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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Eric R. from Cottonwood, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have not been to the dentist in a long, and I’m talking LONG time. So I was more than a little nervous and expecting some really bad news when I went in for my exam. I’ve got to start with the layout and the decor of the place. YES, this review is for a dental office, not a hotel or restaurant. But it is almost spa-like in some respects, so that immediately turned my preoccupation with teeth and gums and blood down a bit. They also do this thing where you can get a hand treatment with warm wax (this is done after X-rays)…NOTHING to do with dentistry, but again, it’s a nice added touch to make your visit more comfortable. Again, it kind of makes you feel like you’re at a spa. I also have to point out the that the TVs on the ceiling (for when you’re in full recline mode) is a brilliant touch. It’s very clear that they’re aware of how leery folks are about visiting the dentist, and they’ve really gone above and beyond to make sure that the experience is as comfortable as possible. The staff here, from the front desk staff to the dental assistants, are all top notch: warm, friendly and inviting. Dr. Abt did my consultation and cleaning. Very laid back, good natured yet to the point. And the good news is that my teeth are in remarkably good shape after all these years, so NO bad news whatsoever. This is going to sound weird, but the service and experience were all so fantastic that I almost WANT to go back to the dentist again. I’ve read a lot of reviews here where folks will go out of their way to come here and I am in complete agreement. It’s worth coming from wherever you are for all of your dental needs.

D. S (Source: Google)


Fast, Friendly, FABULOUS!!! Dr. Corson has worked on both myself and my brother with my brother needing some major dental surgery/reconstruction and dental implants to correct a severely misaligned bite. My brother has some physical and developmental setbacks and this can make even the simplest of tasks very difficult. My brother spent several hours in the chair to correct a problem that has progressively gotten worse over the years. Dr. Corson took his time, explained everything and made sure my brother was comfortable through the whole process. After my brothers lengthy procedure I was beyond amazed that not only was he not sore but he wasn’t swollen either. He walked out of the office with his temporary implants in excellent form. (He will receive the permanent implants once his gums heal) He had one OTC pain med the day of surgery and nothing since. Two days post Op and my brother is right as rain. He’s had a seamless transition from the surgery to the transition to new teeth in new places. I can’t say enough for his level of empathy, professionalism and expertise. And I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE FINAL RESULTS and the massively IMPROVED QUALITY of LIFE these new teeth will give my brother. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As for my visit to Dr. Corson: I nearly lost several of my teeth in an accident years ago and due to the severe trauma inflicted one of my front teeth died and subsequently became a very unattractive shade of yellow/brown. I visited Dr. Corson to have him replace a 20 yr old veneer on my Front tooth because it had recently cracked and wasn’t long for this world. Needless to say the world of dentistry has advanced leaps and bounds in the 20 yrs since my last veneer. The new materials are thinner, stronger and more realistic looking than ever. I was quite happy with my old veneer but this new one looks EXACTLY like my other teeth. I do not have teeth that are all one color or that are evenly opaque. (And if you take a good hard look at your own teeth, most likely neither are yours) My teeth are like my fingerprints and although they have many similarities each one has it’s own unique characteristics. Dr. Corson sent me to a lab that studied my teeth (and not just the one being worked on.) The lab made sketches, photographed my entire mouth and perfectly colour matched my veneer to all my other teeth. Something else that I find quite comforting is the repore Dr. Corson has with his staff. He is not above asking for a second opinion/or their point of view etc. and his staff aren’t afraid to give it. When fitting something such as a veneer it’s not a bad idea to have a second set of eyes. The mouth is not a flat surface and it can be quite difficult if not impossible to see all the various angles from only one view point. What might appear flush from one angle may not look the same from another, so having that extra set of eyes is just good practice. Some of the photos I’m posting people may find very unattractive. My intent here is to educate, to show the dramatic before and afters of EXCELLENT DENTISTRY AND ARTISTRY within the dental community. I only post these so that you can see the massive transformation made by the dental work done by Dr. Corson, his staff and their partnerships within the reconstructive dental community.

