Even28 Basic Profile

Our Basic Profile is a free service available to all licensed dentists and dental specialists. Your basic profile contains all the information patients look for when choosing a new dentist. There are two pages that come as part of our basic profile package, which are:

Practice Profile Page

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Think of this as your homepage. Your practice profile page contains all the tools you need to attract new patients online. This includes a list of your dental services, office hours, and of course, your top testimonials. There’s an option for patients to call your office. Alternatively, patients can book their appointment online by filling out a simple form. Want to make your profile stand out from the crowd? Post before and after photos of your work to create a stunning photo gallery and showcase your artistic abilities. All of these features are available to you as a complimentary service at no cost.

Even28 Online Store

All providers are welcome to create their own online store. Think of your Even28 online store as your e-commerce storefront. Creating an online store helps break down the entry barrier that keeps so many patients from seeing the dentist. By showing patients the price of just a few of your dental services, you encourage them to choose you over your competitors. List whichever treatments you choose here. Anything from an exam & cleaning, all the way to nightguards, fillings, crowns, braces, dental implants, etc. It’s free to set up your Even28 online store and you only pay a small commission on items sold through your online store (most patients don’t actually purchase from your store, but rely on your prices to choose you as their dentist). Click here to learn more about how to create a successful Even28 online store.

Ready to get started? Email us at admin@even28.com to claim your basic profile today.


Basic Profile features



The modern patient wants to know who you are and what you look like. They don’t want to see a random stock image or a photo of your waiting room! This is why we place your headshot on top of your Even28 profile. Our team chooses the best photo of you they can find, crop, and post it to your profile. If you’d like to update your headshot, email a high-quality photo of yourself to admin@even28.com. Be sure to include “headshot” in the subject line and our team will update your headshot.

Basic bio

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Your basic bio section includes important information about you and your practice. This includes your full name, practice name, and the location of your practice(s). It also includes a review counter, photo counter, and dentist badges, if you have earned any badges. Here’s what you need to know about these features:

Review Counter

The review counter tracks how many reviews have been posted to your Even28 profile. You can display a maximum of 35 reviews on your Even28 profile. Why 35? We did some research and it turns out that 35 reviews are the perfect number of reviews to convince patients that you’re an awesome dentist without overwhelming them. Furthermore, placing a maximum on the number of reviews eliminates the constant pressure of having to acquire more and more reviews. Once you’ve accumulated 35 stellar 5-star reviews, you’re done with the reviews section. This allows you to focus on strengthening the rest of your profile, particularly creating an attractive photo gallery (which has no maximum!)

Photo Counter

The photo counter tracks how many before & after photos you have posted to your Even28 profile. It’s free to post photos to your profile. Plus, there are no limits as to how many photos you can post here. Keep sending us more and more photos and watch your photo counter go up, and up and up! Create a photo gallery that highlights your strengths. Do lots of braces? Post before and after photos of your orthodontic treatments to your profile. Excel at veneers? Create a photo gallery of before and after cases of your porcelain veneers. Patients rely heavily on these photo galleries to select a dentist. The more attractive your photo gallery, the better your chances of converting casual browsers into actual patients.

Dentist Badges

Badges help patients identify your strengths at a quick glance. You can earn badges for cosmetics, orthodontics, dental implants, etc. Additional badges help patients learn more about your educational background, fees, insurance participation, how long you’ve been serving their community, etc. Click here to learn more about how dentist badges work. Email us at admin@even28.com to claim your profile and earn your badges today!

Online booking form


What good is a profile without the option to book online appointments? This explains why all Even28 profiles come with a complimentary online booking form. Initially, all appointment requests are sent to our administrative department. Once you receive an appointment request, our team attempts to contact you and forward this information to you (typically within 24 hours). Once you have claimed your profile, we link your email address to your online booking form. All future appointment requests are now sent directly, in real-time, to your email address. Profiles that have been linked to an email address receive online bookings within 5 to 10 minutes of the actual booking. Contact us at admin@even28.com to link your online booking form to your email address.

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Zocdoc integration


Phone call


Many patients still prefer to speak to your office directly prior to booking their initial visit. Your phone call button appears near the top of your Even28 profile. If you have a separate phone number for new and existing patients, contact us and we will create a second phone number for you. If you have multiple locations, we will add several phone call buttons, each one corresponding to a separate location. If this is your first time visiting your Even28 profile, be sure to test out the phone call button(s) to make sure that it dials the correct number. If there are any issues, contact us at admin@even28.com and we will fix it right away.

List of dental services


Did you know that most patients who visit a dental practice website leave without knowing exactly which dental services you offer? Traditional practice websites have so many different pages which makes it difficult to figure out what services you offer. Even28 has simplified everything. We list all of your major dental services near the top of your practice profile page. Patients can now scroll through your profile and they know exactly which dental services you offer (and which ones you don’t!) To add or remove a service, email us at admin@even28.com. Note that we reserve the right to modify your list of services at our sole discretion.

