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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Perla P. from Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bae and his team are nothing short of excellent! I used to be horrified of dentist I mean, even the numbing gel would freak me out. The objects seemed horrifying – don’t get me started on the noise and worst of all the darn shot – oh how I hated the shot.

Fast forward to a year of working with Dr. Bae – I look forward to attending my appointments and don’t ever ever re-schedule. On my first visit Dr. Bae asked how previous experiences had been, showed me what he would be working on and when he noticed my tension had not decreased he took the time to ask me: “What about visiting the dentist do you feel most apprehension about”?  I mean – hallelujah!!!  

I told him how I felt and in short, he explained his approach and I have to tell you, once that shot was administered and I did NOT feel a thing… I cried – yep – I cried because at last with his help I overcame my fear of dentist and I knew my oral health would be forever perfect!(…)

Justin Kwan (Source: Google)


Everyone here is so warm and friendly. They are very responsive on the phone and via email and really follow through. I recently moved (away) and was only going to be back in OC for 24 hours and they let me know a few days in advance that there was an opening. Angelica is my favorite hygienist. She is highly skilled, kind, and remembers everything about you. Dr Bae is simply the best. His care and attention to detail to his patients and the entire practice can clearly evident.

Ellen Harris (Source: Facebook)


I know to day loved it and dental together is a bit of an oxymoron but Dr Bae and his group are wonderful. He really does care and delivers bad news well. I had significant work on two teeth today and barely felt it. I’ve had some pretty bad dentists over the year so I’m pretty happy to have found a dentist I can stick with for a long time to come.

Peter P. from Allen, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr Bae is an Absolutely Amazing “miracle worker!” My 6 yr old daughter who is deathly afraid of shots (like most of us) had a baby root canal done. Afterward, I asked if it hurt at all and she said “No.” Then I asked if Dr Bae gave her a shot, she said “No.” I asked Dr Bae and he said “Yes.” Absolutely amazing! Where was Dr Bae when I was 6…7, 8, 9, 10…?!?

Sarun L. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bae and his staff are wonderful. I’ve been a patient for about two years now, and every single one of my experiences has been pleasant. On two separate occasions, Dr. Bae made the time to see me on very short notice. The first was when I suddenly had extreme dry mouth. I called his office and received a call back from him the same day. He consulted with me over the phone and allowed me to come in for an exam the following day 15 minutes before opening. The second time, I started having pain where my top left wisdom teeth is, and again, he allowed me an appointment the next day during his lunch break. I feel very lucky to live close by and to be able to get my dental work done here!

Court L. from Placentia, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today, I got an old, cracked silver filling replaced with a white filling and I was SOOO nervous because I haven’t gotten major filling work done in over a decade! This is not a weee little filling, it’s a huge filling in one of my molars. The assistants knew I was nervous and they were letting me know that the procedure will be quick and simple for Dr. Bae and of course it was just what they said. Just theeee best staff and Dr. Bae is a natural in his work! Now I can breathe (and chew on my right side) again!

Susan C. from Manhattan Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


If you are in need of a dentist family..look no further!  I was in need to get my teeth cleaning and was dreading it..but read all these reviews about this office and went this morning.  I LOVED my visit.  I felt comfortable the entire time!  Dr. Thomas and his staff are truly one of a kind.  It feels like your going to a family office.  Everyone is so sweet and just easy to talk to.  They talk and walk you through everything, step-by-step.  I’m so glad that I went to this dental office and HIGHLY recommend it to others!  I’m actually looking forward to my next visit 🙂

Sarah P. from Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bae and his staff are amazing! By far the best experience at a dental office EVER!! I’ve had two visits already, and both were pleasant and pain free. Today I received a new filling and also had an old, cracked filling replaced. Dr. Bae was so great in letting me know all of the steps he was taking, as well as assuring me that it would be pain free, which was my main concern. I absolutely did not feel any pain; not even the needle from the shot!! Not only that, but he is so knowledgeable and easy to talk to! Always smiling and not intimidating at all.

I used to hate going to the dentist, but now I can honestly say that I do not mind! Go to Dr. Bae, and I assure you that you will be completely satisfied!!

Basil N. from Costa Mesa, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…)I had neglected taking great care of my teeth for 2-3 years because I haven’t had the best experiences with dentists in the past. I explained my situation with Amber and Dr. Bae and they sat down with me and helped me figure out what would save me money and even squeezed in appointments in order for me to benefit the most out of both insurances!  I even think Dr. Bae had to squeeze me in during one of his lunches that way I can take full advantage of insurance and costs. That is amazing service if you ask me 🙂

On top of all of that, Dr. Bae sits down with you and makes you feel extremely welcomed and comfortable.  He and his staff do a fantastic job at making you feel at ease and that you aren’t just another patient; you’re more than that.  I even sat down with him and talked about popular restaurants and he wrote down a few recommendations and even recommended what to order. (I did end up going and loved what he recommended but that’s another story). That is something that you rarely see and I have been referring everybody I know to Dr. Bae. Of course, they are now returning patients as well(…).

