Everything you need to communicate with patients in the digital age


Our world has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to purchase products and services. Dentistry is no exception. Here's what your typical patient does before they choose you as their dentist:

  • They research your reputation online
  • They view before and after treatment photos of your work
  • They look for ways to save on their treatment (do you accept their insurance, do you offer discount dental plans, etc.)

Having a strong online presence is an essential part of running a successful dental practice. Joining Even28 can help strengthen your online presence. Creating an Even28 Practice Profile Page gives you all the tools you need to survive in the digital era. Joining Even28 is free and all dentists are welcome to create their own practice profile page. Simply email us at and we will create, or update, your Even28 Practice Profile Page.


Photo galleries, 5-star reviews, Even28 Online Store & so much more!


Even28 provides you all the tools you need to attract more quality dental patients. From scheduling appointments to getting to know you and the services which you offer, Even28 has you covered. There are two basic Even28 profiles:

  • Even28 Basic Profile (Free)
  • Even28 Premium Profile (Monthly subscription)

Let's take a look at the highlights of what each profile option offers you and your dental practice:

Even28 Basic Profile

Creating an Even28 Basic Profile is free for all dentists as well as dental students. Our Basic Profile comes with an Even28 Practice Profile Page as well as an Even28 Online Store. Here are some of the main features included with your Even28 Basic Profile:

  • Practice Profile Page: Click here to see an example of Even28 Practice Profile Page.
  • 5-star review compilation: Showcase all of your 5-star reviews in one place and let those negative reviews stay where they are!
  • Photo galleries: Post unlimited before and after treatment photos
  • Get more patients: Integrate our patient scheduling form and directly receive emails from patients interested in an appointment
  • Offer Even28 at-home™ clear aligners: Offer Even28 at-home™ as an alternative to Smile Direct Club™, Candid Teeth™ and other DIY clear aligner systems. Even28 at-home™ is a great way to treat simple clear aligner cases so you don't lose them to DIY aligner programs.
  • Your very own Even28 Online Store: Directly sell dental devices and services to patients through your Even28 Online Store. Only a small commission is applied to each completed sale. Click here to see an example of what your Even28 Online Store would look like.

Even28 Premium Profile

To attract even more patients, consider setting up an Even28 Premium Profile. Here are some of the main highlights of creating a Premium Profile:

  • No commission ion your Even28 Online Store: Sell a $2,500 treatment and you get to keep it all to yourself (minus credit card fee of course)
  • Sell discount dental plans: Create highly customizeable dental discount plans and sell them directly to patients on your Even28 Discount Dental Plan Store. Option to create discount dental plans for seniors, couple, families and more! Click here to see an example of our Even28 Discount Dental Page.
  • Treatment specific pages: Want to attract more porcelain veneer, dental implant or clear aligner patients? Our Premium Profile allows you to create specific pages for different treatments. Pots reviews, before and after treatment photos, consult forms and other relevant information to attract patients based on specific treatments and link them to your Even28 Practice Profile Page. Click here to see an example of an Even28 Dental Implant Page which highlights doctors strength for dental implants.


Even28 Basic Profile: Free for all dentists

Even28 Basic Profile is free. This means there is no charge to create or maintain your profile. There are two main features which come with each Even28 Basic Profile:

  • Even28 Practice Profile Page
  • Even28 Online Store

Your Even28 Practice Profile Page is the main place where you get to communicate with potential patients. We automatically generate these pages for you. If you do not currently have an Even28 Practice Profile Page, simply email us at and we will generate one for you. Setting up an Even28 Practice Profile Page is a great way to get in front of potential patients. Here are some of the main features which you can highlight on your Even28 Practice Profile Page:

Showcase all your 5-star reviews in one place

You know all those reviews you have scattered all over the internet on Yelp, Google and Facebook? We pull all of your top reviews and post them to your Even28 Practice Profile Page. This way, patients can view all of your best reviews in one place without having to search all over the internet. And what about those negative reviews? Well, they can stay where they are cause they aren't welcome on your Even28 Practice Profile Page!

Before and after treatment photos

A picture speaks a thousand words. So what are you doing with your before and after treatment photos? There really is no good on the internet to post these before and after treatment photos. Instagram is not a good place for invasive dental photos. Your web developer doesn't want to constantly update your photo gallery. Plus, your phone keeps running out of memory so you have to keep deleting those wonderful before and after treatment photos! Well, Even28 has a dedicated before and after photo gallery page. Simply email your photos to us and we will post them to your Even28 Practice Profile Page. Create your own photo galleries on Even28 to showcase your beautiful before and after porcelain veneers, clear aligners and dental implant treatments. Let your patients get to know what a great artist you really are by showing them instead of telling them!

List of your dental services

You can list all dental services which you offer on your Even28 Practice Profile Page. This way patients know exactly what treatments you offer.

Appointment booking and phone calling feature

Take advantage of our appointment booking and phone calling features. These features are automatically integrated into every Even28 Practice Profile Page and are free to all providers. Email us at if you want to link your Even28 Practice Profile Page to your email. This way, every time a patient books an appointment on your Even28 Practice Profile Page, you get an email directly form the patient in real time.