Celeste S. from Aurora, CO (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist ever. Had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and never had I received such great care. Dr. Corson took his time made sure I was comfortable. He took atleast 5-10 minutes trying to find the perfect/less painful way to do my IV and I couldn’t feel a thing. It’s super clean here. The dental assistances are wonderful. They make you feel welcomed and at home. They calm you down talk to you and get to know you. Not only are the prices amazing they also offer tons of discount programs which is always helpful. Loved it here and will definitely be going back for cleanings and will recommend everyone here. You won’t regret it!

John B. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I had to drop my past Dentist since he was out of network. I stopped by Corson Dentistry since it was near my home. I have a terrible dental history with many issues due to poor dental care in my younger years. I also had been to a “Dentist” in my younger teens who didn’t use any pain medicine (he was a quack). Therefore, I didn’t see a dentist until many years later, since I didn’t want to go through that again. The Good News Is, Dr. Corson and staff have worked diligently and efficiently to assuage my fears, and have exceeded my expectations in dealing with my “problem” teeth. I would highly recommend The Corson firm for any and all of your dental needs. Why go anywhere else?

Jessica Lewis (Source: Google)


I had had the same dentist for nearly 20 years. A couple years ago when I was moved to my own insurance and my old dentist wasn’t in my network. I ended up finding Corson dentistry on google, with fantastic reviews, I scheduled, and the rest is history. Corson dentistry has phenomenal customer service, I felt they took even more care of me than my old dentist, and overall been so pleased. I won’t be going anywhere else.

Misty K. from Elizabeth, CO (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Corson since he opened his practice- I drive over an hour to be one of his patients and I will not go to another Dentist if I have a choice. He has the most amazing Dental Assistants, Hygienists and I appreciate the state of the art dental equipment. Dr. Corson spares no expense with having the BEST materials and equipment in his office. I have 4 Cerec Crowns that were done same day in the office and the 6 month smile made my teeth perfect. Dr. Corson is the BEST Dentist in Denver and I would even go as far to say in Colorado- Very polite, down to earth and honest- if you have Dental Phobia this is the place for you- I have referred over 15 people to this practice and they all love him and his team!

Annie V. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I know no one likes dentistry, but we all know it’s important and necessary. Back story: I fell into some depression for many years and it caused me to not take care of my body, including my teeth. I’m back on the right track, eating better, exercising–but I was SO afraid to go to the dentist. Like Fat Shaming, Dental Shaming exists and that is what I dealt with the last time I went. From the front desk lady, to the hygienist, to the Dr. himself–Dental Shaming was all around! the guilt they lay on you made it sound like I did something horrible like kill an animal then ignore you when you say you’re in pain. The best part of Corson and his crew was I experienced none of that. I told them about my past (because they get to know you as a person as well as a patient!) and he even said “You’re here now, that’s what’s important.” All their gadgets really are state of the art. I used to HATE getting X-Rays because the pads they put in your mouth were hard plastic and dug into my gums. Then the x-rays took so long, it was painful. Not here. They have the fanciest X-ray machines and it took no time at all. They took before photos so I could easily compare the after photos to see how far my oral health has really come. My first procedure was a “deep” cleaning, root and scaling where they clean up your teeth, under the gums, and smooth everything out. I was so anxious that they recommended Nitrous which I had never tried before. I am SO glad I did. If you have dental anxiety like me sedation dentistry is the way to go. I felt so calm, relaxed. My hygienist was so soothing, she let me know everything she was doing and said how well I was doing. Then I got to lay back and watch TV. She asked how I was doing and I said I couldn’t feel anything but it was the noise that I really didn’t like. So she offered me headphones! Truly state of the art and everyone there bends over backwards to make sure you’re comfortable. She applied lip balm because my lips were getting dry as well. I did not do the paraffin waxing for your hands, but they always offer it. Not just Dr. Corson and his amazing crew of hygienists, but even the front desk ladies are just amazing. I had only been there once for the consultation and they refereed to me by name as soon as I walked in, the nickname I go by and not my legal name that is on the forms! That’s always such a plus in my book that they take the time to note that I go by a different nickname than what’s on my IDs. They always offer a complimentary drink, and the office is so well kept and clean–it’s more like a salon! They walked me through everything, what my insurance would cover and even gave me the cost of the procedure up front at the first visit so there’s no guessing games. They’re so polite! If you have fears because it’s been a long time, are in pain, or just need a new dentist since your current one is not cutting it–go to Dr. Corson. I’ve lived in Denver 10 years and I am so mad at myself for not finding him sooner!

