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Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Linda C. from Cliffside Park, NJ (Source: Yelp)


You know how important your smile may be when you always hide yours!!!! My dentist sent me to Dr. Sandman because my teeth were shifting. I had braces two times prior to visiting Bergen orthodontics. Once as a child and a second time in my 20’s, well now I am much older. When I went to Dr. Sandman I had no expectations of any major changes. No one ever told me they could get rid of a heavy gum and have beautiful longer teeth. No one but Dr. Sandman envisioned this change. He told me right away what could be done. It would take a little longer but does not cost more and my smile would be so beautiful!!!! I never thought Dr. Sandman’s vision could come to fruition. Well to my absolute surprise, two years later I now have the most beautiful smile–no heavy upper gum and beautiful teeth. How do I thank Dr Sandman? By letting as many people as possible how terrific he and his team are!!! Every person who walks into that office gets treated as if an old friend has walked in!!! Kids, adults and all. I cannot thank Dr Sandman and the whole team enough. Linda Lederman

Christina L (Source: Google)


I’ve been with Dr. Sandman for years! Now that I’m an adult (not a high schooler with braces anymore!) I fully appreciate the service and attention Dr. Sandman and his staff provide excellent service, and I’m never embarrassed for a full grown adult getting new retainers or getting my retainers adjusted. They made my new retainers fairy quickly, using a cloud digital service-they even 3D printed a copy of my teeth which is pretty incredible. So happy with my new hot pink glow in the dark retainers (yes I’m an adult but come on who doesn’t love glow in the dark retainers-halloween fun anyone?) Thank you to Dr. Sandman and his staff! You’ve earned a forever customer. Thanks for keeping my smile bright and teeth straight!

Janice Yeoh (Source: Facebook)


I am never on FB, but I want everyone to know how wonderful Dr. Sandman and his staff are. They are truly so kind, caring, competent, and excellent at what they do. Dr. Sandman called the morning after my son got his expander on, and again the morning after he got his braces on to make sure that everything was OK. And he even bought my son’s favorite chewy candy, Airheads, for my son to enjoy in the minutes after the expander came off and before the braces went on. Who does that?!? I can’t tell you how happy he made my son with that kind, thoughtful gesture. Dr. Sandman makes himself available for his patients, and he truly puts their needs first. The love, care, and attention he shows his patients is truly remarkable. I can’t sing enough praises about Dr. Sandman and his staff. If you are looking for an orthodontist, look no further.

Melanie C. from Old Tappan, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman is an amazing orthodontist!  He has compassion, he is meticulous, and has a great sense of humor.  My 3 sons all had braces with Dr. Sandman and they all loved him!  My children have three beautiful smiles!!!!  My youngest son just got his braces off, and we had some trouble in the beginning with the palate expander that I had wanted to take it out!  Dr. Sandman was so reassuring that he would adjust to it and be fine!  Well Dr. Sandman was right and I drove this poor doctor crazy about it!  He is the best of the best!!!!!!  His work is very professional and what I love about Dr. Sandman is that he is very meticulous with his patients,  so that they all come out with the best smile!!!!  Thank you Dr. Sandman for making all my children come out with beautiful straight teeth!  You are the best by far!!!!

Jaron Bosompem (Source: Google)


Got my Invisalign on today. Couldn’t have been a better experience. Office is very clean, temperature checks and covid screenings upon arrival. They explained everything as they were doing it and held my hand through it. It all went just like they had explained. Dr. Sandman, Erica and team where all very friendly highly recommend Bergen Orthodontics.