Even28 Online Store

Even28 Online Store is yet another free feature available to all dentists. Your Even28 Online Store is where you get to sell dentistry directly to patients. Think of it as your very own online store. Feel free to sell whatever you want on your Even28 Online Store. You have the option of selling custom dental devices as well as actual dentistry services. Patients can purchase these items or services online and redeem them at your dental office. Here are some things to consider selling on your Even28 Online Store:

  • Dental devices including custom night guards,  mouthpieces, whitening trays and orthodontic retainers
  • New patient packages (exam, X-rays and regular cleaning)
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Consultation appointments (orthodontic, dental implants, etc.)
  • Promote your Even28 at-home™ clear aligner program (if you choose to offer this clear aligner program to your patients as an alternative to Smile Direct Club™)
  • You can even sell actual dental services, such as crowns and dentures, all the way to dental implants and all-on-four teeth! While patients don't typically purchase these high ticket items online, listing them on your Even28 Online Store is a great way of drawing attention to any special deals you might be offering.


Keep in mind, your Even28 Online Store is your store. You can sell whatever you choose to on it. You can always add/subtract items or alter prices to see what works for your dental practice. The best part is, there is only a very small sales commission on each successful transaction. This means you get to keep the majority of each sale completed on your Even28 Online Store. Premium Accounts do not have any sales commission and you get to keep the full amount (minus credit card fees of course)! Keep in mind, you need to first create your Even28 Practice Profile Page, then sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Even28 Online Store, before opening up your own online store.

Ready to create your own Even28 Practice Profile Page? Join us today to strengthen your online presence and grow your dental practice. Send an email to and request your Even28 Basic Profile. One of our reps will contact you shortly to assist you.


Even28 Premium Profile: A must for attracting patients online


Even28 Basic Profile is free for all dentists. Create your own Even28 Practice Profile Page as well as Even28 Online Store all for free. However, if you are interested in attracting more patients online, you should consider Even28 Premium Profile. Even28 is a monthly subscription plan designed to help you increase your patient pool and bottom line. There are countless features which are unlocked as part of our Premium Profile package. Let's take a look at some of these awesome features:

Discount dental plans

Even28 Premium Profiles get to offer their very own Discount Dental Plans. You can offer your existing discount dental plants or we will work with you to design your own discount dental plans. Then, place your discount dental plans online on your Even28 Online Store and sell them directly to patients. Here are some of the benefits of selling your own discount dental plans to patients directly online:

  • Cutout the middleman and get paid for selling your own discount dental plans instead of watching some middleman making money
  • List whichever services you'd like and omit those you don't want to offer or have a price displayed for
  • Determine your own fee schedule, discount percentage and final price instead of having someone else dictate them for you
  • Customize your discount dental plans by offering premium plans with higher discounts or seniors plans which cover more treatments
  • Sell discount dental plans to couples or include family packages to attract entire families


Procedure specific pages

The biggest profit margins in dentistry are in high ticket items such as clear aligners, braces, porcelain veneers and dental implants. So how do you attract more patients for these highly competitive treatments? The best way is to tell and show patients how good you are at clear aligners/veneers/implants. Even28 Premium Profile offers you access to as many procedure specific pages. Over here, you can highlight patient reviews, before and after photos, consult requests and highlight your strengths for specific dental treatments. Instead of having everything scattered all over your Even28 Practice Profile Page, combine everything into one page. This will really help patients study up on your strengths for these specific treatments to choose you as their provider.



Commission-free Even28 Online Store

Even28 Online Store is free to all providers. However, there is a small commission on each sale made on your Even28 Online Store for Basic Profiles. On the other hand, Even28 Premium Profile members do not have to pay a commission on sales made through their online store. This means whether you sell a crown for $1,000 in your dental office or on your Even28 Online Store, you make just about the same profit! This really enables you to strengthen your Even28 Online Store to sell more products and services online to take full advantage of your online store.

Other benefits of Even28 Premium Profile

  • Integration with your appointment booking software (Zocdoc, etc.)
  • Automatic update of new reviews (manual request for Basic Profiles)
  • SEO and higher google ranking
  • Increase visibility on our search engine

As you can see, there are many benefits to creating an Even28 Premium Profile. Become an Even28 Premium Profile member and attract many more patients, and higher quality patients. Contact us at to learn more about Even28 Premium Profile and see if it's a good option for your dental practice. Don't forget, Even28 Premium Profile is only $250/ month and is a month-to-month subscription which means you can cancel at any time (although we promise you wont!)


Give patients more reasons to choose you as their dentist

Joining Even28 is simple and easy. Simply choose if you want a free Even28 Basic Profile or Even28 Premium Profile. You can always upgrade to a premium profile or downgrade to the basic profile, so there really is no risk. Fill out the form below and we'll help you get started. Join the teledentistry movement and start building your online presence on Even28 today. It's easier than you think and you'll be up and running in no time selling products, services and discount plans on Even28.