Annalise Moore (Source: Google)


I moved here from Tennessee, where I have had the same dentist for nearly a decade. I heard so many wonderful things from friends/family about Corson Dentistry, and I was NOT disappointed! The team is so personable, genuine, knowledgable. Dr. Corson was great and answered all of my questions! I am looking forward to remaining a patient for many years to come!

S S (Source: Google)


Dr. Corson and his entire team have done an amazing job creating a safe environment and adhering to strict protocols in order to continue to provide exceptional dental care during the pandemic. I have now been twice during COVID and I couldn’t have felt more safe in all respects during my appointments. Thank you to all for working hard to provide great service and to keep your team and clients safe!

Nicole D. from Treasure Island, FL (Source: Yelp)


The fact that I am even reviewing a dentist is huge…giving 5 stars is unbelievable for a person like me. You might relate, not really a person that likes or has had a good experience at the dentist? Yeah, that was me. Hated the Draconian method of teeth cleaning. C’mon really, after sending people into space and creating phones the size of credit cards, are we still using a sharp, pointy metal device to scrape the teeth and gums? After reading the excellent reviews of Corson Dentistry and not feeling super excited about revisiting my previous dentist (long story), I thought I’d give them a shot of changing my mind forever about the total dental experience. I really felt like I was at a day spa. Everything was high tech and state of the art. Just the fact that my hands were getting silky soft with a paraffin treatment, while I was watching HGTV AND getting my teeth cleaned was something I never believed was possible. I really have no recollection of my teeth actually being cleaned. i was too wrapped up in watching TV on the CEILING! Great show on first time home buyers BTW. Did you know the kind of house you can buy for 250k in Atlanta? Wow…well living in Atlanta…hmmmm, maybe not. End result, they were very aware that I am a wimp with getting my teeth and gums scraped so they applied a little numbing gel, performed the ultra sonic cleaning (with warmed water!) and checked on me every couple of minutes to make sure I was comfortable. Love this place. Dare I say I am looking forward to getting my teeth cleaned? Blasphemy!! If you are like me, you need to switch to Corson. They are wonderful through and through.

Marianne H. from Erie, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Corson and his highly trained staff are the best-above-the-rest!  My past dental experiences have been painful to say the least!  My daughter and her family love Dr. Corson & staff having had a bad experience with their last dentist. Upon her referral, I signed up to have my teeth cleaned after 5 years of not seeing a dentist due to loosing 2 jobs in 2 years & not being able to afford insurance.  My experience was wonderful! I was happily greeted, given a tour of the beautiful office environment, received a hot paraffin wrap on my hands, had a full-mouth x-ray with state-of-the-art equipment, the hygienist was calm & communicative reviewing my medical and dental history, cleaned my teeth gently while I watched a TV show of my choice, then she and Dr. Cason designed a personal dental care plan for me. Plus they have financial plans available for those of us uninsured patients.  Dr. Corson is a compassionate & caring person and chooses his staff with those qualities as well.  His dedication and loyalty as a U.S. veteran paved the way to his extraordinary credentials in his successful career path. I highly recommend Corson Dentistry and will be a satisfied patient for life.

Jodeci Virgo (Source: Google)


I have gone to the same Dentist since I was a child so when he retired I struggled to find a Dentist that I felt comfortable with and once My husband and I found Corson Dentistry I was beyond happy. Their office environment and staff are friendly easy going and great to work with. Our first visit was great and they also included our wild 3 year old into the appointment for his first appointment and were great with him. I Highly recommend this Dentist for anyone looking for a laid back environment with great staff.

Megan R. from Lawrence, KS (Source: Yelp)


I don’t know why anyone goes anywhere else. Dr. Corson and his staff are the best people I have come across. All the girls treat you like you have been friends forever. Dr. Corson is so down to earth and very conservative. I have never been a fan of the dentist and I find myself not wanting to leave after a cleaning. I could stay and hang out with all of them all day. I hope to never have to find a new dentist and I send all my friends there to get the best care in Denver!