Carol G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


After having had the standard silver metal braces as a teenager, as an adult considering braces for the second time around, I did extensive research on the type of braces I wanted.  This time, with all the new technology and styles of braces available, I wanted braces that wouldn’t be noticeable when I talk or smile.  I decided on Damon Clear.  Dr. Sandman was the first provider that was on the Damon Doctor Referral page, so I scheduled an appointment for a consultation.  From the moment I entered Dr. Sandman’s office, I was welcomed by his wonderful office staff.  We discussed what orthodontic work and extractions I had as a kid and about a consultation I had as an adult in Manhattan by a very well respected (and very expensive) orthodontist who wanted me to have surgery to correct a bad bite.  It would have been a very lengthy and very expensive proposition.  It had been such a distressing consult that it took me at least 6 years before seeking out a second opinion!  Fortunately, Dr. Sandman saw another approach and instilled in me the confidence to move forward for a fraction of the time and cost.  It was the best “yellow pages” referral I ever received!  The work took about 18 months from start to finish with monthly to six-week interval visits with minimal discomfort. Dr. Sandman and his attentive staff provided me with outstanding service, My smile is perfectly aligned and my bite is 100% improved.  I am so delighted with the outcome and would highly recommend Dr. Sandman to adults and teens alike.  I witnessed how they engage with their younger patients and saw the patience they have in explaining how and what they were doing. Dr. Sandman and his dental technicians are magicians with kids.  They have a great rapport with all their little (and big) patients alike! You will be beyond delighted should you choose Bergen Orthodontics!

Yokasta P. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dear Dr. Sandman and Staff: On behalf of myself, and especially my son, Markus, I want to express our deep appreciation and delight with the completion of Markus’ orthodontia treatment. Markus now has an incredible smile. When I remember the condition of his teeth two years ago, it almost brings me tears to see the difference in how perfectly aligned they are now. Growing up, Markus never wanted to smile, but now his smile is big and wide. Thank you for not only changing his smile, but for all the cooperation and assistance we received during the process. Your staff was always accommodating and cooperative. We feel we definitely made the right decision, and it was well worth the effort. Again, please accept our deepest thanks, and best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Yokasta P. (son Markus Espinal), Age 15

Anthony Boettger (Source: Google)


Dr. Sandman and his staff are all so wonderful and nice! Joanne is amazing and so gentle and kind. Dr. Sandman and his team are so cool and amazing. From the front desk to the operatory area, every single staff member is positive and kind. From Dana the office manager to Amy the scheduler, they are so super accommodating! I recommend this office to anyone looking for the perfect smile and experience!

Zoe Dermer (Source: Google)


Today I had the pleasure of working with Joanne to take off my braces. She did a really good job and did it super smoothly and efficiently. It was really a great experience and I love coming here to see Dr. Sandman and his team because they truly are the best and always make sure that you have the best care that they can provide. They always go the extra mile when it comes to fixing your smile and it is truly super great coming here every two or so months for my braces checkups.

Susan T. from Tenafly, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Dr. Sandman for orthodontic treatment for anyone, of any age.  Dr. Sandman and his staff are kind, caring and the utmost professionals.  The practice is busy, but I’ve never felt rushed.  Dr. Sandman and his team take their time with each patient.  They’re responsive to questions and concerns, and really care about getting you the best result and making sure the entire process is a comfortable one.  The office is immaculate, too!  If you want a patient-centered orthodontics practice, this is the one for you.

V R. from Bergenfield, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman and his staff truly about being the best. I am consistently impressed by the way I am treated and beyond moved by the way my children are treated. The office staff go above and beyond to make sure the difficult world of insurance is easily explained while coordinating dental and orthodontic treatments for a very busy parent! My children have had amazing results in an short period of time. Dr. Sandman is truly gifted!

Tiffany Moral (Source: Google)


Had an awesome experience getting braces on with Dr. Sandman & Team! As an adult, I was super anxious and kind of upset going into it this late in the game but Theresa and Dr. Sandman made the process so smooth I left with a more positive outlook. Not only were they so kind and gentle placing the braces on, but they made me feel comfortable and engaged talking about life and Netflix recs. You walk into the office and can instantly tell you’re going to be in great hands. Currently on Day 1 of the process, but can’t wait to see how I progress thanks to the incredible team at Bergen Ortho!