Clear aligner services


Back in the day, dentists had to compete with one another for clear aligner patients. This is no longer the case. Nowadays, you have to compete with online clear aligner programs, the likes of Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co™. This is why we’ve decided to assign a “clear aligner services” section to every Even28 profile. By default, all providers have Invisalign® listed as one of their services. Most of you are already an Invisalign® provider and what better place to share this information with prospective patients than on your Even28 profile? Email us at admin@even28.com to update your clear aligner services. Click here to learn more about Even28 clear aligner programs to see if they’re the right fit for your practice.

Office hours


Your office hours let patients know when you’re available to see them. Use “by appointment only” if you don’t work consistently on a particular day. For example, if you work one or two Saturdays per month, then list your Saturday hours as by appointment only. This way, patients won’t show up to find that your doors are locked! You can also list your lunch hours here. Note that we don’t update holiday hours or vacations. The only time you need to update your office hours is when you permanently change your days or hours of operation. Email us at admin@even28.com with the subject line “office hours” to update this section.

Photo gallery


The saying a picture speaks louder than a thousand words is especially true when it comes to dentistry. Patients looking for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, etc. love looking through before & after photos of your actual treatment. Profiles with an attractive photo gallery generate 3 times as many appointments. Plus, adding photos to your Even28 profile significantly improves your profile’s ranking on Google since Google loves profiles that contain lots of photos. Don’t let another patient leave your practice without taking photos of their smile and posting to your Even28 profile!

To get started, email your treatment photos to admin@even28.com. Alternatively, you can instruct our team to pull photos directly from your social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) and post them to your Even28 profile. Submit your photos to us and our team will take care of the rest for you. We automatically resize and watermark your photos to keep them safe and secure. We tag your photos with your name and procedure to give you full SEO credit. There are no limits as to how many photos you can post to your profile. Keep sending us more photos and we’ll keep adding them to your photo gallery. Click here to visit our community guideline page to learn more about instructions on how to post photos to your Even28 profile. Click here to download a sample consent to photography form.

Compilation of your 5-star reviews


Patients heavily rely on positive reviews when choosing a new dentist. This is why it’s so important to have a handful of high-quality reviews posted to your profile. You are allowed to display a maximum of 35 5-star reviews on your Even28 profile. There are a few different websites where patients can search for your reviews. These include websites such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Facebook and Zocdoc, to name a few. However, most dentists are not happy with how these websites are handling their reviews. Even28 has addressed all of your concerns, here’s how:

Your top reviews compiled in one convenient location

Patients don’t have the time to go through a dozen different websites to read up on your reviews. We gather all of your top reviews from across the web and display them on your Even28 profile. These are your reviews and they belong on your profile. A simple scroll through your Even28 profile is all it takes for patients to learn what an awesome dentist you are!

Only 5-star reviews are welcome

We know how unfair negative reviews can be. You have 1,000+ happy patients and you’re lucky to get one or two organic 5-star reviews. Then, just one upset patient, and you’re guaranteed to receive a bad review. This isn’t fair! A few bad reviews shouldn’t define the dentist that you are. This explains why we never post negative reviews to your Even28 profile. Only 5-star reviews are welcome. So what happens to your negative reviews? Well, they can just stay right where they are, as they are not welcome to your Even28 profile.

Keep your reviews indefinitely

What happens to your reviews once you switch jobs, relocate, or open a new practice? Sadly, you lose all of your reviews. Websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook associate reviews with your dental practice, not with you, the actual dentist. Obviously, it’s not the dental practice that earns these awesome reviews, it’s you, the dentist. Even28 creates profiles for dentists not for dental practices (remember, we are a “dentist” search engine). This means that once a review is approved and posted to your Even28 profile, it stays there indefinitely. Whether you change jobs, relocate, or buy a new practice, your positive reviews stay there and follow you throughout the course of your career.

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No pressure to constantly add more reviews

Is the dentist with 200 reviews ten times better than the dentist with 20 reviews? While the concept sounds silly and juvenile, that is exactly how many patients are judging their dentists nowadays on some current review websites. Even28 allows you to display a maximum of 35 reviews. This means that you should focus on the quality of your reviews not quantity because you can’t have more than 35! Plus, our reviews are not dated. This means that your reviews never start looking stale and outdated as time passes by.

Acceptable review sources:

We only accept 5-star reviews from reliable websites. Currently, we’re accepting reviews from the following approved websites:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (both recommended AND non-recommended reviews are accepted)
  • Zocdoc
  • Healthgrades
  • Groupon

Once you have reached the 35-reviews maximum, you can’t add any more reviews to your profile. However, you are allowed to replace an existing review with a new one, if you choose to do so. Click here to get redirected to our “Join” page to submit a new review to your profile. Click here to visit our community guideline page to learn more about posting reviews to your Even28 profile.