Michael W. from Durango, CO (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had two cleanings and a wisdom tooth pulled at Corson.  Dr. Corson bent over backwards to ensure I didn’t go into the weekend in pain, despite having no openings for me.  I’ve had two cleaning by Holly and you couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable and friendly hygienist. The equipment is state of the art making each visit very efficient.  They even have a TV on the ceiling in each exam room which is really nice during a cleaning.

Juli B. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


This establishment has to be the best dental office in Colorado.  Everyone on the staff is super friendly and it is an all-around pleasant experience.  Dr. Corson actually takes the time to speak and listen to you, instead of just busting around room to room.  I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t know that a great dental office like this exists….that’s why I’m writing the review!  Keep it flossy y’all!

Jeff K. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Hands down, Dr. Corson is the best dentist in Denver. I vehemently hate the dentist so finding one I actually don’t mind going to should speak volumes itself. Dr. Corson always takes the time to tell you what he’s doing, put you at ease, and take care of you as best he can. The office is exceptionally nice, but the costs are quite reasonable. Also, Dr. Corson is an Army veteran, which I quite liked about him as a veteran myself. In sum, if you need a dentist, go here. You won’t find a better dentist in the Denver area.

Anna H. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Just went back for my 6 month check up. Thanks to their help first dentist appointment ever with no cavities! And the root canal therapy I had done there last year went GREAT, didn’t hurt at all and completely fixed the awful pain I had been having! Completely worth it! And the new crown he put on the tooth afterward fit much better and felt more natural than the one I had done at another dentist. Dr Corson is the most competent, gentle dentist I have ever found. Absolutely GREAT.

Abigail Newell (Source: Google)


I just started going to Corson in February of this year, but had heard so many good things about them from my family, who has been going there for a few years now. I have been there a few times in the past few months, getting work done on my teeth, and each time the experience has been pleasant. Hard to say, for a dentist, I know. But the employees are all very kind. The facility is clean and in good repair, and they have done a really good job adjusting the way they do things, in the midst of COVID-19. They offer payment plans for expensive procedures, and that also is super helpful for me. I’d recommend Corson Dentistry to anyone!

Karolina Stachura (Source: Google)


Have been going to Corson Dentistry for over a year now. Have had a root canal and my wisdom teeth out in addition to routine cleanings. Have always had a great experience. Clean, safe, friendly. Everyone there has been kind and actually listened to me. Always great at answering questions. They are being safe during COVID and have great hygienists.

Arlene M. from Bennett, CO (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of the Corson Dentistry for over 5 years now, and while it sounds unbelievable, each of my visits there is better than the previous one.  Drs. Corson & Miller and their excellent staff are all professionals and are extraordinarily caring, effective and so very pleasant.  During the coronavirus they have taken considerable precautions to make certain, staff & patients – are well protected.  I’ve had a lot of dental work done over the years because my prior dentist (unbeknown to me) was careless, money-hungry and ineffective.  You certainly won’t find those traits at Corson’s.  They are very attentive to issues and concerns, come up with effective remedies, and as far as pricing, they are extremely fair.  If you’re seeking a reputable dentist, go no further than Corson.  They’re wonderful — and I’m not a relative.

