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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:15am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Liliana L. from Cupertino, CA (Source: Yelp)


Excellent service and great orthodontist work from Doctor Camilo Riano. Doctor’s office is very modern and relaxing. Great for adults but also for children. My daughter, now 11, has been seeing doctor Riano for a couple of years as her teeth came out really crooked when she lost her milk teeth. Now she has a beautiful smile and dr Riano is managing her teeth as she grows up to make sure nothing is reversed or harming her bones in years to come. Dr. Camilo Riano is easy to talk to, very friendly and very professional. Highly recommended!

C. B. (Source: Zocdoc)


I am a mother of two boys and I’ve been to multiple ortho offices in the past for myself and the kids. I must say, I’ve been extremely impressed with this office and highly recommend Dr. Camilo Riano. My kids just finished their 5th visit and we have been loyal patients, because my kids are all smiles when I pick them up, Dr. Riano is absolutely amazing with kids. He makes my boys feel very comfortable, and ho work and results speak for themselves. Their teeth look fabulous! The staff is very friendly and the office is top of the line. I am continuously impressed with Dr. Riano’s attention to detail & his patience with my kids.

A. A. (Source: Zocdoc)


Having far more experience than I would like with orthodontists in 4 cities I can, with a qualified opinion, say Dr. Riano provides the most technically sophisticated and patient friendly orthodontic experience I have seen. In addition his staff are responsive, his office is new and impeccably well kept, and everyone in the office becomes your your friend during the treatment process.

Sarah Jean Mayo (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Riaño and the whole team are absolutely fantastic. My treatment a great success and my teeth look wonderful. Dr. Riaño was also very flexible with me concerning the time frame of my treatment. The whole team is very welcoming and you feel part of the family when you visit the office. I would highly recommend!

Jonathan J. from Scottsdale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Riano and his staff are 1st class in their work. The team really does care about their patients. Whenever I had issues with my braces, the team was always available to answer any questions I had. The support staff is tremendous and have greeted me on a first name basis from day 1 without having to look at their records. Since I am an out of state patient, one of the main things I look for is schedule flexibility and every time I needed to revise my appointment, they always found a way to fit me into their busy schedule when it worked for me. That is very, very rare for any docs office. Dr. Riano is very professional and has done a great job at making my teeth look great! Location is great in the heart of the mid-market accessible to BART, MUNI, etc… Highly recommend Dr. Riano for an Orthadontist.

Sarah Houston (Source: Google)


Dr. Riano and his team are fantastic to work with. They take the time to explain everything and create the best treatment plan for you. The office is a warm and welcoming environment that is impeccably clean. We felt comfortable because they are taking great care to keep everyone safe. Dr. Riano is a master of his trade, with a kind bedside manner. We appreciate you!!

Sarah S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


It was really easy to choose Dr. Riano.  Our kids go to school together and I know what a nice guy he is and how good he is with children.  The office is lovely and the staff are courteous, professional, and warm.  Dr. Riano clearly explained the orthodontic options to my son and he chose the invisalign.  Dr. Riano impressed upon him the importance of wearing the device 22+ hours a day.  My son felt like he was in control of his treatment and could see the improvement.  His treatment followed along exactly as detailed out to us and his teeth look beautiful.

Susan F. from Saline, MI (Source: Yelp)


My experience with Dr. Riano and his staff has been truly amazing. I had a complex orthodontic case that was not properly resolved when I had braces as a teenager. Dr. Riano addressed the technical issues with my bite, jaw and tooth alignment, while always keeping me abreast of next steps and what to expect. His care was professional, gentle and thorough. The staff at Dr. Riano’s office were also great. My schedule is constantly in flux. The front desk staff happily accommodated appointment changes and spacing my appointments as needed. Professional, flexible and friendly – I could not have asked for more. I would highly recommend this office.

