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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Liza R. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


I recommend 200% Dr Sebastian. Him and his staff are very professional, courteous and honest. When he or the staff speaks to you, they do so in a manner you can understand. I saw results immediately on my daughter’s teeth. We had to move to a different state and we continue going to him, because you won’t find an orthodontist better than him anywhere.

Laura Currey-Taseva (Source: Google)


Dr. Sebastian and his staff do everything they can do make patients (and parents) feel comfortable. From financial details to the orthodontic procedures, everything is explained with great clarity, and they are always available to answer questions. Scheduling appointments is easy and my kids actually enjoy (as much as they can) going to the orthodontist.

Charlie Allen (Source: Facebook)


I got braces in my early 30s with Dr Sebastian. He and his team were amazing. Braces came off about 10 years ago. I had to have an adjustment on my permanent retainer today (my fault). He and his team were just as awesome today. I would, and have, referred family and friends to him. I have also made several referrals of my own patients over the years. This is a great place for kids (or adults) that are scared of the dentist/orthodontist. The environment is calming and they do great work.

Lucius Cornelius S. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


This is an update review They did a follow-up chat with me. The person who made troubles turns out was fired for other reasons. Amazing service. update in 2015: I guess I should write a conclusion for my 4+ years relationship with this Orthodontist. My orthodontia is lengthy and a bit complex.Overall I am satisfied. There are minor issue along the way, but we are human not God, so I do not expect perfection all the time. I’d say Michael is very good, 5+, nurses or whatever he has for dental assistance are 4, front desk is also 4. Overall it makes 5. I just realize wherever I go for dental, dental assistant is always worse then the dentist. How funny.

Marcus Moon (Source: Google)


I’ve had a superb experience at Elite Smiles. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. This is my first experience with orthodontics, so I was naturally a little nervous. Ashley made me feel right at home. Her orthodontic acumen was exceptional. She explained every step of the process and at no point during my procedure was I uncomfortable. Dr. Sebastian has an amazing group at his practice. Thank you all, and i look forward to my next appointment!!

Axel R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Usually, I would wait until everything gets done before I would leave a review to discuss services of a business, but I am feeling really quite satisfied with the way things are going, I am confident enough to leave a review now. Firstly, I just want to say I have gone to 2 other dentists (that came highly recommended via Yelp) in the area and have been less than super satisfied with the service. So I am extra critical and reticent to think dentists know what they’re doing. I was pretty confident from my experience on my first day there that everyone there knows what they are doing. Secondly, I want to talk about the things I really appreciate. Firstly, they work quickly. I came in, did the consultation for my braces, expressed my concerns, everything was answered quickly, said I was ready to go, and then within days was back in the chair getting my braces put on. Function of being a millennial from New York, I like things to work efficiently and quickly. When I snapped a bracket, they replaced it immediately and even put in the next wire ahead of time, since I was already there, and to expedite things. That was very thoughtful of them and I really appreciate it. Thirdly, everyone there is really nice and attentive. After I had TADs installed, I had some concerns about some of the discomfort I was experiencing. Turns out, it was all completely normal and resolved quickly, but at the moment, I wasn’t sure and it was the weekend, so I wasn’t able to just call the office. Thankfully, Kayla was on Facebook and took time on the weekend – and not at all on the clock – to listen to some concerns and offer some advice. She gave me Dr. Sebastian’s info, who I called, and was able to resolve my concerns quickly. This level of contact and customer service is really unprecedented, in my experience, in this industry. My biggest concerns regarding my orthodontic treatment was the time it would take to finish and how visible my braces would be. I think they very much heard me, have offered solutions, work diligently with service appointment intervals, and execute aggressive maneuvers to address those concerns, which I very much appreciate. In all, though I’ve only just begun coming here, I am happy with how things have been going so far and I am confident that, for once, my dentist knows what he’s doing.

