Dentists FAQ

What is

Even28 is a website dedicated to improving patient-dentist communication by creating a dentist Search Engine. Dentistry has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Running a successful dental practice, just like any other small business, requires an intricate knowledge of the world wide web. Managing your online presence can take away precious time that you should be spending managing your patients or enjoying your life. Even28 is here to help. We take care of everything you to give you a strong online presence so you can get back to doing what you do best: practicing excellent dentistry!

As a dentist Search Engine, every dentist is entitled to their very own complimentary Basic Profile. A Basic Profile includes a Practice Profile Page as well as an optional Even28 Online Store. Your Practice Profile Page includes your headshot, list of dental services, office hours, phone number, online booking form, before & after photo gallery, 5-star review compilation, and more. Your Even28 Online Store provides a safe and secure marketplace to highlight your prices and sell actual dental services online. As you can see, your Even28 Profile provides you with all the tools you need to get in front of patients in this digital universe. To get started, click here to create or claim your free Even28 Basic Profile today.

What is an Even28 Profile?

Your Even28 Profile is the collection of your Even28 webpages and content. Every dentist is entitled to a complimentary Even28 Basic Profile. This includes a Practice Profile Page and an optional Even28 Online Store. Click here to learn more about the benefits of creating a Basic Profile. In addition to Basic Profile, we also offer Even28 Premium Profile. Premium Profile is a monthly subscription service that offers plenty of additional features that help you generate more patients, such as:

  • Procedure-specific pages designed to sell high-end procedures such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, Invisalign®, etc.
  • Upgraded Even28 Online Store which includes a commission-free store, ability to list premium items, discount dental plans and more
  • Promotion of your profile across Google by creating a Google AdWords account for your profile
  • Removal of all ads and external links from your profile
  • Promotion of your profile across our top-ten dentist lists

There are countless benefits to upgrading to a Premium Profile. You can learn more about these by clicking here.

How do you claim your Even28 Profile?

We're building the world's most comprehensive dentist Search Engine and every dentist deserves to belong on our Search Engine. There's only one requirement to have an Even28 Profile: you must be a licensed dentist or dental specialist (for the time being you must also practice in the United States). If you're a dentist, sooner or later we will add your profile to our database and Search Engine. In order to expedite the process, go to our join page by clicking here. Then, fill out our online application and we will create your Even28 Profile within 7 business days. Join the dentist Search Engine for free and start attracting more patients through your Even28 Profile today!

What is an Even28 Practice Profile Page?

Think of your Even28 Practice Profile Page as your home page. Your Practice Profile Page connects to all your other profile pages, including your Even28 Online Store, Discount Dental Plan page (Premium Profiles), Procedure-Specific Pages (Premium Profiles), and Hygienist Pages (Premium Profiles). Everything your patients need to choose you as their dentist can be found on your Even28 Practice Profile Page. This includes your basic information, headshot, phone number, appointment booking form, office hours, before & after treatment photos, and 5-star review compilation.

Our job is to organize your content, make them accessible on our Search Engine, and ensure that our content gets in front of patients when at the exact moment they are looking for a new dentist. Send us your before & after photos and we will post them to your Even28 Profile. Submit a new 5-star review and we will display it on your Even28 Profile upon approval. Ready to create your profile and start showing up on the dentist Search Engine>? Then claim or create your Even28 Profile today by clicking here.

What is an Even28 Online Store?

Think of your Even28 Online Store as your dental practice's storefront. Creating an online store allows you to offer dental services for sale online. As you know, the biggest barrier to seeking dental care is the financial aspect of it, and creating an online store helps break down these barriers. Countless patients who are hesitant to visit your practice, because of how expensive dentists are, will now have the courage to come to you. Cet your prices, the ones which you are comfortable with, in front of patients who are searching the internet for those exact treatments. This is another free service that is available to all dentists. Some of you might already be selling a limited number of dental services online through Groupon. Even28 Online Store is similar to Groupon, but with a few key differences:

  • You don't have to discount your treatment in order to list them on your Even28 Online Store. Obviously, you want to list treatments for which you have competitive prices. However, you do not have to discount your prices simply to list them on your Even28 Online Store.
  • Your Even28 Online Store is directly linked to your Even28 Practice Profile Page. This makes it convenient for patients to go back and forth between your store and other profile pages. Add amazing before & after treatment photos to your Practice  Profile Page to make it easier to sell items from your online store.
  • The commission for selling dental services on Even28 Online Store is much lower than Groupon's commissions. Groupon typically charges 50% of an already 50% discounted price. In contrast, we only charge 10 to 20% commission on each item sold (commission varies based on item sold, store rating, sales history, etc. which you will learn more about once you apply for your Even28 Online Store). Even28 Premium Profile members have their entire Even28 Online Store commission waived. This means that if you sell a new patient exam, Invisalign®, or even dental implant on your Even28 Online Store and you make the same profit. Cool!