Stephen K. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Had my 2nd visit here recently; kinda dug around on Yelp and other places for a bit looking for my 1st dentist in a 3-4 yr span without any; the one I liked relocated most of the way to Parker which was an unworkable commute for me. Found this place and after comparing 3-4 other possibilities dove in here. I am grateful I chose Corson, because I am transfixed at how awesome the staff is here. I’m blessed with cavity-and-other-issues resistant teeth, so my standard visit is a standard cleaning — my 1st visit 6 months ago involved a deep cleaning on 1 side which significantly healed up my gum on that tooth from a ‘6’ depth to a ‘3’. Huge improvement!! Dr. Corson the 1 time I saw him was very professional and made me feel very at ease — the staff is just amazing in their personal level of care and concern for not only your health but happiness as well. Chloe asked if the spacing in my front teeth bothered me and I was so *stunned* to be asked that; never had that asked of me before. Sure, it’s a prelude to talking about their Invisalign availability, but it was still a great touch. [Yeah, it bugs me — a lot of issues could be resolved with sufficient application of money.] Apparently my sarcastic-tinged humor appealed to her too because she kept laughing and telling me how funny I was. Sweet of her. Guys like to feel relevant and be someone’s focus, so…nailed it both technically cleaning as well as personally. 🙂 Bonuses: bizarrely, a paraffin wax hand treatment to soften your hands during your cleaning, and TVs set into the ceiling so you can laugh your ass off watching American Dad mid-afternoon. All they need now is high-end tequila shots in between your top and bottom layer cleaning and it’d be perfect. 😉 [Probably not safe for driving afterwards, though…] Parking is a bit confusing if you’re not paying attention, you may think you need to park in the nearby RTD-Yale Station parking spot, or near one of the other buildings; but there is underground parking in the very building Corson is housed in. You just need to pay attention. Never had an issue with insurance here on either version I’ve had, so that’s well taken care of. Keep up the great work Corson staff!

GL M. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Amazing doctor and staff!! Dr. Corson is an amazing person and the staff that works for him are the friendliest staff i ever met. Dr. Corson is extremely knowledgeable, caring, unbelievably gentle, sincere and considerate!!  It’s not all about the money for him, he is personable and cares about you as a person and wants to make sure you are happy and comfortable. I have seen many  dentists and he is the best by far. My sister has severe “dentist anxiety” and has been avoiding dentists most of her life. Recently she began experiencing pain and needed a couple of extreme procedures. I took her with me to meet Dr. Corson . He suggested several ways to handle her anxiety and not only followed through on his promises but let me sit in on the procedures the whole time. I have yet to meet a Dr. who allows that. My sister is still anxious every time she goes in but is extremely happy that she found someone who understands her needs but more importantly someone she can trust. I have been seeing Dr. Corson for about 3 years now and highly recommend him plus he’s really easy on the eyes!! LOL

Stan Washburn (Source: Google)


Just completed a routine appointment for teeth cleaning and X Rays. I believe this is the 3rd appointment during the pandemic. Their system for screening before entering their office is very efficient and quick. It’s always a pleasure to visit their office – with extremely friendly and personable staff. My wife and I have been a client since January 2014, and expect to be continuing for many more years. Dr. Corson is the best for considering what treatments are really needed with consideration for his clients needs and limitations of their budget.

Chad C. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Corson via a Google search and his reviews were so great, I called because I had an urgent issue. Everyone at this office is genuinely kind and you can tell it is operated with respect for everyone. Dr. Corson took care of me every step of the way. I knew it was serious when I made the appointment based on a cracked tooth. I had to have a root canal and never had had one, but it was as painless as you can get. He is a very calming person overall and he just knows what he is doing. It is rare to find a dentist that can do all of these procedures in-house (for instance, making the crown) and take care of it in one appointment. I was moving out of state that week and they just made it smooth for me. Dr. Corson and his staff have continued to assist me in the transition, and to be honest, I choose to have him as my primary dentist whenever possible. Luckily, I have family still in Denver, and will happily schedule preventative and any other appointment needs when I am coming to town. He is just that good. Thank you for all you do!

Jennifer D. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


For several years we were going to a dentist who we loved but was very far from where we live.  We wanted to find a dentist who was much closer to our home and found Corson Dentistry.  This past March I had restorative work done at Corson, which went beyond my expectations, and this month my husband and I had our first exams and cleanings.  What a pleasant and pampered experience!  We cannot gush enough about their office, staff and Dr. Corson.  We were blown away by the creature comforts they offer, tour of the entire beautiful and serene office, high tech equipment and tools used, and incredible attention to detail with our exams and cleanings.  They all did a wonderful job of explaining what they were doing and why with a caring touch to make us feel very involved with the process and not just another mouth in a seat.  We have to say we are all smiles and glad we found Corson Dentistry.