Mary Jones Buczek (Source: Facebook)


I have never hesitated to recommend Dr. Sebastian to family and friends because he and his entire staff go over and beyond to provide a professional and caring atmosphere. From the detailed consultation to the beautiful end result, Dr. Sebastian provides excellent care and service every step of the way to adults and children! My children and I are very grateful patients and have better smiles to prove it!

Jeffrey Beavers (Source: Google)


Dr. Sebastian is excellent! He has expert skills as an orthodontist and has assembled the perfect team. I have truly enjoyed my visits because the personalities of everyone on staff. Each are warm, cheerful and Experienced!! Dr. Sebastian will be remembered because of his sense of humor and his thorough explanation and updates about my treatment. I can’t recommend Elite Smiles more highly! Thanks again everyone – so happy with my results. Jeffrey Beavers

Marybeth Jones (Source: Google)


The staff at Elite Smiles Chastain is amazing! Everyone is friendly and very efficient. My son got his braces put on today and they were very thorough in explaining everything from finances to what to expect during the process as well as how to take care of his new braces. He was very nervous going in but was put at ease almost immediately. Thank you!

Gina Smith (Source: Google)


I am in my 50’s and was terrified of getting braces. I am 25 years overdue, that is how scared I was until I meet Dr. Michael Sebastian and his staff at Elite Smiles. He was so sure that he could give me that smile that I never had. 1 year and a few months later I have that smile. and I still have a few months to go. I am still a patient and I so enjoy my appointments with Ashley. Ashley is the best, she is so patient with me and she explains the process on every appointment. I actually look forward to my appointments with Elite Smiles. From the time you walk in the door, your greeted with a smile from Brenda & Rhonda. I would highly recommend Elite Smiles, they are PHENOMENAL!

Heather Pechter (Source: Google)


Dr. Sebastian has the patience of a saint and the skill of a sculpter. He has done a fabulous job with both my kids, Jackson and Sydney. A good measure of success is when they do not complain about going to the orthodontist even when they know they will most likely be in some pain for a few days. Keep up the great job at making kids smile bigger!

Melissa Walker (Source: Google)


This is the nicest dental staff I have came In contact with in a while. The whole staff is so kind and their always smiling and interacting with my daughter and I when we come for a visit. This office is on the other side of town from me but it worth the drive. Thank you for all you do Dr. Sabastain & staff keep up the good work.

Stephanie Folse (Source: Google)


I have been extremely pleased with the service and results from Dr.Sebastian and his team. Everyone is always so nice and welcoming and comforting. Shortly after I got my braces I had an accident causing a front upper tooth to get knocked out. I was pretty much freaking out, but they stayed calm and helped me out so much. I truly am thankful to all of them and am really happy with how my teeth have turned out (and this is my second time having braces – had them as a teenager with a different doctor). I’m now proud to show my smile!

Tammy RDH (Source: Google)


We have recently relocated to GA and my daughter is starting phase II of her orthodontics. The comprehensive initial exam revealed dental issues we hadn’t been aware of and the strategies were implemented in order to achieve the proper results. I”m delighted with the treatment plan and have full confidence that she will have a beautiful and healthy smile when her braces come off.

Demond Anderson (Source: Google)


I called a few orthodontist offices to inquire about treatment and Tanya won me over just over the phone after speaking with Tanya I canceled the other 3 consultations I didn’t know what to expect but when we arrived early the entire staff welcomed myself and my son with open arms even tho we were super early from Rebecca, Penny to Courtney and Dr Sebastian was thorough and explained everything in full detail about treatment they all blew me away from the 1st visit I recommend every parent bring their kids here for braces I felt my son was in good hands soon as we arrived Thank you to Elite Smiles for the welcome gifts and an amazing visit they assured me all visits will be this way again Thank you all of u!!!

Michael (Source: Google)


Dr. Sebastian installed my braces at 25 and did it without surgery to expand my jaw when another ortho said I’d need surgery. 6 years later and not only were my braces successful, but I’ve kept my beautiful smile with his guidance on retainers. Oh, and the office staff is always friendly and welcoming! Thanks from one of your few adult patients!!