We are also a Groupon affiliate. This means that your existing Groupon deals will automatically show up on your Even28 Online Store to help you sell more items. The best way to use Groupon and Even28 together is to list your less expensive treatments (cleaning and whitening) on Groupon, then list your more costly treatments (crowns, dentures, implants, etc.) on your Even28 Online Store. Use the power of Groupon to bring patients to your online store without having to come across as a bargain practice or having to pay Groupon's hefty commissions on the more expensive treatments. Contact us today at to learn more about how you can create and optimize your Even28 Online Store.

What are Even28 procedure-specific pages?

Procedure-specific pages are pages dedicated to selling high-end dental procedures. These include services such as porcelain veneers, braces, dental implants, Invisalign®, etc. Procedure-specific pages are only available to Premium Profile members who have enough before & after photos to support these pages. Let's say you want to sell more braces. First, you need to gather enough before & after braces photos on your Even28 Practice Profile Page. Once you have sufficient content, you become eligible for creating an Even28 Braces Page. This page will be entirely dedicated to showcasing your braces skills, which includes:

  • Before & after photos of your braces patients
  • A story accompanying each photo series (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Up to 35 five-star reviews specifically related to braces and orthodontic treatment (we help you gather these reviews)
  • An online consult form for braces
  • Detailed review forms to help you get more reviews for braces and orthodontic treatments

There are lots of braces-related content on your Even28 Braces Page which boosts your SEO. So long as you have the photos, we will generate these pages for you. Keep sending us more and more photos to keep your profile looking fresh and updated. Here are some of the most popular procedure-specific pages to consider creating for your practice.

  • Teeth whitening
  • Smile makeover
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Clear aligners/ Invisalign®
  • Braces
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Fillings or Amalgam removal
  • Crown, inlays and onlays
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures

Which items can you sell on your Even28 Online Store?

This is your store and you can sell whatever you want here. We recommend to at least offer an exam and cleaning package so you don't miss out on new patients. You can also add basic treatments like teeth whitening services or custom dental appliances (nightguards, mouthguards, etc.) to attract more new patients. Basic Profile members can list up to ten items on their online store. However, there are certain items that are restricted to Premium Profiles. These include discount dental plans and premium items, which are combination treatments. Click here to learn more about how to set up your Even28 Online Store. If you're ready to get started, email us at and one of our representatives will contact you to help you set up your store.

What are the main features of your Even28 Practice Profile Page?

Think of your Even28 Practice Profile Page as your main page or homepage.  The first thing that you'll notice is your headshot is right at the top of your Practice Profile Page. Patients don't want to look at a random stock photo or your front office. They want to see what you, the dentist, actually looks like. Show them your face so they know who they're about to meet (after all, Even28 is a "dentist" Search Engine!) Next is your basic bio section. Then you'll see a phone call button, appointment booking form, office hours, and a list of your dental services. There next section is for displaying your before & after treatment photos. There are no limits as to how many photos you can post here. After that is a compilation of your top 5-star reviews, where there is a maximum of 35 reviews. Lastly, we include your parting words. This is where you get to share a bit about yourself and your practice philosophy with your potential patients. Your Practice Profile Page is one long page that contains everything patients need to know to choose you as their future dentist.

Is there a setup fee or monthly maintenance fee?

Nope! Your Practice Profile Page is part of our Basic Profile package, which means it's 100% free. There are no setup fees, no monthly maintenance fees, and no hidden fees. All you have to do is invest some time and effort into adding content to make your Even28 Profile more attractive (aka add photos!) If you haven't claimed your Even28 Profile click here to go to our join page and start your application online. You can also email us at and one of our representatives will reach out to help you get started.

How do you schedule online appointments?