Venessa B. from Lakewood, WA (Source: Yelp)


(…)The staff is so friendly and they know what they’re doing (providing correct estimates and verifying insurance coverage ) and Dr. Bae had an open ear from start to finish and he truly cares about his patients concerns. Also, he takes his time numbing the mouth and is super gentle with the needle which is a huge bonus since i’ve had bad experiences in the past with other dentists pinching my cheeks with the needle. I drive about 30-45 minutes just to be seen here. I told my husband and his family and they plan to come to cornerstone. I’ve had 3 visits here already (wisdom teeth extractions, fillings, and regular cleaning) and they have all been so pleasant.

Maria A. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


Hands down Dr Bae and his staff are the best! I’ve been to his office twice now and both times my visits were awesome! He takes his time to get to know his patients to be able to provide the best dental treatment. During my first visit I got a cleaning and the hygienist (Angelica) has such a gentle hand. I kid you not I was actually extremely relaxed and in no pain or discomfort and I have braces! I went back to visit Dr Bae a second time to get an old amalgam filling replaced with a composite filling and it was such an easy experience. I didn’t even feel when he gave me the shot (which I was very nervous about). I am also going to need some cosmetic procedures done in the near future once my braces are removed. Dr Bae gave me a couple of different treatment options to see which would work best for me but in neither of them did he try to upsell unnecessary procedures and that for me was very important! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an awesome dentist!!!

Stephanie A. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


(…)I’ve had my fair share of work done with Dr Bae and his staff… from standard cleanings, to fillings, to enamel work, to root canals … we’ve gone through a lot together.  My last visit was only supposed to be my 6 month routine check-up and surprise, surprise, I had to get extra work done.  Unfortunately, I was in town only for a very short period of time and wasn’t planning on coming back for at least 5 months.  Well Dr. Bae was AWESOME enough to work harder and through his lunch break to accommodate me!  I mean, he skipped his lunch.  He must have been hangry while fixing me up.  That’s dedication to your patients. The staff is so friendly, knowledgeable, personable, and professional.  They are the best.  Just come here and you will forget all other dentists exist.

Nicole T. from Yorba Linda, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bae is the best dentist I have been to in my life ! He is very careful. I have always been afraid of going to the dentist, but ever since I started coming here a few years ago. I haven’t been afraid at all! Dr. Bae really cares about you . He is careful and precise. The front desk is also very friendly and inviting. Overall 5 stars because you are the best and I hope to stay here for life(…).

Cyndi Lindner (Source: Facebook)


Excellent service and kind staff. Our entire family loves Cornerstone Dental!

Jenny K. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to see Dr. Bae and his team for almost two years now for general dental needs and Invisalign.  Each visit has been a great experience and I feel relaxed and comfortable (as much as one can be at a dentist appt!).  Dr. Bae has a busy office, but I never feel rushed.

I believe Dr. Bae and (partner dentist) truly care about me as a their patient and I feel their recommendations and treatment are honest and appropriate. I love my Invisalign and can’t wait to finish it and see the before and after pictures!  

The staff is always friendly and welcoming and the office is comfortable, clean and up-to-date on machines and technology.

Andrew L. from Monterey Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…)Dr. Bae took the time to review my notes and X-ray from the other dentist, talked through his clinical analysis and recommended procedures, and made me feel confident I knew exactly what the potential problem was and how he was going to treat it.

The treatment itself was awesome.  I never once had a novocaine injection that went as smoothly as this.  I literally felt no pain, not even a pinch because he told me he would take his time with the injection but it would be much more comfortable. I’m sure he could have applied the novocaine hurriedly and move on to the next patient but he didn’t and the difference was much appreciated(…).

Garo M. from Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is absolutely an awesome dental care place. Dr Bae and his staff are extremely friendly and caring. Dr. Bae Has Done an outstanding job for me and my entire family. I have never been to a dentist where on numbing needle doesn’t even hurt at all!! I strongly recommend this dentist for anyone.

Susan Mahlen (Source: Facebook)


Best dentist and personnel .. Honest , kind , excellent skills .. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else .