Danielle T. from Bergenfield, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman and his staff at Bergen Orthodontics are truly the best! They have a way of running a seamlessly professional yet at the same time fun office that both patients and parents enjoy. So much so that my son actually looked forward to his appointments. Impeccable service, friendly staff and outstanding results, are only a few reasons why Bergen Orthodontics is in a class by itself. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an Orthodontist. And by the way…my son’s smile is perfect! He couldn’t be happier! Thank you Dr. Sandman and to everyone at Bergen Orthodontics!! Danielle, Kaan, and Thomas

Andri K. from Demarest, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr Sandman is very good orthodontist. His staff is very friendly and helpful. My daughter has been going to him for 2 years now. She has had lots of appliances  like braces, pallet expanders and retainers. We have seen a tremendous difference in her teeth. He is not only a fantastic orthodontist but also a friendly and caring individual. I am very extremely pleased that we have Dr. Sandman  as my daughter’s orthodontist. I definitely recommend Dr. Sandman to anyone looking for a wonderful orthodontist for their kid.

Avalon P. from Palisades, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman made braces a postive and fun experience. I definitely did not expect to enjoy being a metal mouth but somehow, monthly visits to his office were always something i looked forward to. I am very thankful that I was welcomed into the Bergen Orthodontics family and i couldn’t be any happier with the transformation of my smile.  10/10 would recommend

Rachel H. from Haledon, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman has been my orthodontist throughout my orthognathic treatment. The office is about 45 minutes away from my house and every drive and traffic light was worth it. I have been to my fair share of dental specialists and physicians, and Dr. Sandman and the team are far and away the best. The team works fluidly with each other to make sure you get everything you need. Even when it’s a busy day at the office, they make you feel like you are the most important person in the room! Every individual is friendly, kind, and helpful. I could not have asked for better treatment or a better outcome. Now that my braces are off and I’ll be visiting less frequently, I am actually sad about it! If you’re looking for an orthodontist, look no further than here if you want the best possible care!

Lori R. from Northvale, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Both my boys use Dr. Sandman and his wonderful staff for their braces. The care we receive is over the top amazing!!! Dr. Sandman and his staff make us feel like we are family. We are always greeted with warm smiles no matter how busy the office is. They are also so accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments with my crazy schedule. Also any concerns or problems Dr. Sandman has always made himself available for a call. Thanks to Dr. Sandman and his staff the experience with braces for my boys has been a pleasure! Highly recommend this office :))

Athanasia Chandras (Source: Google)


I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Sandman for nearly 5 years now, and he is outstanding at his job. He has demonstrated immense creativity and patience with my complicated case, and makes sure that I always feel comfortable. The staff in the office are extremely pleasant, and the technicians are always precise. The care that I’ve received this far is outstanding, and I truly feel properly accommodated and like a part of Dr. Sandman’s family.

Dennis Yu (Source: Google)


I would like to thank Dr. Sandman and his entire team at Bergen Orthodontics for making my daughter’s orthodontic experience very pleasant and I daresay, fun! Dr. Sandman really goes the extra mile. The expertise, professionalism and dental care that he and his team provides is truly above and beyond. My daughter now has the teeth to match her smile! We truly couldn’t ask for more. Give Bergen Orthodontics a call or a visit, you won’t regret it.

Matt K. from TX, TX (Source: Yelp)


Our family (3 members so far) have been patients of Dr Sandman for years and he is simply the best orthodontist around. My wife completed her Invisilign with him last year and 2 kids (so far) have received braces – with my son getting ready to start in 2017. It’s really about trust. As a parent, I trust that he is giving my children excellent care and that I am getting the best value for my money. The kids? (My own and the others that I see there) see Dr Sandman as the cool, big brother who hosts raffles, gives away prizes, and just so happens to adjust their braces.

Gaby K. from Cresskill, NJ (Source: Yelp)


A absolutely fantastic experience. just completed Invisalign and my son braces and both Dr Sandman and his staff deserve a 5-stars award! Always attentive, responsive and caring, i wholeheartedly recommend Dr Sandman to anyone that is looking for a perfect smile!!!

