you ever relocate, you won't lose your photos and reviews the minute you close your website and social pages. Your Even28 Profile follows you throughout your career and only carries positivity along the way.

Create/claim your Even28 Basic Profile today if you haven't done so already. Unlock more features by upgrading to our Premium Profile membership whenever you're ready. Click here to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to Even28 Premium Profile. Premium Profile membership is a month-to-month service and you can cancel at any time. Upgrading is totally optional and you can always switch back and forth between a Basic and Premium Profile without losing your valuable photos.

Ready to get started? Email us at admin@even28.com and include your full name, practice name and city/State in the title. Alternatively, click here to go to our "Join Page" to fill out our online application. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for us to create your Even28 Profile. If we've already generated an Even28 Profile for you, email us at admin@even28.com to claim your profile so we can verify your account and add your email address to your patient appointment request forms. Don't waste another minute thinking what your Even28 Profile would look like. There are so many useful features to explore. Contact us today to create or claim your Even28 Profile and get listed on the "Dentist Search Engine". We look forward to helping you grow your dental practice in ways you never imagined possible!