Sofia Clariana (Source: Google)


Great experience, professional and friendly service and outstanding staff. I had an open bite which I thought would be hard to correct. I got the Invisalign treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have followups to check everything is still in order, good price and my insurance covered part of it. I totally recommend Dr Camilo Riaño, he is a wonderful doctor!

John Kontrabecki (Source: Google)


Dr. Riano is the most competent and skilled orthodontists. He has provided braces to my two children and both have had very successful outcomes. He is thorough, has the most modern equipment, and develops corrective strategies that will fix your teeth in the shortest period of time with the least amount of inconvenience and discomfort. He is simply the best. He is also competitive with other orthodontists in price. You cannot go wrong here.

Zack G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Riaño and his team are phenomenal… I have lingual braces and saw significant results within months. Smiling was once my greatest insecurity. I hated taking photos. The only thing that seemed worse than smiling for a camera was walking around with braces or visible orthodontic equipment. Lingual braces have been a miracle. The initial discomfort was minimal and now I forget I’m wearing them most of the time! On top of that, Dr. Riaño and his team have been incredible during covid. They’re super thoughtful about ensuring the safety of their patients and staff. The office is super clean and there is minimal overlapping patient traffic. Could not recommend them more highly. Six out of five stars from me! If you’re an adult or teenager who would like to get orthodontic treatment, go to Camilo Riaño Orthodontics.

Kaitlin B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had many issues with my teeth since my first round of braces when I was 13, and I can say now at 33 (and on my 3rd round of ortho) that Dr Raiño is the best. His staff are the nicest and most accommodating group of people, and as a doctor he actually listens! He patiently answers my many, many questions and I always leave feeling like I understand how my teeth are moving. I only wish Invisalign was around when I was a teenager!

Sophie Sto (Source: Google)


8 years to the week from end to finish! We had to contact an ortho when kiddo lost his baby teeth and the permanent teeth were not coming out. Now his out of high school, and the experience was very reasonably priced (no surprise midway), very convenient (kiddo would schedule by himself) and obviously with a great result. Dr Riano is kind, patient, knowledgeable but also honest and no BS. You know what you get and you get what you pay for – aka great service.

Alexander D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve always been a bit self-conscious of my teeth and wanted to get them straightened. After visiting one dentist, they said I needed to get all of my wisdom teeth removed before they could do anything. Upon a recommendation, I went to Dr. Riaño. My first visit was a pleasant experience: the staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Dr. Riaño said he’d be able to straighten my teeth without needing to take out any wisdom teeth, which was great. He recommended Invisalign for my specific case and said that it would take about 18 months. Fast forward 22 months, and I’m delighted at the results. My teeth are straight, I feel a lot better about my smile, and the improvement in my bite is noticeable. The treatment took about 4 months longer than planned since my teeth moved differently than expected, but Dr. Riaño was proactive about noticing discrepancies in the initial plan. I had no issues with payment throughout the treatment, and I still get smiles and a warm welcome every time I visit the office. I’d highly recommend Dr. Riaño!

Violet S. from Carlsbad, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am very happy with my smile thanks to Dr. Riano and his nice and friendly staff. I am a working professional female in her late 20’s and I went with the incognito braces over the Invisalign because incognito is quicker and more invisible. Nobody ever knew that I was wearing braces and within a year, my teeth were perfect! Dr. Riano’s office is also very high-end and I enjoy my visits. My visits were fast, efficient, and he is very kind and has a great sense of humor. After your treatment, he puts a wire behind your teeth to insure that they don’t move. I like having this assurance since I had spent a lot of time and resources to straighten my teeth, but it was well worth it. I love being able to smile confidently. I have been recommending incognito braces with Dr. Riano to all of my friends.

Lina Hacmon (Source: Google)


Best orthodontist in San Francisco with the best team of people! Dr. Riano and his staff are very profesional, kind, and friendly. I did the Invisalign with him, and the results are amazing. The appointments are on time, the office is very clean, modern, and gorgeous. Dr. Riano is very knowledgeable. He really invests his time to make sure I’m happy with the treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Riano!!