Sara Copple (Source: Google)


(…)My husband found Cornerstone Dental and Dr. Bae–Our immediate feeling was-they cared about their patients…they were honest about what they could provide us and the costs–….I have had very important dental work-I postponed because I didn’t know where to go and feel safe….Cornerstone did a great job with professionalism, honesty, peace, kindness, calmed me and made it pain free….Dr. Bae has genuine caring for people and his patients….I’m thankful we found him and Cornerstone. Rare to be more than just another client but actually cared about as a person! The office staff smile and are very helpful!! Rare these days! Loved the experience at Cornerstone Dental and Highly Recommend them!!!

Marco V. from Placentia, CA (Source: Yelp)


HANDS DOWN THE BEST DENTAL OFFICE!!!! The staff is extremely friendly and they treat you like family. I been going to Cornerstone Dental for about 5 years and they always have been great. During procedures they are so catering to you and they always check on you to make sure you feel comfortable. Dr. Bae and Angelica are the best. They are always smiling and always in such a good mood. The front office manager Amber is awesome. She always tries her best to schedule you in ASAP. Their office is extremely clean and they provide TOP NOTCH SERVICE!

If you dreaded going to the dentist like me, you honestly will not wait to go back after your first visit. This is your office. Don’t look any further.

Cornerstone Dental staff, thank you very much for treating my family and myself with top notch service throughout these years.

Vanna D. from Long Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


My husband and I have been coming to cornerstone dental care since 2012. Dr bae and his team have always been exceptional and our experiences are great at every visit.

I had an after hours emergency tonight bc I so happened to somehow lodge a small piece of fish bone in my teeth which immediately resulted in pressure and super tight teeth spacing – so tight that it was impossible to run floss through the 4 teeth in that area – floss would just break. Dr bae was so gracious to accept our after hours cell phone call and even had me come in so he could remove the bone. Yippeeee! Relief! Thank you dr bae!!!!

Travis H. from Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


My mother and I recently started seeing Dr. Bae for our dental needs and we are so glad to have finally found a dentist who enjoys what they do, and someone who is very informative about maintaining our dental/oral health. Compared to other dental offices, Dr. Bae’s staff is extremely friendly, professional and helpful. During my first cleaning, it was noted that I have receding gums and it turned out I had been flossing incorrectly all these years. After being taught how to properly floss and returning for my second cleaning, my gums stopped receding. My mother and I both agree he is the best dentist either of us have seen and we plan to see him from now on. He is very informative about all of his procedures and also provides you with options on what is best for your oral care. He is a very popular dentist and you might have to book in advance to see him.

Maribel N. from La Habra, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was terrified of dentist!!!
But @ Cornerstone Dental, I had the BEST experience ever!!! Dr. Thomas Bae and his staff are extremely professional and courteous.  I felt like they genuinely cared about my needs.  It’s now been a little over a year that I’ve been coming to Dr. Bae and I’m just as happy as I was on my first visit. If you ever had a bad experience… they will make it go away!  I highly  recommended Dr. Bae to my friends, family, clients and anyone who is in need for a Great dentist!

Nessa L. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came to get my filling replaced. Dr. Bae was super nice and helpful. He would walk me through each step and explain what he was doing. He offered to take a lot of break so my jaw could  rest. Super considerate for a dentist!
His staff is very friendly, quick, and are willing to answer any questions you have! 😀
I would definitely come back for all my future dental work.

Mike R. from Tempe, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Having gone here 3 times now, these are far and away the best dental experiences I’ve ever had.  
They take their time to explain & make sure you understand each step in the process of your treatment, financials, & future plans.
The facility is clean from the front office, treatment areas, & bathrooms.  
Dr Bae & the hygienist Angelika are absolutely delightful people to deal with(…).

Mikey H. from La Habra, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…)Besides cleanings, I have had 3 silver fillings replaced with white fillings, one was broken/chipping but the others were replaced for cosmetic reasons. I literally did not feel any pain when Dr Bae was replacing my fillings, even the broken one! I’ve honestly had worse pain at “routine cleanings” at other offices.

It’s not just Dr Bae that’s awesome, every member of his staff is amazing, from the ladies answering the phones to the dental hygienists, It doesn’t matter what you read here, go try him for yourself you’ll understand why everyone gives this place 5 stars.

I literally recommend this place to any and everyone I can.

Hector WP. from Downey, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist on the planet….. His people skills are only matched by his work ethic. The whole cornerstone dental group is on top of things and always make you feel like your part of a family.

Amanda G. from Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…)Dr. Bae is only the second dentist I have been to in my entire life. My previous dentist took care of me, literally, from the time my first tooth came in until I moved to California 4 years ago. As you can imagine, I had a strong rapport with my dentist and a significant level of comfort.

It is astonishing, that in the first 5 minutes of speaking with Dr. Bae, I had that very same level of comfort with him as I did with my dentist of 28 years!