Jill Caruso (Source: Facebook)


I highly recommend Bergen Orthodontics. Dr. Sandman and his staff are excellent. They provided my children with excellent care and made sure the they stayed on track to achieve the best possible outcome. Both of my children needed braces and Dr. Sandman thoroughly explained the process, every step of the way. He and his staff helped my children feel comfortable about braces and provided support and encouragement. Their teeth look great!!

Chris (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Sandman. I am in my 20s and need braces to prepare my teeth for orthognathic surgery, and Dr. Sandman is by far the most thorough and experienced orthodontist I have met. He spent a lot of time reviewing my case and discussing all of my options with me. He was also happy to take as much time as necessary answering any questions I had. Additionally, both he and his entire office are incredibly friendly. I’ve learned how important it is to make sure the best professionals are in charge of your teeth in order to avoid issues later in life, and I wish I had Dr. Sandman as my orthodontist when I was younger.

Jamilah Sanchez (Source: Google)


I came here to get braces about two years ago and have been surrounded by friendly people and great treatment ever since. I’m now proud to say that my braces are off and my teeth are 100x better than before. I can’t thank the staff and Dr.Sandman enough for all the hard work and dedication they’ve put into making my smile prettier and raising my confidence. If you’re thinking about coming here, do it!!!

Alana D. from Closter, NJ (Source: Yelp)


All 3 of my kids (including myself) see Dr. Sandman. His work is just as perfect as his personality. However, I must take time to speak about his AMAZING team. My 8 year old daughter would not have made it through her palate expander appointment without KASHA. She is the sweetest, most nurturing, knowledgeable, and kind assistant. Dr. Sandman is so lucky to have her. Dr. Sandman, Kasha, and the rest of the team makes every patient feel like they are the most important one in the room. I recommend Dr. Sandman and his team to every child, adolescent, and child who wants a perfect smile!

Meelanie C. from Westwood, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman and his staff are very professional and very caring to their patients.  The office is very clean and beautifully done.  Dr. Sandman is very meticulous and will make sure that your child comes out with a beautiful smile!  I am very pleased with the outcome of my children’s teeth.  Their smile looks amazing!  Thank you Dr. Sandman!  Your the best!

Alyssa O. from Dumont, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman and his staff are incredible. I recently did Invisalign through them and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone is so nice and down to earth and Dr.Sandman is extremely professional in his craft. I appreciated his honest advice that ultimately got me the smile I’ve always wanted in just 9 months! Absolutely would recommend to anyone looking for an orthodontist. Thank you Bergen Orthodontics!

Suzanne T. from Westwood, NJ (Source: Yelp)


There aren’t enough positive accolades that I can give to  Dr. Sandman and his staff.  Dr sandman is a genuinely warm and caring orthodontist who makes you feel comfortable right from the start.   He completely relates to his patients of all ages.  He is a perfectionist and strives for nothing less than the perfect smile for his patients. He demonstrates nothing but care and concern throughout the entire process and he is just as happy as you when the final day arrives for the unveiling of the perfect smile!  And the caring does not stop once the braces come off.  He continues to stand behind you ensuring everything is properly maintained. To say that he goes above and beyond would be an understatement.  My son had damage done to his retainer by his dentist and Dr. Sandman took all the necessary steps and procedures to correct it properly for my son. He did this out of the goodness of his heart. It has been a true pleasure to work with Dr. Sandman. His entire office staff is outstanding, friendly and always willing to help you.  Thank you Dr. Sandman for being the BEST!

Shari Ben-ishay (Source: Google)


Bergen Orthodontics has been taking care of me and my 3 children since 2013 – 3 very successfully competed brace treatments and one very successful Invisalign treatment. We have always been treated very well with a great deal of patience (kids, bands, etc) with Dr. Sandman, Joanne, Petra and ALL the team. Each of our dental issues – some complex – Dr. Sandman diagnosed, had a plan and corrected within the course of the treatment. I have been very happy with my experience at Bergen Orthodontics and I highly recommend to all of my friends!

