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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Rachel V. from Draper, UT (Source: Yelp)


Cottonwood dental always has a warm welcoming staff that ensures you’re comfortable and well taken care of. They are kind, respectful, and Patient with all of their clients. I am a new patient here at cottonwood dental and I’m already recognized when I walk through the door. They take pride in their clientele and really try to be flexible with work/school schedules. They manage to get you in and get you out while providing quality service. It’s a fantastic dental clinic that I would recommend to anyone

Sarah Woomer (Source: Google)


Going here made me forget my previous fears of dentists. Seriously! I was going in with high expectations and bad memories of going to the dentist and I came out with a smile and even more so, a better mood. The font desk people are so sweet and make your anxiety go down. The dental assistant was informed and patient with my fears, and all my questions. And the dentist was just quick and amazing. I encourage all to not be afraid and go here.

Olivia A Kinder (Source: Facebook)


The staff is unbelievably kind!!! Talked to my son about the issue he had and gave him options on how to move forward! Gentle hands are always a bonus. Gave us recommendations to a specialist he’ll need to see. We will definitely be going back!!!

Jared E. from Pleasant Grove, UT (Source: Yelp)


Cottonwood Dental is awesome! Staff is friendly and very proficient. Dr. Boseman is hilarious first of all very proficient and fast! It takes no time at all. If you’re scared of dentistry work or are looking for someone who can do the work right head over to Cottonwood Dental I can’t recommend them enough! I drive 40 minutes to get to them and it is well worth it

Raeella Julian (Source: Google)


Amazing place. I had an emergency situation where a tooth had broken off and was razor sharp! Being a truck driver with odd hours and not being able to make set appointments, this office worked me in!!! Late appointments are very convenient with people that don’t have 8-5 jobs! Very concerned about the best comfort and care for the patient. No pain!

Marie Espinola Larsen (Source: Facebook)


I had an emergency appointment today and was taking care of promptly and efficiently. I would recommend Cottonwood Dental to everyone. They are quick, painless, and always make you feel at home when you step into the office. They are 10 STAR to me !

Tristan Bone (Source: Facebook)


I had the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist office at Cottonwood Dental. I have extremely bad anxiety at the dentist, even when just getting a cleaning. They made sure I was comfortable and if anything hurt or made me uncomfortable, they would stop and make sure I was ok. They addressed any issues I had and they take care of whatever needs attention first. Very clean office and ALL of the staff were extremely kind. I also took my 2.5 year old daughter to have her teeth looked at. She was a little stubborn and wouldn’t let them look, but they gave her a little ride on the chair, a little dental goodie bag, and a couple other little things. This made me happy because they didn’t force her to do anything so hopefully she remembers her good experience at the dentist and she won’t grow up having severe anxiety at the dentist like her mommy

Shirlee Carroll (Source: Google)


Came into the dental office today with my husband. He had an infected tooth and Dr. Boseman previously put him on antibiotics and did what he could to try and save his tooth. Well the tooth decided it wasn’t going to cooperate. Dr. Cody and Dr.Jerald both came in on New Years Eve to take care of his tooth problem. It was really neat to see Father and son working together. They’re amazing! So kind and willing to do what they can to make sure their patients are comfortable, and do what they can until they fix their problem. They had to pull the tooth and get out all the infection. Not an easy task. It was pain free for my husband and very quick because they are so good at what they do. We’re so thankful for their kindness to spend their holiday helping our family! After it heals he will come back for an implant. They really care about their patients and treat them like family… We love Dr.Cody and Dr. Jerald Boseman and their staff. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great experience! Love Dr. Cody and Dr. Jerald Boseman. You will not find a better dentist than these two. I had a horrible fear of going to the dentist.. but no more. I had my tooth pulled by Dr.Cody and it was totally pain free. I had no problems at all. You couldn’t pay me to go to another dentist. They care, they listen, and they are the best. They are a great place for kids too! Give them a call!

Jamie Down (Source: Google)


Had such a great experience at cottonwood dental! Everyone working there was so nice. I felt right at home and that the hygienist and dentist really cared about me personally. I’ve been to dentists before that feel like you are getting your car fixed, and they tell you all these scary things that are going to happen if you don’t do X,Y, and Z, and then try and upsell you on a bunch of extras that your insurance doesn’t cover, not at cottonwood dental! They were open and honest with me, and gave me advice on things I could do at home that would help my gums and teeth. I appreciate the open communication and honesty instead of petty scare tactics I’ve encountered at other offices. The hygienist was SUPER gentle with my gums and teeth during the cleaning, it was the least painful cleaning I’ve ever had. They also had fresh cookies on the way out which was a nice treat!

Keith Nelson (Source: Google)


I’ve had Dr Boseman as my dentist since I was a kid and I’ve had the unfortunate experience of going to another dentist one another time. But only once. I’ve always liked them but when I went to the other dentist I realized how much better he is by far than any other dentist and\or orthodontist I’ve ever met. In 41 years of appointments I’ve never left feeling worse than when I went in. Not so with my other dentist. Also can’t be said about my orthodontist, but their job is to cause pain, so there’s no need to compare. These guys are fantastic!

