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Tutorial video on how to set up an Even28 Profile for your dental practice.

We all know that dentistry has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The biggest change has been that patients are increasingly turning to the internet to find the right dentist. There's no question that having a strong online presence is an essential part of running a successful dental practice. Here's what your typical patient does before they choose you as their dentist:

  • Research your online reputation to see if consider you trustworthy
  • Determine your clinical skill level based on testimonials and treatment photos
  • Search for any online deals you may be offering to help them start their dental care with you

Why create an Even28 Profile for your dental practice? Even28 provides you with all the tools you need to survive in this digital age. From booking appointments online to viewing your treatment photos, from showcasing your top reviews to selling dentistry directly online, Even28 has you covered. The best part: it's free to create your Even28 Profile as well as your Even28 Online Store.

Ready to create your Even28 Profile and join the Dentist Search Engine? Create or claim your complimentary Even28 Profile today and significantly strengthen your online presence. Click here to scroll down and create your profile right now:

Create/claim your Even28 Profile

  • If we've already generated an Even28 Profile for you then all you need to do is claim your profile. Email us at to claim your profile. We will link your email address to your profile so that you receive emails directly from patients as soon as they schedule their appointment with you.
  • If our team hasn't generated an Even28 Profile for you as of yet,  you can create your profile online. Start by using our dentist Search Engine to look for your name (click here to go to our dentist Search Engine now). If you don't find an Even28 Profile matching your name then you need to have us create a new profile for you.  Simply email us at and request that we set up your complimentary Even28 Profile. Alternatively, you can scroll down and fill out our online application to expedite the process (plan on spending about 30 minutes to complete our online application).

Create stunning photo galleries

Your Even28 Profile serves as a photo gallery to showcase your artistic ability. Patients love looking at before & after treatment photos and there's no better way to distinguish your profiles than by adding photos of your work to your profile. Adding photos to your profile is a free service and there's no limit as to how many photos you can display on your profile. We watermark and shrink your photos to make sure they are safe and secure. We also tag each photo with your name to improve your SEO. Email your before & after treatment photos to with your name, practice name, and city/state and we take care of the rest. Click here to visit our community guideline to learn more about posting photos to your Even28 Profile.

Showcase your top testimonials in one place

You're allowed a maximum of 35 reviews on your Practice Profile Page. And don't worry, we only post 5-star reviews to your profile. No room for negativity here! We currently accept 5-star reviews from the following reliable sources:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (both recommended and not-recommended reviews)
  • Zocdoc
  • Groupon (reviews are posted to your Even28 Online Store)
  • Healthgrades

Click here to visit our community guideline page to learn more about how to post reviews to your Even28 Profile. To submit a review, scroll down and fill out our review submission form at the bottom of this page.

Strengthen your online presence

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so why not make it a great one? Your Even28 Profile represents your best online self. We've researched the entire internet and surprisingly, it turns out that there's no real good place to research dentists. This is why we have decided to build a national dentist database and fix this problem. Claim or create your Even28 Profile today and get listed on the dentist Search Engine. Add before & after photos, gather quality reviews, and set an online store for your practice. All of these at no cost to you! The chart below explains how your Even28 Profile could gradually become the best way to attract patients to your dental practice:

Comparison of your dental website, Yelp business page and Even28 profile.

If this is your first time visiting our website, we recommend that you take a few minutes to better familiarize yourself with how Even28 works. Learn how you can use your Even28 Profile to attract more patients to your dental practice by reading the following links:

Be sure to check back periodically to learn about these awesome new features which we're going to release. Email us today at and we'll add you to our mailing list so that you never miss out on any new updates.


Fill out our online application to create your Practice Profile Page (fields marked with an asterisks are mandatory and must be filled out in order to submit your application):


You can post up to 35 reviews per page (Practice Profile Page, Dental Implant Page, Porcelain Page, etc.) We only accept 5-star reviews from the following sources:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (recommended and not recommended)
  • Zocdoc
  • Groupon
  • Healthgrades

If you've reached the 35 review maximum on your Practice Profile Page or any of your Procedure Specific Pages, then you must choose an old review to replace. Otherwise we will delete a review at random. For a complete explanation of how to post a review to your Even28 Profile, click here to visit our community guideline page:


Email your before & after treatment photos to and we will post them to your profile. Include your full name, practice name and city/state so we know who the photos belong to. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our community guidelines to ensure that your photos get posted:

  • Only submit high-quality photos: Take photos using an intraoral camera, professional camera or a high-quality smartphone. You can submit a maximum of 7 photos for each case.
  • Unfiltered, unedited photos only: You don’t need to worry about image theft when posting your photos to Even28. We resize, crop, and add a watermark to all photos in order to protect them. Additionally, we tag all photos with your name so that you get full SEO credit for them.
  • Include yourself in your photos: Include a smiling photo of you and your happy patient whenever you can. Patients looking at your profile love seeing a photo of you with other happy patients. Having yourself featured in photos makes you look genuine and creates a stronger emotional connection.
  • Obtain consent to photography: You should always get a written consent whenever taking patient’s photos, especially if there are identifiable facial features. Without a signed consent form on hand, we may be forced to remove your photos if patients file a complaint. Click here to download our consent to photography form if you need one.
  • Post as many photos as you can: There’s no limit as to how many photos you can post to your Even28 Profile. The more photos you post, the more your chances of attracting high-quality patients to your practice. Furthermore, profiles with more photos tend to rank higher on our Search Engine as well as on Google’s Search Engine. Keep taking photos and sending them to us to boost your profile.
  • Link your website to your profile: There’s a few ways to send more patients to your Even28 Profile. One of the best methods is to link your practice website to your Even28 Profile. This way, you don’t need to post your treatment photos to your practice website and can rely on your Even28 Profile as your photo gallery. If you’re interested, ask your representative to help you link your profile to your practice website.

For a complete explanation of posting photos to your Even28 Profile, click here to visit our community guideline page.