It's very simple for patients to book an appointment on your Even28 Profile. All they have to do is fill out our online booking form and they are good to go. Once you've verified your profile, we link your email address and you start receiving appointments in real-time as soon as patients schedule their appointment with you. If you haven't verified your profile as of yet, you will receive an email or phone call from our admin department. Click here to go to our join me page to set up and verify your Even28 Profile. You can also email us at for further assistance.

How do you post before & after treatment photos?

They say a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. This is exactly why you need photos to set your profile apart from others. Adding quality before & after photos has an unimaginable impact on how patients perceive you online. Profiles with a nice photo gallery are 6 times as likely to receive a phone call or online booking as compared to profiles without a photo gallery. There are 2 methods to upload photos to your Even28 profile, which are:

  1. Email us your photos - Only email us original, unedited, high-quality photos. Send your photos to with your name, practice name, city and State in header: "Dr. Joe Smith from Amherst Dental Group & Orthodontics in Boston, Massachusetts". Include before & after photos pertaining to each treatment series on a separate email. We reserve the right to review all photos and reject the ones we don't approve. Once approved,  we crop, shrink, tag, and watermark your photos and add them to your Even28 Profile.
  2. Pull them from your website or social media - The other method to post photos to your Even28 Profile is to instruct us to pull your photos from your website or social media sites. We can pull photos from your Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, or practice website. Simply email us at and tell us where to find your photos. Our team will take care of the rest for you. The only problem with this method is that we can not guarantee the safety of your photos. Photos posted to social media sites are not protected and anyone can just rip them off. However, if you prefer this method, we are glad to oblige.

Is posting photos worth it?

Without a doubt! Profiles with an attractive photo gallery are 6 times as likely to generate a phone call or online booking when compared to profiles without a photo gallery. Adding photos and creating a beautiful photo gallery is the single most effective way of generating new patients from your Even28 profile. After all, what better way for patients to see what a skilled and artistic dentist you are than to look at treatment photos of your previous cases.

How do you post new reviews?

You can email us your reviews to If you already have the maximum 35 reviews then you should indicate which older review you'd like to replace. Our goal is to make every Even28 Profile as attractive as possible. Of course, this doesn't mean we just randomly add a bunch of 5-star reviews to your profile. You must earn all of your reviews. We only pull reviews from reputable websites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Plus, we only post 5-star reviews to your Even28 Profile. Those negative reviews can stay right where they are, as they are not welcome to Even28!

It's worthwhile mentioning that Even28 is more of a photo-sharing website and not a review website. This is why each dentist gets a maximum of 35 reviews per page but you're entitled to an unlimited number of before & after photos. Once you've reached the 35 review maximum, you're pretty much done with reviews. Focus on taking photos of your stunning dental work and growing your photo gallery pages. To learn more about how to post reviews to your profile, please refer to our community guideline by clicking here.

How do you setup your Even28 Online Store?

Think of your Even28 Online Store as your e-commerce or internet storefront. Your online store is a place where you can sell dental products and services directly online. How do you set up your online store? The first step is to complete your Practice Profile Page. We recommend that you add as much valuable content as possible (photos, reviews, etc.) to your profile stand out. Patients like to navigate back and forth between your profile pages and online store. This is why it's important to add quality photos & reviews to encourage patients to make a purchase from your Even28 Online Store.

Once you've created your Practice Profile Page, you can start working on your online store. Creating an Even28 Online Store is simple. Just select which treatments you want to list online and set their prices. We create your online store for you and patients can now start buying services directly on your Even28 Online Store. When you render a service, bill us and we pay you directly. Commission and processing fees will be automatically deducted from each sales item. Basic Profile members pay a commission of 10 to 20% on each item sold through their online store. Premium Profile members don't pay any commission. Please refer to our community guideline to learn more about how you can create your Even28 Online Store by clicking here. Additional details can be found in your contract which you will receive once you apply for your Even28 Online Store.

How much does it cost to sell on your Even28 Online Store?

First off, setting up your Even28 Online Store is completely free. This is a free service that is part of our Basic Profile package and is available to all dentists who are interested. Sales commission vary from 10 to 20% of the items sales price for Basic Profile members. Premium Profile members don't pay any commission. It's important to note that there are rules which you must follow to keep your Even28 Online Store running successfully. For instance, we require transparent pricing and switch and bait pricing is not permitted. More details can be found on your Even28 Online Store contract.