Mike W. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Corson Dentistry has set the bar! Not only is their facility clean and state-of-the-art, but the staff is friendly, professional and helpful. Additionally, Dr. Miller is an outstanding dentist! I moved from a family dentist to Corson Dentistry four months ago – Corson Dentistry is now my family dentist. Dr. Miller was meticulous and spent time answering my questions and addressing all concerns. He recognized that I grind my teeth and fitted me for a mouth guard which has been a game changer! Finally, as a veteran and member of the Navy Active Reserve, I appreciate Dr. Corson’s military-friendly environment. I’m proud to be a patient at a dentist office where Dr. Corson takes pride in military service. He provides discounts to military service members and I have not hesitated to recommend his practice to ALL my reserve affiliates.

Misty K. from Elizabeth, CO (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Corson since he opened his amazing office in Denver He is by far the BEST Dentist in Denver.. Make that the Best in Colorado. The very professional, knowledgeable and friendly office staff, his amazing and gentle Hygienists and Dental Assistants make every dental appointment pleasant. The technology is the absolute best the office is so warm and very clean. They accept dental insurance and the office coordinator reviews the treatment plan options so there are no surprises with the final bill. Dr. Corson and his team are the leading example of how each Dental office should be!

Garry R. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I have avoided the dentist for the last couple years after having a couple not so great experiences (think root canal gone bad:(….but now with two toddlers at home I needed to be a better example for my boys. So after reading these reviews (especially the one from Nicole P., thanks whoever you are:) I made an appointment and was AMAZED! Not only did I go through with the initial cleaning appointment, you know to be a good example (even trying the paraffin stuff Nicole mentioned….never done that before, and were my hands soft after wards), ….but I agreed to have Dr Corson do a root canal…. Side note, my first attempted root canal by a prior dentist, landed me in the surgeon office with a file stuck in the tooth…..ending in extraction! So the last thing I wanted to do was have another one (hence my avoidance, I know not a great tactic). Of course it still wasn’t fun, but it was as much FUN as you could possibly have getting a root canal. I was even feeling good enough to go out to dinner with the family after wards and watched my Alma mater (Iowa) play Dr. Corson’s (Indiana) in basketball, I didn’t watch until the end, but I just checked and Indiana won. My boys even enjoyed their visit so much they promised to draw Amanda (one of the staff) a picture for the next time they come in….I couldn’t be happier and will certainly become a regular!

Tessa S. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


LOVE CORSON DENTISTRY! I have never had such an awesome experience at the dentist. My previous dentist was fine and I didn’t have any issues with  the practice, but after recently moving to Denver and finding Corson, I am now convinced that fine is not acceptable when you can have awesome! Everything was so easy and pleasant with Corson. I called in to book as a new patient and they were able to get me an appointment within two weeks and during the lunch hour, which is even better. I didn’t have to wait when I arrived – filled out some quick paperwork and then they called me back. The paraffin hand wax is cool and left my hands feeling super soft. There are TV’s on the ceiling which is definitely a nice treat as well. The hygienist was so so sweet and personable, as well as was Dr. Miller. I didn’t meet Dr. Corson, but I am sure he is just as great. All of these things were icing on the cake, but the actual cake was that they are conservative with their methods. They explain everything to you and they don’t just drill holes and fill every little spot that looks questionable. I have never learned so much about my teeth at the dentist, which will be helpful to me as I continue to take care of my teeth to ensure they stay healthy. I usually am super swollen with bloody gums when I leave the dentist, but not this time. They are sensitive while still ensuring a great cleaning. I am just super excited to have found Corson!

