How we make our aligners?

Fixing your smile with clear aligners is an intricate art form. At Even28, we don't take straightening your smile lightly. This is why we only offer our clear aligner programs through experienced, local dentists and orthodontists. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that your clear aligners are perfect. Let's take a closer look at how we make Even28 at-home™ clear aligners:

Step #1: Accurate impressions or scans


The first step to making the perfect clear aligners is to capture an accurate impression of your teeth. After all, your end results are only going to be as good as your initial impressions! Unlike Smile Direct Club and Candid Co, we never expect you to take your own impressions. Even28 only uses experienced dentists or orthodontists to take your impressions or scans. Your Even28 provider will make sure to take a high-quality impression or intraoral scan that meets our laboratory's high-standards.

Step #2: Digitizing your impressions or scans

Your dentist will send your impression or scans, along with any necessary photos, bite registration, special instructions, etc. to our aligner laboratory. Our lab uses a desktop optical scanner to digitize these impressions or scans. Once your teeth impressions have been entered into our computer, they will undergo a scrubbing process. During the scrubbing process, we virtually remove any blemishes, redefine the gingival tooth margins and add a base to the scans (sorry if we're getting too technical here!) We prepare your teeth to make 3D prints by uploading them into a software. Our lab technician is now all set to begin virtually straightening your smile!

Step #3: EvenCheck animation

Your lab technician will virtually move your teeth and create an animation which must get approved by your dentist.

In the real world, it takes several months, sometimes years, to move your teeth into their desired position. On our computers, we can straighten your teeth virtually in mere seconds! Our technician views your teeth model from various angles to make sure that everything is properly aligned. Once our technician is satisfied with the setup, our software will analyze it. The program determines the number of clear aligners needed to achieve the requested outcome. Our skilled technicians virtually straightening your teeth and create a 3D animation. As a general rule of thumb, we stick to about 0.3 mm movement or 3 degrees of rotation per aligner. We refer to this 3D animation as EvenCheck. If you provide your email address, we can send your EvenCheck to you for fun! We also email it to your dentist to get it approved before moving on to the next step...

Step #4: Finalizing your treatment

Your dentist reviews your projected tooth movement animation that the technician has designed. Your dentist can either approve the proposed tooth movement or propose changes to improve the end-results. Our lab technician follows your dentist's instructions until your dentist gives the thumbs up. It's now time to start printing your clear aligners!

Step #5: Manufacturing your clear aligner series

Once your dentist has approved your EvenCheck 3-D animation, it's time to print your clear aligner series.

Finally, it's time to print some clear aligners! Our computer exports the setup into a series of 3D printable models by producing one model for each proposed aligner. We 3D print your clear aligners one at a time using a high-resolution 3D printer. Each clear aligner is pressure formed onto the model to improve its fit. We utilize the Drufomat Scan pressure former and Essix Ace plastic to fabricate top-notch BPA-free clear aligners. Each clear aligner goes through a strict quality control process to ensure that there are no sharp or rough edges. Your clear aligners are now ready to be shipped out. We sterilize and individually package your clear aligners and ship them to your dentist (or your home for those who qualify to receive their aligners at home). You're now ready to start straightening your smile with your brand new clear aligners.

Quality takes time!

Your oral health and comfort is our number one priority. It takes time to design and manufacture quality aligners. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for us to prepare your clear aligner package. We take our time to make sure that everything is done correctly the first time. After all, if your aligners are uncomfortable, you wouldn't want to wear them. Our dentist and technician work closely with one another to make sure that you're not risking your dental health. This way, you receive the best treatment with the best aligners every time!