Your parting words


It’s not polite to leave without saying goodbye! This is why we’ve included a section for your parting words at the end of your Even28 profile. Think of this as your last chance to communicate with patients before they leave your profile. Use this opportunity to share your practice philosophy, educational background, what motivates you as a dentist, etc. Share something personal to connect with patients and improve your chances of striking a chord with potential patients. Contact us at admin@even28.com with “Final thoughts” in the headline to create or update this section. All final thoughts are subject to approval from our editing department according to our community guidelines. Promotional items are prohibited here.

Setting up your Even28 Online Store

Patients who haven’t been to the dentist for a long time consistently find themselves going online to shop for dental services. Displaying some of your fees online is an excellent way of attracting these patients to your practice. By creating an attractive Even28 online store, you get your fees in front of patients shopping online for these exact services. Patients who are unhappy with their current dentist also go online to search for a new dentist. Most of these searches start off by researching the cost of various dental treatments. Setting up an online store is the single best way to get in front of these patients and attract them to your practice. Contact us at admin@even28.com to start setting up your own online store. Click here to learn more about the different ways you can design your Even28 online store.

Why should you create an online store?


Price is a major obstacle when it comes to receiving quality dental care. Naturally, patients are always researching dental fees when choosing a new dentist. You can break down this barrier by listing just a few of your dental services for sale on your Even28 online store. You can sell whatever you want on your store, at prices that work for you and your patients. Consider listing the following items if you’re just getting started:

New patient package: Exam, X-rays & regular dental cleaning

If you’re going to list just one item on your Even28 online store, this has to be it! You have the option of listing a promotional price for new patients only. This way, you won’t be forced to charge existing patients the same discounted price.

Teeth whitening special

Selling teeth whitening services online is an excellent way of attracting patients who are looking for cosmetic dentistry. Consider selling in-office teeth whitening treatment or take-home whitening trays on your Even28 online store. You can also offer bleaching gel refills, whitening mouthwashes, and other whitening products. Consider creating a before & after teeth whitening photo gallery to complement and strengthen your online store offers.

Various custom dental devices

Listing custom dental devices for sale online is another great way of attracting new patients to your practice. Most patients who are searching for dental devices online are looking for a new dentist. Most of them haven’t been to a dentist in a long time. These patients aren’t necessarily bargain-hunters either. A majority of them have great dental insurance and require extensive dental work. Consider adding dental devices such as custom nightguards, athletic mouthguards, retainers, and flipper dentures to your Even28 online store to attract these patients to your practice.

Discount dental plans (premium profiles only)

Offering an array of discount dental plans online is an excellent way of attracting cash patients. Patients who don’t have dental insurance are always looking for ways to save on their dental care. Customize your discount dental plans to suit the needs of your patients. Create different discount plans, such as basic, premium, senior, or family discount dental plans to appeal to a wide variety of patients. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about discount dental plans.

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Dental consultations

Not comfortable selling actual dental services online? Then consider selling dental consults instead. You can sell consultations for various treatments such as braces, Invsialign®, porcelain veneers, dental implants, etc. Selling dental consultationss online is an excellent way of attracting patients without having to disclose your actual fees. Complement your consult packages with a beautiful photo gallery in order to attract patients for these high-value treatments.


Want to compete with Smile Direct Club™ and other online clear aligner providers? Then consider adding an Invisalign® or Invisalign® consult to your Even28 online store. Email us at admin@even28.com to learn more about how we can help you attract more clear aligner patients to your practice, including the option of promoting your practice on a list of top-10 clear aligner/Invisalign® providers in your neighborhood.

Actual dental services for sale online

You should consider listing any dental service which you offer at a competitive price. This means that you can sell dental fillings, crowns, dentures, braces, dental implants, or anything else you choose on your Even 28 online store. Contact us at admin@even28.com and one of our representatives will help you decide which items to list on your online store for optimal results.

Groupon integration


More items on your Even28 online store = More opportunities for success!

Consumers prefer businesses that are transparent about their prices. The same concept applies to dentistry. Patients typically prefer dentists who list some or all of their prices online, over those who are secretive about their fees. The more deals you list on your Even28 Online Store, the more opportunities you create to attract new patients, for example:

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  • A patient may seek you because of your cleaning and exam deal, and ends up getting several fillings and crowns.
  • Another patient might choose you because of your teeth whitening special, next thing you know, you’ve sold them porcelain veneers or full mouth rehabilitation.
  • A patient may inquire about your online retainer deal, and after a brief consultation, they start their Invisalign® treatment with you.

By listing your deals online, you create endless opportunities to attract patients who are looking for these exact treatments. Contact us at admin@even28.com and start setting up your Even28 online store today. Click here to learn more about the different ways you can set up your Even28 Online Store. Click here to view a sample Even28 Online Store.

Claim or create your Even28 basic profile today

Our goal at Even28 is to make it easier for patients and dentists to connect to one another in this online universe. If you are a dentist who is looking for more new patients, we encourage you to claim your basic profile immediately. Create an attractive Even28 profile and it will follow you throughout the course of your career. Don’t waste another minute thinking about what your Even28 Profile would look like! Email us at admin@even28.com and start creating an incredible profile for your office today. We look forward to helping you grow your dental practice in ways you never imagined possible.

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