Kurt Fisher (Source: Google)


Gerald Boseman is the principal dentist. He has practiced for 33 years. He has spent 12 years involved with the Utah Dental Association, including as President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Served on the Utah Radiation Control Board. I started with Dr. Boseman when he first opened his practice. What I like about him is his good medical judgment combined with an ability to read people and give them his advice on their terms in an unhurried manner. High technical competence goes without saying. I have seen him competently and compassionately move from treating an 8 year old with a simple cavity to an 80 year old with multiple chronic dental and personal problems. If you are the type who wants the straight dope and to get down to the business quickly, he does that. If you’re the type of patient who wants more hand-holding and to take more time you’ll get that. He is not the type of dentist who is out to drill your wallet, as opposed to your mouth. Without prompting, on several occasions he has said “Let’s wait to see if that clears up on his own.” Sometimes it has; other times it’s been necessary to pay for the more expensive procedure, which I have happily paid without buyer’s rremors and minimal procedure discomfort

Ashley Sorensen (Source: Facebook)


The Bosemans are the Absolute Best dentists in the world!!! I have been a patient for over 30 years now and have only had 2 experiences with a dentist other then them and can say nobody is as good as these 3 men!!! They are so gentle and great at what they do! There isn’t words to describe my gratitude for the entire staff! Love love love them

Pierce Arner (Source: Google)


I’ve been going here for ages and there’s a good reason that I’ve never looked for another location for my dental care. The staff is kind and knowledgable, they know how to provide everything that I need to take care of my mouth/teeth, and I always leave with an exceptionally bright smile on my face thanks to the excellent work that they do!

Judy Windfelder (Source: Facebook)


I have been a patient of Dr. J. Jerald Bozeman for 38 years now, I win!! My son has been seeing him going on 29 years. I think that speaks for itself. I have never felt an ounce of pain with any of the services I have received, from root canals to crowns and even the shots of novicane. I actually look forward to my visits. The receptionists and hygenists are professional and courteous and can make you feel good even when you come in with your front tooth in your hand! Dr. Cody Boseman is following in his father’s footsteps. I look forward to smileing at him with my new implants…..patience, I know! A ++++ ratings to the Cottonwood Dental office!

Jordyn B. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


Cottonwood Dental is by far the BEST dental office I’ve been to! (And I’ve been to a lot!) The staff and EACH of the doctors truly have the patient’s best interest in mind at all times. The work they do is incredible and they make it as comfortable as it can possibly be while getting work done! I would highly recommend to everyone!

Victoria Lemus (Source: Google)


The staff here at Cottonwood Dental are so professional and kind! They make you feel welcome when you first arrive and immediately we felt at ease. They are attentive to your needs and there is never a long wait time when you book an appointment. Their services are impeccable and they’re family friendly too! We love Cottonwood Dental and like to call this our local Family Dentistry!

Elias Perez (Source: Google)


I’ve had nothing but great experiences. Before coming in as a patient I knew Dr Boseman for the work he does to give back to the community. An amazing human being that is easy to support. As a patient I have been impressed with their up to date technology, friendly service, and thorough knowledge. I’ll recommend them to anyone.

Jamie W. from Blackfoot, ID (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Cottonwood dental for years and I never want to go anywhere else! No matter who you see, they are always smiling and happy to see you. They make you feel comfortable and make sure you’re taken care of. As a person who goes to the dentist way more than they should, I can safely say cottonwood dental is the place to go!

Camilla Sweat (Source: Google)


I had an appointment. Confirmed it and everything. Set the alarm wrong and missed it. I called them to apologize and reschedule. They were able to reschedule me later in the day. They were very nice about my mistake and did what they could to accommodate me. I’ve been seeing them since I was little and ha ve never had a problem. They remember me and my family. Wouldn’t want any other dental facility

Nicole Hugo (Source: Google)


Dr Boseman was my dentist in 2009 while we lived in SLC. The Army moved us all over the world over the next 8 years, from S. Korea, Hawaii and the Southern U.S. Dr. Boseman was by far the best dentist I’ve ever been to. His hygienist is gentle and thorough. His whole office is great. I live 5 hours away and am happy to make the drive for excellent service!

Thor Church (Source: Google)


I have been going to Cottonwood Dental for many years and won’t go anywhere else. I recommend everyone go there. I have sent all of my friends and family there. I have had very bad experiences and work with other dentists and Dr Boseman has been able to fix them all. They are always professional and courteous. It’s feels like family and friends.

Michelle Rasmussen (Source: Google)


Highly recommend…..I have been going to Cottonwood Dental associates for 30 years – since high school. I have been going for so long I now see Dr. Boseman’s son!! The staff is amazing and caring. They take the time to explain what needs to be done and what you can expect.