Bjl Lynn (Source: Facebook)


We have been so happy with and so grateful to Camilo, Anne and their entire team. They’ve done an amazing job taking care of both of our kids. Our daughter will have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Along with many of her school friends, she always found it easy and fun to work with everyone at Camilo Riano Orthodontics. Our really special story has to do with our son who is Autistic. Our son is highly orally defensive and low tone which results in heavy tartar buildup. Over the years, Camilo, Anne and their team worked with us while we struggled through dentist after dentist to keep our son’s teeth healthy and clean and then devised a plan to use Invisilign to straighten his teeth (giant chompers that were all over the place). Every other dentist/orthodontist thought we were crazy! With the incredible help, creativity and willingness to try…our son is now 17 and just finished Invisilign. He has a BEAUTIFUL, clean, healthy smile. This is a lifetime gift for him and words can not completely express our gratitude to the amazing team at Camilo Riano Orthdontics. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Mary M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


This will be my final review for Dr. Riano. I am so happy that I have “graduated” from ortho visits, but also sad because I’ll miss him and his team. I started my Invisalign treatment in late 2015 and was referred to Dr. Riano by my dentist. I never felt pressured to choose Invisalign – instead, Dr. Riano walked me through all my different options and explained the pros/cons of each. In the end, I chose to go the Invisalign route for various reasons including 1) my numerous speaking & publicity engagements at the time, and 2) my gum issues which would have been aggravated further if I didn’t floss religiously. Invisalign gave me the option of being brace-less when I needed to. Fast forward to the end of my first set of treatments, and I’m satisfied with my results. Dr. Riano is not, wants to continue treatment because he feels he can push for even more results. We agree on a second set of treatments (no additional fee) and after that he is satisfied. He has me coming back for frequent appointments, with the time in-between getting longer and longer (2 weeks, then 1 month, 2 months, etc.) until he was satisfied. A few weeks ago I went in for a 6 month checkup. He still fussed with my bite and did another adjustment. The smile he had when he heard that “click” is priceless. I am now officially done and only wear my retainers at night because of my teeth clenching and teeth grinding. I will miss the wonderful and warm staff at Dr. Riano’s office very much!

Bernedette Perez (Source: Google)


The staff was very helpful and happy. The gave me attention as soon as I walked in the door, they also spoke with me on the treatment they were going to do , and explained how Invisalign works. The technology was amazing . The office was very well lighted and airy. 1/24/2020 : Every visit as always is so nice the staff when you walk in is always there to greet you (Ted and Ruby). They make the front desk so welcoming. And the Dental Assistances are so helpful and understanding, and they guide you through your treatments.

Todd Creel (Source: Google)


I have been having a great experience with Dr. Riano and his staff. They are courteously and friendly. They always remember me when I come into the office and greet me with a smile. My teeth had big gaps between them and with Invisalign, my teeth are coming together for a much better smile and look. Dr. Riano has been with me every step of the way. His staff are there as well to make sure that the process is going as planned. I highly recommend Invisalign and Dr. Riano, if you have a smile that you are not happy with. I can already see a huge difference in the way that I look and I’m very happy with the results that I have seen so far.