Chris and Jacqueline Tomasik (Source: Google)


Where do I start? The experience at Dr. Michael H Sebastian Ortho has always been great. From the attention given we were given during the treatment coordination process, when making our appointments, the assistants treating us like family to Dr.Sebastian himself being very detailed with treatment. We are never disappointed. At this practice receiving top notch treatment is the norm. Always recommend to family and friends.

Meredith Stauch (Source: Google)


My general dentist referred me to Dr. Sebastian. He is honest and upfront and knows what he’s doing with high attention to detail, and the staff is very friendly and efficient. Achieved my #smilegoals in 9 months. I am getting so many compliments on my teeth! Update 4/10 Went for my second retainer checkup and everything is going great. I was in and out in 10 minutes.

J Dyer (Source: Google)


Dr Sebastian and his team aren’t just ultra professional, responsive, and knowledgeable about orthodontics… they really will help you to fall in love with your smile. I found Dr. Sebastian after a completing a very underwhelming experience at a different practice. I explained to Dr Sebastian what my concerns were and he laid out some clear options to help me get the smile I desired. As I moved through my treatment, Dr Sebastian continued checking in with me. He and the staff always explained what steps we would take and he made sure I was happy with the direction of things always. I am a couple of weeks away from getting my braces removed, and I feel more confident about my smile than I ever l have. I finally have an Elite Smile!

Jeremy H. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr Sebastian for over 4 years. They have very nice facilities, a friendly staff, and Dr Sebastian is a great orthodontist. I got braces as an adult, and really wanted to make sure I chose the right orthodontist. I also was originally hoping I could get by with something like Invisalign. I got consultations from several other orthodontists. One told me that I could definitely do Invisalign, one told me I definitely should not do it. Dr Sebastian laid out my options and explained the pros and cons of each available option. They have good equipment and adopt modern practices – for example they used TADs (temporary attachment devices) to speed up moving my teeth so I did not need braces as long. After having the braces removed, which only took a little longer than estimated, they installed a permanent retainer. (which I love) Their chairs face out into a wooded garden area, which is a very peaceful and nicer view than most other doctor’s offices. Since getting my braces off, I’ve had to go back a few times when the retainer has popped loose. It’s usually quick to get an appointment and the repairs go smoothly. I highly recommend Dr Sebastian if you are getting braces for a child or as an adult.

Adam Martin (Source: Facebook)


We can’t say enough about how amazing the staff is! Beyond the wonderful staff they also utilize cutting edge tech that makes the procedures go as fast and pain free as possible �! I will absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to fix their teeth. They have good coffee too �.

Veronica Beskin (Source: Facebook)


I’ve been coming to this office for over 20 years as a patient of Dr. Sebastian. My teeth are straight, the staff always goes above and beyond, and they are very professional. This office puts more back into the office for patients than any other doctor’s practice I’ve ever gone to. They have had drawings, games, and prizes that patients benefit from consistently and it sets them apart from the rest because they give back. I highly recommend Elite smiles.

 (Source: Google)


Kimberly Lancaster (Source: Google)


I wish I’d of found Dr. Sebastian at the beginning of my after injury journey because he told me so much pertinent information and really cared to tell me the limitations of correction, what functional and cosmetic deficits I would continue to face, and really knew what he was talking about as a orthodontist that compassionately treats TMJD and jaw injury patients! It was a breath of fresh air from Penny to Jenny and the entire staff ! So much compassion and understanding to tailor a plan to get me better and to make sure we do everything we can, but knowing we’re up against some very hard obstacles. I’m glad to add them to my battle plan as I wasn’t even really assisted by my own orthodontist I originally had lacking the additional training Dr. Sebastian has. They’ve really calmed my dental PTSD after four years and a lot of trauma and medical abuse developed. I still get emotional and feel sick to my stomach when I drive past prior care facility. I can go to a dental specialist once again and w I’m supported, comforted, and my well- being matters above all else.