Louella Ash (Source: Google)


I have been going to Cottonwood Dental Associates since they first opened their practice. I wouldn’t be doing this if I were not extremely satisfied with their work, their honesty, their friendliness, and the cleanliness of their office. I would recommend them to anyone I know (and I have recommended them to many).

Andrea Armstrong (Source: Google)


Years ago I started going to Dr. Boseman for regila dental care. I changed jobs and he was no longer covered by my insurance, so I went to a new dentist. I’ve bounced around from dentist to dentist for many years and finally went back to Dr. Boseman. I’ve come to the conclusion that paying a small portion to see an “out of network” dentist that I trust and am comfortable with is beyond worth paying a little out of pocket! Happy to be back!

Lee Mcalister (Source: Google)


Best dental office hands down! From the awesome front office staff, to the assistants, to the hygienists, and the doctors…we won’t go anywhere else. They are great with kids, and even adults who act like kids. We’ve been coming to Cottonwood Dental for almost 19 years, and highly recommend them without hesitation!

Steve Kusaba (Source: Google)


I have experienced decades of great dental care with this office. They are superb at minimizing pain and fixing the problems as they come up. I have on occasion tried others when the schedule was too crowded short term and I always noticed that the other offices were very lacking by comparison. If you are lucky to be treated by this office you will never leave!

Angie Robson (Source: Facebook)


I feel like I am visiting dear family members when I have an appointment at Cottonwood Dental Associates. The staff genuinely care about me and my family. Jerald Boseman is the best dentist in the Salt Lake Valley and may very well be the BEST ever anywhere! I am not afraid to go to my appointments and that says a lot about his practice!

Teresa Andrus (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Cottonwood dental for 15 years. I had a major dental phobia and needed a new dentist. I received a recommendation for Dr. Boseman at Cottonwood Dental… First Class dentistry and 15 years later, the faces at Cottonwood dental have changed a bit but the one constant that keeps me coming back after many years and changes, is the office manager Shelli. She is absolutely amazing!!! She is what keeps me driving 30-40 minutes to Cottonwood from Lehi for my dental needs. If you are looking for a great dentist office with a fabulous, friendly staff, this is the place for you!

M.R. Martin (Source: Google)


When I first moved to Utah 10 years ago I was looking for a dentist and luckily my coworker recommended this place. I’ve never gone to a better dentist. I love the dental hygienist Pam and Dr. Boseman and everyone else is great as well. I don’t have kids but my friend does and they had such a good experience that one of her sons is a dentist now too. They make it really easy to reschedule when life gets busy. The new office is a little hard to find the first time, but will be easy the second. I’m so glad I found this place and I would highly recommend to anyone!

Elijah Bertrand (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to this dentist office since I was a small kid and my mom since she was a kid. The Boseman’s do both sides of my family. I grew up with Dr. Jerald Boseman as my dentist and now I’m Dr. Cody’s project. I won’t trust anyone outside of this office with my teeth. They are so kind and caring. They genuinely care about your comfort and your health. They will not lie and tell you you have twenty cavities in order to suck you dry of money as I experienced out of state. They will educate you and encourage you to take care of what you can at home before saying you have to have them take care of it. I seriously love Cottonwood Dental and the Boseman’s so much. I highly recommend you come here. Plus you get hot cookies in the office!

Jennifer Payne (Source: Google)


I am a daughter of a dentist and when he passed, I searched for a dentist who was as gentle and as thorough. I found it in Dr. Boseman! My entire family have been patients of Dr. Boseman for as long as I can remember. My in-laws have since moved over to him as well. We have also been seen by others in the practice and have been very impressed.

Lina Palelei (Source: Google)


My first time here & it was AMAZING!!!! The staff is very kind, patient, and they make you feel so comfortable. From the ladies at the front desk to the dentist himself and the dental assistants I didn’t feel embarrassed or nervous at all. I had my 2 year old daughter & the assistants helped watch her and keep her occupied while I got a cleaning and a tooth pulled. I will be coming here from now on, not only for myself but for my daughter as well. Thank you Cottonwood Dental!!

Elaine Ella Hardman (Source: Facebook)


I’m so impressed with there service and friendly ways in making me feel comfortable and adjustment in time of need. I’ve been going to Dr Boseman for many years and have seen many changes as time went on. They have the best updated equipment and amazing they know what’s needed every time. I love when I smile now.

Bella Johnson (Source: Google)


Just got out of my first visit and am SO impressed with the whole process from setting up my appointment to leaving the office. I had postponed finding a new dentist once I switched insurance carriers, and am SO glad that I listened to my husband who referred me here. Everyone (the front desk staff, the hygienist and the dentist) was very personable and made me feel so comfortable. I look forward to future visits!

Areiann J. from Millcreek, UT (Source: Yelp)


I would recommend Cottonwood Dental to ANYONE! The dentist there are incredible, the office staff always has a smile and the over atmosphere is so welcoming. I love that they are always bring in new technology to help make my visit easier! The new scanner they have that replaces (the not so fun) impressions is the coolest! If you guys are looking for a good dentist, you cannot go wrong with cottonwood dental!