Eva S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am a mother of two boys and I’ve been to quite a few ortho offices in the city (both for myself and the kids). I don’t yelp often unless I am very impressed and must say I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Camilo Riano. My kids (ages 7 and 10) just finished their 3rd visit with Dr. Riano and they were all smiles when I picked them up. My youngest needs a lot of work. He used to be frightened at the sight of dentists and dental offices but not this office and certainly not this dentist. Dr. Riano is absolutely AMAZING with kids. He made my boys feel very comfortable by talking to them first and making them feel like their voices matter. He has 3 kids of his own so am I sure his experience with parenthood is his secret weapon. Another big thing worth noting is that his staff is very friendly and the office is extremely clean, ultra modern and bright. Other offices I’ve been to feel dark and closed off from the city (some had very old equipment), so usually I want to get out of them asap. Dr. Riano’s office space has floor to ceiling windows with nice views and you can tell the equipment is new and top notch. Also, parking here was much easier and cheaper than the downtown dental offices I’ve been to plus, if you want to get here using public transportation, it’s very close to the Market & Van Ness MUNI stop. I am continuously impressed with Dr. Riano’s personal attention to his patients, his state-of-the-art equipment and the professional staff. Hats off to Dr. Riano and his team for making their office feel so comfortable.

Georgia M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Riano and his team are great.  We were referred to another orthodontist for my 10 year old daughter, but another family at school (with a daughter with the same bite issues) recommended Dr. Riano and we couldn’t be happier.  He was half the price of the other orthodontist, and he and his staff have been responsive and understanding when my daughter’s teeth didn’t quite move the way we expected.  I’m hoping she won’t need more orthodontic work in a few years, but if she does, we’ll be back.

Phoebe Noel McPherson (Source: Facebook)


I can’t imagine going through Invisalign with anyone else. Dr. Riano and his team are incredibly thorough with every step and make sure that I’m happy and comfortable. Dr. Riano himself has a great bedside manor and his mellow demeanor always puts me at ease. The location, too, (think: lots of sunlight, clean, plant-filled) makes every appointment wonderful. I always leave my appointments (in-person or on Zoom) with a huge smile on my face.

Zack Grimmer (Source: Google)


Dr. Riaño and his team are phenomenal… I have lingual braces and saw significant results within months. Smiling was once my greatest insecurity. I hated taking photos. The only thing that seemed worse than smiling for a camera was walking around with braces or visible orthodontic equipment. Lingual braces have been a miracle. The initial discomfort was minimal and now I forget I’m wearing them most of the time! On top of that, Dr. Riaño and his team have been incredible during covid. They’re super thoughtful about ensuring the safety of their patients and staff. The office is super clean and there is minimal overlapping patient traffic. Could not recommend them more highly. Six out of five stars from me! If you’re an adult or teenager who would like to get orthodontic treatment, go to Camilo Riaño Orthodontics.

Ryan Beiermeister (Source: Google)


This is one of the best dental or orthodontic experiences I’ve ever had. The staff is so wonderful and helpful, the office space beautiful, and Dr. Riano is a true professional who is kind, knowledgeable, and at the top of his game. My teeth are straightening at a lightning speed – the process has been a breeze – and would highly recommend them to any friend or family member. I’ll almost be sad when my treatment is over!

Ellery W. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


From the start, everyone in Dr. Riano’s office has been very attentive, professional and simply great to visit. I chose the incognito braces which required extra attention. I’m an adult and chose incognito because I didn’t want the braces to be visible to others. They took a few months to get used to, including having to work through some slurring of my normal speech, but I’m incredibly happy with them. I’ve had them for a year now and the changes have been dramatic and rather quick. During the process Dr. Riano and the rest of his staff couldn’t have been more helpful, attentive, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns I’ve had. They really went out of their way to accommodate me, even as I moved out of state and had to make specific plans for follow up.  Now I’m absolutely certain that I made the right choice, first by choosing Dr. Riano’s as my orthodontist, and second by choosing incognito braces

Eva Stoyanov (Source: Google)


I’ve been sending my sons to Dr. Riano for ortho work and it’s always been a great experience. My kids’ smiles are gorgeous thanks to him. The staff is warm, experienced and everything always goes smoothly. We feel like family there. The location and the view from the modern and clean office is also major plus for us. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Riano!

Tricia H. from San Ramon, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Riano and his team are fantastic to work with. They take the time to explain everything and create the best treatment plan for you. The office is a warm and welcoming environment that is impeccably clean. We felt comfortable because they are taking great care to keep everyone safe. Dr. Riano is a master of his trade with a kind bedside manner.  We appreciate you!!