From a professional standpoint, he is thorough, intelligent and genuinely listens to what you say. He is kind, warm and very relate-able. I cannot say enough about this man and the confidence that I have in him as my dentist(…).

Scott C. from Cerritos, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough about Dr. Bae and his staff. Top class. I wish I had heard about this office sooner.
Dr. Bae is very compassionate about his patients.
And very caring. The staff are so friendly and helpful. I work in the medical field, and have never come across such professionalism. It’s a model.
I had a crown prep. And the temporary had come lose. Within 24 hrs. I was seen, and another temp. Was placed. Dr. Bae thanked me for coming in as soon as I could. Really!! I’m the one who’s thankful.
Anyone looking for a great Dentist look no further.
Don’t be put if by the long wait. It’s worth it.

Susan O. from Orange, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…)It took only one visit with Dr. Bae to totally reverse my thinking about dentists and dentistry.  He took the time to welcome me personally, he explained EVERYTHING (what my problems were, what the solution was, and how it was going to be done), and he was sooooo gentle!  I literally felt NOTHING when he had to numb me with a shot and I felt completely comfortable with the way he and his staff handle everything from start to finish.  I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!  He even called me that night to see how everything went.  SERIOUSLY?  Anyway, great guys, great staff, awesome office.

Nancy H. from Reno, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have been there with them for a while now. I did my x ray. Full month clean. And fixed 3 of my broken teeth. I was super nervous about the soreness and pain during doing my teeth. Since I got horrible dental experience before.
However. The doctor and his assistant are so awesome! ! They knew my concerns and numb me every time before they did anything to my teeth. I felt so comfortable. Relaxed with them! !
By the way,  their place is  super clean and neat.
I am starting to do my Invisalign with them now. Cannot wait to see my perfect teeth! !

Carol Burnett Danna (Source: Facebook)


You won’t find a better dentist and office staff! Highly recommend them for kids to seniors!

Chris C. from Brea, CA (Source: Yelp)


Hands down the best dental office and staff I’ve ever experienced.  I’ve always stayed away from the dentist and avoided it like the plague and one day my wife suggested that I try out her dentist.  She told me knowing my personality I’d really like it and that she would recommend this place to anyone.

After my first visit, I can see why she held this place in such high regard.  I can sincerely say Dr Bae is the best dentist I’ve ever had.  Very thorough in his explanations and makes you feel comfortable right away.  The Hygienist, Angelica, was equally awesome and I can honestly say it’s been the most enjoyable teeth cleaning experience I’ve ever had.
It’s true, this whole staff has awesome bedside manners and the highest level of competence out of probably any dental office you’ll visit.

Huge thumbs up for me. I’m very grateful.

Nick A. from Laguna Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Bae has been the most caring and tentative dentist I’ve ever come across! His staff, and overall quality of the office is superb. I should have been coming here my entire life!
Life long customer now, dr Bae continues to show his professionalism every time i walk into Cornerstone!
Thanks for all!

Brianna K. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…)I went in for a routine teeth cleaning (it had been 1.5+ years since my last one). Dr. Bae said the dental hygienist was off for the day so he would be handling all my work. Wow! He took the time to explain everything and educated me on what was to be done. He never scolded me for not flossing or made me feel like I was doing a horrible job with my teeth (even though it had been a while since I’ve seen a dentist). He made it a point to ask about my day and find out a little information about me before we started. We talked about plans for my teeth in the future, and he answered any questions that I had. He never caused me any pain or made me feel uncomfortable. He spent a lot of time with me, and was very professional and courteous. In addition to the digital x-rays, he also took digital photos for insurance purposes (as well as for my chart). Amazing what a little extra time with a patient can do.

I needed to have some fillings replaced so I went back three weeks later. Again, Dr. Bae (and staff) greeted me with the same smile. I felt very comfortable and relaxed considering the work I needed to be done. It was quick and painless, and again, Dr. Bae explained everything to me so I understood what was being done. Another fantastic experience(…).


Dr. Bae graduated from UCLA and then obtained his dental degree from the UCSF School of Dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Christian Medical and Dental Association. He has extensive experience in restorative dental care and cosmetic dentistry. His approach to dentistry is built upon a minimally invasive philosophy that stresses prevention. He has a passion for giving back to the community and spends much of his time contributing free dental work to the homeless and is passionate about international medical and dental mission work. He and his wonderful wife, Susan, and daughters, Kelsey and Seylah live in Orange County. We are proud to offer comprehensive dental care, cosmetic dentistry, KOR professional bleaching, dental implants, ceramic crowns, dentures, white fillings, and much more!