CJ Stuart-Hodges (Source: Google)


This is a great office. The front staff & billing staff could not be more professional and easy to deal with. The services are always easy to schedule (and sometimes reschedule!) and we are very satisfied with our daughters care. We have had great results from the beginning and are looking forward to the day her amazing smile will be revealed!

Jennifer Ivey (Source: Google)


I have two children under Dr. Sebastian’s care. Our experience there has been nothing short of spectacular. Everyone from the front desk staff to the assistants are top notch. On rare occasions of last minute or unplanned visits we have always been able to get an appointment. Dr. Sebastian always takes the time to answer all of our questions thoroughly and he is a perfectionist. Things have gone very smoothly and we look forward to our son’s braces coming off very soon!

Walker Price (Source: Google)


Both of my boys are patients of Dr Sebastian and we have loved every minute of it! He and his staff are so professional but so personable. The technology is cutting edge. Both of my children have had complicated orthodontia (at least in my eyes), but they’ve made everything look easy every step of the way! My oldest is about to be brace-free and I’m sure his mouth will look like a million bucks! Thanks to Dr Sebastian and ALL the wonderful ladies that work with him. We have been treated like family!

Tracey Bell (Source: Google)


Dr Sebastian and his team are wonderful! I recommend them without hesitation. Our appointments were efficient, on schedule, and pleasant every single time. Late afternoon appointment times were great as I did not have to pull my som from school to go. Our treatment plan was conservative, reasonable, and well worth it. Very happy with our experience there. The addition of Dr Powell for pediatric dentistry was brilliant. We can now cover two bases in one visit.

Megan Burson (Source: Google)


I brought my 4 year old today to be evaluated for sleep disordered breathing. We were greeted with smiles and offered drinks and coffee and were taken back with no wait. Penny was so kind and helpful and great with my daughter. Dr Sebastian is very knowledgable and made sure we understood everything before leaving. The entire appointment ran very smoothly. I would highly recommend this practice.

Trudy Wilson (Source: Google)


I love the service and staff at Elite Smiles! Every visit is marked with cheery hellos and smiles. Dr. Sebastian’s demeanour and knowledge inspires confidence and certainty that I made the right choice. His wealth of knowledge is evident with every visit! Nothing but great things to say! My progress is on track and Im excited to see beautiful, straight teeth in a few months.

R Reid (Source: Google)


It’s a joy to visit Elite Smiles Chastain. Everyone is always so friendly – from Brenda and Rhonda to each individual dental assistant who has worked on my braces. And I absolutely LOVE Dr. Sebastian. I’ve heard horror stories about braces on adults but Elite Smiles has made this a great experience. If I had the choice to do this over again, I would choose them every single time.

Olga Lisinska (Source: Google)


I saw Dr. Sebastian for over 4 years for an extensive orthodontic work. He was amazing and did an excellent work that I didn’t think was possible. Since then I moved to a different state and could not continue the maintenance care with him. Two moves and two different orthodontists later I’m making my 2.5 + hour drive back to Atlanta to see Dr. Sebastian!!! So worth the drive – he’s the best!

Susan Phillips (Source: Google)


Dr. Sebastian has been spot on with my son’s protocol. He “monitored” him for 2 years before beginning his treatment and he has consistently been fully accurate with his timing. His staff listens and understands his instructions clearly, and they follow through seamlessly. We have been more than pleased with Elite Smiles Chastain.

Jonathan Gallinaro (Source: Google)


Elite Smiles is absolutely the best! Dr. Sebastian is amazing with our 2 boys and every staff member from the office to his assistants are just top notch. They all go above and beyond to ensure quality patient care. It is truly a team effort and we couldn’t ask for a better place. Highly recommend this office for orthodontic care!

Maggie Kable (Source: Google)


Excellent practice, well organized from the first step in the door through the whole series of visits with Dr. Sebastian and the orthodontic assistants who work together seamlessly to provide the highest quality orthodontic care. The front office staff are extremely congenial, flexible, and helpful. Glad I have chosen this office for my daughter’s braces 25 Years ago and my own braces now!