Inhye K. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just joined Yelp to write this review! I have been going to Dr. Riano’s office to straighten my freaky teeth since fall of 2017. It was amazing experience and not even once Dr. Riano and his staff (literally everyone) made me feel less than happy and satisfied. Also, I am really not getting paid / provided anything. Just really honest review. 1. Treatment I did half incognito (upper side) and regular braces. First off, I loved incognito! If you are over 20 and having a braces (especially if you have a job to meet people) it is just a stress to feel self-conscious about how you would look. Incognito was perfect for me. It did not show, it is easy to manage (I had both incog and non-incog – and it was not harder to manage). There was not a lot of DDS who are expert in Incognito, but Dr.Riano had so many great reviews on his work with incognito. – I am adding one more to that! it was perfect for me. Also his suggestion to do half was very nice cuz it lowered the price and decreased the pain. Lower case was not showing much even with regular braces anyways. I really appreciated the suggestion. 2. Dr. Riano He is the best! so professional, encouraging and always explaining what is going on clearly. I can also feel that he really does his best to bring out the best result. Not to mention he is a generally friendly and sweet person. 3. Staff I loved staff members! In the past, I had been discouraged by abrasive staffs of different clinics for different occasion (I think that is shared experience in medical field) Honestly, not even ONCE i felt like Dr. Riano’s office made me feel any less than welcoming, accommodating and excellent. Maria, Edward, Ted, Ruby, Sabrina. Christian (i hope i am not forgetting anyone) were ALWAYS on the top of things with scheduling, billing and service. Just so impressive. Seriously, you would not regret coming to this office at all. 4. Expenses I was told by one person I referred and also some of reviews in here about the high price or extra fees(?)…I have not been to too many other places to consult (another orth and studio dental) so I wouldnt know how much of the discrepancy is. Honestly, my case was pretty serious. Other ortho gave up on me saying that “yeah, you should see more experience dr.” (which was appalling honestly) – and after that, I did not want to skimp money for better service or responsibility. It is medical treatment. Sometimes Dr cannot predict what will happen to your condition and there will be things that are out of their control. I just wanted Doctor who would be responsible and know what to do. I got a comments from my general dentist friend to avoid some “experimental” establishments and go for someone like Dr.Riano who has been in the business with reputation and trust. (I had some incident with studio Dental…I had been in so much stress with their incompetency) Cost comes with it I suppose. Long story short: It might have been expensive for others, but I feel like it was totally worth it. I was never charged for lost brackets or missed appointments and So far, I have not lost my retainer… (caveat: i never really missed appointments even thought i was late for some :p). I was happy to pay not lowest price for the sanity of my mind. Honestly, it is upto your priority. I wanted to priotize safety and excellency. If you think your case could be treated very lightly and also does not need too much of attention, I think maybe your priority may be different from mine. (but be careful with all these new establishments like mail-order invis and stuff.. i at least know 3 people who got screwed over including myself) Thank you for your wonderful service of 2+ years, I was so worried about getting braces in the first place, but the team made me feel excited to come into office and see the progress! 🙂

K. R. from Concord, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a huge overjet profile that had given me a complex throughout my entire life.  The front teeth were protruding even further as I aged forcing me to take action.  When I approached Dr. Riano about possible brace work, I was nervous, ambivalent, and even embarrassed in wanting to do this cosmetic procedure at my age.  Dr. Riano listened to my concerns without any judgment, explained all the options, and put me at ease.  I opted for lingual braces as I wanted to draw as little attention as possible to my work.  Dr. Riano was very conservative in his approach and made sure to look at the issue from all angles.  The treatment took 2/1/2 long years.  It was a relatively smooth process.  Throughout the treatment, he always answered my calls and emails, putting me at ease.  I am thrilled with the results – my over jet profile is gone!  I cannot give enough praise to Dr. Riano’s team!  They are not only excellent at what they do but kind and courteous at the same time!  I have not met a group of people as professional as they are!  There is some great team work and customer service going on here.   I have never missed a reminder call for my appointments.  I highly recommend Dr. Riano for your dental work.