Kero (Source: Google)


Been coming here for a few years and I honestly would never go anywhere else. The staff is friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. Personally, I do not have any anxiety when it comes to dental work, but they did ask me if I did when I first came to the office. I find that a very simple yet deeply important question that many other practices fail to inquire about. Aside from excellent service, the thing that stood out to me the most about this practice is that they were not pushy about any procedures that I did not need. Many years ago, when I went to another dental office they insisted that I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed even though they were not impacted and did not cause me any discomfort or pain. Eventually, when I actually did need to have them removed Corson Dentistry took great care of everything and made the entire procedure comfortable and completely painless. Post surgery I was having some swelling and found that the initial prescribed pain medication was not alleviating my discomfort and notified the office of this. An assistant met me at the Parker office on their day off just to give me an updated prescription which I was very grateful for. They really go above and beyond and I never felt uncomfortable or pressured in any way. There is a reason why they have the reviews they do, and I hope they continue to provide excellent service and unparalleled dental care for their patients. I recommend Corson Dentistry to everyone, especially people with dentist anxiety because of how much they care about the physical and emotional well-being of their patients. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

Heidi K. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I am simply blown away by Dr. Corson, the office environment and the entire staff!  From the moment you walk into their gorgeous, state-of-the-art facility, you are treated with warmth and kindness. Their attention to every detail is phenomenal.  I was nervous about finding a new dentist when I found out the dentist I went to for years had retired during a brief move back East.  Well I have found my “rest of my life” dentist in Dr. Corson and his incredible staff.  It is conveniently located just steps away from the Yale RTD Station. And did I mention the lovely touch of a paraffin hand wax treatment while I got my teeth cleaned?  It’s true!  Best dental experience. Ever.

M N. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I was in the midst of having work performed by another dentist for a replacement crown and was in severe pain for 3 (yes, 3) weeks. I finally had enough sleepless nights and the inability to eat without being in agony and decided to find another dentist. I came across Corson Dentistry and requested a consultation for what was going on with my tooth and the pain, also for another tooth the other dentist felt I needed to have replaced. Corson Dentistry called me to find out the details of the consultation and found out I was in pain and invited me in an hour later to see if they could help me figure out what was happening with the tooth. Come to find out, the nerve was dying and was responsible for causing the terrible pain and an emergency root canal was performed which relieved my pain immediately.I appreciate their ability to get me in so quickly, to make a quick diagnosis, to get me out of pain and have everything done in very little time and expense.

Donna F. from Clearwater, Tampa Bay, FL (Source: Yelp)


Best experience at the dentist I have ever had.   Since I am a “chicken” when it comes to the dentist, Dr. Corson and his office staff are the best.   I had a previous cap put on only 4 years ago and when it came off, Dr. Corson discovered it had been put on incorrectly, had leaked causing decay. It was 50/50 to cap it or root canal.   The office staff put me at ease and Dr. Corson was the best.  He not only took care of the tooth – no root canal – but my permanent cap was made in his office, great fit and I was on my way. The next day Dr. Corson personally called to make sure everything was ok.   He has state of the art equipment too which makes the visit quick and efficient.  I highly recommend Dr. Corson for not only his great dental work but his kind, gentle spirit.   He is a dentist that really cares about his patients!

Kai Josephson (Source: Google)


I was referred to Corson Dentistry by my wife and just made my first visit. The staff was super friendly and outgoing, even during COVID. I love that they offer early and late hour appointments so I don’t have to take a ton of time off work. Our son also had his first check up recently and came away unscathed from his first dentist trip. No doubt our daughter will be going to Corson when she’s of age.

Eric S. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Well, I have found my new dentist in Denver and it’s awesome. I moved to Denver a couple years ago and have been searching for a new dental office here since I arrived. Looking for a new dentist is not fun, especially when you’ve had as many past issues with your teeth as I have. I heard about Corson Dentistry through a friend and gave it a shot, mainly because the last place I got work done at mislead me to believe they were in my network, but were definitely not. Corson, on the other hand, is in my network, first major plus. It turned out better than I could have hoped for. Corson’s office is probably the nicest dental office I’ve ever been in. The equipment is definitely the latest and greatest hi-tech stuff. The staff was super friendly. There is a free garage to park in. They do this crazy hand wax thing that makes your hands feel like silk. And best of all they weren’t pushy in the slightest. I feel like my dentist at Corson told me the truth about my situation and basically said there was no rush at all to have work done (I have a lot of silver fillings that I will eventually have to replace with crowns). The last dentist I had basically scared me into thinking I needed to have crowns done asap or my teeth would fall out. In summary, if your looking for a new dentist and want one that is really competent and gives it to you straight then you’ve found it, for real.