Marianna Miller (Source: Google)


I can not thank Dr Sandman enough for what he did for my daughter and how he transformed her smile! What a drastic difference when we look at her before and after photos! She has the most beautiful smile and that has given her so much confidence as a teenager. This is all thanks to Dr Sandman’s amazing talent! His staff is super friendly and accommodating and always makes us feel so welcome. His prices are also very fair! I would highly recommend Bergen Orthodontics, thank you once again Dr. Sandman for all you did for our daughter. Our son is next!

Natasha V. from Norwood, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Today marked the end of my Invisalign journey with Dr. Sandman and his team.  I am over 50 and finally decided that I would take the time and funds to correct my smile. I could not be more thrilled with the results.   My son was a patient of Dr. Sandman with beautiful results as well.  When I decided that I wanted to move forward in my own smile correction I was intrigued with many of the local area advertisements that came in many forms from post cards in my mail, to banner’s on the side of buildings that all stated very affordable rates and speedy correction times.  I did my due diligence and had consultations with Four (4) different locations before calling Dr. Sandman’s office for an appointment. I was curious why there was a significant difference in costs and promise of time of process.  After my collection of information I then made an appointment with Dr. Sandman’s office.  There was no question after the consultation that I was “going to contract” with Dr. Sandman. His Passion and commitment to his work and the process for his patients is superior-and the difference between an Orthodontist and other options was clearly defined.  Each time I had an appointment I was treated like a VIP.  Dr. Sandman’s team is friendly, welcoming, helpful and professional.  Dr. Sandman has an incredible and unparalleled way of speaking to his patients Young and “seasoned”.  To see his communication with his youthful patients is truly remarkable!  To see them smile and feel proud, important and empowered while in his chair made me melt.   Now that I have a beautiful smile and my time at Dr. Sandman’s office is complete I am trying to figure out how to wiggle my way into more time spent there so I can always feel like the VIP the Dr. Sandman Team made me feel.  And now I can smile with confidence!

Leya S. from Highland Park, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman is really amazing!! Not only is he SO talented, he has PERFECT bedside manner. He makes you feel so comfortable, while giving you the most beautiful smile. I am one of the older patients of Dr. Sandman (in my late 20s) but he is so conscious of my needs and how they differ from his more pediatric patients. He always takes the time to get to know you personally as well as any thoughts, concerns or symptoms you are having. He is really one of a kind, I would recommend him to anyone and I would go back to him always.

Chris W. from New Milford, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sandman is a great person who I looked forward to seeing every month during my adjustments. As an older patient I was nervous to get braces and asked a lot of questions; he always took the time to reassure me and alleviate any concerns I had. More importantly than his personality, he does a great job. He is an extremely intelligent provider who was always able to answer any questions I threw at him with confidence. Moreover, he is an absolute perfectionist and on multiple occasions, he was able to problem solve and modify the original computerized plan when it was not working for me. He is smarter than the insignia software. Dr. Sandman was a straight shooter and my braces were off in the exact time he promised me. I couldn’t be happier with my treatment. His staff is also great. They were prompt at returning calls and were not at all similar to dealing with a giant healthcare bureaucracy. The office runs like a well-oiled machine–they really seem like more of a family than an office.

Amy Bayer (Source: Google)


This practice and team especially Joanne is unlike any other. Dr. Sandman is kind and compassionate and extremely dedicated to each and every person who walks through his door. His team goes above and beyond to work right by his side and ensure that everyone leaves happy. I would never recommend anyone but Dr. Sandman and his amazing team!

Allysandra M. from Harrington Park, NJ (Source: Yelp)


Just starting out the braces odyssey with my almost 11-year old twins, and we’re off to an amazing start with Dr. Sandman!  He is calm, assuring, kind and extremely knowledgeable from what we’ve experienced so far!  Absolutely fantastic with kids —   He’s also managed to find some of the nicest staff in NJ, resulting in an extremely welcoming, friendly office environment – just what anxious kiddos need in this situation!  There’s a fun rewards program for taking care of your braces/teeth, in addition to lots of other things to encourage the kids.  I have great confidence in Dr Sandman that we’ll have great results with a very positive experience! (I should mention that I currently have Invisalign through another orthodontist, so I have a reference point:-)