Wendi Raw (Source: Google)


So far I have loved this office. Everyone has been warm and real, which makes any dental treatment so much better. It’s a really nice space, and the price is fair. I checked out 3 other recommended orthodontists and Im very glad I chose Dr Riano. He was by far the most respectful and patient with my story and requests-a must since I had braces elsewhere in the past and did not have a good experience. Here I was treated as an equal adult and validated, which made getting my braces here an easy decision that I’m still very happy with. It’s been an easy process and I trust him.

H. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Braces! Braces! Braces! I’m so excited to get my Braces! The amazing staff and positive vibes at Dr Riano’s office is intoxicating! In one efficient visit my x-rays were taken, an exam was done, my treatment plan was thoroughly discussed and the financial plan was completely easy and transparent. I walked in feeling insecure about my smile and how my teeth have shifted as an adult and now I’m so hopeful! Looking so forward to working with this office and getting my lingual braces in a few weeks!

Hazel Kurian (Source: Google)


My family has worked with or seen many of the Orthodontist in the city. One of the most respected wanted to extract 4 of my son’s teeth and showed me a video where my son had enormous lips (almost ape like). My dentist in Los Altos as the time, refused and said we had to drive down to Los Altos to see his Orthodontist. The second orthodontist, also well regarded, was running a factory and giving away gifts. She asked us which braces we wanted and proceeded to put on another pair. Also, she had no idea that brace obscure head MRIs, even though I had inquired and raised this as an issue. My son had three pairs of braces with her for one phase. She was also impossible to schedule and insurance billing had mistakes. After all this, for my daughter, I found Dr. Riano. He has been fantastic. Easy location and he addresses every issue and proposes a reasonable approach that anyone can manage. I wish I had found him from the start. We highly recommend him. Far superior to all the orthodontist in the city.

Christina van der Woodsen (Source: Facebook)


I had my braces put on 3 and a half months ago (lingual upper and clear brackets on the bottom) and I am very happy with the movement so far! I purchased acceledent to speed up the process and I do feel like I notice a difference in how rapidly they move when I am using it. Will update again toward the end of treatment

Jakub S. from Kraków, Poland (Source: Yelp)


Dr Riano is a rockstar. Every visit is a pleasure time spent in his modern and slick clinic. The help of his assistants is invaliable and they are always welcoming and friendly. I really love the personal approach Dr Riano has to each of his patients. He exposes genuine care about everyone who visits his clinic. Also kudos to Sabrina from the front desk, who is a real angel!


Proudly serving beautiful San Francisco, CA. Specializing in Incognito lingual braces and an Elite provider for Invisalign. We are centrally located within walking distance of BART, the Civic Center, and schools. Our practice is built on LEED principles, using renewable building materials, eliminating paper waste, and following sustainable architecture practices. In addition to helping our planet, our practices allow us to operate efficiently while minimizing operational costs – a true benefit to our patients! Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, I developed my passion for orthodontics from anthropological studies of indigenous tribes in the Colombian Amazon. I have a dual degree from the Military University in Colombia and the University of the Pacific in San Francisco and have been practicing Orthodontics since 1997. Dr. Riaño is ardent about creating beautiful smiles and helping children, teens and adults in the Bay Area look their very best. Dr. Riaño is an elite provider for Incognito hidden lingual braces and is a platinum provider for Invisalign clear aligners. He is also a proud member and speaker of the Golden Circle of Excellence for 3M Unitek. Away from the office, Dr. Riaño enjoys rock climbing, surfing, playing soccer and taking adventurous long hikes with his wife and three children.