Creating an Even28 Online Store is optional, but it's highly recommended. Patients love the convenience and transparency associated with purchasing items online. We recommend you include at least a few treatments to attract new patients to your practice (cleaning, whitening, etc.) However, you're free to list any treatment which you have competitive prices for. There are no restrictions as to which items you can list on your Even28 Online Store. You can list anything from a $19 orthodontic consult all the way to a $25,000 all-on-four dental implant case. Patients don't just buy a $25,000 treatment online, but listing  your prices online certainly draws plenty of attention to your treatments.

What are the benefits of setting up your Even28 Online Store?

Dentistry is moving more and more towards an online universe. Selling dental services on your Even28 Online Store is a great way of attracting new patients and activating your existing patients who have been slacking off. Patients are exposed to countless dentist ads every day. It's very difficult to get patients to respond to your marketing efforts if you're not catching them at the exact moment that they looking for a new dentist. This is why selling dental services online is so effective at attracting new patients to your practice. Once a new patient makes a purchase from your Even28 Online Store (or Groupon store which we can integrate with your Even28 Online Store) there's an 80% chance that they'll show up to their appointment! Many patients have short-term memories and they forget about you. But guess what? They never forget that they paid $99 to purchase your new patient package or $49 to buy your braces consult. Create your own Even28 Online Store and lock these patients in. This way, you never have to worry about patients forgetting about you again!

What can you sell on your online store?

The short answer is that you can sell whatever you want on your Even28 Online Store. This includes new patient packages, teeth whitening, and consults to attract new patients. You can sell nightguards, mouthguards, sleep apnea device, or retainers. If you want, you can sell complete braces packages, actual crowns, dental implants, or denture. It's your store and you get to choose whichever items you want to list on it.

We should mention that even though it's your online store, it's our job to make sure that you are fair and honest. This is why we enforce certain rules and regulations to make sure that while you're being compensated for your work, you're also keeping your patients' best interest in mind. For instance, we don't permit switch & bait pricing on our online stores. You can learn more about these rules and regulations in your Even28 Online Store contract. Stores that receive complaints may be subject to probation, fines, or closure. Therefore, only list items that you feel comfortable offering and be sure to list them at prices that work for you and your patients.

Can you sell discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store?

Yes, you can sell discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store. However, this feature is only available to our Premium Profile members. If you're having success getting patients from your Even28 Profile and selling items on your Even28 Online Store, you should consider going premium. Not only will your commission get waived, but you can now add discount dental plans to the list of items available for sale on your Even28 Online Store (or even setup a separate discount dental plan page if you want offer multiple discount plans). We can guide you on how to setup your discount dental plans, but it's your responsibility to come up with your own discount dental plan and fee schedule. We take care of the rest for you. This means listing your discount dental plans online, selling them, and renewing them once the year is up.

Note that discount dental plans become effective on the first day your patients shows up, not on the date of purchase. This means that if a patient buys a discount dental plan from your online store on January 1st but doesn't show up to their appointment until February 1st, the effective date of the discount dental plan will be February 1st (not January 1st). Offering a grace period is important since many patients won't show up for a month or two after purchasing their discount dental plan. Let your patients take their time to come to you when they're ready to start some serious dental work. Keep in mind, once a patient purchases an item from your online store, there's an 80% chance that they will show up. Plus, many of these patients are ready to spend the time and money needed to fix their mouth while they have their discount dental plan for the year.

What are Even28 Procedure-Specific Pages?

Procedure-specific pages are pages dedicated to displaying photos and reviews related to a single procedure. You can create procedure-specific pages for any dental treatment you'd like, from fillings and cleanings all the way to veneers and implants. The goal of setting up these pages is to attract patients for high-end treatments. Procedure-specific pages provide a huge SEO boost and make you stand out for these specific treatments. Keep in mind that procedure-specific pages are only available to Premium Profile members.

What does a typical Even28 Procedure-Specific Page look like?

Say you want to make a page for porcelain veneers. Your "Porcelain Veneer Page" will include all of the following:

  • Before & after photos of your porcelain veneer treatments
  • You can add a brief description to go along with each photo series (optional, but highly recommended)
  • A compilation of your 5-star reviews satisfied veneer/cosmetic dentistry patients
  • Consult form

We understand that getting porcelain veneer reviews could be somewhat challenging. Luckily, we're here to help! First, we scrape through your social media sites to look for any porcelain veneer reviews. We also add a detailed review form to your profile to help you gather more reviews. Instruct your satisfied porcelain veneer patients to go to this page and submit a review. Over time, you will start gathering more and more photos and reviews on your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page. Now, all you have to do is sit back and watch those patients submit their consult form from your Even28 Porcelain Veneer Page!

