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Manami Yamaguchi, DMD:
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Dental Arts & Wellness
Manami Yamaguchi, DMD
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Holistic dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Mardi S. from Beavercreek, OR (Source: Yelp)


Dr Yamaguchi is great.  I have been going to her for over 10 years and I’ll stay with her as long as she is still in practice.  She is always updating her skills and processes to the latest techniques in Dentistry.  She develops a long-term plan for your dental health needs.  She will work with you and insurance to make sure you get the best care possible. She is truly devoted to her patients

Nita S. from Portland, OR (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dental Arts & Wellness for the past ten years (and to Dr Yamaguchi’s previous location before that).  Dr Yamaguchi and her staff have taken such good care of me and my dental needs and for that I am very grateful.  Having not been a fan of dentist visits in the past, it is nice to say “I like my dentist!”.Going to the dentist is pretty low on the list of things I like to do. However, from the first time I saw Dr Yamaguchi (about 12 years ago) she has made me feel at ease and I know my dental work is in the right hands. She and her staff are professional and friendly and I highly recommend them!

Debbie Kenyon (Source: Facebook)


I was extremely impressed by this office. The staff are very friendly and professional and the hygienist Who I had explained everything quite thoroughly. It’s a comfortable office where you will learn the most and get the best treatment available. I left there feeling appreciative of all they do and the feeling they care.

Janna S. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Safe and professional mercury amalgam removal! Dr. Yamaguchi is a highly skilled and conscientious holistic doctor. I had many “silver” mercury amalgams removed and replaced with beautiful composite fillings. She practices extreme care in following all safety procedures, and she and her assistant paid close attention to my comfort and communicated with me throughout the procedure to make sure I was ok and that I knew what was going on. The entire staff is wonderful!

Issac F. M. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Thank you so much Doctor Yamaguchi for how well you took care of my teeth today… I appreciate you allowing me to view your work thru the “tooth gallery”. Your staff is also great and very friendly to be around. The front desk women are helpful and accommodating with all your financial options. Your the BEST Dr. Yamaguchi.

Adam Cusic (Source: Facebook)


This is one of the best all around Dental office I have ever been too. They do great quality repairs, and are very informative about what they find so you are comfortable with the decisions you make. They are truely there to improve your overall health, and to teach you what you need to know to live a long healthy life. Highly recommend going there.

Paul F. from Lake Oswego, OR (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been coming here for many years. Dr. Yamaguchi and her capable staff are extremely knowledgeable, but more than that, they have an unrivaled passion for their craft and a deeply personal concern for their well-being of their patients. They combine the latest techniques with the best technology to ensure your treatments are the most effective and as painless as they can be. This is dentistry at its finest.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


I would just like to share my experience. I had discovered that I was having health issues due to my Mercury fillings. I started to research ways to get them removed. I found a few practitioners in Oregon that followed the “Smart Protocol”. Removing Mercury fillings can be very dangerous because of the mercury vapor. I consider myself a “difficult customer” because I had lots of questions and was very nervous about getting them removed. When I went in for my initial visit I had 3 pages of questions to ask Dr. Yamaguchi. Dr. Yamaguchi spent over an hour with me detailing the procedure and asking more specifically about all the health issues I was having. I genuinely felt like she cared about my health. At the end of her talking about the procedure (an hour later), I pulled out my questions specific to the “Smart Protocol” and started to read down them to ask her questions, I realized she answered every single one before I even had a chance to ask her any. I was really impressed, I walked in there nervous and a bit scared, I walked out feeling confident and excited to get my mercury fillings removed. After leaving the office, Dr. Yamaguchi wanted me to do a specific test independent of her office to check for allergies to any material that would be replacing my mercury fillings. After I got the results and sent them back to the office, she called me the next morning personally (I have never had a doctor call me personally, its just a nurse or front desk usually) and told me she went over 70 pages that night of literature to select the best option to replace my mercury since I have so many sensitivities. I was again really impressed that she took the extra time to do this. I cannot see any other health practitioner in this field or any other field going the extra mile like she did. On the day of the removal, everything went better than expected. She followed the Smart Protocol to the T. After the removal we checked our bitewing xray to double check every spec of the amalgam was removed. I had a great experience and will be a life long customer.

Tasha Najarian-Stevenson (Source: Facebook)


State of the art technology and dental artistry. Dr. Yamaguchi is truly an artist and her hunger for education and pride in her craft truly shows. Her extractions were fast and painless and my health has transformed after they were removed. She is quick and efficient. She is knowledgeable in holistic dentistry and caters to the well being of her patients. Getting my amalgam fillings removed was so easy. Her work has been a huge component to my over all healing and wellness. I am so grateful I found her. My wife and I drive all the way from the Oregon coast to see her. Her staff are so kind and welcoming. They all work hard to make their patients feel anxiety free and catered to. I am beyond grateful to receive mine and my wife’s dental procedures here. We tell everyone to go to her! Do not hesitate checking this dentistry out. I am so grateful that doctors like this exist still. Compassionate and knowledge in both western and eastern practices! She is truly concerned about her patience over all health over making a buck. Thank you Dr. Yamaguchi! You have helped me so much!


Becoming a dentist did not happen to Manami very fast. With her mother’ being an artistic tailor, Manami was encouraged to draw and design her dresses as a child. Then wanting to quit classical piano lessons, she joined a gymnastic team hoping to be the next Nadia Comaneci—40 years later, she is thankful for the flexibility and strength she gained from the training, as dentistry is quite physically demanding. Growing up in Japan, Manami craved for ethnic diversity and applied for a foreign exchange program to study in US. Becoming a simultaneous interpreter in medicine was her goal in life, and studying English and Science eventually got her into dental education. An avid culinary explorer, Manami loves eating as much as cooking to recreate gourmet meals back in her kitchen. Her family dogs—Tabi, Nova and Toro; all rescued from Humane Society—also eat well, as she believes real food is far better for their health. The highlight of the day is when she reunites with her guitarist husband Jason for dinner, and rolls around with her dogs listening to live music until bedtime. On her days off she is found running wild with her dogs in a forest trail, or dancing carelessly at various local venues to her husband’s music, if not with him enjoying her every bite at Nodoguro—her favorite Portland restaurant where she learns her life’s important lesson; living with passion and intention with excellence.