What are the benefits of creating Procedure-Specific Pages?

If you excel in any dental treatment, then you should create procedure-specific pages for those treatment. Creating a whole page dedicated to a specific service is an excellent way of attracting high-end treatments. This is a must for all serious practitioners. Imagine the impact that displaying dozens or hundreds of treatment photos, stories, and 5-star reviews on how patients perceive your skill level when it comes to that dental procedure.

Let's revisit our Porcelain-Veneer Page. Imagine a patient who's in the market for porcelain veneer treatment. They search Google and come across your Porcelain-Veneer Page where they encounter countless before & after porcelain veneer photos, stories of your happy patients, and 5-star reviews to validate your work. Most patients would be inclined to learn more about this doctor, and rightfully so. Gathering all this relevant information, photos, stories, and 5-star reviews in one place will help take patients one step closer to choosing you as their dentist for porcelain veneers, or whichever treatment it may be that you create procedure-specific pages for.

Furthermore, creating procedure-specific pages gives you an enormous SEO boost that skyrockets your ranking for those keywords on Google's Search Engine. Posting reviews and photos to your Even28 Profile (don't forget, Even28 is a dentist Search Engine) is much more effective than posting them to your own practice website. Google heavily favors Search Engine content over personal websites since Search Engines are more reliable, streamlined, and better organized.

Lastly, profiles with spectacular photos and reviews will also be periodically featured on our top 10 lists. This means that when a patient searches for keywords "porcelain veneers", they may come across your profile on our top-ten porcelain veneer provider list. In conclusion, your SEO improves, you get more visibility, generate more consults, and rank on our top-ten procedure lists.

What are the requirements for creating Procedure-Specific Pages?

Procedure specific pages are only available to Premium Profile members. Basic Members are more than welcome to add as many photos to their Even28 Profile, however,  all photos will be displayed on their Practice Profile Page. If in the future you decide to upgrade to Premium, your photos will be categorized and organized into the respective procedure-specific pages. The only other requirement for creating procedure-specific pages is that you must have enough before & after photos for the respective treatment. Contact us today at to work on your photo galleries or learn more about how to create Procedure-Specific Pages for your practice.

What are Even28 clear aligners?

We offer our own clear aligner system, known as Even28 at-home. Despite its name, Even28 at-home™ is exclusively offered through local dentists and orthodontists. Even28 at-home™ clear aligner program is a fixed cost clear aligner program reserved for treating simpler orthodontic movements, mostly those involving minor anterior tooth movement. We designed Even28 at-home™ to directly compete with DIY aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co.™. Offering Even28 at-home™ helps you retain many patients whom you would have otherwise lost to Smile Direct Club™. Here's how we recommend you use Even28 at-home™ in your practice:

  1. If your patient requires minimal tooth movement offer them Even28 at-home™ at a fixed cost of $1,995 so you don't lose them to Smile Direct Club™
  2. If your patient's case is more complicated then offer them Invisalign® instead. Offering Even28 at-home™ gets these patients into your practice (instead of Smile Shops™) where you can educate them on why their clear aligner treatment requires dentist supervision and involvement to justify the additional cost of treatment. 
  3. The most complex orthodontic cases require braces or referral to an orthodontist.

To learn more about Even28 at-home™ clear aligners and which cases qualify for at-home aligners, click here. If you're ready to introduce Even28 Clear Aligners in your practice, email us at and we will reach out to help you get started.

What are the benefits of offering Even28 at-home™?

Offering Even28 at-home™ allows you to compete with DIY clear aligner programs like Smile Direct Club and Candid Co™. DIY aligner programs don't require any direct dentist supervision so instead of spending money on dentists, they spend all their money on advertisement. One way to compete with them is to hire your own A-list celebrity and spend tens-of-millions of dollars each month on advertisement. The other option is to offer a similar clear aligner program, make it better, include dentist supervision, and offer it for a competitive price. That is exactly why we created Even28 at-home™!

Even28 at-home™ is priced at $1,995 which is similar to the cost of DIY aligner programs. Keep in mind, we have to enforce a fixed price to make the program competitive with DIY aligner programs. Even28 at-home™ includes all of your patient's clear aligners upfront. This means that you don't have to spend 10+ hours of chair-time following up on each case. You have the option of adding accessories, such as retainers, whitening trays, and mouthguards, to better serve your patient's oral health and earn higher profits. These accessories will arrive with your patient's clear aligner package, eliminating the need to take additional impressions or scans. Ultimately, you put in as much time into an Even28 at-home™ case as you would into making a set of whitening trays, instead, you make $2,000 to 2,500 (when you add a few accessories). Not a bad deal for 1.5 hours of work!

What are the fees for Even28 at-home™?

Even28 at-home™ has a set fee of $1,995. A fixed pricing model makes our program competitive against DIY clear aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co™. DIY clear aligner programs are taking patients away from local dentists and orthodontists by advertising lower fees for what is supposedly a similar treatment. Think about it, why would a consumer/patient pay more for what they perceive as the same treatment? What we've done is break down clear aligner treatment into two categories:

  1. Simple cases qualify for Even28 at-home™ clear aligners which costs the same as DIY aligner programs. The difference is that the profits now stay in your pockets instead of a large corporate.
  2. The not so simple cases are treated as you would treat any existing patients using Invisalign® or braces. Still, offering Even28 at-home™ provides you the opportunity to stop patients from going online in search of their clear aligners.

Once patients present to your practice for their clear aligner consult, you can work with them to determine which is the best course of treatment. Help your patient understand if they are a good candidate for at-home aligners or if continuous dentist supervision is necessary. Educate your patients and they will agree to go for the treatment which best suits their needs. This way, you get to sell either Even28 at-home™ or Invisalign® and stop patients from choosing DIY aligners.

Which accessories are available alongside our clear aligner program?

Selling accessories is an important part of offering clear aligner treatment, especially when it comes to at-home aligner programs. Since at-home aligners cost less, patients are more likely to want to add a few accessories to their clear aligner program. Offer your patients the following accessories if they need one:

  • Custom bleaching trays
  • Custom nightguard
  • Athletic mouthguards
  • Essix or Hawley retainers
  • Sleep apnea device

Be sure to discuss these accessories with your patients upfront. Add whichever accessory your patient decides to purchase to your clear aligner prescription. We will design and ship them out alongside your patient's clear aligners. These custom accessories are designed to fit your patient's teeth upon completion of their clear aligner program. Schedule your patient at the end of their clear aligner program to deliver and adjust their accessories for them.

How do you become an Even28 clear aligner provider?

Email us at and request to become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider. Those of you with sufficient experience with clear aligners will be automatically grandfathered in and you can start offering patients Even28 at-homeclear aligners. If you don't have enough, or any,  experience with clear aligners, we will schedule you for online training. Once you've successfully finished our course, you can start offering Even28 clear aligners in your practice. We will send you everything you need to start sell Even28 clear aligners, including posters,  pamphlets, lab prescriptions, and treatment consent forms.

Why did we create Even28?

We created Even28 to solve the online marketing problem for dentists. Creating a dentist Search Engine solves countless problems that dentists face in their practice, for instance:

  • Showcase your treatment photos on a website that focus exclusively on dentists
  • Get online bookings and phone calls without having to pay for them
  • Showcase your positive reviews without worrying about negative reviews
  • Sell dentistry online and get your prices in front of patients shopping on the internet

If you don't currently have an Even28 Profile, or haven't claimed your profile, click here to go to our join page and start building your Even28 Profile today. You can also email us at and one of our representatives will contact you to help you get started.

How does my Even28 Profile compare to my practice website?

The biggest difference between the two is that your Even28 Profile is 100% focused around you, the dentist, not around your dental practice. See, your website and social media sites are all attached to your dental practice. You have a "practice" website, not a "dentist" website. In contrast, your Even28 Profile is your profile and it's attached to you, the dental practitioner. After all, we are a "dentist" Search Engine, not a dental practice Search Engine!

There are many benefits to creating a Search Engine linked to the dentist. For example, whatever content you add to your Even28 Profile stays there indefinitely. You can open up your Even28 Profile the minute you graduate dental school and continue adding content to it until the day you retire. If you move, we simply change your practice name and city/State and you get to keep all its content.

The next big difference is that your Even28 Profile is free. Websites cost money. However, your Even28 Profile is free! There are no monthly maintenance fees or setup fees whatsoever. Now we're not suggesting you should cancel your website and just keep your Even28 Profile. Ideally, you want to have a great website as well as a fabulous Even28 Profile to maximize your online presence. Click here to create, or claim, your Even28 Profile today.

How does my Even28 Profile compare to my Yelp business page?

One major difference between Even28 and Yelp is that Even28 is a dentist-only platform. Our goal is to create a community where dentists can showcase their treatment photos in a safe and secure environment. Being a dentist only website, we are way more specialized than Yelp. Listing your dental services, selling our own clear aligners, establishing an online store,  creating procedure-specific pages, offering discount dental plans, etc. are things that only a dentist-based platform can offer. In contrast, Yelp is primarily a review-based/popularity website. In order to avoid becoming another review site, we've elected to enforce different rules:

  • Each dentist is entitled to a maximum of 35 reviews per page and no more. Collect up to 35 reviews from different social media sites and you're done with reviews forever. Sounds crazy right? We're so used to feeding on new reviews that the idea of focusing on quality reviews has been replaced by a thirst for more and more reviews.
  • There are no negative reviews on Even28. Negativity is not welcome anywhere on Even28!
  • Reviews are not dated on Even28 so they don't look stale over time.

Leaving out dates, capping the number of reviews, and banning negative reviews are just another way we ensure that Even28 is a stress-free and positive community where dentist can present their best online selves.

How does my Even28 Profile compare to my Facebook page?

The biggest difference between the two is that Even28 gets your photos in front of patients when it matters (aka, when they are actively searching for a dentist). Facebook is a social media site designed for people to communicate. Frankly, no one wants to look at your Invisalign® or veneer photos when they're messing around on Facebook! In contrast, Even28 has created a place for dentists to share their treatment photos with patients who are actively searching for a dentist.

Your Even28 Profile is where you should post your before & after treatment photos, not Facebook and Instagram. Here are some of the reasons why you should only post your treatment photos to your Even28 Profile:

  • It's free to post photos and you can post unlimited photos to your Even28 Profile.
  • We protect your photos by watermarking them, whereas other social media websites don't do this for you. Photos posted to Facebook or Instagram can easily be stolen using a simple copy and paste.
  • We tag all of your photos with your name and procedure name. Tagging photos allows Google to understand who the photos belong to and which treatment they display. Every photo posted to your Even28 Profile is tagged with your first and last name as well as the procedure itself. Social media websites don't do this, which is why Google doesn't credit you for photos posted to your social media.

Because Facebook is free and easy to use, many dentists mistakenly post their before & after photos here, thinking that they will get credit for them. However, 99% of your patients will never see these photos that are posted to your Facebook or Instagram account. So the next time you take a before and after photo of your work, email them to us at and watch your photos earn you more patients month after month!

What's the difference between Even28 and my Zocdoc page?

Zocdoc, for those of you familiar with the website, is a doctor/dentist online appointment booking website. We accept reviews posted to your Zocdoc page as a source of 5-star reviews. You can also integrate your Even28 Profiles with your Zocdoc profile to take advantage of their online booking features. Note that Zocdoc integration is only available to Premium Profile members. Please contact us at to learn more about integrating your Premium Profile with your Zocdoc account.

How does Even28 compare to Groupon?

You probably know that Groupon is a very popular online discount website. It turns out that running a successful Groupon campaign can be very profitable for many dental practices. While the idea of discounting your fees 50% and then receiving 50% of that may not seem all that great, creating a strategic Groupon campaign can draw lots of attention to your dental practice. The great news is that your Even28 Online Store is compatible with Groupon. There are several benefits to selling dentistry on your Even28 Online Store in addition to running a Groupon campaign:

  • You don't need to discount treatments in order to list them on your Even28 Online Store.
  • You get to keep 75 to 90% of the proceeds instead of 50% as is the case with Groupon.

Using your Groupon campaign in conjunction with your Even28 Online Store can be a powerful tool to grow your practice without having to make too many sacrifices. Even28 is a Groupon partner, which means that we can integrate your Groupon deals directly with your Even28 Online Store. Contact us at to learn more. Be sure to let us know about any current Groupon campaigns so that we can integrate them.